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It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Thomas Fountain | Country Artist-Singer/Songwriter

I’m Thomas Fountain, a singer/songwriter born and raised in North Georgia. I grew up simple, learning how to make do with what I had. That way of life has greatly influenced me as a writer. Whether I try to or not, the simplicity of that life seems to always make its way through my music. Read more>>

Habiba Zaman | Mental Health Therapist, Owner, & Author

Hi! I am a professional counselor specializing in trauma and owner of North Star of Georgia Counseling. With fifteen years of work experience in the counseling field including counseling, advocacy, guidance, and education, I believe that as awareness of one’s fears, perceptions, desires, and strengths increase, one can make successful life changes. Self-awareness by becoming more honest with oneself, can initiate the authenticity that often results in healing, transformation, and living a fuller life. I have 13 publications that started with a children’s book titled, But I’m Just Playing published in 2012, and 7 co-authored books, the latest being Dear Love: I’m Ready for You. I am of Bangladeshi and American descent, and mommy to two amazing little humans. Read more>>

Jackie Harrington III | Actor & Producer

My name is Jackie Harrington III a Jacksonville, FL native that resides in Atlanta, GA. I am an actor, writer, and producer. I own a production company by the name of J. Harrington Productions LLC. I’ve worked in the film industry for 4 years now, but before this I worked as a wardrobe stylist. I produced a reality show called, “Chez and Jackie” which is now available on Roku and Fire TV, and I’m in the process of working on various projects. I’ve also worked with celebrities like Donnell Jones and have clients such as Spa Lodyn Bella, and Melanated Techs. I have 4 nephews who I love dearly, and I’m very family oriented. I like to dance and I love nature. I came from a background of conducting small business networking gatherings so I love to bring talented and hardworking people together. Read more>>

Pablo Alfaro | Violin Maker and Restorer

Before becoming a violin maker and restorer, I was a professional violinist in Mexico, I played for 18 years with the most important symphony orchestras over there. I received my musical training in Europe. After I graduated from the violin making school in Mexico, I moved to the USA and have worked here for the last 21 years. I worked for a couple shops several years, before opening Alfaro Violins, LLC in Atlanta. Read more>>

Nikita Garland | Associate Broker

Nikita is an Associate Real-estate Broker that has spent the last 15 years mastering the art of selling homes in Atlanta. She has both SRS and ABR accreditations, which qualifies her to support her clients in every stage of the buying and selling process. Her Atlanta network in conjunction with her ability to connect sellers to eager buyers is what has maintained her status in the million-dollar club for 3 consecutive years, which means she sold over 2 million in real estate in a given year. Nikita has also found a niche for connecting investors with the right opportunity. Read more>>

Chelsea Roberts | Creator & Owner

My name is Chelsea Roberts. I am a 28-year-old wife and mother of two beautiful children. In 2017, I decided to be the change I was looking for in the natural hair care industry. I created True Roots Hair Care to encourage men and women of color and ethnicity to get back to their True Roots. I want to show my children that their black is beautiful and they should be proud of their roots. Read more>>

Flo Beauredon | Artist


My name is Flo Beauredon, French-American artist living in Atlanta. I’ve been here since 15 years so you can call me a “French Peach” now! Atlanta was on the map of my destiny as my entire life, since early childhood, has been guided by the Light and Spirit of Colored People (my story is revealed in my book “A Soul’s Second Chance”). I have dedicated my entire artwork collection and creations to Black art: from the Beauty, the hidden history, the resilience and resistance to oppression, and the awakening of their Excellence. I paint literally from the Soul and whoever likes my art is also listening to their soul… Read more>>

Vette Wilson | Author, Ghostwriter, Publisher, Student

Good Evening! Well, there’s so much to know about me. For starters my name is Tacara Wyvette Wilson. also known as Vette Wilson in the literary industry. I’m a 34 year- old International, Best-selling, urban fiction Author from Cleveland Mississippi. Now residing in Pennsylvania. I began my writing career in 2015, after being signed to Diamanté Publications. With 22 published novels under my pen, I am becoming more of a household name in the industry. Read more>>

Ramon Gonzalez | Founder @ THRIVE | Coworking + THRIVE | Initiative

My name is Ramon Gonzalez. I am a lifelong entrepreneur and a father of 3. Back in 2015 I launched THRIVE | Coworking and I have most recently launched a non – profit named THRIVE | Initiative. Read more>>

Chris Peters | Media Solution Specialist

I’m an Award-Winning Published Photographer. As a storytelling Photojournalist, I’ve covered many of the most important moments in journalism. I’ve composed some amazing headshots for some to the top law firms in the country as well as produced content for their digital presence. I’ve also worked alongside the World-Famous Harlem Globetrotters creating highlights and promo videos and created dynamic visual content for retail products for commercial and digital display. My editorial photographs have been seen in British Vogue and other publication in the US and foreign publications. Read more>>

Dana Yarn | Registered Dietitian & Boutique Fitness Studio Owner

I am a boutique fitness studio owner in Buford, GA offering Pilates, Yoga, Barre and functional training classes and private sessions. I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; my degree is in Nutrition Science. Read more>>

Skyler Reed | R&B/Soul Artist & Vocal Coach

I am a recording artist based in Atlanta, GA, and I own my own business. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, and I started songwriting at the age of twelve. I went to college to study vocal performance, and after graduating I relocated to Los Angeles to pursue my dreams. There, I became an artist and put my songwriting to use. I created my first two studio projects and had wonderful performing experiences. After nearly four years, I moved to Atlanta, which I think was a great decision. Just a few months after being in the city I established my business, Skyler’s Music Studio, LLC. It’s been absolutely a joy to spread the love for music with children and adults. Currently, I am in the process of rolling out my next EP ” Are We There Yet.” So far, I have released two singles with music videos, which include the title track and “Don’t Disappear.” Read more>>

Rica Tan | Entrepreneur, Musician, Singer, Creative Director, Content Creator

Since I was in my early age, I always know what I want…and know where I want to be…maybe not always but surely most of the time…and “Love” always has been the driving factor of my knowing and where I am heading. My mom introduced me to piano as a 5-year old, I immediately fell in love with the vast world of music and grew to appreciate its unique ability to transcend languages, cultures and characters to communicate love and sprinkle magic straight to every hearts and souls. Since I founded Etude Entertainment: it become real that this is my calling. Read more>>

Nancy Hilliard Joyce | Fine Art Painter

My name is Nancy Hilliard Joyce. I am a visual artist who paints mixed-media fine art for homes, offices and public spaces. Read more>>

 Gabrielle Seunagal | Freelance Writer & SEO Copywriter

My name is Gabrielle Seunagal. I started my freelance writing career in January 2017, six months after I finished high school and moved away from home. Over the past several years, I’ve consistently poured my time, energy, and passion into growing and advancing my writing career. Starting a freelance writing career didn’t come without challenges or rough patches, but it’s something that I chose to stick with because I believed in my writing abilities and my passion for the craft. After surpassing the four-year mark in January 2021, I can look back and say all the groundwork and tough periods that I experienced during the very beginning stages of my work were worth it. I’m now determined to continue working hard and I look forward to what lies ahead of me in my career. Read more>>

Myra Harris | Romance Cookbook Author, Cook, Baker and Breast Cancer Warrior

Myra is the author of “How to Get a Man, From the Kitchen, to the Bedroom, to the Ring”. Her cookbook provides step-by-step instructions on creating romantic occasions and delicious meals for any woman to use to impress her man. The book also includes fantasy dates – complete with instructions on how to prepare the food, drink recipes or wine suggestions, along with the perfect music. Myra was even asked to write weekly Romance & Relationship articles for a nationally distributed magazine. Read more>>

Gloria Simpson | Tax Professional, AFSP

My name is Gloria Simpson, I am from New London Conn, currently living in Georgia. I have 29 years work experience in accounting corporate world. I am the founder and own of Prosperity Services for You, with 7 years in business. I am a Registered Tax Professional, member of BBB (Better Business Bureau), member of National Association of Tax Professionals, member of National Society of Tax Professionals, and AFSP (which allows me to represent my clients before IRS). Read more>>

Walter Sims | America’s #1 Personal Development Expert

I am Dr. Walter Sims, The Minister of Motivation, and America’s #1 Personal Development Expert. I basically help people figure life out in the form of their purpose. The two most important days in a person’s life is the day they were born and the day they figure out why! Read more>>

Kacie Willis | Producer, Podcaster, Creativity Coach, Sound Designer

I’m Kacie, a creator, arts advocate, podcast host and Founding Producer of Could Be Pretty Cool. Read more>>

Jonathon Poe | Entrepreneur and Fashion Designer

So my name is Jonathon Poe but people close to me call me JPoe. I actually started my journey of Entrepreneurship my Freshman year in college. When I launched my first business it was originally an Amazon online store, drop shipping to be exact. I started to actually study books on E-Commerce and I was able to teach myself about how it worked. Poe’s Electronics was my first Amazon online store, and my first year of business was amazing. All the way through College, my online store grew more and more each year, and so did the revenue. I quickly knew I had to add another source of income. Read more>>

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