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Community Member Spotlights

It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Terry Milla

I’m Terry Milla (Terry), A-Town’s finest truth-hop/real-reality-rap MC, producer, pianist, entrepreneur, and martial scientist. I’m the first artist released on 100 Trillion Entertainment, an indie record label that I founded. Our vision is to change the rap game by raising the standard musically and offer fair deals to up-and-coming artists. Read more>>

Highkey Woke | Podcast and Blog Platform

Highkey Woke is a multimedia platform that creates content centered around topics in Corporate America, Politics, and Culture that affect the Black Experience. Home to a Podcast and blog — Highkey Woke produces content to meet the needs of our audience. Read more>>

Darius Norman | Radio Host

I’m a Social Worker, Author, and Radio Host. I have been hosting my radio show for over 4 years now and I enjoy engaging the general public through that platform. Read more>>

Judith White | Romance Travel Exper

I am unapologetically a full-time, hopeless romantic. As a child I read romance novels and dreamed about my wedding (gorgeous flowers, killer dress, finger-licking good food etc.)I was in high school planning my wedding and the names of my 4 kids, lol. I had the dream of my wedding and honeymoon – I was going to be princess for a day and live my fairy-tale. As it turned out, things happened a little differently. There was no fairy-tale, especially for my honeymoon. I spent so much time planning the wedding thatI forgot about the details of the honeymoon and “settled” for a “deal.” Ooops! Read more>>

Diamond Brim | Entertainment Mogul

Greetings, I go by the name Diamond P and I’m in the Entertainment Industry. I’m a Celebrity Media Personality, Actress, Artist, Host, Brand Ambassador, Author, Entertainment Mogul and more. Read more>>

Dontarius Parham | Photographer

My name Dontarius Parham I do photography and promote party’s , I love taking pictures at different types of events specially capturing those moments of people having fun .it brings a smile to my face . After high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do so I met someone who was a photographer that taught me some things that got me really excited about photography but so far in my journey I’ve been self-teaching myself I’ve be doing it 3 years now and it’s been a bumpy road but I truly have been enjoying it loving every part about it I’m still learning until this day about photography I’m not perfect but I’ve definitely gotten better since day 1 and I’ve met a lot different people down the road and I really like meeting different people .meeting different personalities has been fun and still fun until this day I’m not where I wanna be now but eventually I’ll be there 💯 Read more>>

Steven VanDyke | Encouragement Merchandiser and 911 Alert app creator

My name is Steven VanDyke. I was born in Kingston, New York on September 2, 1973. My family moved to College Park, Georgia, where I lived and grew up. I graduated from Benjamin E. Banneker High School and attended college at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS, earned a B.S. Business Administration with a concentration in Management degree, and I currently live in Riverdale, Georgia with my beautiful wife Crystal VanDyke whom I married on September 2, 2000. I am an entrepreneur & CEO of VanDyke Entertainment created in 1994, Fight…Win…Survive in 2012, and the creator of the 911 Alert app in 2020. Read more>>

James B Kynes Jr | CEO/Broker

As an Entrepreneur, my path has led me to a position where my experiences, resources, and passions to help position Entrepreneurs and Business Owners align themselves and organizations with strategic strategies of site selection for expanding offices, or retail locations or businesses for sale accomplish their business goals. As Broker/Owner of Rushman Moore Commercial Real Estate, we are positioned as one of the go to firms for tenants/buyers and business owners to represent their interests. Read more>>

Jono Davis | Managing Director & Producer

My name is Jono Davis and I’m a theatre producer. I manage the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre in Cobb County. It’s a 606-seat venue that hosts musicals, plays, concerts, dance shows, large events and rentals. I was born in South Korea and grew up south of Atlanta. After graduating from college, I joined the actors’ union and worked as an actor, stage manager, educator, and box office manager. I began managing the Jennie T. Anderson Theatre in 2018 and since then I’ve been having the time of my life! Read more>>

Shelton Goode | CEO and President, Icarus Consulting

Icarus Consulting is a veteran-owned firm that helps companies build a diverse workforce and create an inclusive workplace. This is accomplished by partnering with clients to develop strategies to attract, develop, and retain highly skilled talent from an emerging diverse workforce and, at the same time, enhance the engagement, knowledge, and skill of current employees. Read more>>

David Bazile | Entrepreneur | Accountant | Speaker

Hello! My name is David Bazile. I am a trumpet playing drummer with a background in accounting and finance. I am also the young CEO and Founder of David W Bazile Accounting – a firm that provides trusted accounting services, tax preparation, and business consulting services to members of the metropolitan community and beyond. Additionally, as a community advocate for financial literacy and independence, I love teaching the world about the power of money. I do this by hosting motivational seminars and public speaking engagements. Read more>>

Yvonne Rosegarden | Indigenous Love Healer & Well-Being Artist

As a “love healer” I combine a variety of healing modalities: loving touch and massage therapy, music therapy, herbs, crystals, rituals and ceremony to help enhance and amplify a sense of self love and connection to one’s inner being. This includes promoting positive manifestations and best practices of living in joy! Read more>>

Chris Conner | President, Franchise Marketing Systems, Franchise Consultant

My name is Chris Conner, I am the President and Founder of Franchise Marketing Systems. For the past 21 years, I have worked with brands to develop, organize and structure franchise systems. My work has centered around working with new franchise models and helping businesses get into the franchise market, although I have worked with mature and large franchise systems as well. In 2009, I started Franchise Marketing Systems with the vision of supporting not only the franchise development process, but also in marketing and selling franchises for these new franchise models. I am married to Dr. Alaina Conner since 2007 and have two amazing kids, Ashton and Jameson. Read more>>

Ralph Russell | DJ, Producer, Event Curator

I am a professional DJ and music producer from Atlanta, GA. I provide DJ services mainly for skating rinks in the Atlanta metro area. I also do house parties, radio station hosting, and club events. I have experience in curating my own events, and developing my own merch line for my DJ business “DJ 23 Merch”. In addition, I produce beats and specialize in Artist development/marketing. I’ve worked with many local Atlanta artists, including, DJ Spinz, Luh Dino, Epic, Quez4real, Mi$take, and many more. Read more>>

Candace Green | Research Coordinator and Author

My full name is Candace Danielle Ogechi Green. I used to strongly dislike my middle name, but after I learned the meaning, I came to embrace it. I am a Birmingham, Alabama transplant by way of Washington D.C. I am the author of “The Illusion of Fear: How to live your best fear free life”, and an inspirational blogger. I work as a research coordinator at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Read more>>

Rhonda C Hight | Human Resources Consultant/Trainer and Registered Corporate Coach

Sure, I am Rhonda Hight, Owner of Let’s Talk, LLC, a boutique human resources consulting and training firm based in Atlanta, GA. As a consultant and corporate coach, I help individuals and teams reach new heights! Let’s Talk, LLC was founded in 1993, and we have been blessed to work with various organizations around the world. We specialize in providing training and consulting services in the areas the diversity, equity and inclusion, interpersonal communication skills, leadership development and change management. Our brand has become known for providing a “personal touch” and customizing the learning experience for our clients by incorporating their values and policies, so that the content aligns with their mission and business objectives. We also believe that learning can be fun, so we design experiential training programs that are engaging and memorable. Read more>>

Veronica Ashley-Reid | Visionary Business Coach and Growth Manager

I’m Veronica the founder of Autonomous Growth! After nearly 10 years I returned to civilian life. This experience opened my eye to many social and community issues that connected to my purpose. At Autonomous Growth, we take time to digest gained insight and design approaches to help others get where they’re growing. We’ve created tools for all business growth levels because we understand every business and person is different. Read more>>

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