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Buckhead’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Buckhead’s rising stars below.

Kimberly Dean

I’ve always been that kind of girly girl – the one that has a passion for fashion & girly things like makeup. When I first started my makeup journey back in 2018, it was to fulfill a promise I made to myself in 2017. When I finished high school, I would teach myself how to use makeup. I was always intrigued by what a difference makeup can do to an individual, the enhancement and level of confidence it gives when it’s done. So I started off by watching YouTube videos of different makeup routines and products people use. I was mostly watching the most poppin girls. Such as Aaliyahjay, Jackieaina, Alissa Ashley, Jaclyn hill & and the list goes on. But one thing I noticed it’s really important to find someone who you can relate more too and watch how they do it so I was inspired more by Aaliyahjay. Read more>>

Brandon Brathwaite

My career in music started at a very young age. My Dad was always into music and I would love to see the joy it brought him and others. Only classes I liked in school was chorus, band and dance. So I grew up very much into entertainment. When I got to high school, my mom bought me my 1st Mac computer that I used to start recording myself and other kids in the neighborhood. Toward the end of high school, I started throwing events to get my name out there and to network. I quickly became popular in my city and closed with the head nigh club promoters who help me to cross paths with major celebrities. After I graduated, I ended up meeting ASAP Rocky’s producer ASAP Ty and ASAP Yams who’s association helped bring me into import rooms with Major record labels. I then meant a rep from Universal music group in Toronto, Canada who needed up mentoring in the music industry assisting me to building valuable relationships that needed up helping me garner a lot of the success I have today like collaboration with TI labels and Kevin gates close ties with Lil Durk and much. Read more>>

Faith Harvey

Wow, my love for skincare developed in 2014. In my first year of college where my roommate and I would watch DIY videos of pimple popping and DIY face masks. We would then practice giving each other facials and face masks. In my junior year of college, I knew I wanted to work with Skin and skincare. In my senior year of college, I went to skincare convenience and collected every business card of the attendees at the event. I had this brilliant idea of creating my skincare line. I wanted to have products for each skincare type (ex. oily skin, dry skin, combo skin) I reached out to every person I networked with at the event. From there, I received a lot of No’s because I was looking to manufacture a skincare line with a small quantity to start or some only worked with skincare companies that already had a clientele. Not taking no for an answer, I came across one man who lived in TX. He agreed to help me start my skincare line, he said he saw the passion in me. In which I decided to name Faith Imani because that is my name and I knew I was going to put my all and my skincare business would become a part of me. Read more>>

Karlin Smith

I’m an author, a child advocate, model, & dancer/choreographer. My worldview was shaped by being raised by the love of my late grandmother & the southern values she and the rest of my family taught me. Hailing from the Carolinas, my grandparents made sure that I knew not only how important honoring & cherishing the legacy of your family is but also that making a difference in this world is equally important. At the age of five, I knew that if I got to do at least two things in this world, one of them would be to become a writer, & the other would be to make a positive impact in at least one person’s life. Once I knew what my purpose in life was, I decided to cultivate it by writing whenever I could. In addition to writing, I also dedicated my time to the younger children in my neighborhood by becoming a childcare provider, as well as what I am now, an Autism Awareness advocate & an advocate for special needs children. Read more>>

Antwain Dawson

All throughout my life, I have felt the pain, stain, and legacy of systematic and institutional racism while living in the American south. I grew up in a very small town in North Carolina called Autryville with a population under 200 people. It is also notoriously known for excluding African-Americans and other minorities from its predominantly white communities through discrimination, harassment, and the threat and/or use of violence. It wasn’t long before I began to witness, firsthand, the inequalities in the educational, healthcare, employment, and legal systems that were blatantly suppressive to minorities in our community. As a result, I grew up struggling with constant feelings of disgust, shame, confusion, and fear due to the color of my skin. However, those same feelings and childhood experiences are what ignited my desire to become an advocate for equality. Although having Black skin is not a characteristic that one can change, I hope that by becoming an advocate for my community, I can bring change to those with Black skin or any minority that is ill-advantaged in today’s society. Read more>>

Courtney Dickey

I originally thought in my younger years, I would become a lawyer and there would be an ‘ah-ha’ moment. But that wasn’t the case at all. I learned that being an attorney is a vehicle for me and not the destination. Being in law has allowed me to network and meet people in many different industries. A foundation in law is very helpful as I pursue more creative and entrepreneurial avenues. I started my career as a Special Education teacher before I went to law school. My main goal in going to law school was to be involved in School law, somehow. I began my law career doing CPS and juvenile cases before eventually becoming an In-House Counsel and General Counsel of school districts in Texas. Now, my legal services include: in-house services, labor & employment, business, contracts, and real estate law. Transitioning from corporate environments to an Entrepreneur Attorney has been exciting. It feels trailblazing. Read more>>

Chef Duece

My journey starts with being a professional dancer, that’s where I learned the importance of proper food intake. Based off of my results, I became more interested in health and wellness and decided to further my education attending the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. In return to Los Angeles, I had the opportunity to intern under celebrity Chef Lauren Von Door Pool and Dr. Aris Latham. In 2017, I decided to pursue my culinary endeavors in Atlanta, Georgia working as a private chef for Cynthia Orivo and creating my catering company Cosmic Cuisine. Read more>>

T. Villa

I’m a rap recording artist getting pushed by BET JAMS from Detroit. The phrases and basis for my business stems from my own motivational quotes from my music. Put on shirts, hoodies, jogging suits and whatever my logos will fit on. Read more>>

Erin Newman

I’d been in the corporate world for over ten years and always dreamed of leading retreats and workshops and helping women to break out of the box of society’s expectations. But first…I had to do it for myself. After my second son was born, I realized this was the only time that I would have to really go after my dream of empowering women. So I quit the day job and became a life coach. At the same time, I began deepening even more into my spiritual path, attending trainings and workshops, and eventually undertaking a three years of training to become a Shamanic practitioner. Ever since I received my life coaching certification, I felt called to work specifically with entrepreneurs. My role as a coach has evolved, and I’ve called my work spiritual business coaching, and now landing with the words Money Mindset Mentor and Soul Fire Ignitrix. I love guiding business owners to truly follow their soul in their business – to do whatever they want to do – and to still create the income they desire. Do your soul work, get paid. Read more>>

Brittany McDowell

The sole purpose of me starting my business was for me to bring better professionalism and quality behind my brand. I wanted women of color to be more uplifted and create a space where they can feel beyond beautiful no matter what services they were getting. I also wanted my business to mean something in the black community, I wanted my two nieces to have something that they can have to benefit from by the time there old enough to make their on decisions. I wanted to create more generational wealth for them. While I provide services as a MUA and provide a luxury quality hair extensions product, Allure Galòre Beautè && Allure Galòre Beautè Exts both fall under the same LLC it’s not like any other brand at all. We want our clients and customers to feel beautiful and again can be themselves on both sides of the business. Read more>>

Amaris Jones

I originally started experimenting and playing in makeup in 2008, in my early years of middle school. I’ve always loved makeup, hair, & beauty. I was extremely fascinated with drag queens and Ru Paul. I literally sat on YouTube for hours watching drag queens perfect their faces and I was extremely intrigued. So from that day forward, I knew that makeup would soon be my passion and hobby. I watched YouTube studies face shapes, practiced on my face, learned that what I liked and what I didn’t like. By this time, I was 15/16 years old doing a full face including lashes, but the crazy thing is that I was terrified of doing other people’s makeup. I was scared of disappointed, rejection, not being able to please everyone, just plain out SCARED. It took over five years for me to step out of my comfort zone and to start taking clients and making this my source of income. I eventually started doing makeup and it was unfortunately in my mom’s living room. I took as many clients as I could, Practiced, studied other Makeup artists and celebrity makeup artists. Read more>>

Suryah The Artist

I am originally from Biloxi, Mississippi by way of New Orleans, Louisiana (my mom is from MS my dad is from N.O). I grew up in church and began singing and songwriting at the age of five years old. Throughout grade school, I was always known for my unique vocal abilities. I actively participated in show choir, drama, dance and theater. This, in which, led to me being offered a music scholarship towards the end of my senior year of High School. Although I decided to turn down my music scholarship, I never gave up on my musical journey. In fact, this decision pushed me to strive even harder towards my dreams to become a world-renounced singer/songwriter. After High School, I decided to set out on a journey to Mobile, Alabama where I started professionally recording music and doing shows. This experience inspired me to expand my horizons by relocating to a bigger city with more opportunities, Atlanta, GA. When I moved to Atlanta, I had little to no money. I spent a number of months sleeping in my car. Read more>>

Stacy Sager

My husband, Hall of Fame Sportscaster Craig Sager, was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2014… and that’s where our SagerStrong Foundation story begins. We’re all touched by cancer somehow. Really, it was out of Craig’s battle and inspiration and love that we started the SagerStrong Foundation. Craig inspired so many people around the world during his fight against blood cancer, not just cancer patients. People around the world, they just wanted to help because he was so optimistic and so positive. To go through a stem cell transplant, let alone go through three like Craig did, is barbaric. Not many people make it through. It was history in the making — that was what his physicians at M.D. Anderson (Cancer Research and Treatment Hospital) in Houston, Texas, said. SagerStrong Foundation was built out of love and support. And Craig’s last wishes to me were… he said, ‘Please do promise me (that) you’ll do everything in your power so no family and friends will have to go through the pain and suffering we went through. Read more>>

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