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Buckhead’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Buckhead’s rising stars below.

David Haynes II

How I got started is kind of the mantra of how I live my life. Anything I want to do, I find a way to do it and then do it. I know all things are possible with God so I stopped, making excuses and went after what I wanted. I was already a published author/ writer before I began making movies. I wanted to do it fulltime so I stopped rationalizing reasons as to why I couldn’t and found a way to do it, started investing in myself (film equipment, business, knowledge), and here I am. Read more>>

Kaitlyn Kennedy

Born in Milwaukee, Wi A Girl Name K. knew music would rule her life. The granddaughter of the late: Jesse Hauck. Since the age of 13 is when A Girl Name K. decided music was her interest of choice. She started her recording career in the heart of Nashville, Tn. Winning a host of talent shows in the middle Tennessee area AGNK gained a name and buzz quickly. Relocating to Murfreesboro, Tn where her fanbase started out of. Tragedy struck when AGNK was gunned down & shot twice cause her to lose her left lung. Read more>>

Mary Sanders

I’m an Atlanta-based graphic designer and muralist. I got my Master’s in Advertising from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and work for a local agency and do freelance graphic design. I keep busy by painting large-scale murals all around Georgia. I lead a team of all-women painters who support local women-owned businesses as well! After moving to Atlanta for my masters, I found a group of women that wanted to help me paint murals. Read more>>

Kaie Saunders

I am24 years old and everyone calls me ‘Kay’. I’ve been doing makeup on myself since about the 6th grade. I have always been a pretty artistic person. I liked to draw and paint, especially on my Barbie’s faces when I was younger so when I got my first makeup kit in middle school for a dance recital it kind of came naturally to me. After the first time I actually got to put real makeup on my face I became obsessed instantly. Read more>>

Rogerio Martins

My story began in 2001 after I had graduated from college in Brazil. At that point I had decided to come to the US to practice English and take a hotel management class. I was supposed to stay here for 6 months and then go back to Brazil. Despite graduating with a degree in Tourism, I have always had a passion for cooking. During my time in the US, I ended up getting a job at a small restaurant in Duluth. I really enjoyed being in the kitchen and started moving from one restaurant to another to continue learning more and more. Read more>>

Lauren Weems

I started off producing music when I was 12 years old making beats out of GarageBand loops on my Uncle’s iMac. I would burn down my mixes onto blank CDs and make my mom listen to them in the car. From there, I would start to create my own beats on platforms like Mixcraft and then on my iPad on an app called Beatmaker 2. During this period, I made a lot of beats with stock sounds that didn’t sound all that great but still didn’t deter me. Read more>>

Prin$e William

I grew up playing basketball with dreams of being in the nba.I could always write poems and music lyrics but didn’t take it serious. No,it’s never a smooth road going towards your goals.I struggled finding my own nitch and my approach to my sound.I struggled to learn the “how?”But it’s never something you truly learn. My talent is rapping but I see myself as more.I feel that I am a  visionary,writer,and a creative director.Rapping is where my passion lays and the other titles are what tie into that. Read more>>

Kaylah Spencer

My junior year at Clark Atlanta university, I decided to take a lash class to start making money while studying to obtain my bachelor’s in Public Relations. While balancing college life, good grades, internships & many naps, I fell in love with the process of adding to one’s natural beauty, and it was important to me to perfect my craft. I would ask every family member & friend if I could do their lashes. I got myself & my business out there through networking as a waitress & a junior publicist at various events. Read more>>

Tavion Tate Guice

Born and raised in Oakland, California. Began singing, dancing and playing piano at age six. After graduating from High School. Attended college and earned a Bachelor’s in Science in Law. Attended Law School and earned a Juris Doctorate. Attended Acting Classes in Los Angeles, California. Attended Screenplay and Screenwriting classes in Los Angeles, California. Released several musical singles. Collaboration with platinum selling artist Too Short and Grammy Award winner rapper Murphy Lee. Read more>>

Mari Kemp

Mari has over 20 years of global human resources management experience with 12 years in leadership roles. Earlier in her career, she held leadership positions at Nokia and Google, as well as roles within start-ups and high growth organizations. She has extensive experience in evaluating and improving processes and efficiencies through technology and has expertise in creating superior human resource, facilities and talent acquisition departments. Read more>>

Tyler Johnson

Well my name is Tyler johnson I’m from Milwaukee Wisconsin I go by Trjko I moved to Atlanta a year ago February 1, 2022 i’ve been doing hair for 4 years now I am a self-taught styles but I’ve been playing with her literally all my life I went from working at McDonald’s for four years straight during high school I quit right when I graduated and started practicing hair I just knew it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life or at least for the rest of my working years because doing Hair really doesn’t feel like a job to me it’s really like therapeutic Read more>>

Shantia Hamler

Who is Shantiadajah? This beautiful young woman is a dynamic speaker, YouTuber, author and mentor. She has transformed thousands of lives all over the world. Shantia has supported people with realizing their worth, restoring relationships, building self-confidence, starting new businesses, and finding the true joy within. She is known for being a transformational leader in assisting people of all ages with redefining a purposeful identity. Read more>>

More Than A Mom Podcast

M.T.A.M Podcast is 3 friends, who are from different walks of life, yet share something so sacred in common… Motherhood. We’d constantly have uncut, raw conversations amongst each other about different things we experience. We quickly realized we aren’t the only ones experiencing these things, yet the conversations aren’t being had in public. We’re here to change that! It definitely hasn’t been a smooth road at all. For all 3 of us, we are stepping out of comfort zones and putting ourselves out there. Read more>>

Alexandria White

I honestly stumbled across this business on accident. One day I had a taste for something creamy and delicious so I made a few Lotus Biscoff flavored cheesecake cupcakes for the very first time. I took them to work with me the next day for a snack, gave a few away to my coworkers, and they loved them. So much, that the next day I received a call from one of them saying they would pay me to make some! That phone call ultimately changed my life, the next day Munchie Mamas was born! Read more>>

Perris Drew

So I am a kid from Delaware. I grew up in a small town called Middletown, where at the time, were nothing but acres of land, a few school districts, and not nearly as many home developments as there are now. Let’s just say my hometown has expanded beyond my imagination. Playing sports and going to school was routine, for I played football and basketball for most of my grade school years and a little during my high school experience. My parents always taught my siblings and me to put our best selves forward in whatever we did.  Read more>>

Brooke Major

A native of Atlanta, I grew up in Sandy Springs. I have always had two passions: horses and art. At age three I picked up my first paint brushes and that very same year, I sat on a horse for the very first time. I found my two vocations at such a young age. A visit to the High Museum in elementary school gave me the desire to want my art in a museum one day and my parents’ friends, art collectors of contemporary art, led me to decide that being a professional artist was not only a passion but a career. Read more>>

Raphael Bahindwa

Everything started with me just loving Manga, Art, and storytelling. When I was in middle school, I created my own manga called Mazari. I remember I was drawing too much when I was little. In high school that’s when i was more in to coloring, and that’s when I started to paint.There is really not a smooth road for an artist in my opinion. The only time an artist feels smooth, is when there is a support system.I’m a Fine Artist disciplined in Painting who’s from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Read more>>

Lisa and Steve Duffy

Looking to escape city life, we began looking for rural property around 2018. Not just any property, acreage and a 100 plus year old house were on the checklist. The house was important because Lisa’s dream has always been to open a Bed and Breakfast. Our online search led us to Rosemont and we made the trip to see the unique property. Not only was the house ideal for a B&B, but it included 4 acres and an old general store next door (circa 1870). Read more>>

Abbey Glass

My name is Abbey Glass. I own an eponymous women’s fashion brand based in the heart of Atlanta. My background is in fashion design and have always had a love for vintage clothing, textiles, art and getting dressed up. I honed my art and design skills at Central Saint Martin’s in London and Rhode Island School of Design. Abbey Glass (the brand) is 8 years old and was born from a custom dressmaking business where I hand made patterns and dresses out of a small studio on Bennett Street.  Read more>>

 Shari Perkins

My story begins in a small town in Mississippi where I was born. The small-town experience supported my determination to embrace the unique me. Soon after that realization, I begin to tap into my creativity. During my adolescence and early teen years, I knew that I was a big fish in a small pond, and I wanted my spirit and talents to reach many more people than just those in my small circle.  At age 21, I moved to Atlanta, GA with $600 and a dream, Read more>>

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