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Portraits of Old Fourth Ward

Old Forth Ward represents some of the best of Atlanta. Vibrant and diverse communities that embrace art and creativity.

VoyageATL is all about supporting creatives and risk takers – from makeup artists, fashion designers and music producers to chefs, entrepreneurs and more. In our Portraits series we try to celebrate their work by sharing some of our favorite shots we’ve come across. We’ve share shots from the Old Fourth Ward below.

Artist William Massey III

Photographer Matt Conrod

summer skies

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Retail Citizen Supply

Where ya headed this weekend??

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Designer Preston Attebery

I’m saddened and moved by the passing of the great John Portman. His architectural contribution to Atlanta is unparalleled and likely led to Atlanta’s prominence on the world stage. He created internal spaces, designed to inspire and those on the inside with grand atriums and multilevel pathways. His vision inspired and new generation of designers and architects and impacted the lives of millions as they passed through the city. His life and achievements will not be forgotten. In honor of his incredible life and work, I’ve gathered some past Simple City illustrations of his buildings–some of my very favorites that I’ve spent no little time staring at and admiring. RIP John Portman! #simplecity #westinatlanta #downtown #marriottmarquis #peachtreecenter #hyattregency #americasmart #suntrusttower 👏🏽@johnportmanassoc @downtownatlanta

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The Spindle ATL | Shop & Café

Leah of | Travel Blogger

Photographer Javed F. Rager

Photographer Haley Mewborn

Here’s me thinking that I’m cool but yeah I’m definitely not LOL anyways I don’t have any shows for a bit so I’m just tryna find something to create. I have some things to talk about and I’m totally gonna try to have a new blog up by the end of this week. Until then this is all I got 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 • • • • •. Pictures by: @ravenlyx and edited by 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ #atlanta #canon #canonphotos #photography #photographer #photoaday #localart #local #canon1d #Lightroom #PureBlissGraphics #HNMCreative #livemusic #musicphotography #musicphotographer #concertphoto #stagephoto #concertjunkie #concertphotography #weloveatl #discoveratl #whyiloveatl #atlantacollective #georgia #localbusiness #portrait #portraitphotography #beltline #poncecitymarket #ponce

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Skate Plug Skateshop

Youtuber & Blogger Kiss Of Prince

“Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on.” 📷 @shaninicole23

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Realtor Amy Bubes

Illustrator & Designer Isabel Arenas

Chazz Giovonni Photography

Hunter & Mick | Jewelry & Antiques

Cast Iron Atlanta | Restaurant

Yoga Instructor Tiffanie Luellen

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