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#MadeInAtlanta: supporting local makers

A core part of our mission at VoyageATL is to change the way people spend their money.  We think our communities would be stronger if we spent more of our money with local makers, mom-and-pops, freelancers, and local organizations.

These are often the people, brands, and organizations that create and reflect our culture. They also often do a better job of representing our diversity and values. Supporting the upstarts and the new kids on the block are how societies move forward, how we better serve the underserved and how we address problems that are otherwise left unaddressed. It’s also usually the best way to get high-quality, unique products and services, because once you get past the marketing bluster the products and services offered by large corporations are often one-size-fits-all solutions that inevitably leave much to be desired.

Supporting local makers isn’t hard! Below, we’ve highlighted some lovely offerings from local makers we’ve featured in the past. Check them out and support these makers – buy from them if you like the products, follow them on social media or help spread the word if you love their work.

Custom Painted Family Portraits

Lisa Nelson creates family portraits for people. You send in a photo of your family, and she creates a semi-modern rendition in hopes that you and your loved ones will cherish it forever as a keepsake.  With the holidays coming up, what a fun and relevant way to support a local creative!

The Clearlee Bag – clear bags for events

Clearlee was born out of a love for sports and fashion.  Clearlee bags are minimalist, stylish clear bags for stadiums and events, made completely by hand here in Atlanta. Morgan Lee and her business partner Max sought to make something that was compliant with clear bag policies, yet still showed team spirit and style in a unique way. It’s stylish and affordable and such a great gift for a stylish sports fan.

Signs Filled with Love, Affirmation & Positivity

Kristen Ramsey’s art is a combination of traditional sign painting, graphic design, folk art, & pop art. There is so much negativity and self-doubt in the world these days – Kristen’s art is a beautiful and affordable way to bring positive messages and vibes to your home or workplace, or to share with someone as an act of kindness.

Functional Pottery Decorated with Screen-Printed Drawings

Meredith Bradley creates beautiful, hand thrown functional pottery decorated with screen-printed drawings.  Her mugs and planters feature florals and geometric patterns and we love the simple, home-style beauty.

Custom Party Decor

Candace Perry wanted her son’s first birthday party to be perfect so she custom-made the decorations.  That was the start of a beautiful journey; C2 Creations by Candace is all about “making good times look great” because every moment in life is worth celebrating.  Candace’s custom decorations are perfect for your next personal or company event!

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