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Storytelling Through Photography

Photography is a powerful medium of communication and Atlanta is home to some of the nation’s most talented visual storytellers. Check out some of their incredible work below.



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let's take pictures under the flowers…

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Dance with me…. . . . . . .

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Country boy’s heaven. Love the simplicity of a moment. Take me back!

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Where am I?

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Happy Valentines Day Friends!!✨

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Tomorrow my husband comes home from working out of town! He’s been gone 7 weeks of the 14 weeks I’ve been pregnant for multiple trips.🤰So saying I miss him is a complete understatement. And since I’m posting a photo of us, what better time to do those 5 facts about me @michaelascottphoto tagged me to do. 😃 1. I LOVE chicken nuggets. Texas Roadhouse has the best if you’re wondering. 2. Making fun of myself is something I do daily. I’m super dorky and I make some of the stupidest mistakes and I’m not afraid to share them. I do a lot of that over on @jaycee.peterson 3. I’m a hard worker. I worked 8 summers of manual labor doing construction and landscaping. While I may not have the most strength, as my dad put it, I could out work half the guys on the crew. 💪🏼 4. I can’t decorate to save my life. Most girls have this talent to look at a room and know what it needs to look finished. Nope. I have no clue. I hung up photos of my husband and I and called it good. 😂 5. My husband and I have been together 5️⃣years. He’s totally my best friend and I’m completely obsessed with him. He actually told me to take my business full-time. So I wouldn’t be anywhere without him. ❤️ I tag all my followers to do 5 facts about them! Feel free to drop a few below or tag me when you post them! ☺️ Photo: @kendra.missestudios edited by me!

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Already looking forward to the next time I shoot with Rayna. 😊

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