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What’s the Most Important Lesson You’ve Learned Along Your Journey?

Every twist in our story, challenge we face, and obstacle we overcome is an important part of our story.  These difficulties make us stronger and wiser and prepare us for what’s ahead.  As we grow and succeed we may imagine that soon the challenges will fade away, but in our conversations with business owners, artists, creatives, academics, and others we have learned that the most common experience is that challenges never go away – instead they get more complex as we grow and succeed.  Our ability to to thrive therefore depends heavily on our ability to learn from our experiences and so we are asking some of the city’s best and brightest: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned along your journey?

Laikyra B | Model | Actress | Business Owner

The most important lesson I learned is do your research on the industry people , don’t always hop on every opportunity given to you , Some opportunities can hinder your brand . 

Khiry J. Morgan | Film Producer& Founder | Owner of WOKE Organics LLC

The most important lesson I learned in my journey so far, is that “Your daily routine, effects your long term goals.” and that you “No-one can see your vision through your eyes, only through your work.” | quote: “Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.”


Jeremy Simmons |  J Black | Producer

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that the genuine relationships you build with people in the industry are more important than anything. Networking & getting solid work completed is goal. I plan on being one of the go to producers in the industry along with a few other Co Producers I work with.



Kalyn Davis | Creative | Environment Lover, & Jack of all Trades

I have learned a lot during my journey thus far; I like to believe that everything happens for a reason. As such, I treat all events and relationships with meaning. I try to find the lesson in all things and experiences – good or bad. So far one of the biggest things I have learned is that every one’s path is different. It may seem as though we are all competing, but to be honest the only person you should be comparing yourself to is your “past you.” I have learned to appreciate my process and see beauty in my struggle, for it makes me who I am. In short, my journey has taught me to remain focused, stay humble, be kind, and choose happiness. I could go on forever though haha, I’ll ramble for years if you let me!


Chesica Evans | Makeup and Skincare Advisor

The most important lesson I have learned so far is to always keep pushing. No matter how bad things seem there is always a break through somewhere nearby. Even if you can’t see it!


Kati Arikoski-Johnson & Jessica Kim | co-founder | dance instructor

Starting a new nonprofit company based on a passion that we love was incredibly intimidating, since both of our backgrounds do not include any sort of business management. For Kati, she learned that she has to have patience, actually sleep at night, and push worries to the next day. For Jess, she learned how incredibly supportive the diverse dance community has been for this new project. Through financial donations, time, food at events, and a general fun, collaborative spirit, the Atlanta dancers have been helpful and kind beyond belief! 

Reena Goba | Fashion | Lifestyle Blogger and Educator

As my journey continues I am constantly learning different lessons. The most important lesson will have to be loving every single ounce of myself. All of me including the good, the bad and the ugly. Loving myself enough to dig deep inside of myself, to change the things I dislike to become a better me. I had to learn how to face my fears and insecurities head on. I had to learn how to love me.  

Cousia Towns | Founder & CEO of Amore Transitional Group, Inc.

Makeup Artist, Stylist, and MUA-Carmen Bryant

I consider my trials in life to be custom made for my journey. Each hardship is specifically designed to form the testimony of God’s work. He wants to trust us with his perfect plan. Many have experienced the same sufferings, but we have to expose the things we compartmentalize or they will resurface in hardships, friendships, and relationships. I stand in the gap of silence of unmasking generational consequences. Through experience and deliverance, you have PURPOSE! 

Humorology Atlanta, HA! | Taking the stress out of hospital stays and replacing it with joy

Annalise Kaylor

In our journey as Humorologists, we have learned that joy and laughter are universal languages. Bringing it to those who need it most is a precious gift that speaks to the best part of our humanity. 

Taylor Rusch | Actor | Recording Artist | Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Michael Justice

Doors truly do open and opportunities easily fall into place when we let go, let God and follow through. So enjoy the journey. Embrace the beautiful mess that you are. It’s all part of the refining process. Most of all, remember the greatest wealth you will ever accumulate in this life is in the relationships you surround yourself with.


Dariea Ruff | Founder | CEO of Royal Affaires, LLC

The Most Important lesson that I’ve learned during my journey is patience and consistency is extremely important! What works quickly for others may not work just as fast for you so you have to make your own path, follow it & BE CONSISTENT with it!

Janyia Farley aka Nyia | business degree | model | artist

I’ve learned that letting go and moving on is probably the best thing you can do most of the time but LEARNING is the key to letting go and moving on, growth is born out of that. And life is just an endless cycle of growing up.


Terence ‘T’ Scott | Photographer

The journey is the lesson; and there are many other journeys. Enjoy your personal legend.



Reginald J. Dillard | Podcaster Extraordinaire

My journey has been one of so many obstacles. Failure, heartache and cancer scare came a knocking. As soon as I became more honest with myself I asked my Father for more wise-dome and confidence. Sometimes people will give up at the first sign of defeat. To be honest, I can’t blame…but what those things did was the creation of something new and improved. I had to loose myself in order to truly find myself. I finally feel like I have a mind of my and not easily influenced by people that didn’t have my best interest in heart. I believe everyone is meant to be great in their own way. I also believe great men can make such a big difference in this world. My ultimate plan is to be a part of the blessing. 
LinkedIn: Reggie Dillard

Troy Banks | entertainer | artist | music producer | songwriter | choreographer | life coach and a motivational speaker for years

I am 29 years of age. I’m originally from the Bronx, New York. I moved to Atlanta, GA a few years ago. My upbringing made me very raw and uncut, different, honest, and a stand-up person. My music, my art, and my fashion saved my life. If not for these, I would not be living a year ago. I’m proud to announce that I just launched my own shoe line called bipolar love I have a partnership with alive shoes it is a dream come true. I became a part of IFA which is an African tradition. I am a son of Elegua, the son of Oshun, the nephew Orula. I am proud of the person that I became. My childhood was very rough. I was left on my own at ten years old twice. I had to grow up fast and learn Life in many different lessons it made me strong. Mind, body, and soul growing up in New York and getting very harsh lessons but it makes you appreciate everything that you have. I have three children, two boys, one girl. They made me view life in different aspect for without them I would not have growth. I’m currently finding a new beginning in life. I have to die and be reborn. Growth is always necessary. I feel like we die every day. The things that happen to us today before in new life becomes every morning — just my thoughts. I’ve been homeless, beaten, broken, and molested — things taken from me my entire life. I always get the short end of the stick, but you know what? I never let that stop me. It’s all about what you believe in. If you believe that you can succeed no matter what life throws at you make it with a smile on your face, you will always be successful and spiritually rich. I want to motivate people from all walks of life. I want to be the voice for people that have no voice. I got diagnosed with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression. The multiple personalities every day. I strive to be the greatest of me. I want people to understand what it is to be grateful and thankful. I’m the perfect example. I’m not perfect by a long shot, never do, I try to be. I used to be a sex addict, addicted to the streets, money, and fast life. Twenty-nine years and I’ve never drunk or smoked. The only drug I’m guilty of is pain and letting it run my life and turn me into a person that I never thought I would become, but God, my guardian angels, my protectors, and my spirits had different plans for me. So, never give up when life gets you down just stay focused. Be humble, time honest, and true to yourself and others.

FB: Troybanksjr

DayDreams Company by Kay | Natural Skin and Hair Care Products

The most important lesson in my journey so far has been to be persistent. Starting a small business is a challenge and it takes time to get my company’s products out there. I’ve learned that I have to be persistent and consistent with my advertising and products. I think about how amazon started in a garage and how so many other companies started small, but have become billion dollar companies. Those owners were persistent and put their everything into their dream and that’s what I plan to do.

Dorian Shy | Photographer

Dorian Shy

Be grateful for each step of progress on the way to your ultimate goal.


Briana Cymone | The Couture Event Architect

Drea Nicole Photography

I learned to embrace change. You can’t fix everything, and you shouldn’t try to. Some things, no matter how difficult are meant to happen in order to open doors or alleviate obstacles. But, no matter how unfair, unfortunate, or even untrue things may seem or even how well they were going; if you’re focused on correcting the old, the new could end up passing you by!
Atlanta, I’d like to invite you on a Voyage …
I don’t know how I found myself here. Loving every part of me, embracing all of my gifts, and saying f–k off unapologetically. But it feels good, and I don’t want to ever go back. I remember planning my first event when I was fifteen. I was asked to assist with the planning of my cousins wedding. It was fun. The country town my beautiful great grandmother raised me in was small, so word got out fast that “Briana plans events!” and just like that I’d found myself a new hobby.
Little did I know, my gift for event planning wouldn’t dawn on me until years later when I’d single handedly plan my first full-service event. Picture me, a 21-year-old student at Arkansas State University, taking an 8-hour drive in a snow storm, from my college apartment, with my 1-year old son and 6 month old twins; just to produce a baby shower, in Milwaukee WI. I’d been planning the baby shower for months, and I was so excited about the customized designs I’d coordinated with matching décor, and to assure the many surprises would be timed just right during the event! Everyone raved on a surreal experience! After the event was over, I stood outside in the snow just breathing, taking it all in. I knew this was what I loved.
At the time, no portent it would all come to a soul shaking halt a short year later. Many say, “Music saved my life.” Event Planning saved mine.
But let’s back it up a minute. I was born in Milwaukee and the eldest of 6 siblings. I moved to Searcy AR with my Granny-gran at 6 years old. I began first grade and was introduced to my first love, basketball!
As an all-around athlete I also ran track, played soccer, dance/drill team, cheer, and sang in the choir. For the most part, I’d spend summers in Milwaukee and the school year in Searcy. In Searcy I studied hard in school, was active in my Baptist Church, and played girls’ basketball, boy’s AAU and benefitted from a solid loving support system.
In Milwaukee, I learned to fend. Most of the black communities were redlined, and therefore the schools were very poorly funded, if at all. Because of this, children were neglected and weren’t offered a fair education. We barely had books, the years I attended. However, due to violence and high gang activity, we did have security similar to TSA to enter our schools. I lost a lot of friends in my hometown.
I was happy to return to a healthy learning environment for the remainder of my High School years. As a Junior in HS, I learned that I’d earned all the credits I needed to graduate and besides 12th grade Math & Science I required only an elective or two. I chose beauty school and work study figuring I’d make some money if I was going to be out of class. I graduated High School a semester early, and even managed to snag a few full rides for college basketball. But life had other plans! During High School I began an off and on relationship with a boy who had decided he wanted to marry me. After I became pregnant with my first child, his family decided that we would indeed be married. I was usually decisive and ethical, but now I was just lost. I decided to share with him my biggest secret. And since he accepted me for me, I decided at the age of 18 to go against my great grandmothers wishes, and get married.
We left and began college at Arkansas State University together, became parents, residents of Craighead County, AR and were doing a great job at life, most important, happily! I became a mother for a second time, this time to Jayden and Jordan; twins! I’d often take my children to class with me depending on the circumstance. I like to joke with Marcus, my oldest that “It’s why he’s a scholar [laughs]!”
There was one particular day that I went to greet my then husband in the College of Communications. He was still in class, so I perused some signage and happened upon some scholarships being offered. To my surprise, they were in direct alignment of his needs for an internship I’d been eyeing. My Ex-husband was a sports fanatic and would always dream about working for ESPN. So, I took the scholarships off the wall and left. I went straight to our apartment and began completing the applications. It took me about a week to get everything in order! Another week or so went by and he came home one evening puzzled. He’d received an invite to a banquet dinner from the Chair of ASU’s College of Communications. We attended the dinner and brought along the kids and my father in-law. Sure enough, 2-3 scholarships were presented to my Ex husband that night! He was thrilled, but I wasn’t finished. I had just gotten what I needed to firmly apply for the internship!
After quadruple checking the ESPN internship packet I’d prepared, I presented the folder to him on a dazzling afternoon. I wanted him to mail it! Saying my Ex was over the moon with excitement, is an understatement. The first thing he did was call the person who had cultivated his love for sports in the first place; his father! When he came back from that phone call; life changed. His dad had told him that he wasn’t good enough for ESPN. That he was just a boy from Arkansas, and they didn’t want him up there in Connecticut.
I brushed it off and through failed attempts, tried reassuring him that he could do this. He could intern for ESPN and would turn it into something great! That internship application was never sent, and our marriage was never the same.
Along with being a full-time mom of 3 under 3, [laughs] I went on to become more active in a few clubs on campus, make new friends, and assist with on-campus organizations events. Over time, my marriage was almost non-existent. I sat down one night and spoke with him about it. “This isn’t working. I’m not happy, so I know you aren’t. I’m not saying I want a divorce. We need to work on our marriage.” The next day I awoke to an empty home and empty bank accounts. He had fled to his parent’s home in White County, AR and had taken my children with him. We had a nice life, but there was nothing on this planet I cared about more than my 3 children.
The day the courts allowed him custody of our children, without finding me unfit; without him having a residence to take care of them; without calling my witnesses to the stand, without contacting the children’s schools, doctor’s, therapists, and caretakers whose contacts I’d provided; my soul seemed to spin, drift, and sink. The lower left ventricle of my heart shattered, and my brain could no longer comprehend what was happening. None of us were even residents of White County, what happened to jurisdiction? He didn’t know how to spell his own children’s names, but wanted them? As my brain malfunctioned, I remembered I should feel an emotion. I squeezed out tears to seem normal. My attorney thanked my Ex’s attorney for “The great seats to the game” and something about dinner. But psychologically, I was already gone from the room.
I decided to take my oldest son and move to Maryland to work for my younger brother. He was a genius and always has been, the both of them actually. My brother happened to be the Director of Communications at a Consulting Firm in DC. I worked as an Executive Assistant and organized meetings and events. I still couldn’t shake what had happened to me. My soul and my heart had not been restored. Not only that, it was embarrassing. Usually having your children taken directly reflected your parenting habits. So, it was an experience I couldn’t even bring myself to talk about with people. Who would believe me?
I eventually concluded that in order to bring my children back home, I’d make the money I needed to play the game. But I’d win with integrity. I still recall sitting at my mother’s breakfast table in Bowie thinking, “What am I good at… that I actually like to do… that I can make money doing? We all know EVENT PLANNING was the answer to that! It had followed me all of my days. I got started on my business plan and website right then and there. For the first time in 3 years, I felt the spark of life again.
A QUOTE: I admire the great wisdom before me, but the quote I’d like to share with you is my own. “Even when the eyes cannot see, our instincts are in tune with immense reality.” – Briana Cymone
Which put simply means, follow your instincts. We may feel alone or lost in life at times due to our own ideals and notions of reality, each perception is unique. But the instincts are rooted in what truly exists, the fact in its rawest form. Have no fear. 

Glen Kwon | Director & Photographer at Stay Visualant

The most important lesson I’ve learned in my journey so far is that chasing your dreams isn’t as glamorous and fun as the online community make it out to be. It’s a lot of ups and downs: one day I’ll be on a roll creatively, then the next two days will be me just sitting at my desk in self-pity. It’s a slow and steady grind, but there are always a couple projects throughout every year that make it all worth it and reminds me that my choice to follow a creative career was the right one. It’s exciting to know that my journey is exclusively mine and nobody else’s. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Gray Hairs | Production Company: Imbued Productions, llc. | Production Status: post-production

There’s a lot of things that try to bring you down in life; obstacles, finances, people, life in general. Whatever doubts, or negative feelings I’ve had while trying to reach toward this dream, I’ve learned to turn them into productive energy and use it as fuel to reach that dream. Those challenges and that dream started four years ago for me.


Sara Cowley | Real Estate Investor | Realtor

No matter your field, find a niche. Then become an expert in that area. For me, it’s fixing up properties that need some TLC. I used to think finding a small area of expertise was limiting, but over time I’ve learned it’s exactly the opposite!




Terrace Sherman | Brand Specialist and Content Creator

The most important lesson I’ve learned in my journey so far is to stay true to who I am no matter the stage of life I am. Circumstances have changed, which has consequently caused a shift in my perspective. I had to learn to be open and honest with myself, to forgive myself, and allow myself the time and space to adjust. My transparency and flexibility have definitely played a major role in the level of success I have reached this far.


AJ Hirsch | Musician & Composer

The most important lesson I’ve learned is how important being both patient and consistent are. Nothing is going to happen unless I put in the time and the work building up quality content that will build over time.

I have started to push my YouTube channel a lot more recently , and after looking at my favorite people on YouTube and really going back in time on their channels, I’ve learned that they all have been consistent with uploading quality stuff for years, and overtime they begin to grow slowly. This is also relevant with playing an instrument. For me, I play several different instruments and for each one I’ve had to put in hours of practicing and studying to achieve the professional level I am at today.

I have also learned to enjoy the process. Either way, time is going to pass. Do I want to be at a certain level in a few years while working hard every day? Or do I want to be in the same place I was originally? That’s how I look at it, and it’s been very rewarding and motivating so far!!!

Odin Omen | Geek Culture Enthusiast

Don’t wait for a signal from the universe or the perfect moment to pursue what makes you happy. Time is precious, you are special and worth the experience you are having. Live life now!


Idris Ibrahim | Photographer

I have learned a lots of things from moving to Atlanta. Especially, in photography which includes knowing to set a camera, lighting, editing, and getting a model. Also meeting new people and getting inspiration from others. I learn everyday and I can’t stop learning.


Tosi Ufodike | Mompreneur & Avid Walker

Never give up. Keep trying and don’t dwell on past mistakes. No one knows what the future holds but God. 

Dr. Rita Deattrea Beckford, M.D. |  Physician | Wellness Expert | Fitness Model | Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Wife | Mom

Fitness Shot: Corey Reese Photography Pictures with man-my cycling instructor and Coach, Steven Dean

Wherever You Go, There You Are. This is the title of a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I have learned that we hold the power to control our happiness and our state of being. Our perspective, beliefs and spiritual awareness dictate our lives. We can be happy and filled with gratitude with $5 in our bank account or we can be miserable, jealous and insecure with $5 billion. It matters what we hold to be true. It is our best investment to develop our minds, body and spirit so that wherever this amazing journey leads us we show up : confident, grateful, loving and kind.


Niya Rose | Model

The most important lesson I’ve learned so far is to be prepared and confident. You always have to strive for what you want and keep your eye on what you want to achieve.


Milana Balatbat | Maternity | Birth | Newborn & Family Photographer

I have learned that it’s not only important to be behind the camera and capture families for other people, but it’s just as important for myself to get in front of the lens and get photographed with my own family. Life is too short and kids grow up so fast, I want them to remember spending time with their mama. In the end, they are not going to care how self conscious I feel or how awkward it is to pose myself, they are only going to care about the special moments we shared and that I was there with them. 

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