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It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Kimathi Olenja | Entertainment Manager, Artist & Actor

My name is Kimathi but you can call me KO. My job is management and I work in the Entertainment Industry. Read more>>

Jemerris Giles | The New Face Of The SouthSide Fitness Scene/Owner And Founder Of Gym 55

So…For those that may not know me or do I’m Jemerris Giles or better known as Jay The Fit King. I’ve Been Training Now For Over Eleven Years Now. I’ve Been Blessed To Open Up A Gym In My Hometown Of Hampton, Ga And Definitely The plan on opening more gyms as this year moves forward. After receiving multiple certifications and degrees pertaining to my career in training , I’ve found a way to stay in business during this pandemic , but as well as continue to be one of the top trainers in my area due to hard work and my strong faith in god and lastly , Just doing right by the people.  Read more>>

Joy Alantis | Author

My name is Joy Alantis. I am the author of the new novel, The Goddess Journal: dys[FUN]ction. I’ve been writing for over 20 years assisting other authors, but dys[FUN]ction is my first book. Read more>>

Nubia Soul Goddess | Electronic Soul music artist, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

I’m an electronic soul music artist, best-selling author and entrepreneur based in Atlanta Ga. I’m also one of the background vocalist for Grammy nominated Theresa Tha Songbird. I have written a 3 book series and one standalone book, and I am currently writing a new novel scheduled to be released in October. Read more>>

Joshua Jenkins

Josh Jenkins started rapping at the age of 7 years old. His father, Julius is a musician, producer, rapper and singer. He plays a variety of different instruments. He fell in love with hip-hop and poetry had an early age. Listening to great artist such as Eminem, Royce Da 5’9”, T.I., Lil Wayne Ludacris, André 3000, HOV, 50 Cent Kanye West Joshua professionally started recording at the age of 14. Joshua’s dad told him in order to be great, he had to study the greats and he did just that. Read more>>

Quince Solomon | Custom design

Quince Solomon, Husband and father of Three Beautiful daughters. Owner & CEO of Signaturemoov LLC. Designer, Creative Director of a Sneakers company alongside various accessories depicting & showcasing your Country’s Heritage. Continuing a Legacy that started with my parents and securing Generational wealth for my generations to come. Read more>>

Shannon Low | LMSW

Hey! My name is Shannon and I am a Licensed Master of Social Work going between the Atlanta and Savannah areas. I received my Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree from Georgia State University and my Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from the University of Georgia. I have worked in various fields of social work over the past nine to ten years, but found a passion for working with the foster care community six or so years ago. After working for both the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and a private agency I ended up taking a leap of faith, so to speak, and branched out to start something independently and now run Great Heights Foster Care, a 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Atlanta. Read more>>

Mandisa Johnson | Founder, Entertainment Journalist, Editor-in-Chief, & Coach

My name is Mandisa Johnson, MS, MFA, and I am the Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Entertainment Journalist, and Coach for Atlanta Film and TV. I have also been married to Eddie Johnson, III for seventeen years. Together we have three children, Myles, 16, Madison, 14, and Milan, 11. Originally from Columbus, OH, I found my love of theater and the arts in elementary school, often mimicking what I learned from my drama teacher for my mother. In high school, I became heavily involved in theater performing in numerous productions; including being a part of a theater troupe that traveled to different schools throughout Columbus, OH. Upon graduation, I became inducted into the International Thespian Society. From there, I graduated from Wright State University with a BA in Communication Studies and Full Sail University with an Entertainment Business, Master of Science Degree, and Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts Degree. Read more>>

Cheryl Kelly | Attorney & Law Firm Owner

I’m Cheryl Kelly, attorney, and law firm owner. I own C. Kelly Law, LLC. which is located in Atlanta, Georgia. We protect the rights of injured Georgians against greedy insurance companies and big businesses. When I’m not fighting for my clients, I am spending time with my husband, bonus son, extended family, and friends. I was raised in Virginia, but I have made Georgia my home for the past 11 years. Read more>>

Kyara Murry | Business/Legal Consultant & Entertainment

Legally Black Business Society LLC is a legal marketing and business consulting firm that specializes in financing + digital marketing for legal black business owners. Our focus is in providing a support network between owners and clients in need of business, legal, and financial services and products. Our most profitable offering is helping businesses create and finance their marketing campaigns through marketing campaigns by providing consulting towards grants and credit management. Read more>>

KR Bankston | Fiction Author/Ghostwriter & Instructor

KR BANKSTON is a Fiction Novelist, Publishing Consultant, Public Speaker, and Mentor. The CEO of Kirabaco Media Group, LLC, she resides in Jonesboro, GA. KR is a founder of The Literary Evolution; the entity supports Indie Authors through courses, webinars, BETA readers, support networks, plus a yearly conference of virtual and live instruction/interaction. Having written various works of fiction including short stories for most of her adult life, Bankston entered the world of commercial publishing in 2008 with her first novel, A Deadly Encounter. She has since gone on to write and publish to date some 40+ novels, including anthologies and novellas. KR is a nonconformist novelist who writes in a multitude of genres. For more author information visit the site: To book the author or coordinate a workshop, send the request via email to: For more class information visit the site Read more>>

Renard Ragsdale | Founder of RDG, A Digital Media Production Agency

My name is Renard Ragsdale and I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from Northside High School for the performing arts, I attended Florida A&M University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, Florida. I received my BA in graphic design with a minor in web technology. It was there where I made some lifelong friends and determined that my career would be based around art and design. In 2008, I founded my first company, Ragsdale Design Group (RDG). RDG is a digital media production agency that helps brands enhance their marketing efforts through the use of creative strategy, digital media and emerging technologies. Read more>>

Kyla Lurry | Coaching/Process Expert/ Publishing Company

My name is Dr. Kyla Lurry, I am the CEO and founder of KylaNicole, LLC. My brand is committed to personal and professional development. I not only assist individuals with the processing of their traumatic life events. Our brand is a full-service company that offers various forms of Coaching, Process & HR Consulting, and Publishing services for new and existing authors. We help entrepreneurship of all industry’s create policies, streamline processes, publish works in their area of expertise and provide coaching for developing professionals in areas that are holding them back. Read more>>

Noah Baker | Musical Artist & Content Creator

Hi! My name is Noah AKA RealVenom and I’m a musical artist that specializes in the hip-hop sound. I say specializes because while many would call me a ‘rapper’ specifically, I don’t like limiting myself to just rap. I create music that touches all genres and variations of those genres, blending sounds and art from all over the world into something I can vibe to. Read more>>

 Esther Nkaambi | Owner & Founder- Malkia E Boutique

I founded Malkia E Boutique roughly over 2 years ago. My legal names are Esther Nkaambi Hopper, and I am a Kenyan native. My fashion has always paid homage to my heritage which included wearing colorful outfits adorned with brass, copper, and beaded jewelry. Malkia means Queen in Our Swahili language. I was named after Queen Esther from the Bible, and grew up with friends and family calling me Queen E. Read more>>

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