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College Park’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out College Park’s rising stars below.

Jada Robertson

I’ve felt like learning a little bit of everything would take me further in life. From a college-educated musician to being enlisted in the military, a culinary background to a flight attendant. I’ve always been interested in learning as much as I could from everything, even if I didn’t fully pursue it. This has allowed me to become a well- rounded individual. Read more>>

Chavonne White

I became interested in Cosmetology my senior year of high school, but my path was already decided by my parents. I was to attend college and get a degree to be a teacher or work in some type of corporate environment. I only attended a few semesters of college and in turn, ended up working in Corporate America for 10 whole years. Throughout those years doing hair on the side became my hustle and I fell in love with it even more. Read more>>

Makaisah Jennings

I began playing instruments at the age of 6 and couldn’t fathom a much better happiness to follow suite my love of poetry. Ever since then i began taking initiative and advantage in both parties and ended up getting a perfect dividend between the two. Now i am a rapper who is also a producer, however, i am a poet and a musician before i am a rapper and producer. Read more>>

Neci LoveHarmon

Neci LoveHarmon is a serial creative that can not be put in a box. She grew up in the small city of Roanoke, Virginia but became an Atlanta resident in the early 00’s. She has been a crafter for as long as she can remember. She learned to sew as a teenager and from then created her own outfits and accessories for everyday wear and formal attire. Read more>>

Davion Mauzy

I can still remember the feeling I had when I first saw one of my childhood friends surrounded by our classmates and even some of our teachers as he rapped at that lunch table in our middle school cafeteria. I think it was the first time I got that tingly feeling you get when you hear a singer hit the perfect note or something. The energy drew me in like it was God telling me that this was for me. Read more>>

Jasmine Stamper

Jasmine fell in love with makeup at the young age of 8. She used to play in her mother’s collection of make up. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until later that she would learn that her passion was in the makeup industry. Jasmine attended Albany State University, where she struggled with finding her purpose in life. She did not know exactly what career she would pursue; however, she did know that she wanted to be able to impact others’ lives in a positive manner. Read more>>

Audrey Sharpe

I am 18 years old and the owner/CEO of, “KoolKidLo’s Premium Lemonade”. My journey as an Entrepreneur started in my senior year of high school at Mundys Mill High, located in Jonesboro GA. It seemed as if everyone had found their “why” in life, except me. Day in and day out, mostly everyone knew what they were doing after high school; yet, I didn’t. And it became overwhelming not knowing what was next. Read more>>

La’Risa Black

I’ve always wanted to be a fashion stylist and make my own clothes, partly because I didn’t dress like the other kids and I wasn’t provided with the clothes they had. However, something in me always knew how to take what I had and make it into something better, not completely discrediting the efforts of my parents but being able to add my OWN flair. Read more>>

Nikki Wade

I was born & raised in Seattle, Washington, where I started my development as a performer in theater, classical ballet and music, from the time I was four years old. I moved to Atlanta in 1996, in pursuit of a serious singing career and was introduced to Atlanta’s underground art scene, through the now infamous Yin Yang turned Apache Café. After I began performing as a spoken word artist and a host. Read more>>

Osama Brent Laden

I found my passion for music when I was 12 years old but never really recorded in a actual studio. As I grew older I would randomly freestyle anything that came to my head around other people and they would tell me to take it serious soo that’s what I did. Read more>>

Kendra Crew

A native of South Bend, Indiana, I’ve always understood the importance of education. Unfortunately, by 13, I began witnessing an overabundance of violence and experiencing the death of her peers. Wanting to change the trajectory of my life, I utilized education to obtain success – I worked hard to become an elite and gifted student and graduated 9th among my high school peers. Read more>>

Carl Butler Jr

I got my start in videography and media production when I was a teenager, filming and editing wedding ceremonies and church services. Media production has always been my passion and I love every aspect of the business. Although I am self taught, I studied under various videogrphers, editors, and creatives, that taught me new crafts and techniques that would allow me to provide my clients with creative, cutting edge ideas. Read more>>

Melanie Holt

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and came to Atlanta in 1998 to attend Clark Atlanta University. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a degree in Psychology, but I was always interested in helping kids. A year after finishing college, I became a teacher! Although I worked primarily with students with disabilities, I noticed that a large majority of students, without disabilities. Read more>>

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