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Perspective & Advice for Those Facing Insurmountable Odds

Throughout our journey with Voyage, the one thing we have learned over and over is that hidden within every challenge is a blessing or opportunity. It’s up to us to determine whether a challenge we face will be a step back or the catalyst for a step forward.

We had the honor of connecting with some of the city’s brightest female leaders and role models and we asked them our question of the month: What is the best advice you have for someone who feels like they are facing insurmountable odds.

Below, you’ll find their advice and links and other info so you can learn more about them, their work and how to connect with them. We’ll be interviewing many of these amazing women in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Tara Nieves – Realtor, Village Realty Marietta Square

When you are facing a challenge that seems impossible to overcome, my advice is to determine what you want the outcome to be first.  Focus on the end goal of overcoming that challenge and document it.  Writing your desired outcome down will help you to stay laser focused on it.  Then figure out the steps and action plan to achieve it – essentially work backwards.  Every day take baby steps to overcome your challenge while surrounding yourself with other people that support you.

Tia’Kiana “TK” Peralta – Beauty PR & Brand Ambassador

I would tell them that although these challenges may feel like they are insurmountable, it doesn’t mean they are. Feelings are temporal, and they can change at any time. So don’t limit yourself to challenges because you FEEL like they’re not attainable… challenge yourself to go beyond those limits! You can do/be anything you want, you just have to believe it.

Yehimi Cambrón – Artist & Educator

There was a time when I felt like being undocumented was insurmountable. As I transitioned into adulthood, I also transitioned into the reality of my undocumented status and its limitations. I’ve been able to overcome my undocumentedness by empowering myself with the options I do have and by reminding myself daily that I am an artist, educator, and entrepreneur that just happens to be undocumented. I remind myself that this status (or any other label assigned by society for that matter) does not define me. I ground myself in the dreams that are at my very core and I allow them to guide me every step of the way because those dreams transcend the limitations of my politicized existence.

Victoria Schneider – Lifestyle Blogger and Owner of The Southern Trunk

I would say first look to Romans 8 which helps remind us of the hope that anchors us and gives us joy beyond our circumstances Secondly, I would say remember you have been enough grace to face each day. We sometimes try to fix everything at once or look to tomorrow which can cause us even more anxiety. When we remember we have been grace sufficient for today it’s easier for us to face today and take it one step at a time – trusting that God is always with us.

Niema D Graham – Digital Content Creator

The best advice I would give someone who is facing that challenge is the same advice that I give myself and strive to follow. It’s okay to take a break and give yourself time to regroup, heal and start over. In the early stages in our lives as teens we already had some sort of idea of going to a certain college or university (according to our parents and teachers), who we wanted to be when we grew up, wanting to someday get married and be a family, all the way down to the type of wedding dress that we want. We also grew with misconceptions about life after college that employers would jump at hiring someone fresh out of college when you’re hit with the reality that it’s all about who you know more so than your actual skills. And that can be challenging and crushing too. My Mantra is to “Hold & Stick To Your Vision, Trust The Process” It’s easier said than done. However, I like to remind myself of that mantra when life and tough and I’m feeling down and out by life’s or career challenges that I may face. Anything can be conquered with a little evaluation of the challenge, knowing that you can only do what you’re able to control, and never allow anyone to discourage you from pursuing your life’s dreams and goals. I would be the first to say that I have been through many challenges that could have appeared insurmountable at the time, many times I thought that it was too much to handle and I wouldn’t make it out. But I did. Through love from real friends, family, lots of prayer and meditation has all contributed to me still standing strong today. Love yourself, find out who you are, write your vision and make that thing plain!!
FB Since 1990 Picture Company, LLC

Hannah Meachin- Freelance Production Designer and Art Director

If you aren’t facing challenges in life, you’re not pushing yourself enough. Success doesn’t come easy, so you’re allowed to feel overwhelmed from time to time! Just don’t let it discourage you or prevent you from making moves to reach your goals. The only thing anyone can ask for is that you do you best, and it’s important to remember that.

Brittney – Counselor and Lifestyle Blogger

Personally, my best advice is to seek the Lord. During any storm in our lives, the Lord is always there to offer comfort and peace. Pray. Seek Him. Implement other healthy coping skills. And remember discomfort and challenges in our lives leads to growth.

Cassandra – Singer and Aspiring Actress

My advice to people facing any challenge is to literally NEVER give up and keep moving forward.  My favorite quote is “you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain” and sometimes you just need to get through the storm and keep your faith and just know everything will be ok and God has got you.”

Destiny Warden – Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and CEO of Destiny Rene Yoga

I would tell the person that most challenges do feel insurmountable; because they are… you must keep taking one step forward to keep working towards that goal of overcoming the challenge.  Challenges make us stronger, and we come out better because of them even if we don’t see it.  Do not become consumed with how you feel.  Feelings change and they do not make us who we are. Focus on what you want, where you want to be, and the progress that you have made thus far. When you are facing a challenge you will feel overwhelmed. This is completely normal because there is so much going on, and sometimes we do not see the progress we are making.  This is when you need to slow down and analyze what you need to stay at peace.  Sometimes it’s a warm bath, a nice day in nature, or spending time with people who will listen and understand what you are going through.  Stay strong in your beliefs, its good to have a support system with people who love you and support you no matter what, love and embrace your journey and keep you’re faith of a bright outcome.  You will make it to the other side of that insurmountable challenge, because all things really are possible!

Jessica Lundy – Motivational Speaker & Life Coach

If you’re in a situation that feels overwhelming or to great to handle, you can always turn to God and pray. It will bring you comfort and peace to know that this might be a difficult time in your life but it will pass and you will be OK. I would recommend turning on some relaxing music, pulling out your journal and making a list of 10 things you’re grateful for. Lastly, stand in the mirror and say ‘Greater Days Are Ahead. I Will Make It. I Will Be OK.

Alyssa V – Mom & Nursing Student

I’ve been in a position and felt so challenged that I found myself in a position where I felt defeating it was insurmountable. But daily reminders that I am strong and an ending full of light and happiness WILL come got me through it. And finding my support system helped me fight those feelings of doubt. If anyone feels like they can’t beat it and feels like they don’t have support, I will always have a listening ear and my messages are open to anyone. XO


Shelby Cone- NASM CPT & AT

The best advice I have for someone facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge is to break it up into smaller challenges and to never diminish the success you make. Every accomplished goal deserves to be celebrated to it’s fullest potential, no matter how small.

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  1. Jeff

    March 23, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Great content on all these aspiring entrepreneurs! Really loved the piece on fashion stylist Indiga because Jeremiah 29:11 is also my favorite scripture.

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