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Check Out Shaquana Wise’s Story

Today we’d like to introduce you to Shaquana Wise.

Hi Shaquana, it’s an honor to have you on the platform. Thanks for taking the time to share your story with us – to start maybe you can share some of your backstory with our readers?
I always been a Star and I always have a passion to be someone better, I started at 18 going into Modeling, But before that even then I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just always knew I’d be a STAR. My Spiritual Journey started since birth but the real story started in 2005 (15 years old); I moved to Atlanta and went to North Springs HS ‘DA NAWF’ it was the year of Hurricane Katrina; a lot of survivors came to our school and it was an epic year; to learn, mess up, grow and mess up again. I took dance class and went into Army JROTC and excelled majorly. I entered into competitions and competed becoming one of the top females in my program almost getting a scholarship. It never stopped there. I moved to Atlanta not even knowing what and who I’d meet throughout the years living there and going back to New York. At the time it was fun, a learning experience to Mature, take responsibility and learn new things but I wanted more and when I got enrolled into Atlanta Job Corp (Glenmont WESTSIDE) it took me for a spin. I wanted more money and I wanted to get myself out there; I left, never graduated because Money was my motive. Hence my nickname Lucci meaning Money.

Atlanta gave me the name and ran with it, it was a moment to learn who I was becoming and where I was going, and at the time, it was fast-paced living with a little stripping and a little Tricking on the side, I had to be broke, I had to be down and homeless for a long time to understand who I didn’t want to be. As an aspired Model, I started getting notary when I posted my very first photoshoot (At 18) I went VIRAL. I knew that was my thing, my calling, my passion to use my abilities and turn my pain into Actions, I done a commercial that never dropped, I am featured in over 5+ music videos, one Magazine cover and was featured in two other magazines, I knew a lot of people who are excelling in the industry today from back then, I seen a lot living in Atlanta and been through alot going for my passion. It brung and still brings me obstacles, tears, Sweat and Pain. Moments I had to go through over and over and over again in order to know my worth. Coming from a small town like Poughkeepsie and moving to a Huge City like Atlanta was the best thing that had ever happened to me. Atlanta Made me and still till this day, I am creating my own story to be told in detail. Where I am today is nothing how I used to be but if I didn’t move to Atlanta who knows where or what I’d be doing, I just knew moving there was an eye-opener on a lot of things even now being 32 that I use in everyday living. It taught me to love myself, my spirit forced me to keep going, fight off all negativity even after being homeless and around toxic people and people trying to deter my own life.

I made it out no felonies, drug problems, no children out of wedlock, no broken bones, no jail, no diseases and all, I still Shine and am honored to tell y’all a little of my story, I hope to one day teach young women they can go other routes and to be able to help someone out there who feel they need to sell theirselves short in order to make their dreams come true, Yet the only person you need is YOU. You are your own demise and you are your own success. You don’t have to have sex to the top, you don’t have to do the things I had to do or thought I had to do. I became a Certified Nurse Assistant in 2014 (24) and still am very much active in 2022, I love what I do and always will love helping people. With Modeling, I’d like to do a lot more and now that I am in a better mindset and positive position in life, I have 🌸 and I will, I started a Natural Teeth whitening online business @raw_glow1 in 2020 during Covid and one day that will excel also. I don’t try hard I just learned to do what feels right and do what makes me feel good. I learned to let go and let God. Modeling and the industry is a vicious one that can be tamed through discipline, hard work and perseverance. I put God first in everything I do, I have reached pinnacles a lot have not that I know and I’m still going strong. I’m hoping to continue modeling and get paid more for what I do, write a book and invest in some businesses in the future. Follow my Instagram @luccimonroe as well as my business page and let’s flourish.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
The road that my spirit has led me has not been a smooth road and it still is not, there are positive and happy moments but In the moments where there’s no money coming as fast or if my business isn’t booming or modeling not taking off fast as I’d like that I stay at it, The struggles along the way was my entire spiritual awakening during the last few years. It led me to still keep going and never giving up. My struggle was going from fighting demons to learning and getting to know them, the more I do that the more I let go. The more I let go, the more a lot of positive things been happening in my life. The struggles I still have are finding out more about myself everyday. I am different every month damn near. But it’s a struggle that can be turned into passion. I made sure my struggles didn’t affect my dreams. And that’s a struggle in itself but attainable with the right mindset and people around you.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
As a Certified Nurse Assistant as well as a Personal Care Aide, I learned that people never live out their dreams, taking care of the elderly or people in general as always been my passion. Helping someone who can’t help theirselves is why I push how I do. It built my character, and I learn a lot from those who lived this thing we call life. I am Proud of becoming a nurse aide because it taught me values on how to chase my dreams and to never stop. What sets me apart from others is my ambition because I don’t give up. And I never will. I’ll always want to be better and do better.

Do you have any advice for those just starting out?
For those who are starting out, my advice is to find out who you are first, learn yourself so you can love yourself, once that happens, you can discover things about yourself you didn’t know and turn it into a gift to the world. Love yourself, learn yourself and let go of anything that’s holding you back, once you do that, you’ll start to understand what you’re driven by, it’ll let you get on the path of your dreams.

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