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The Change-makers: 5 people who inspire, energize and educate

Over the past few weeks we’ve had the honor of connecting with so many of the city’s most talented and inspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and community leaders. Their stories fill us with a sense of joy, they inspire, energize and educate us. Below, we’ve highlighted a few of the community favorites from last month.

Dr. Stanley Okoro

Well, you could say my journey began when I was a child growing up in Nigeria my father had helped build a hospital in our village and spoke to us about how important it was for our community. Of course being a young healthy boy I didn’t see it as such a big deal until I became sick myself. I had appendicitis and my parents took me to that very hospital.

Seeing the way the doctors cared for me inspired me to pursue medicine so that I may care for people who need it most. My parents worked extremely hard to send me to school in the US. When I got here I didn’t know anyone or have any family I just had a vision of what my future would be if I worked hard enough. I graduated top of my class at the University of District of Columbia in just 3 years while working full time managing a fast food restaurant which helped me pay my way through medical school at Meharry Medical College along with a grant that changed my life. So much so I now offer a grant in my name to first and second-year medical students of African Decent to help someone else in the same position as me. Read More >>

Kaela Mitchell

I’ve started a brand called A Black State of Mind. Black deriving from the foundations of every Universal point of Creation: Melanin, black holes, the night sky, the depth of a woman’s womb, the first found a human of this planet, etc. It was created with the intention to recondition the minds of the African diaspora, more specifically those of the African American descent. I say recondition, because, it has been on the agenda of the media to create and push content that encourages a European standard of beauty. There is a lot of money and self-destruction that goes into trying to fit into these images, and I believe, causes an identity crisis and lack of confidence. I have taken on the responsibility to be a part of that healing versus complaining about our current disposition as a collective. Read More >>

Taylor Alxndr

Southern Fried Queer Pride specializes in creating intentional spaces where art and community exist without pressure to assimilate. We prioritize those in our community who are often ignored – Black and brown folks, trans folks, folks with disabilities, undocumented folks, femmes, etc. I think what sets us apart is that we’re a grassroots, DIY organization – everything is for and by the community, with no prerequisites or dues. We believe the community knows best what is needed, and we should do our best to make those dreams realities. Read More >>

Henri Hollis

Food is my passion, so that tends to be my focus in both writing and photography. However, good food writers will always tell you that the true story behind food is the people. People farm, cook and serve your food, so the people tend to be at the center of my articles. As a writer, I love finding stories and places that are outside the normal stream of food media. I have no interest in being the fifth person to cover the new, hot, well-funded restaurant in town. I’d rather try something I’ve never eaten before, or learn about a cooking technique that I’ve never seen. Read More >>

Auriel Oates

I am the founder of The Art of Metanoia, a brand created to give young creatives a platform to showcase their art. My passion for learning about others leads me towards constant exploration and practicing the art of growth as much as possible. Like most of my peers, I am on the journey to find my place in the world, and make an impact in an area that means so much to me, art. By working on different projects with close friends, I discovered my passion for the creative mind, especially among young people in the city of Atlanta.  Read More >>


  1. Jane @ Modern Housewives

    October 24, 2018 at 7:44 am

    These people are so awesome, we need more of them in the world! It’s good to see that bigotry is not winning the game of life, and that there are still some people trying to make a positive impact on the world around them. I try to do the same, in a much smaller scale, but at least the community around me can benefit from my efforts.

  2. Reinhard Curtis

    October 24, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    This is very dope !

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