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Buckhead’s Hidden Gems

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some of Buckhead’s gems below.

Patricia Mae Maristch

I learned to sew when I was four years old, and before long was very busy making my doll clothes. As I grew up, I put ALL my babysitting money toward fabric and would make all my own dresses. I always had an affinity for wearing dresses. I think they just always made me feel special. In high school I started a little at home business teaching summer sewing lessons, and when I headed off to college, I did not want to narrow my options to fashion, so instead pursued a liberal arts degree in DESIGN at UC DAVIS. where I got very deeply into ONE OF A KIND CLOTHING. After graduating, I pursued a Masters of Art Education in Boston at Lesley College, where I was fortunate to study with the infamous artist and educator, Corita Kent. Corita loved textiles and fashion, especially after leaving the convent life. Read more>>

Yanique Duke

My passion for helping women find their voice started early in childhood. Somehow at 8 years old I was able to muster up the courage to sound the alert of the sexual abuse happening in my youth group, which in turn freed not only myself but so many other young women in that group from the monster masquerading as a man of faith and our leader. My voice was the spark that allowed so many others to speak up as well. No matter how hard the days ahead got, I always remembered how that decision to use my voice unlocked other voices and that is the foundation of my journey. Read more>>

Jibril Goodwin

Music and film have always been two of my greatest interests. When I was young, I use to use my father’s camcorder to make little movies with my toys for my friends to watch. My older sister Zentoria was a fantastic singer and I wanted to be a singer just like her. I started to write and sing my own music once I got to high school and my best friend Desmond eventually introduced me to his cousin Ray Wilson who was a local Rap celebrity at the time. I knew I needed a music videos for my songs so Ray introduced me to his videographer. I asked him how much he would charge me to shoot a video and he told me $800 dollars which I didn’t have (me still being in high school at the time with no real job). Instead of paying him for a video I got the bright idea to work towards just buying a camera and shooting my own video. Read more>>

Jordan Woodrow

Growing up I always knew I wanted to be an entertainer. But being raised in a smaller city like Mobile, Al I didn’t know how to do that. So for a while I put my dream on hold. Growing up I was raised by my mother and stepfather, as a kid growing up, I can’t recall anything that I didn’t get from them… but I wanted more so I had to grind to make it happen. At age 15 I got my first job and remained with that company for 7 years. By age 20 I received my promotion to my first management position that I also was very proud of, but something still didn’t feel right. The entertainment industry still called my name. Read more>>

Sara Hetzel Bass

My mother always told me as I was growing up, that I should aspire to be “the person who decorates movie sets.” I didn’t even know what that meant when I was a child growing up in Ohio, but it sounded FABULOUS! After moving to Atlanta and after years of exploring many different creative realms, from being a trained French hairstylist at a prestigious salon in Buckhead, designing and sewing custom wedding dresses, to graphic design, wedding decor, carpentry and so much more; I now know what my Mother meant. She knew that if I had a vision, a direction, and the materials, that I could create whatever my heart desires- or whatever some else’s heart desires! Read more>>

Jamesa Buchanan

One thing certain in life, is that life is filled with uncertainties. we go through life with goals and plans and from one day to the next, everything can change. this is one truth that has become of significant importance for me. I faced life just like many others, wondering what my career path is “supposed” to be and what I was meant to do. After relocating to Atlanta, I decided to finish my degree and at the same time enroll in aesthetic school. Clearly, the aesthetics world took me in a completely different direction. Even as a child, I’ve always had the desire to pursue a career in the beauty industry and My ultimate goal was to be a Spa Owner. Read more>>

Latonya Bradley

Back in 1999 in New York where I am from, I got a holiday part-time job at Macy’s working as a seasonal ringer for Lancôme. My job was to help the Beauty Advisors with the flow of traffic and simply just ring up their purchases. One late evening I was left at the counter alone while the Beauty Advisor that was working that night took a quick break. A customer approached the counter and asked for my guidance in products to buy. I knew a little something about makeup but not much but was also in school getting my Marketing degree so I was currently learning how to sell products. I helped the customer and the sale totaled $600. I thought nothing of it and a few minutes later another woman approached me and asked who I was. Read more>>

Deidra Jefferson Poe

Born and raised in Northern California, I began braiding at the age of 13. Throughout high school I braided my classmates hair as a hobby. After graduating from high school in 2008 I attended Marinello School of Beauty where I received a certificate of completion and obtained my Master Cosmetology licensing for the state of California .
In 2015 I moved to Georgia to further my career in the hair industry and start a new beginning . I had the chance to work for a well-known salon, appear on reality TV and travel to different cities to service clientele. Read more>>

Shekinah Monee

Growing up, I never would’ve thought that I would be doing PR. In fact, I had no clue what PR really was. After helping with PR with the Miss Brooklyn Scholarship Organization, I was hooked. Thereafter, I worked with a boutique agency, and after a few years branched out on my own and founded Perfect Vision PR. Read more>>

Shahad Al Qaysi

I moved from Dubai to Atlanta almost six years ago. At that time, I was a fresh dental school graduate who was so eager to start her career in the states. I have always been a fashion lover. When I was a student, I remember I used to spend hours and hours styling my outfits for a week ahead. It would make my day wearing what made me feel myself, which has always boosted my confidence. After graduation and moving to the states, I had more free time to spend on my wardrobe and my passion for fashion, but I was still dedicated to getting my license in dental surgery. Between studying for my board exams and getting used to my new life in Atlanta, I found myself posting more outfits inspirations on my Instagram. Read more>>

Rashia B. Cox

Arise Den LLC, was founded in 2017 as a result of being down in so many areas of my personal life prior to 2017. During this time, I was experiencing financial distress, loss of direction, mental anguish, several moments of regret, and loss of hope. It was 2017 that I wanted to create a business to help others gain financial freedom through offering them credit repair services with coaching on how to maintain the work, a business that could help people prepare for job interviews and professional development, and provide a safe place where others could talk through some mental health issues that had imprisoned them for so long. I like to view Arise Den as an accountability partner to the world and the people in it. Read more>>

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