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Buckhead’s Hidden Gems

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some of Buckhead’s gems below.

Pegah Dehghanian

Being of Persian background, family & culture is very important to me. My family and I try to take an international trip together every year, to a new destination. Back in May 2019, we decided to take a cruise to visit Cuba and other surrounding islands. While on these trips, I make it a point to immerse myself in the country’s culture & I like to buy souvenirs that remind me of the culture and/or tradition of the area. Read more>>

Chelsea Karpel

I was born in Upstate New York in a small city called Hudson. I moved out on my own at the very young age of 15. I worked whenever I wasn’t at school to get by and I truly believe that is what gave me my entrepreneurial spirit. I moved to New York City at the age of 17. I started modeling and working in restaurants and bars. I was living a very fast lifestyle until 2016. Read more>>

Taylor Saxton

My beginning as a motivational speaker has been part of the journey for as long as I can remember. It began when I started acting at a young age – and everything else I have done – like reporting, and communications, helped take my public speaking to the next level. I think I realized that the overall goal, in whatever I was doing, was tied to inspiring others. I also realized that, God was setting me up and that motivational speaking has been a part of the plan from the beginning. Read more>>

Travis Cherry

I’m originally from Raleigh, NC. Used to sing in an R&B group named Simplee Uneek. We ended up moving to ATL in 1996 and got a deal with a small label here. After two years, we separated and I continued on as a producer. Fast forward to 2012 and now I’ve been producing for a lot of artists, but the concept of having my own studio was weighing heavy on me and my best friend. We had a few situations that brought The Purple Room concept to light. Read more>>

Amber Kollar

Starting my college career, I hoped to study fashion marketing and management. As the first year passed, I started to see the flaws in the fashion industry. Fast fashion has corrupted our lifestyle and shopping habits. This not only affects the massive waste of clothes in landfills, in our oceans and pollution from factories, but also the in-humane treatment of workers. After working for a sustainable online marketplace, known as Depop. Read more>>

Tiera Ndlovu

I first got into producing art consistently in high school. When I started college at Emory University in 2016, I thought I would have left my art behind, but through visual art courses in school, it grew to be much more than a hobby. I started working at a local craft shop and connecting with other artists in the area. That experience opened up my eyes to what being an artist could mean and the ways I could share my art with others. Read more>>

Christon Jones

My story begins back in 2014 when I went through a bullying situation while living in Tampa Florida. This situation happened while I was playing football and it was caused by my teammates. However, before I knew it this situation would be the catalyst for me to write my first book The Win Within. With this book I was able to make over $5000 in just under 90 days. Eventually while still in Florida my mom took me a Get Motivated Seminar. Read more>>

Demi Cortez

I grew up on the westside of Atlanta. I was always a “pretty boy” growing up. Very much so into the beauty industry and self-care. As a teen, I struggled with problematic skin. After seeing a dermatologist and trying numerous product lines and treatments that didn’t work, I knew it had to be something I could do for myself. Something that would help with my skin problems, and not be so harsh, like some of the dermatologist recommendations. Read more>>

McCall Wilder

Our family has been focused on clean, pure eating since our son was diagnosed with a deadly peanut allergy in 2000. At the time, we had no prior family history of any severe food allergies or intolerances. After my daughter was born, I also developed numerous food allergies and intolerances, plus an auto-immune disease. With those additional dietary restrictions added into our family’s eating. Read more>>

Myesia and Alycia Lowery

Our family originates from New Orleans, LA, who’s famously known for all the good eats and hospitality. So that’s what we grew up on, a rich culture that likes to indulge in delectable delights. Anything from beans and rice or gumbo to homemade praline candy. As delicious as all of these meals were, they weren’t the healthiest. Read more>>

Micheal Cuffie

Over 18 years ago, one of my colleagues announced she was engaged and planning a wedding. Over a course of weeks, I noticed her excitement turn into frustration. I then offered to help her with some of her wedding planning. Before I knew it, I took over all of the planning. I loved resolving her issues, making recommendations and handling the nitty-gritty details. Read more>>

Chanel Green

My name is Chanel Green, creator of Condition Me Body Butter & SelfLove.Gear. Both brands support the community as well as promote healing. Condition Me Body Butter was created in 2017 because my two little girls and I could not find any type of lubricants that could protect our skin. Remembering old remedies and how the earth is its own healer, I started creating recipes. Read more>>

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