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It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Juwan Harris | Fashion Designer

Hello my name is Juwan Harris, creator and founder of TopLife Clothing. I’ve been creating and designing clothing since 2013. I started with t-shirts using transfer paper and a heat press learning on the fly to releasing my second pair of my very own sneakers dropping in August. Read more>>

Janie Sloan | Film writer and director

My name is Janie Sloan, I am a writer and film director and owner of Quit Playing Production. I create Christian based films. Read more>>

Jasmine Perry | Makeup Artist

My name is Jasmine, friends call me Jas. I’m 25 and a mother of three, I love art, I love makeup. I love being creative and doing out the wall adventurous things in my life. Read more>>

da i.ZZ & Mariposa | Co- hosts of “30 Minute Podcast”

30 Minute Podcast is a lifestyle and culture podcast offering ‘full topics in half an hour’ for the intellectually curious. Hosted by da i.ZZ and Mariposa, the interview format show spotlights some of the best and brightest in their respective fields speaking on a variety of topics. Check out our conversation with da i.ZZ & Mariposa below. Read more>>

Finesse 1111 | Artist, songwriter, actor

I am Finesse1111. An artist out Atlanta Georgia; East Side Decatur to be exact. Grew up in a pretty rough area; Candler Rd Flat Shoals. Ran the streets almost as soon as I was able to jump off the porch. Got into a lot of criminal activities. Never was in a gang where I am from at the time it was just neighborhoods, but similar activities. Then I began to get a little more serious with my craft which is making music. At this time my message was a lot different. More of violence, sex, drugs, money etc..

Ashlee English | Interviewer/Media and Music Outlet

Hey everyone, my name is Ashlee but I go by Reef. I’m originally a Pensacola, Florida native but I have been in Atlanta for 7 years! I grew up in a small city and I had the urge to move so I did just that! Atlanta just so happened to be the place I chose. I left my family whom I love dearly and being family-oriented this was not an easy thing to do. It has been a journey thus far. Along that journey, I found a passion within media. So I created my own media outlet called Elements of Culture, which consists of a blog page via Instagram and interviews on my podcast show. I’ve also gotten into the music/artist recruiting side as well with different music reps and a label. All of these are key elements of the culture and it goes hand in hand. Read more>>

Marco Alexander | International Recording Artist & Founder of The Sound Kulture Brand

“His voice can make his listeners feel any emotion known to man. On top of that, you add unique sounds and a kick that you can feel to Marco’s amazing voice, and you get a product in which music is missing…” Danielle Simmons (Atlanta Music Blog) Read more>>

Savitra | Owner of New Era of Style

Hello! My name is Savitra and I am the owner of the influential online boutique New Era of Style, LLC. New Era of Style is a mid-priced online boutique that caters to modern-day working professionals. We understand the importance of our customers “getting it all done” when it comes to juggling the responsibilities of their professional, social, and personal lives. Our boutique offers an exclusive selection of high-quality clothing, accessories, and everyday essentials that aims to make balancing the demands of life a little easier. Read more>>

Timafei Dolinyak | Artist, Producer & DJ

Hello from the West Midtown of Atlanta! I am Timafei Dolinyak aka Tima Fei, Artist, Producer and DJ. Also, at the moment, am studying fashion as a client advisor at Louis Vuitton Lenox. Music and fashion always went hand in hand for me. Read more>>

Christina Fisher | Mindshift & Accountability Coach

I’m Christina Fisher and I am a Mindshift & Accountability Coach for Best Life & Accountability Coaching. I use this platform to equip individuals with tools and resources to pursue their purpose and live their best life. Read more>>

Paige Earles | Owner / Designer

Hello Everyone!  I’m Paige Earles.  I’m Paige Earles, Interior Design and owner of Pearle Designs an Atlanta-based company which was launched 13 years ago. Prior to opening Pearle Designs, I worked in the corporate world for 20 years in various executive level sales and management roles. In 2007 I resigned from my position as Director of Franchise Sales and said goodbye to the corporate world to pursue my dreams of business ownership. On a personal note, I’m a very proud Mom to my awesome son Eric who is 26 years old.  I moved from Memphis, TN to Atlanta in 2004 and immediately fell in love with the vibe and beauty of this great City. I was born in Los Angeles, CA and have always been a city girl at heart, which made Midtown, Atlanta a perfect location for me to call home. Atlanta is a big city with lots of Southern charm, a lush green landscape and a beautiful, ever-changing skyline; a perfect combination for me. Read more>>

Kameo DuBose | Fashion Designer

Hello my name is Kameo DuBose owner and CEO of Imperial clothing. Im a fashion designer originally from Toledo Ohio, later relocated to Atlanta Georgia. I design anything from hoodies, t-shirts , sweat shorts, windbreakers, etc. check me out at Read more>>

Marilyn Porter | Pastor | Life Coach | Speaker

Hey Y’all! I am Ms. Marilyn E Porter, Founder and Senior Direction of The PPIC (The Pink Pulpit International Convention of Women in Ministry). I am native Jersey Girl who is firmly planted in the Metro Atlanta area. Many years ago I made a decision that left with no other option than to become an entrepreneur. I decided that my children would never go to daycare! The PPIC has evolved over the past 5 years – we began as a ministry designed to teach and train other aspiring women in ministry, who has no denominational backing. However, as of March 2021, the organization has morphed into a 5013C nonprofit organization that serves and supports churches and ministries leaders, as well as business influencers. Although we remain an organization that is faith-focused, we now support the business aspects of faith and community-based organisms. In a nutshell, I help women leaders, both faith-focused and business-minded, establish legally solid, profitable and impactful organizations. I suppose you can call me a Church Coach. Read more>>

Kelly Romo | Artist & Music Producer

Hey! I’m Kelly Romo. I’m a musician, music producer, and artist based out of Atlanta. I discovered production in the past 4 years as a DJ and recently moved more deeply into my artist project. My music draws on a lot of influences including Lido, EDEN, Chvrches, and the Knife. I create synth-driven electro pop with carefully sculpted musical landscapes and home-hitting lyrics drawing on themes on loneliness, mental health, queerness, authenticity and introspection. I love looking in the mirror and being honest with myself, even when it isn’t the most pleasant feeling. I love celebrating all corners of being perfectly flawed and human Read more>>

Sheinata Carn-Hall | African Jewelry Artist & Crystal Healer

Hi my name is Sheinata Carn-Hall. I have been designing African jewelry for 22 years in Charleston, SC. The materials that I use are all natural. Most of them have sacred and symbolic meanings. My designs are one of a kind. As a means to learn how to deal with the stress of operating a successful business and raising a family, I began to meditate and work with crystals and go on nature walks. They help me to be in balance and in harmony. One of the effects of me working with crystals is my Third Eye opened and I became clairvoyant. So I also offer Tarot readings and sell crystals for healing. Read more>>

Romell Greene | Video Producer

The name is Romell most people call me just “Ro”, I’m a Video Producer based here in Atlanta. I create videos mostly for brands and individuals to help get their message out there or better sell a product, I also produce a good amount of music videos. I started shooting videos about 4 years ago and before that, I produced and engineered music. Read more>>

Deandra James | Blogger and Podcaster

Hello, my name is Deandra and I am a 26-year-old content creator residing in Georgia. Though going to college and graduating with a Bachelors in Psychology, instead I went a different route and am now the owner of a lifestyle blog ( and the host of a podcast (The Black Princess Diaries). My blog and podcast are just pieces of my brand, The Black Princess Diaries, and it’s constantly growing and expanding. Read more>>

Amelia Blaska | Educator, Private Tutor & Standardized Test Preparation Consultant

Certainly! I cater exclusively to students preparing for the MAP, GMAS (MILESTONES), SSAT, PSAT, ACT, and SAT standardized tests. I also provide individualized instruction in a variety of subjects: English, History, Spanish, Math, Science, Social Studies, Bible, World Religion, College Prep (including Applications & Essays), Study Skills and ESL for students in elementary school up and through 12th grade. I also work with college-bound students, post-grads, college students and even adults who have returned to obtain their degrees later in life. Read more>>

Michelle Cole | Emotional Intelligence Coach

My name is Michelle Cole and I am the owner and founder of Be Brave Be You, a certified life coach specializing in Emotional Intelligence and a Best-Selling Author. My passion is teaching life skills that increase your Emotional Intelligence. Once you understand how to speak the Language of Emotions, you can use the messages you receive to improve the quality of your life and your relationships. Read more>>

Gary The Destroyer | Visual Artist & Musician

Gary, The Destroyer is a visual artist, pianist, rapper and producer out of West Atlanta, Ga. …Inspired by artist like Tyler, The Creator, Flying Lotus, and Saba, Gary The Destroyer brings diversity and abstraction to his artwork in every creation. Read more>>

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