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Buckhead’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Buckhead’s rising stars below.

Natalie Gullatt

I started my official journey into marketing in 2012. I was a paralegal at the time and was not interested in going to law school. So, I researched career options that would allow me success, options, and a lovely combination of creativity with analytics. I also wanted something challenging so I found marketing and eventually decided to get an MBA.  After about a year of planning, preparing, and applying, I began my full-time MBA program at Case Western Reserve University. During that time, I spent the first semester in China, the second in India, and then my final year in Cleveland, Ohio. During the time I spent learning and working various internships for example I was a marketing communications intern with a Fortune 500 company for more than half a year.  Once I graduated in 2015, I moved back to my hometown of Atlanta, because I hate the cold and started my full-time marketing journey at a B2B SaaS company. I spent my time there focusing on customer marketing, social media marketing, blogs, advocacy. Read more>>

Natasha Edwards

I started Natasha’s Thread LLC in 2017, at that time I was in a transition in my life that made me seek out my heart’s desires. I attended celebrity fashion stylist J. Bolin’s first Fashion Boot Camp in Dallas, TX. I had just enough money to purchase a plane ticket and thankfully I had a place to stay for free. It was a leap of faith for me to attend. I was chosen out of numerous candidates, so I just had to make it happen by any means necessary. It’s one of the best decisions I have made to help launch Natasha’s Thread LLC. I started styling clients as I worked a full-time job, all while getting my MBA in Digital Entrepreneurship. I launched an online boutique at the end of 2018, and tragically my mother passed away at the beginning of 2019. My online boutique was put on hold as I grieved my mother’s death. My mother was one of my fashion icons growing up. Read more>>

Kate Duffy

I’ve always loved design, as far back as I can remember. In fact, this kind of ties into the name of my Design Business Sicily & Main Interiors. Growing up, I would spend summers in upstate NY in a small village called East Aurora. Both sides of my family lived there, and so I spent my days walking from one Grandmother’s house to the other. My Sicilian Grandmother had an old house inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement that swept the village in 1895 at its founding by Elbert Hubbard. Her home was filled with antiques and collectibles that had a deep history with her Italian roots. My other Grandmothers house was over 100 years old and were a huge white house that sat on Main Street. It had numerous levels and these beautiful old wood floors and banisters. She had filled the foyer with this kitchy green velvet flower wallpaper that I have to admit was pretty fabulous. I remember getting lost in imagination in both spaces when I visited and I was absolutely in love with the esthetic of each. Read more>>

Stephanie Wall Morrow

I started practicing yoga right when I graduated from college. My first teacher was over 80 years old and I figured she must be doing something very right to be so active and healthy at her age. I love the fact that yoga camps be accessible to anyone, anywhere.  Much of my time was spent being career-focused, and I knew as I got older and started a family, it would be even more imperative to take good care of myself and seek balance. Being able to prioritize self-care, in any form, has really made a significant difference in how I feel on a day-to-day basis. I did not realize how much I was proactively to take good care of myself until the pandemic hit. As I watched the challenges that everyone was facing at the very beginning of it all, I realized that self-care is something that can make a difference on a daily basis, in both good times and challenging times. Read more>>

Catt McCreary

I started performing and playing instruments very early in life. My mom started me in dance around the age of three and I began piano lessons when I was five years old. From that point on, I loved performing. I received a drum kit for Christmas when I was six, so I started drum kit and classical percussion lessons along with piano. When I was around 10, I taught myself guitar which my mom had laying around. Eventually, I started writing my own music. Although I loved to dance, I gravitated towards being a musical performer and incorporating the rhythm I learned through dance and drumming.  In middle school, around the time I started writing my own music, my mom and I decided to move to Atlanta from Athens, GA, where I had lived since a year old. I had gotten involved at Atlanta’s School of Rock and transferred to the Lovett School, which had a great music department for both concert band and jazz. Read more>>

Dat Gurl Secrete

In addition to pursuing music and dance since elementary school, my passion has always been to help others. As a result, I started Virtual Career Solutions in 2011. Virtual Career Solutions provides home-based customer service opportunities for various Fortune 500 companies. Virtual Career Solutions also assists with business development for nonprofit and for-profit entities. Having the ability to be a business consultant for other budding entrepreneurs is an amazingly rewarding experience. Read more>>

Kristin Roberts

I work primarily in ink and watercolor, and my subject matter is mostly nature, along with some dips into folklore, literature, and other media-inspired pieces. I started drawing as a small child and was heavily encouraged by my father. I’d sit in his office while he did work (he worked as an engineer but was also very creative himself.) He put me in an old armchair he had lifted from college and put a pine two-by-four over the arms and that was my desk. I kept drawing all through school and was also completely obsessed with animals. I wanted to be a zoologist until I got to high school and had some trouble with chemistry. At that point, I moved over to my interest in art and studied art history and studio art in college at the University of Vermont. After I graduated, I needed to work a lot to pay my bills, and art sort of fell to the side except for some commissions every now and then. When the pandemic hit, I spent a lot of my time working from home and found I was able to squeeze in some more time drawing. Instagram honestly prompted me too – I follow mostly artists and took part in a lot of art challenges in the beginning. Read more>>

Dr. Tarryn Hoff, Ph.D.

Dr. T., Ph.D. is the founder of GoTarryn! Health & Fitness, which is the premier, best personal training service in the greater Atlanta area. GoTarryn! is grounded on a unique blend of mindful health and physical fitness. Dr. T.’s exercise philosophy is based upon Edward Deci and Richard Ryan’s theoretical model known as self-determination theory (SDT) and its components of autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Dr. T.’s doctoral dissertation used SDT to explore how individuals describe their self-determination in terms of autonomy, competence, and relatedness to realize their personal training goals. Dr. T. concluded that everyone has the capacity to fully develop their intrinsic motivation to maximize their own level of health and fitness to optimal performance. Read more>>

Dru Phillips Phillips

My story begins with me being challenged in high school by my art teacher Mrs. Cohen and her having enough faith in me to help me see my talent in art. If it was not for her, I would probably not be where I am today. Fast forward to today I have undergrad and grad degrees from SCAD and a career in the arts.  Read more>>

Sibyl Slade

I had a stellar 21-year career at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta as a Senior Regional Community Development Manager, where I was responsible for ensuring that banks met their Community Reinvestment Act requirements by providing access to financial products and services to low-to-moderate individuals and communities as well as investing in community and economic development activities that demonstrated a measurable impact in underserved communities. I was intricately involved with curating collaborative efforts to bank the unbanked and underbanked population, affordable housing initiatives and development, and economic development opportunities that supported women-owned and minority-owned businesses. Read more>>

Reginald Masters

I was born in Houston, TX but raised in a small town in East Texas named Crockett, TX. After graduating from Crockett High School at the age of 17, I moved on from Crockett to attend one semester at Prairie View A&M University and transferred after one semester to Sam Houston State University, where I graduated in 2002 with a BBA in General Business Administration. After college, I moved to Houston without any professional connections and landed my first job out of college by printing around 100 resumes, put on a suit & tie everyday, and went building to building, passing out my resume. I walked into a company named IMX, Inc., and a man by the name of Greg Austin gave me my first opportunity as a broker sales representative for IMX, Inc., a mortgage technology company for mortgage brokers. I was successful in the position and Greg landed a high-level position at Aurora Loan Service, a Lehman Brothers company, and took me along with him as an AVP of Sales Support in Dallas, TX. At. Read more>>

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