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Buckhead’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Buckhead’s rising stars below.

Quintin Barnett

My career began from a friend of mine leaving a sewing machine at my house that they never came back to get. I was working 3PM to Midnight & there wasn’t much to do after getting off so I decided to purchase some fabric and tried my hand at making a few items for myself. I began to realize that I was taking a liking to creating but being at work I couldn’t see anything so I would draw shapes and tape them together which sparked the interest of my coworkers who then became my first clients. I perfected my craft by taking online classes, attending workshops, trial & error, and ultimately pursuing a degree in fashion design & marketing from Wade College in Dallas, Texas. Read more>>

Latryce and Hope Golliday Wiseman

Our Founder LaTryce Golliday was inspired by God in 2017 to start Crowns Of Love, alongside our Co-Founder Hope Wiseman whose mother suffered from breast cancer and experienced hair loss from treatment. While Latryce was constructing a wig for Hopes mother, she realized she should be making wigs for a cause that helps individuals who suffer from hair loss due to a medical condition. From passion and personal experience Crowns Of Love was conceived. After years in the making our baby is finally born and ready to touch lives around the world. We have already changed lives with the wigs we have donated, and with God at the front and center of our mission, it is truly an honor for us to help women look and feel like themselves again. In 2020, during the pandemic we donated over 30 wigs to women all across the world. We officially launched our Non Profit, Friday January 15,2021 with our first fundraising campaign. Read more>>

Cierra Turner

I started Rose Petal Packages in 2020 during the peak of our global pandemic. Many people were struggling emotionally and mentally during this time and I wanted to find a creative way to bring people joy and happiness. The goal was not only to bring happiness to others that you weren’t able to connect with in-person, but also to bring happiness for yourself through self-care. Many of my packages were created to promote relaxation and restoration of self, which I found was truly needed. Read more>>

Robert Ruff

I have always had an obsession with quality underwear and loungewear. I have always wanted to design and create an underwear brand that was of quality and affordable. Growing up, all I ever knew about was Hanes and Fruit of the loom. I am originally from Philadelphia, PA. I moved here to further advance my career in the hospitality field. I was an executive at Hilton. The pandemic began, my company had me lay my entire staff off. In doing so, I just knew they were going to keep me because I knew all the functions of how the hotel operated. After I laid 80% of my staff off, they called me in and laid me off. Disenchanted, I told myself then and there that no one would ever be able to tell me, we don’t need you any longer and we will call you when we do. So I began doing the exact thing I had always been passionate about, starting my Underwear/Loungewear Brand, Body By RR. Read more>>

Latonia Wallace Copeland

Over 20 years of experience in hospitality and aviation, I’ve hosted and facilitated multiple events, both corporate and non-corporation. As the owner of Essential Affairs, LLC, I’m an experienced Event Designer and Strategist. I hold a degree in Graphic Design and a skilled flair in creativity and customer service. I’m also an Interfaith Chaplain, a Wellness Advocate, an Author, a Technical Writer, and a Boss Brand Ambassador for an international Fashion Designer. As a military mom and veteran spouse, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling when possible. I’m inspired by positive and creative people. Read more>>

Sulaiman Adioalaga

I started making music at age 19, 2012 I started with rap then switch to Afro beat and Afro pop. My story changed for Good in 2016 when one of my songs titled blessing went viral in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to New York in 2017, then Atlanta in 2019, where I started having the best moments of my entire career. I dropped a song titled in 2019 titled fantasy, which is arguably one of the most popular Atlanta based Afro beat/pop song. I created my own label in 2020, which is PDMG (president drey music group). Read more>>

Pashance Walter

I was exposed to the more bitter fruits of life and death quite early in my life, and so it caused my maturity level to expedite its process. I didn’t get much of a childhood experience due to my acquired responsibility early on, both responsibilities that were unconsciously placed upon me as well as those I had placed upon myself. At some point, I got really tired of just allowing life to happen to me and allowing others to take pieces of myself that I hadn’t even fully developed yet, so I decided to find a way to take my power back (over my life and my circumstances). I knew that I couldn’t undo what had been done in my life, however, I also knew that there was a part of me that desired to change my present day in some way… positively affecting my future, if that makes sense. I found outlets that were therapeutic to me and allowed me to change the narrative of my story. I found that through my gift in writing and art, though everyday, I still spend time developing those gifts and doing my best to explore parts of myself never recognized. Read more>>

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