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Downtown’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown’s rising stars below.

Dr. Ali Griffith

I started as an audiologist and speech language pathologist helping children ages 0-3 and providing families tools and resources to support their loved ones. Seven years into my profession, I became a mother with my son, Zachary, diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Through my own personal development journey towards acceptance, I became a best-selling author to Au-mazing Gift: A Journey to Autism Acceptance. Through speaking internationally and growing a business, I became to help more profession moms (some to children with special needs), like me, to first refill their cups and then reignite their long lost dreams. Today I continue to support hundreds to thousands of women through business strategizing and coaching to launch brands of their own, on their own time and at their own pace. Read more>>

Randy H

I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia on Oct 31 and raised in Macon, GA. As a kid, I developed a love for paint and eventually turned it into a business selling t-shirts and paintings to neighborhood friends, teachers, and parents. My shirts and paintings included characters I created: Parker Cloud, a seven years old charismatic kid and three talking clouds, Billow, Bink, and Swiggle. After graduating high school, I later majored in fashion design and marketing receiving a Bachelors in Fine Arts in 2007. In 2010, I created Dreamers Avenue, a company that is committed to promoting positivity and friendship by utilizing my main characters. My story of becoming a Graffiti Artist wasn’t as traditional as most. I picked up the spray can in 2014 and fell in love with it and eventually, I became obsessed with it! I would ride around looking for walls or spaces to place a Billow on. Billow is what I call the “money maker”. He’s always Happy! His smile makes you smile. Nothing can dim his light. He’s very energetic and the ladies love him.  Read more>>

Schinequa Leschelle Brazier

Leapling Radiant Body care was created entirely on accident. In February 2020 a few weeks before my birthday, my older cousin who was more like a brother to me unexpectedly passed. I began to look for a new hobby to cope with my anxiety. I started to research soap making and natural remedies. One day my sister asked for advice on dry skin patches. After some research, I came up with the idea to create Oatmeal & Honey Goat Milk soap for her to try. Within a few days her dry patches on her face were gone. A friend then asked me to try a bar. She was so excited with her results that she posted them online and started referring everyone to me. My phone began to ring off the hook. After a few months of nonstop orders, I knew it was time to make Leapling Radiant Body Care official. We have been going strong for over a year now!. Read more>>

Taylor Baker

My business really started October 2020, during the pandemic I was determined to find any way to make money. Skincare has always been my passion. So I knew my business was going to focus on the beauty aspect of things. I really took it upon myself to learn how to obtain my LLC, EIN #, etc. I designed my logo myself and created my website. I really started figuring out how I wanted my business to run/look. Next was marketing, all the products I made, I used on myself, & took my own product pictures. Which really sold for itself. I think the biggest role in my success today has been social media. Without it, I wouldn’t have had such an impact on my business. Read more>>

Alexia Dugger-Maye

I am from Birmingham, AL. I have my BA from The University of Alabama in Criminal Justice with a Minor in Human Development and Family Studies. I am the oldest of five, which is something that fuels my path. My whole life, I have pretty much fought for stability. Stability in doing what it is that I am passionate about. I spent most of my childhood and into being a young adult lost, fighting between what I wanted to do and what I was told to do. I always loved to dance, and I had the opportunity to work with Barbizon Modeling Agency for a short period of time. Even though these were my passions, I was never able to truly train at these hobbies. I went to Homewood Middle and High School, where I danced some in Middle School but overall became a Jock through the 11th grade. I played Basketball, some Volleyball and I participated in Track and Field. I was pretty good, so I enjoyed being able to do that. Read more>>

Khyree Pleasant

Over the years, I’ve had many run ins with the lens, but I never considered it as a profession. Only the nerds did things of that nature and I was a self-proclaimed cool kid. The first instance was as a kid, helping my grandfather with his camera. He couldn’t use his hands, but it was a must that he captured the dope family moments. The man kept all the photos, mostly polaroids, in these huge albums. Til this day, I sit and go through them all when I visit my family. The creative side was sparked in high school with the introduction of camera phones and myspace. Like every kid, I was coding and editing like crazy! That flip phone had the most fire sneaker shots of all time or so I thought. My senior year, I carried a camera to school daily to catch the jokes, fits, and farewells. At the end of summer 2011, I migrated to the A. At that time, Social media as a whole, but Instagram, above all, was beginning to pop off. I became pretty decent at creating my own filters by layering the options the app provided. At one point, I had people asking me to color grade their pics before posting them.  Read more>>

Holly Grove

My love for entertainment goes way back into my childhood. I’ve always wanted to be someone who is influential to others regardless of what path I choose to walk on. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA in a certain area called Watts. Growing up in a neighborhood such as mine, you don’t see success around you, more so disappointment. I wanted something different for myself so I decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree. I graduated December 2020 with my Sociology degree from Norfolk State. Once I touched down back in California, I knew I was going to be in for a long ride to get out. God reminded me that I have the ability to create something special that can connect people from all around the world; that special something is music. Throughout my adolescent years and even now, I live with depression and fighting off suicidal thoughts. Writing poetry and creating music has been a way for me to express the emotions, thoughts and feelings that I’ve held in for so long. I started recorded songs with my cousin at my Auntie house in a room with no A/C and no idea what I was doing. Read more>>

Shakeem Henry

I’ve been doing hair since I was 14 and always had a passion for it. My mother was my Loc inspiration. He locs was long and beautiful. She was the first head of locs I did maintenance on, some would say she’s the reason it all began. I soon started my journey and what a journey it has been! I later learned to make loc extensions for those wanting to skip the “ugly” stage or simply just wanted longer locs. I then gave birth to my business! Made 2 Model Hair was founded in 2018 with one goal in mind: providing 100% high-quality Human Hair loc extensions. Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning and continues to drive us into the future. We know that every product counts and strive to make the entire experience and Loc Journey as rewarding as possible. Check it out for yourself!. Read more>>

Mia Summerville

I have always found myself captivated by the beauty in life. I love to be able to find the beauty in everything. Art, People and places. So in my life, I always do my upmost to make myself feel beautiful. As a young girl, it was the rollerball lipglosses and great lash mascara to the full face glams I know and love now. Makeup is my art, it’s everything to me. Read more>>

Steven Wynn

I always had a passion for music. Growing up in Houston being around a lot of rappers influenced me to take it more seriously. Moving to Atlanta In starting high school, I started to take it more professionally. Read more>>

Thalasha Brown

I’m known as a serial entrepreneur. I have always enjoyed starting and running businesses. In fact, by the time I was eight, I learned how to sew. I was sewing purses out of her grandmother’s old washcloths and selling them at church on Sundays. Business has always been my passion. After having my son in 2015, I decided to go back to school. I’m is now a junior Business Administration major and CEO of Insidethehouse. I have been in the candle-making business for two years. I started making candles as a hobby; it helped me cope with postpartum depression after I had my daughter in 2018. My husband suffered from bad allergies so we could burn certain candles in our home. Since I enjoyed them so much I found a solution; making them myself! I sold my first candle November 2019. December 2020, I sold out of months worth of inventory in two weeks. November 2021, I made my first 20k in sales. Read more>>

Simone Higgins

I am Simone “Love Monie B” Higgins. I started my modeling journey a little over a year ago. I had my first real modeling opportunity with a clothing brand called Savage CEO its’ owner Jessieca Savage gave me an opportunity to be a featured Model. Shortly after that, my career just started rolling. I joined Main $tage Entertainment and it has been an amazing journey ever since. I continue to fall in love with modeling daily. I can credit where I am today to hard work and dedication. I dare to be different, and I don’t apologize for being me. Read more>>

Savy The Model

Beautiful as it may seem, it’s all a process. Life as a child, I was very optimistic yet quiet. I came out of my shell with a heart for pageants and tearas. I got the dress, I got to walk on stage and compete with other little girls. I said to myself, wait this is not it! There has to be more out here than this to win a trophy. For a while, I was focused on winning until I did my first photoshoot in 2009. It was a really basic Shoot, didn’t think too much of it. There I paused and started to model for a small clothing store and it went so well I got personal paid bookings just from posting different outfits marketing the store. Then ‘Boom’ it happened. I met a guy and he seen a sparkle in my eye for him so he asked me to give up modeling, basically it’s me or him. Silly puppy love, choose the guy. At that point, I buried my ideas I buried my face. I should have known that was the first sign of control because nothing that’s genuine will make you choose. As time went on things got physically hard for me from, bruises, to pots to the face, to getting pushed out of a moving car to getting accused of everything you can think of. I came to my senses in 2019; we part ways and I’ve touched the ground running back to my career ever since then. Read more>>

Stephany Poe

Hey, I’m Stephany with a Y! I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always been a crafty kid. When I was little, I was a “ditch kid.” I spent many afternoons outside playing by myself in the creek by my house. I never felt like I was really alone. I believe I’ve always had faeries all around me, watching over me, taking care of me, and teaching me how to be creative with the things the earth offers us. I started making potions and tiny homes for the faeries and little bugs out of items in the woods like acorns, leaves, and rocks. My mom’s best friend, Miss Tina, was a jewelry maker. I remember being so intrigued by what she made, she inspired me to make jewelry when I was five years old! In my sophomore year of high school, I started wearing the jewelry I made to work and school. People became interested, and I started getting small orders from coworkers and friends. Being a teenager trying to find my place was confusing until I discovered my love for creating jewelry that makes others confident. Standard high school was just not for me. Read more>>

Steve Randall

I started in photography when I was in college at Virginia State University. I took two (2) classes and I was in love with it ever since. I used my tag name for a long time “7CitiesVa” and finally evolved into “Project Randall Media” a couple of years ago. The name was conceptualized by a friend who told me that I needed to be more professional with my business name to be able to hit different markets. I took the advice brainstormed for weeks about it and came up with “Project Randall Media.” It has been a grind over the last two (2) years. As I worked another job and did my photography in my free time. I knew all along that I wanted to venture off on my own to do my business full-time but never knew the date or time of my grand scheme. Until one night, I had a very vivid dream at the end of September 2021. That dream was later confirmed and validated by an unknown person to me at that time a few days later. After processing my thoughts and praying, I decided to put in my official notice to leave my position. Read more>>

Kierra-Kaitlyn Moore

I founded Capital Keys LLC in 2019 with one goal in mind, to “Do More, Earn More” by finding creative real estate strategies in any market. I am a third-generation realtor originally from California. After attending Howard University, I moved to Atlanta where I proceeded to work in the cybersecurity industry doing inside sales. However, I always had a passion for real estate and even though it wasn’t my first career, my background in sales has made me a better agent. Over the past few years, I have transitioned from buyer agent to investor agent. I love the idea of not only being able to use my creativity but also get to work with people in all walks of life. I’ve helped beginner real estate investors learn how to start their first projects and take those first few challenging steps. I am on a mission to change how millennials look at real estate by encouraging and empowering those around me. Read more>>

The Nail Fairy

I started doing nails in about 2015 with a fold out chair and fold out table from Fat Albert. I was working from home and barely making much money but I was driven so somehow I kept going and now it’s 2022 and I have my own little nail suite. I’ve worked in several different shops prior to having my own but the one I felt most at home was Junie Bee Nails of Harlem. Read more>>

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