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It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Tanisha Charron | CEO, Mentor, Speaker & Host

Tanisha Charron a mom, creator and founder of Primal Instincts Cosmetics & Primal Skincare. I’m a celebrity makeup artist, beauty consultant and mentor. I’ve been in the beauty & cosmetic industry for over a decade dedicating myself to inspiring others to define and appreciate their own standard of beauty. I’m also a mentor working mostly with high school seniors who aspire to get into the beauty industry by providing them with my personal knowledge base. As a speaker and hostest I’ve helped those aspiring to find their light and walk in their purpose by sharing my own testimony and helping them find their innate gifts so that they can bring their dreams to life. Read more>>

Montravious White | Visual Artist

Wasssup y’all! My name is Trey and I’m a visual artist. Being a visual artist is more more then bring a photographer or filmmaking but being able to create a visual in bringing it to life. Whether it being a film or a commercial shoot having that diversity is a key factor with being a visual artist. Read more>>

Milton Angel Guzman | Founder of Island Flavors

My name is Milton Angel Guzman, founder & CEO of Island Flavors – a taste of Puerto Rico. A mobile food service, that serves authentic Puerto Rican cuisine in Atlanta. With the help of my mother, our executive chef, we aim to spread the Latinx culture through our food, music and tradition. Read more>>

B Hicks | Chef

Hi My name Brandon Jamal hicks Sr a.k.a B I’m a chef from the West side of Birmingham Al. I enjoy cooking and giving people an experience through food! Read more>>

Mike James | Life Coach & Speaker

What’s up beautiful people! I’m Mike James, the founder and owner of P&Z Life Coaching. My mission is to partner with you and help you unlock your power in order to become the best version of yourself. My personal life’s mission is to share my light, love, and positivity with as many people as I can in the time and space that I have. I truly am the definition of “people person.” With a background in health and fitness before venturing into life coaching, I’m all about good energy! Read more>>

Nakisha Adams | Nonprofit Consultant

My name is Nakisha Adams. I am the founder and CEO of Skribble inc., a nonprofit consulting company. Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Founded Skribble two years ago, after leaving Corporate America. The decision was based on a need that individuals had to have someone who looked like them assisting them with grant writing. Skribble inc. provides grant writing, board development. and strategic planning services. The goal is to meet nonprofits where they are and assist them in achieving what they can become. Read more>>

Naimah Elmore | Coffee Owner/ Co- Owner Alicia’s Coffee LLC

My name is Naimah Elmore, I was born and raised in Birmingham, Al. I am the owner of Team Elmore Management and Co- owner of Alicia’s Coffee LLC Read more>>

Sadie Evans | Author, Self Development Life Coach and Podcast host of Soul Food With Sadie

I wrote “Little Black boy, you are a king” and “little black girl, you a unique” to give young African American children a visual of powerful individuals that have started trends and changed the world. Read more>>

Jenne$$y | Singer & Songwriter

My name is Jenne$$y and I am an R&B artist and songwriter. I mainly introduce myself as a singer but I also rap and write poetry. I have been singing and writing poetry ever since I was a little girl, around the age 7 or 8. I fused my passions into songwriting in the summer of 2019. I released my first EP, Butterfly Effect, on September 6, 2020. I have always been a creative person and passionate about music and how it used as not only an art form but a universal language. Read more>>

LaTrenda George | Author & Queen Messenger of Love & Light

LaTrenda George the Queen Messenger of Love & Light is an author, podcaster, community liaison and a transformational coach specializing in spiritual coaching and mentoring. She is also a certified mind, body, and soul practitioner and facilitator. LaTrenda brings eleven years of experience to the table, un-programming her clients from past challenges, and teaching them how to live from within. She inspires and empowers others to act on their deepest desires. Read more>>

Dylan Dent | Music Artist

My name is Dylan Dent. I am a 26 year-old songwriter, rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. I hope to add a lot more to that list in the future as well. My music spreads across various genres, but, it can be boiled down to hip-hop/rap and indie pop. I usually create things that contain themes of introspection and relating to the world around me. With everything I create I hope I can add value to those experiencing my art. Whether it be a shoulder to cry on, a song to dance to, or a goal to chase after. Read more>>

Louis Buralda | Rapper/illustrator/Dancer

I am an artist of many forms, from an illustrator, dancer, and musician. Read more>>

Ivory Chana | Fashion Stylist

My name is Ivory Chana and I am a fashion stylist. I am also the founder of “Chana Chic”, a fashion influenced brand that showcases my work as a stylist and as your everyday fashionista. Creating looks helps me express the vibe of my client. As a stylist, I always seek to bring my vision for each and every look to life. Chana Chic provides a stylish, creative, edgy, and chic experience! I strive to fulfill all fashion needs, leaving clients feeling and looking like their best selves. Read more>>

Shay Small | Entrepreneur, Model, Actress

Hi Readers ! I am shay, Aspiring Actress, Model, Business Owner. I started sashayandco in 2014 , with the intent to bring styles and accessories at an affordable cost to women. Read more>>

A’Driana LaFaye | Self-Published Author, Speaker, Book Mentor, and YouTuber

Of course! I fell in love with reading and writing as a kid. In my younger years, I began writing a book that I finally completed in 2017. Pushing all fear aside, I finally self-published the book in 2019 and have been going ever since! I’m a wife, a mom, and a business professional where I work a full-time job. I started mentoring other writers who, like me, didn’t know where to start or even if they should start the process. This ride has been amazing and I am ready to see what the future holds! Read more>>

Jabez and Christopher Jenkins | Kidpreneurs, Owners and Designers

We’re kidpreneurs, Jabez and Christopher, owners and designers of Kings and Gents Accessories. We’re from Atlanta and 15 and 14 years old. We design and make bow ties for boys by boys and choose, cut and sew the fabrics. Because of the success of our bow tie business we landed a book deal and wrote a book about our kidpreneur journey called Bow Tie Brothers. Read more>>

Alesia White | CEO, Founder of Broken But Blessed, Mentor, Motivator & More

Hello everyone my name is Alesia White oldest of five children I have been married for almost 16 years to a marvelous man of God., we share together 4 adult children and nine granny kids. I am the CEO and founder of Broken But Blessed encouraging women and children everywhere. Through positive affirmations, God’s words a and mentoring I teach women and children how to go from brokenness to become blessed after leaving a toxic, abusive, narcissistic marriage or relationship. With my teaching they will learn how to take that brokeness and build themself up to who the Father has created them to be beautiful like a ruby. Read more>>

Elizabeth Blake-Thomas | Storyteller (TV/Film Director)

My name is Elizabeth Blake-Thomas and I am a storyteller. I am the Co-Founder and Director of Original Content of production company Mother & Daughter Entertainment. Read more>>

Kayla Price | Model & Entrepreneur

My name is Kayla Price and I’m 24 years old from Atlanta GA! After graduating college with my associates in Art and Design I knew I didn’t want to attend classes for much longer after that. Once graduated I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2018 by graduating cosmetology school with my nail license. From there I’ve created different businesses based on my many talents. Read more>>

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