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The Atlanta Arts & Culture Weekly Review

Throughout history, societies and communities that embraced the arts often found themselves at the forefront of social and political change – decades ahead of those that have discouraged or diminished the role of the arts in their societies.  Our rich history of social and political progress is due in no small part to the active and courageous artistic community that calls Atlanta home. We hope that by highlighting the rising stars of our local art community on a weekly basis, we can help increase our community’s engagement with local art and the artists that devote their life to moving society forward.


So happy to begin on this… 350 years in the making.

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. 'Waiting, Fiercly' . . This was my test/practice painting for the painting, "Say it Louder, Or Don't Bother Me," that I posted yesterday. You can see some of the same elements that I think I did more successfully the second time around. Here, it's a but muddled, yesterday, more stark and crisp, but still wispy. All part of the #process. Trying to expand my vocabulary of marks kind of like I did in the #fantasticalmarkschallenge. So this ink series is a bit of an experiment. I'm more focused on intuitively composing and creating looser brushwork in these than I am in conveying certain things. Also stepping away from more graphic abstract work for the moment so I can combine this sort of loose, intuitive brushwork with more graphic elements later. Starting to pack up some paints for the impending demolition of parts of my house so this one is a bit more different than my usual color scheme. I'm working on a lot of different elements in isolation with the ultimate goal of tying then together more seamlessly later into a more unique and signature style. So I'm 'waiting, fiercly' to find my way and make art that stands out uniquely to me. Also, working on representational aspects in my drawing because I want to tie it all together. Have a loose idea of where I'm going, but a lot will happen in process so could surprise myself with what ends up coming out of it! The #fantasticalmarkschallenge was hugely instrumental in getting me where I am now and hopefully this will get me one jump further. . . Would anyone be interested in seeing a hyperlapse of the making of and ink abstract? I havent been able to because I ran out of phone storage 😂 but working on that tomorrow so I could feasibly do one soon. . #ink #inkabstract #grittyart #blackstarink #drphmartinsink #acrylagouache #abstractartorg #abstractart #abstractartist #contemporaryartist #contemporaryabstract #calledtocreate #beboldbecreativebeyou #instaart #instaartist #artistsofinstagram #atlantaart #atlantaartist #loudandbrash #artprocess #processoverproduct #artonpaper #intuitiveart #contemporaryartist #contemporaryabstract

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Rumpty is still looking for his forever home, too! 12 x 24" acrylic DM for info!

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O r i g i n a l  P h o t o g r a p h y & P o e t r y H a n d  S e r i e s ©1989 | 6.5.18. . Subject: Taylor Swantek @tayinla . ”Evening ” . A gentle touch under a laden sky will pry the river dry and quench this native land and from the sands of a cosmic shore her stoic hands pull the strands from the tide of a weathered door here I smell the rain through panes of glass a lovely mix of honey stains and fallen leaves a heady fix as lovers weave through lips which ease under steady grips mouths which sip the fruit between tender knees and where tongues lead a blossom will grow as a pearl of the night a dream of the moon which splits the world in two as we swoon for the light as breath deepens with each supple sigh I will reap thin where hearts speak of whims as she works her art upon exquisite shins and as the fire bleeds dim she will pull into me as a wave of the rolling sea we will bathe in rays that pour from our tattered seams a gaze between souls which lift ever swift upon the rift of a roaring beam the wind speaks for weeks to the trees of lovers who sail the ocean breeze from one to three a life between scene as a tale of the most free . Į.Å.F. ©1989

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