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Downtown’s Hidden Gems

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some of downtown’s gems below.

Katherine Sumpter Rider

I tried sewing when I was younger in high school and middle school but didn’t have much skill at it. The most memorable project that I created at that time was a quilt that I never finished. The purple butterflies were breathtakingly vibrant and as all the years have passed, I’ve never seen the print again. I was trying to make it for my grandmother who was a master sewer. She could stand before a shop, see a dress, sketch it and go home making it either better or exactly the same. Sometimes department stores shooed her away, but it never stopped her from designing. The last piece she made was my christening gown. The family story says the detail work on it took her eyesight for fine detail and she poured so much love into its making. I still have the gown to this day. My grandmother was very sick, very sick and I put everything I had into finishing. I didn’t have a sewing machine.  Read more>>

Brooklyn Benny

My story started in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember, truly I’ve been blessed with a God given gift. I sharpened my skills at the high school of Art & Design before getting a degree in Architecture which allowed me to expand my ability to create. I moved from Brooklyn to ATL in 2018 and shortly after was introduced to Tracey Fobbs aka @TraceyTheDirector who almost instantly became family. Tracey is the owner of Kinship Studios. This is where I was able to really put my skills to work, building sets for short films, music videos, comedy sketches, etc. BIG shoutout to the whole Family over at Kinship.. @Bidduhh_Kinship, @LifeOfAlyx, @ChicagoChris55, and @MrGoodEvening. Word.. mad love to y’all! As I grew in my craft with them, every project brought doors opened to new opportunities. Outside of Production Design and Creative Directing, I’m a creative with no limit to medium or canvas. So to anyone out there who has a vision with a desire to bring it alive… come find me. Let’s bring amazing alive!. Read more>>


I was born in Sacramento, California. I came to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University and pursue music. Since then, I’ve been working on new sounds and expanding my love for music. Atlanta is such a great place to learn history of Black music as well as be ahead of the game when it comes to new music trends. Read more>>

Maxine Joseph

Well once I finished school for tv and film, I was actually at a loss. Started hanging out with friends and getting into all sorts of trouble. After I had been to jail for the second time. It was a wake call to do what I was designed to do. So I started doing photography at clubs and events. It was great for a few years worked with a lot of celebrities. I started to feel lost again my main focus was film. So I started a reality show series called “Love of the Hustle” with a friend of mine which I directed and produced. It gave me the drive and inspiration to want to go higher in the film world. Read more>>

Deidre Schlabs

I’m a creative brand photographer and marketer and the woman behind Fluff Media. I was born and raised in Texas but now live in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I started my photography journey shooting weddings but eventually found my way to my passion a couple of years later after finishing my MBA: styling and shooting photography for brands. I work primarily with brands in the beauty, lifestyle, and health & wellness space, though I also have some amazing jewelry and food clients. Read more>>

Denzell Turner

I started doing web design when I was in my junior year of undergrad at the University of Michigan. I was a part of a student organization and my friend showed me how to make a free website using Wix and I started making websites from there. Over the years, I have built over 50 websites through Wix, WordPress, Squarespace and a host of other platforms. Currently, I am elevating my current business structure to help e-commerce, creatives, and service-based entrepreneurs create design and launch websites that will increase revenue and drive brand engagement. Read more>>

Melody Boone

I’ve spent much of my life supporting people who strive to positively impact their communities. As a result of doing so, I developed a passion for encouraging people to discover their own purpose and passion. I trained, received certification as a family life trainer and Facilitator-trainer. Because life includes turbulence and triumphs, I established Right the Vision, LLC and Women Who Win Workshops and writer’s projects to help people mesh them together and learn to enjoy their journey (life). Read more>>

Chanel Jaali Marshall

I started this journey while getting my Bachelors degree at Georgia State University as a researcher. I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of research on Black sexuality at the time, so I decided to investigate the historical and social perspectives of Black female sexuality. While researching, I became interested in teaching sex ed so I started volunteering with local organizations Sisterlove and SisterSong, both focusing on reproductive health, rights, and justice. From there, I started my company, Jaali Co., focusing on inclusive, medically accurate, pleasure-based sex education for adults. I’ve been able to present my research nationwide and teach classes and workshops for 15 years. Additionally, I conduct HIV education for clinicians and testing with a health system. And now, I’ll be starting a PhD program in Human Sexuality in Fall 2021!. Read more>>

Lynneesha Smith

Bae Boutique was created after I gave birth to my second child. Like most women, I went through a period of time where I was unhappy with my postpartum body. I was extremely insecure for about the next 2-3 years and my social life took a sharp decline. One day I literally woke up and decided I wasn’t going to continue to feel sorry for myself and that I was STILL pretty, and desirable and sexy. I began shopping for clothes again, but I was having trouble finding things I actually liked at a reasonable price. I decided if I couldn’t find what I was looking for why not create it. Within two months, I started my online boutique with a launch date of 6/1/20. We sold clothing online and at pop up shops up until April 2021. I decided to go bigger in May 2021 and opened a storefront location inside a local Philadelphia Mall. In a few days, over a year of launching my boutique online, I now owned and operated a storefront as well. My goal is that women, no matter your size or shape can feel confident and pretty in Bae Boutique clothes. Every woman just wants to feel desired!! Read more>>

Jeremiah Woods

A self-described bowtie enthusiast, Jeremiah M. Woods, also known as Bow-Tie, is the founder of The Hands Off Foundation Inc. He is someone who is committed to advocating for those who have had their voice and their power stripped away from them. The journey begin three years ago in a Cobb County courtroom. Mr.Woods though he adamantly fought it was selected for jury duty. The case involved two teenage girls, one age 12 and one age 15 at the time of the alleged assault. Over the next seven days, he listened to testimony, saw graphic images and read horrifying testimony that all implicated that the 12 and 15 years old teenage girls stepfather had sexually assaulted them. For four out of the five days of deliberation, it was all but stated that this was an open and shut case that would end with a guilty verdict. We would put this monster in jail and after a two years struggle some justice would come to this family. Unfortunately, on the final day of the trial, the speaker for the jury announced six guilty and six not guilty. A hung jury. A shocked courtroom. A disappointed, disgusted, and deflated family let the courtroom. It was then that Jeremiah Woods knew something new, different and fearless must be done to radically change how we support survivors. Read more>>

Patrice Lewis

My birth name is Patrice my entertainment name is “Malaysiarosee”. I’m a female host/MC who got her big break at a Trap Karaoke event (hey cousins). I’ve always been told, “I’m the life of the party”! Once Trap Karaoke came to my city, I just knew it was my time to shine. I performed the south’s club anthem “Knuck if you Buck” and the crowd went crazy! After my killer performance, Mouse Jones (Trap Karaoke Host) granted me the opportunity to co-host the next show. I never saw myself hosting in front of hundreds of people but I did it, LOVED it and quickly realized hosting is my gift. Read more>>

Babes X Brunch Atlanta

We are all different women from different walks of life who are walking into a new season in our lives at the same time. We became friends by chance and became sisters by fate and we are now business partners by the grace of God. We joined together to create a safe space to nurture, love, heal and build a sisterhood because alone we are great but collectively, we are every woman. We are Babes X Brunch!. Read more>>

Jaia Brinson

I’ve been modeling since I was about 12 years old. My BestFriend is a fashion designer so I started out on her runway. Growing up, I was also a competitive swimmer. Not being able to afford both and loving swimming more than modeling, I put modeling on the back burner. As I got older, I realized I wasn’t going to swim in college so I fished 12 years of competitive swimming my senior year of high school. My freshman year of college is when I tapped back into my modeling side. I joined a runway troupe. It had its ups and downs but never the less it plays a part in the model I am today. After graduating from Valdosta University in 2020, I actually enlisted in the military. Thinking that was something I really wanted to do, I was a month away from my ship out date when I finally decided to stop being scared and chase my dreams. I got out of my contract and I moved back home to Atlanta to pursue my modeling career. When I said I wanted to be a model, I never thought I’d be doing this type of modeling, let alone have the support that I do. Read more>>

Aremintto Morris

People call me “Mint”. I was born in Washington DC but grew up in Decatur, GA. I’m 36 years old, a wife and mother of three children. My youngest daughter has eczema, she also gets it on her scalp. Sometimes her skin and scalp would flare up, and being a mother, I had to find a solution for her. We are a holistic family so I researched remedies, herbs, oils, more! One day I came across Hempseed oil. I knew hempseed oil had wonderful benefits for the body, but I had no idea if it was this beneficial for the hair and scalp! Hempseed oil has also been proven to stop hair loss due to everyday stress!! When used on her hair, her eczema breakouts and flare ups stopped. After talking to family and friends as they relate to the same dry scalp issues, I knew I can contribute to everyone that has this issue! ”Mint2BNatural” hempseed oil haircare was born. I have a shampoo, conditioner and hair growth serum. My hempseed oil hair products locks in moisture into the scalp and hair and prevents hair breakage. Read more>>

George Malagon

The company TheCrazyCities that I started in 2005 while in University owns different domain names of cities like: CrazyTokyo.comCrazy Atlanta is our 1st restaurant/bar /venue. Open in June 2015 with family founds, we host any type of event from rap, hiphop, showcases, electronic music and unlimited food and drinks for large private events!. Read more>>

Julian Horton

My story, wow… so much to say really. First off, God is the Greatest, Yeshua is King. I am nothing without the Most High. Born in Philadelphia, PA—I was raised in Atlanta, GA… my parents had moved me when I was a newborn. The south had more hospitality and was less rough than up north in Philly. I grew up in Riverdale, Lawrenceville, and ultimately spent most of my adolescent and teenage years in Duluth and Suwannee, GA. I played sports all of my life—football, basketball, baseball, track… anything that involved sports, I was involved in it. From an early age, I knew I could excel in sports too. I was very confident. As I grew up… the two sports that stuck to me the most was football and basketball. I lettered in both sports at the great “Greater Atlanta Christian School.” I went to GAC from first grade til I graduated high school. I still have many best friends from GAC and without GAC, I definitely wouldn’t be the man I am today. But back to the sports… I lettered in both sports like I aforementioned. But football was the sport that I was blessed to really excel at. Read more>>

Zarria Llopis

It all started for me as a young girl in New Orleans, Louisiana. Similar to a lot of children, at a young ago my parents put me in dance lessons. I remember being so inspired by black films such as Bamboozled, The Wiz, & even the dancers in the Mardi Gras parades. I was into it for a couple of years but then I suddenly told my parents that I wanted to quit because I was getting picked on by my dance teachers which eventually started to bruise my confidence. I went on a dance hiatus for years! Shortly after, my dad purchased me a “Barbie karaoke machine” which introduced me to singing and performing. He taught me all kinds of classic & R&B songs. As I got older, I got into Chorus, Musical Theater, & Instruments; I participated in those art forms in grade school for seven years. Interestingly, around my junior of high school, I was watching “The Wiz” with Diana Ross & MJ (my favorite film since a tiny girl)… dancing in front of the tv; just being so amazed by the beautiful music and choreography as if I hadn’t seen it a thousand times. I started to ponder & in my mind I got this thought of “wow I remember when I used to dance like that and I remember when it made me so happy! I wanna do that! Wait, I use dance! why did I stop?” Then I thought about it. Read more>>

Cristala Poole Dorsey

I’m a trained dancer of 23+ years and all that I have set out to do is one – make a statement and a presence as far as my own talents and gifts, and two – use my talents and gifts to reach beyond the stage and create a platform for others that looked like me to thrive. Pay it forward. As a native Houstonian, over time, I created myself to undoubtedly be an unstoppable force in the performing arts and entertainment community in Houston. Now, I’m happy to be working with amazing talent and creatives beyond Houston all over the U.S. I admire native Houstonian Debbie Allen, who took her gift of dance and created a unique pathway for herself diving into TV and film by directing and producing, but still continuing to create an impact within the dance world with her studio and charity in Los Angeles. That’s my aim – to go far and beyond the mere eight counts in dance class from where I got my start. Over the years, I have been featured on local and live television having performed in several professional shows and for mainstream artists. Read more>>

Coach Jonna

When my journey REALLY started, was 2008 and caring for my grandmother part-time while she fought through cancer in the small town of Lebanon, Tennessee. I had just had my son, Thomas Jr. broke and wasn’t in the most stable of a relationship. Yes, I was at a low point in my life but it was truly a Blessing in disguise and I had a strong faith in this path I was being led on. While my grandmother, Mamie Lou Crutchfield, was going through the stages of treatments, I strived each day I spent with her to make her as comfortable and entertained as possible, She was a fan of Tyra Bank’s America’s Top Model and we would watch episodes together most of the day, laughing, critiquing and snacking most of the day, while I assisted in managing the family construction company. She would look at me often and say, “You could compete on this show, Lita Lou (her personal nickname for me), and I would laugh and say, “Nah, gotta be in NY or LA for that Grandma, I ain’t leaving TN”. Read more>>

Alexis Smith

I’ve always been obsessed with wearing makeup since I was little. I used to go to my grandma’s house every weekend just to play in makeup because I knew she’d let me wear it in public, lol. As a teenager, I used to sneak and put on makeup every morning once I got on the bus. When I was 16 years old, I started my own eyelash strip brand by the name of “LivingDoll Eyelashes” and from there my journey in entrepreneurship started. At 17, I took my first course and was certified to do eyelash extensions in my state. At 18, I started my journey with Esthetics and started school. I also found out I was pregnant with my son about three months into school and it pushed me to branch out and fully start my business and from then on I’ve been my own boss. Read more>>

Gregory Rutledge Jr

I am the Founder of Atlanta Barber Institute, Inc. (ATLBI). I’m a Licensed Master Educator, Licensed Master Barber, (SMP) Scalp Micropigmentation, MicroBlading, and NanoBlading Specialist. Additionally, I actively study Trichology, Scar Camouflage and other entrepreneurial opportunities in the Barber Industry. Obsessed with forging my tonsorial skills, I share a traditional vision along with an innovative approach while applying effective mentorship. I’m a father of four. My sons followed me into the trades. They own and operate Rutledge Maintenance Services (RMS) our family HVAC company. They were given management of RMS before 30 years of age. My focus shifted from the family business towards my passion, educating. I am helping those who want another option, including the 32.4% of people of color (POC) who live in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas. Read more>>

Eugena Gardner

I go by the name of Gina. Where do I begin? Hmm… maybe the beginning, right? I was born here in Georgia. However, at the age of four, I moved to California for my mother’s job. We were originally only supposed to be there for thirteen weeks. Little did I know those thirteen weeks would turn into fifteen years of my life. Though I was born in Georgia, I like to say I am from California. There, I molded into the woman I am today. As a child, I always knew I wanted to be an actress. At a young age, I fell in love with singing, acting, and dancing. I knew with all my being that one day I wanted to be on TV. I would not stop until I made my dreams come true. My work ethic is unmatched and my determination has helped me through some of my darkest days. Today, I am proud to say by the grace of God, my dreams are becoming my reality. However, this reality came with trials, challenges, and a lot of pain. Let’s just say 2021 was a year of tenacity, courage, grief, and suffering. In the past year, I have had two code strokes, twenty plus seizures, and more than twenty anaphylactic episodes. Read more>>

Jessica Davis

Growing up in a small town where no one looks like you can not only be difficult but also damaging. As a child, I was heavily involved in extracurricular activities in school, church, and in my community. I was a cheerleader, chorus member, class clown, and the party starter. However, I had no idea that my urge to remain in the “in-crowd” was also an urge to remain “white approved”. At the time, leaving my hometown friends and attending an HBCU was inconceivable. Today as an alum, attending Winston Salem State University was one of the greatest decisions of my life. WSSU not only taught me how to be a black woman but it also gave me purpose. In short, my HBCU saved my life. WSSU is where I gained discipline and focus. At the time, I was an aspiring multi-media journalist and film director and that’s what I would eat, sleep, and breathe. As a Communications and Media studies major, speech minor, award-winning student journalist and e-board member of every media organization known on campus, “J. Inez” was the one with a plan and everyone always knew I would be “the one to make it”. . But God had other plans. Read more>>

RJ Scott

I began my music journey 2005 in high school in my hometown of Raleigh North Carolina a grant allowed for a fully functional music studio to operate on campus I was hooked! I worked hard to become an artist before realizing I was better suited as a producer. As time progressed, I gave up and become a full-time firefighter. I left music for ten years… fast forward to 2019, my good friend Jerren Spruill posted something on social media about being a producer! I was so intrigued I dusted my equipment of and got back to work due to PTSD my career with the Raleigh fire department ended and I was gifted the opportunity to focus back on my first love producing for Multiplatinum artist Petey Pablo As my first placement back! I’ve been marking music again for just under two years and will continue to press towards the goal of getting my first plaque. Read more>>

Jayshana “The Last Poet” Roper

The Last Poet is a 27-year-old DMV native with deep roots flowing through Queens, NY. Dedicated to ushering in the Renaissance Era that Hip Hop so desperately deserves while nurturing the needs of their community, the artist draws on inspiration from a childhood where music and service were staples to their development. Tune In Space Out (TISO) Media is a queer black-owned media entity birthed through The Last Poet and aimed at creating and sustaining opportunities for marginalized professionals and creatives. While originally the business focused on producing visual art, dance and music shows in order to showcase and provide paid opportunities for artists, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a big shift towards the need to elevate blackness within the extremely competitive capitalist market. Therefore, TISO Media launched Remix Writing Services. Originally, we completed the revisions of about 50 resumes, CVs and LinkedIn profiles for free during the height of the pandemic. Read more>>

Siddy Morgan

Since Siddy was a little girl, she’s always written and loved photographs. In fact, she has kept photographs since she could, she’d take photos to match her journal entries, sharing who she was then with her future self. It started out with getting disposable camera’s from cvs and begging her grandmother to take her passed the loop to print them. If you’re familiar with Downtown Detroit, the cvs is still there in Campus Martius. But Siddy had no idea that writing her stories and the photographs to match could make the tv she so loved. But before she could even understand, she’d always speak of owning her own television studio. She knew it would cost a lot of money, so she considered pursuing a career in Sports Medicine to become a Doctor and then create films with the money she’d made. But her ambitions would soon surpass her need to be comfortable first. Read more>>

Mark Anthony Brooks

I discovered acting early on during my school years. After realizing I could put a smile on the faces of people through my performances, I knew I had found “my thing”. In learning this, I have been on an evolving journey to perfect my craft. In 2018, I was afforded an opportunity to study at a drama at the University of Oxford Mid-summer Program in England which truly challenged my views and approach to the art-form and the work. I later landed my first major role on the television series Blue Bloods on CBS which has opened other doors for my career to take flight. Read more>>

Harry Forbez Julmice

I was born in an underprivileged neighbourhood. My father was a leader and always had the spirit of an entrepreneur so he would grind up 12 to 16 hours everyday and build businesses in and out of the country to make sure our family was strong, united and on the path of creating generational wealth. But in the environment that I grew up in was too toxic and the lack of money was a serious issue and our family kept being persecuted by the system so it became almost impossible to get ahead. So as a young child, I had made a promise to myself that I was gonna provide for my family by any means necessary, so I started comprising my wellbeing for money until one day got introduced to entrepreneurship and it changed my life for the better. On that day, I had found my true passion and higher calling of mentoring youth from underprivileged neighbourhoods. And I realized that through entrepreneurship, I had the power to really improve the lives of my family, friends and the community and that I could deliver on the promise I made to myself when I was younger while continuing the legacy of my father. Read more>>

Lex Junior

I’d be happy to. Well, I started my actual entrepreneurial journey in my hometown, Montgomery (Alabama). It wasn’t until I relocated to North Carolina after grad school and came to the realization as many millennials, my passion lied somewhere else. I’ve always had a niche for computers since a child, but I wouldn’t enjoy it as much until I enrolled in business courses at Fayetteville Technical Community College. This is where I learned the foundation of business management and marketing from some of the greats. It was there when our final assignment was creating a professional business plan on a business that we created from scratch. I decided to allow a professional in corporate be the judge of my original blueprint for Rebel Revamp Marketing HQ. It was that final assignment and the feedback that I received that I knew HQ was my newfound passion, merging graphics and marketing/branding into one studio. Soon afterwards, COVID changed everything. I decided to launch HQ and it’s been a journey worth every experience. Read more>>

Tracye Hamler

Tracye Hamler…..recently retired from the Army National Guard with 17 years of experience in Supply Chain Management and an AS Degree in Healthcare Administration, so it was no surprise that Organization and Event Planning led Tracye to her passion and purpose. She was affiliated with direct sales for the past seven years for a Lifestyle Brand known as Bedroom Kandi. It wasn’t long before she was recognized as one of the top leaders for personal sales and team sales volume. When we asked her how she does it, she replied: “Its simple, I have developed a passion for entrepreneurship and female empowerment.” Over the past five years, Tracye has organized events that have created lifelong sisterhood bonds and relationships. This is what has inspired her to take her event planning to another level and turn them into Annual Women’s Retreats. “I am excited to inspire the everyday working woman to fearlessly live with passion and purpose. However, I don’t want to stop there. My goal is to create monthly or quarterly refreshers that will reinforce all the tools they gain from my retreats.” Read more>>

Kendall Bowser

I’ve been singing and dreaming since I can remember. My mother put me in vocal lessons at the age of five not thinking that I’d be here 17 years pursuing a life in it. I can vividly remember practicing my autograph and practicing how to create the mickey mouse outline so I’d be prepared for the day I was on Disney Channel. As silly as those things sound, I think it just goes to show that I think I’ve known that this is what I was supposed to do without really knowing it if you know what I mean. I learned piano once I was in first grade, then started learning guitar in middle school. It was at that time that I started to write my own songs. Let me tell y’all…I had a lot of feelings, and I mean a lot. Music became a way for me to work through those feelings and process what was going on in my mind and in my body. Back then, something would happen in my life, or a close friend’s, I would pick up my guitar or sit at the piano and just start playing. Once I liked what I was hearing, usually a word or phrase would pop into my head and then I would go from there. It would usually turn out that the song had to do with what I was going through, but it just took some time for me to get there. Read more>>

Niyh Love

I started to take an interest in hair at the age of 14 years old after watching my mom do hair. I was a very quick learner and enjoyed learning new styles and techniques. I often practiced different hairstyles on my friends, god mom, and myself. I quickly learned that each time I practiced the more, I did practice the better I got at doing what I loved to do. It was really exciting to be able to enhance another woman’s beauty and to see the results and reactions of pure talent. I found myself often watching hair tutorials on YouTube on specific styles following them step by step to achieve the desired look. As a stylist and makeup artist, my goal has always been to stay up to date with the latest and newest trending styles and makeup looks. Being consistent and sharing photos of my work with lots of people brought me a great number of clientele. My clients enjoy my personality, my sense of humor, and my professionalism. Being given the opportunity to work with so many wonderful ladies helped my business grow by word of mouth, referrals, and social media. Read more>>

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