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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

All of us are where we are today partly because of our own efforts and partly because of the advice, guidance, influence and inspiration provided by others.  At Voyage we have the good fortune of connecting with so many of the city’s hidden gems – from entrepreneurs and creatives to athletes, researchers and more.  We asked them a simple, but important question: what is the best advice, personal or professional, that you’ve ever received?

Anissa D. Blair-Author and Blogger

The best advice I received actually wasn’t directed to me. I was listening to Oprah’s Master Class interview with Steve Harvey on September 4, 2018 and it changed my life. On this particular day, I was at a cross roads of not understanding why things weren’t working out for my blog, Blended Like Us. I had followers but it wasn’t gaining the attention I would have hoped. I was ready to throw in the towel and give up; just to accept going to a 8-5 job that was unfulfilling and honestly I didn’t like. For whatever reason, Steve’s words of encouragement touched my heart and stirred a fire in me to see my dream of 16 years ago come to fruition of being a published author. While my struggle may not have been exactly as his, I related to having a dream so badly that it was wanted at any cost. His words, to persevere through adversity changed my life.

I now see no doors as being closed and my desire to leave a legacy for my children fuels my ambition. You will see and read more from Anissa D. Blair; so be prepared to be entertained.

Shanteria Glanton – Fashion Stylist & Entrepreneur

The best advice I’ve received was the best advice I’ve given myself. That is don’t feel discouraged when others don’t recognize you or your work. My season is coming. And when God is ready for me to be seen I’ll understand why he kept me for so long. Until then keep growing✨

CoCo Hubbeling – Commercial and Documentary Photographer

Question of the Month: A lot of my work centers around getting closer to the individual I am capturing even in the commercial setting. I like for my subjects to come out of the image and have a personality. Because of this, and also because of how close I am with my family, the most influential advice I have ever received has come from my father. He always tells me to “capture the heart.” To us, this means that I can and will use my work to create a positive outcome for the world.


Areisa Peters – 4th year medical student and women’s health advocate

Best advice I’ve every received is “Know Thyself”. This is applicable to all aspects of your life. Knowing your limits, knowing your triggers, knowing what replenishes your soul. So many times we get caught up in survival: to make money, to go to school, to check off all the things on our daily schedules. And we often forget that we don’t have to be in survival mode. There’s nothing lazy or selfish about self-care. Self care allows you to go harder after you’ve taken the time you need to recuperate. I live by this and it is a fine balance !


Suada Studio – Venue, Planning & Design

The best advice I have received ‘Listen closely to your clients and empathize with their needs. Sometimes, building the relationship is as important’

Lay Lanay – Aspiring MakeUp Artist

Best advice: “”It is ok to say no. You don’t have to always say yes, especially if you don’t feel right about it. -TG””

Taylar Dixon (TaylarrD) – Up and Coming Model, Song Writer, and Artist

To be successful you have to 100% believe in yourself. The moment you lack confidence in yourself you allow someone else’s opinion and energy to come in and have some sort of control of your belief. Eventually you may began to do things not out your own happiness, but for someone else’s approval. So be sure to always be your own #1 supporter and that will always lead you to your true happiness and true self.

Receive everything that has ever happened to you as a lesson and a blessing. Even the worse situations add value to the person that you are meant to be. You just have to find the good in all of it.

Never apologize for wanting better for yourself. If they always wanted you to stay the same, then they never really cared about you.


Tamara Rice – Wellness Coach

The best advice I’ve received is to live fully into your authentic self. Many times, we live life according to what we believe others want us to be. Take the time to learn who you really are, your values, your strengths, and interests. Make decisions that align with those things and your life will be better than you could have ever imagined.

Tamira Williams – Engineer & Community Entrepreneur

No event or challenge is too great to overcome. One thing I hold myself to is the old saying “To whom much is given, much is required” I firmly believe that nothing falls upon us that we cannot handle. We just have to remember that we are strong enough to move pass that hurdle. We have to believe and trust that we can handle what is put in front of us. Sometimes, it may take you stepping back to analyze the problem or situation and figuring out your plan of attack, but know that you can and you will overcome it no matter the size or amount of time it may take. In my personal life, the two factors that help me when I feel a little defeated is my faith in God and the support of my friends and family. Not only is it important that you believe in yourself, but it is just as important to surround yourself with those who believe in you.

Melissa LeEllen, Sales and Marketing Director, Kendall Denney, Sales Coordinator

5Church Atlanta

Change your thinking, change your life. It’s our thinking that determines what happens in life, not our circumstances. So to make a change we need to change how we think. We are in control. Best advice ever for anything 🙂

Payge Kikly – Wedding Planner with Bash

Keep your eye on the ball! 🙂

Alita Mariee-entrepreneur and I model to get myself out there as a fashion stylist

Remain grateful for wherever part of life you are in for you can still be where you were 4 years ago 4 years from now. Never allow other people’s negativity be your reality!

Gabrielle Kirven – Blogger/ Social Media Specialist

To keep going. Just because things don’t work out now doesn’t mean it isn’t going to workout at all. When it’s your time, its your time.

Atlanta’s Own Fresh Nut Milk, made in small batches in Grant Park

Don’t give up. Sounds cliché, but I’ve come to learn that keeping at something will usually pay off in some way – may not be the way you want or expect, but usually it makes your life fuller and richer.


The best advice I’ve gotten is to be myself and be authentic in my music.

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