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College Park’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out College Park’s rising stars below.

Angelle Lashun

I pride myself in being a product of Southwest, Atlanta born to an educator that taught me that I could do all things through Christ, has helped me to evolve into the woman I am today. Although it took me years to truly allow those words to permeate my spirit, I always knew something was living within me. However, it wasn’t until the challenges of life continued to hit that I realized I had to dig deeper to find what was lingering. In 2019, I faced some truly troubling times and I realized that the dig I needed to perform would ultimately lead me to a deep and solid relationship with Christ. Throughout that year, daily I would read, meditate, and journal. The intentional daily appointment time caused me to grow and overcome. Fast forward to March 2020 when the world was in a state of unrest, I felt at peace. Why you might ask. Well, I felt as though 2019 was my quarantine. Yes, I felt as though I had to isolate myself from the world to find my peace, and that’s exactly what I did. Once I found that peace I wanted to share my journey with others, and even more so because I saw people hurting as I had been for so long. Read more>>

Natisa Williams

I am a self-taught, fashion designer of the brand Sew Fluent. As a designer, I have creative control of the garment making process of each piece. From sketch, to sourcing fabric, to pattern making, to cut and sew. I love creating garments from scratch and I’m inspired by modern and retro fashion. Although fashion was a huge part of my upbringing, a fashion designer was not my first career option. I’ve traveled to different countries as a flight attendant, patrolled the Atlanta streets as a police officer, taught children as a daycare operator, and now I create gowns and garments as a fashion designer. My creative style and attention to detail was most likely derived from Ms. Della, my great grandmother. Della was a brilliant seamstress who created everything from three piece skirt sets to suits made from wool and brocade fabrics. It wasn’t until 2013, I tapped into my natural talents when I purchased a sewing machine to create clothing. I had an idea to create children’s clothing for my daughter and quickly advanced to creating formal attire. Read more>>


I started off with nothing but a vision and the wherewithal to take the risk to make it happen. I’ve been doing music for about four years now serious and I’ve always had a passion for clothes a style in general; I believe myself to be a man of renaissance in motion to create my own throughout my section. As a kid and even to this day I always kept a notebook that I use to sketch different ideas or just to write out a map to what I want in the future. In taking my art serious I took the advice from a few wise friends that I needed to take things to a new level and become more than an artist with a business but treat my art as a business itself. With my artist’s name being QP. WorldWide and aesthetic of: Expansion, Connections and Growth playing a major role. I found the name WorldWide Monopoly quite fitting for my business. With the shift in mindset and honing in of Ideas I began to create my brand to what it is today. Read more>>

James Carter

I started getting into clothes back in 2006 when me & my friends had a social club back home in Chicago. We wanted some shirts to wear to help spread the awareness. That went well so we started to sell them. The club was called Hustle Club Creations, we took trips, threw parties, & I hosted mixtapes etc.. Then, I got into managing artists & created a music label Cold Cash Ent after the HC2 run was over. Over the years I opened a car wash & did music management & merchandise/branding for artists DJ’s & producers in Chicago. I had a company called The Mixtape Mechaniks that hosted mixtapes for music artists. With a five DJ roster of DJ Victoriouz, DJ Citi, DJ Honorz, DJ T-Rell & myself we had the streets on lock with the music scene in Chicago & the south. Then in 2016, I started to take the clothing line aspect a lot more serious. So, I took the motto that I came up with for HC2, which was “Life’s A Hustle” because it fit my lifestyle so perfectly & created a brand/media agency. Under this umbrella I created an online radio show called “Talk That Talk Radio” which highlighted so many Chicago creatives from artists to authors. It was hosted by Yo Carlie & DJ T-Rell. Read more>>

Tracey Grier

It’s funny when I tell others this, but I was HORRIFIED of dogs!!! My first job was at PetSmart in North Carolina as a cashier to earn extra cash to help pay my way through college. I was studying Computer Information Technology and didn’t want to burden my mom with the stress of money for gas and other essentials needed for school. I remember my first week in training thinking, “I’m not going to make it!”. But I mastered it and learned so much about dogs, thanks to the girls who took the time to train me. I moved to Atlanta in 2010 and was asked a few months later if I’d like to learn how to groom?? I said, okay, it’s more money, sure, why not? First, I became a bather and learned the proper way to bathe a dog, trim its nails, clean their ears, add cute bows or bandanas and my manager mentioned becoming an actual groomer. Read more>>

Kaylon Baker

Fine art, creativity, wild imagination, things of that nature had always seemed to be something innate to me. Just a boy attending Council Elementary School in Birmingham, Alabama, I picked up a pencil drew my first drawing when I was eight after being inspired by anime, specifically the anime I used to watch on Toonami on Cartoon Network. That’s truly what started it all. From that point on it was drawing after drawing, getting in trouble for sketching on classwork, homework, getting my art folder confiscated and I truly developed a burning passion for it. Fast forward to high school, I attended Luella High School in Henry County and taught myself painting. It was a huge struggle at first but I got the gist. I started picking up a little notoriety in 10th grade when I made the front over of the Henry County Times for my Marilyn Monroe portrait. I won 1rst place in the Gordon College Academic Bowl for Art. Read more>>

Nayoka Simone

Nayoka Simone found her love designing homes in 2016, that’s when she embraced her entrepreneurial spirit, founding NyRai Interior Designs. Her goal is to assist both residential and commercial clients in creating timeless spaces. Whether classic or contemporary, across a vast range of styles, Nayoka Simone hosted events in collaboration with McCormick Paints on color theory and textures and host design workshops. She is steadily interested in working and teaching others how to live comfortably in their home. With an eye for quality, a superior sense of style, and a client-centered approach to business, Nayoka Simone has proven herself as an innovative designer. She offers a balance of creativity, collaboration and forward-thinking. She also a home organization and declutter advocate who believes that physical clutter is sometimes a correlation with a mental clutter. She’s extremely passionate about helping individuals and organizations declutter both their physical space and mind to increase productivity. Read more>>

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