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Downtown’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown’s rising stars below.

Shuntoya Chatman

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have worked in the field of mental health for fifteen years. I provide counseling to individuals including teens and adults that are seeking assistance with addressing symptoms caused by mental health disorders or offering guidance to those that are trying to navigate life challenges. I have earned three college degrees in my adult life. While attending Georgia College & State University, I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education and a Master’s degree in Public Administration. I later attained a second Master’s degree in Social Work from Valdosta State University. I have worked for various state, private, and federal agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs and Georgia Department of Corrections. I am also an adjunct instructor for Georgia Military College for a total of five years. I am licensed to provide therapy in the state of Georgia and South Carolina. I believe counseling is a ministry and a God given gift that I was blessed with to assist those that are experiencing crises in their personal lives. Read more>>

Justin Avery

My career in legal technology started, in my opinion, pretty haphazardly. I had just returned back home to Mobile, Alabama from Barcelona, Spain, having completed a year-long international business program at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. My career was seemingly headed towards the area of diplomacy and international relations. I had already been an intern at the United Nations headquarters in New York City beforehand and I just knew I had things set. After returning home to Alabama, I retained a job working with a civil litigation firm who needed someone young, innovative and able to multi-task with various areas of responsibility. Besides having to learn court procedures, I also started assisting with the tech-side of the firm – since, technically, I was still a college student and my degree held a concentration in Computer Information Systems. Read more>>

Kenya Buchanan

Dreamer, believer, entrepreneur, faithwalker. Those are all characteristics of what drives this crazy colorful designer. Like most people I had no clue what career path I wanted to take. One thing that stayed clear was my love for fashion. After working in corporate America for more than ten years I decided it was time to pursue my dreams. Soooooo, I enrolled in The University of Alabama’s Apparel Design program where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2016. My love for fashion has gained notable recognition as I was the Emerging Designer winner of the 2017 Magic City Fashion Week. I have also been featured in The Crimson White, Ipush Magazine, B-Metro Magazine, The Birmingham Times and has been featured on several news stations in Birmingham. To add to my fashion resume, Kenya B has participated in numerous fashion shows throughout the south and my latest showcase includes showing during NYFW in New York City.​What is my design aesthetic; I love incorporating signature cultural Ankara prints and vibrant colors as design elements in each collection. My design philosophy is to beautify the world using vivid colors and prints. Read more>>

Ashleigh Coe

Since I was little, I’ve always had a passion for people, cultures and experiencing new things that were outside of the “normal”. I graduated high school in California, where the Hispanic and Latin American heritages are prominent. I had many friends who were from a Hispanic background and their native language was Spanish. I found myself so eager to learn more from their families; I yearned to learn more than just what they taught us in school. I wanted to know the significance and lifestyle of the culture; I wanted to hear how similar or different our upbringings were, and as minorities in the United States how much we had in common. The best way to achieve this was by immersing myself in the Hispanic culture so I could understand from a first person point of view the answers I was seeking. When I went away to school at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB), I elected Biology/Pre-Med as my major with a minor in Chemistry and Spanish. However, my infatuation with my Spanish classes seemed to resonate deeper than I knew. I had professors from Peru and Columbia and hearing each of their stories about their countries ignited a spark in me. Read more>>

Jill Fuentes

The Briefcase Chronicles is a Career Services Firm; we write LinkedIn Optimizations, resumes, cover letters, job search and interview preparation. I started The Briefcase Chronicles during the pandemic after many companies closed doors and employees had little to no options and outdated resumes. While working for a Fortune 500 company, I led Employee Resource Groups. As an ERG leader, I created programs to educate on current workforce trends and close industry knowledge gaps. I transitioned my leadership from ERG to my business, The Briefcase Chronicles. I help my clients close knowledge gaps and position their careers for success. In 2020 I helped over 100 professionals land new roles. This year we have helped over 30 professionals target their job search and create powerful documents to tell their career story. Read more>>

Knubian Lorenz

My music career started as a band musician for Drumline Live Entertainment in 2014 for VH1’s Drumline: A New Beat Movie. In 2016 I began touring nationally for a few years with the company which lead to a major performance with Beyoncé at the 2018 Coachella Festival. After that performance I was inspired to pursue a music/dance career in Los Angeles. While in LA for six months, I had the opportunity to dance in Todrick Hall’s Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels Music Video and also be featured in an episode for HBO’s Euphoria as a band musician. Before I returned back to Atlanta in August of 2019 I created my first track as an independent artist. In April of 2020, I released my first EP titled “The Butch, The Boy, The Doll” and have been creating music, curating visuals, and performing live nonstop. Read more>>

Kayla Danmusa

It all started once I finally finished undergrad at Tuskegee University. I always considered myself a creative, but once I graduated from college I wanted to find something that I was passionate about that also felt aligned with my purpose. Ever since I was younger, I always felt that it was my purpose to inspire others. Whether it was with my words or simply how I carried myself. I wanted people to view me as a symbol of hope and the more people I came across throughout my life, the more people I touched in a positive way. Also, I was always a sponge growing up so I soaked up a lot of knowledge and wisdom from the people I was surrounded by which helped me in countless ways once I journeyed through life. If it was not for the people who took the time to pour into me, I do not where I would be now. Which made me realize that everyone needs some sort of blueprint to get through life. I wanted to create a platform that displays authenticity and gives people solid advice as they experience everyday struggles. Read more>>

Jonathan Rice

I’m from Henderson, NC. I am the eldest of three children. I am married to my lovely wife, Daja Rice, who is pursuing her Masters of Performing Art at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. Together, we are the Co-Founders and Artistic Directors of the Rices Family Enterprises LLC. My parents, Pastor Seamon and Brenda Rice, taught me to fear God and to go after my dreams and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. I started singing at a very young age, which later led to singing in various award winning choirs and touring overseas with the Glory Gospel Singers. In 2016, I was privileged to become a Background Vocalist for Multi- Stellar and Dove Award Winning Gospel Artist, Tasha Cobbs Leonard, and was a part of her Heart Passion Pursuit Album, the iLead Conference in 2018, and other performances. I enjoyed singing and using my gift in these capacities, however, I found myself becoming comfortable. Eventually, I found the courage to pursue my music and ministry. Upon moving to GA, my wife and I became members of The Harvest Tabernacle Church under the leadership of Apostle Travis Jennings and Pastor Stephanie Jennings. They, along with Worship Pastor Enrique Holmes, have been very instrumental in helping restore and rebirth my love for leading worship and prophetic worship. Read more>>

Lynda Price

Lynda Cameron Price Ed. S, LPC, AADC, of Healing Transformations LLC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Alabama and Georgia. She is also registered and licensed to provide telehealth services across the state of Florida. Ms. Price serves as the Chief Executive Officer and owner of a private practice counseling agency in Birmingham, Alabama. She is certified as an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor through AADA/IC&RC. Ms. Price is also a published author who has written several articles for Further, Ms. Price serves as a motivational speaker for the community and is a respected client advocate. She uses various client-tailored approaches in therapy, including person-centered, cognitive-behavioral, and rapid resolution theory. Ms. Price specializes in the clinical areas of depression, anxiety, difficult adjustment to life stress, substance use addiction, trauma, personality disorders as well as couples counseling. Read more>>

Leroy Kiddu

Am a rapper/marketeer and I’ve been in this business since 2015. I started with a few songs that I would peddle around to get some cash back and airplay while studying as well. Right now am under a management and now move most of my work online (streaming platforms)… done a couple of projects now am venturing into dropping videos now that m done with school. Read more>>

Charmaine Thomas

My five kids and I moved from Virginia to Georgia in 2006. The kids were all in elementary and Middle school at the time, which made commuting a task. I was literally driving from Covington to Roswell five days a week. I had no support system here and had to do the best I could with what I had. After working outside the home for a year, I decided “something has to give”. I started to look into work from home jobs and was able to land one on a platform called Arise. I worked from home for eight years with them and was able to be there for my children. They all became of a decent age where I could go back outside of the home; boy was I wrong. It appeared all types of things was happening. My 16 year old became pregnant with my handsome grandson, my life changed forever. I didn’t know which way to turn at one point. In June of 2017, a young lady visited my church and presented a business opportunity that changed my life and I haven’t looked back since. I was employed with a company at the time and working/building my business. I remember working 13 hours for my regular job and coming home working my business, consistently and diligently. Read more>>

Kiara Glover and Kiara Milligan

The Kiara Label is a Women’s Clothing Boutique founded by best friends Kiara Glover & Kiara Milligan in 2019. The name was originally PrettyTingzUs but we changed the name to The Kiara Label to better represent who we are as individuals, & our lifestyle, hence the name. We relaunched as The Kiara Label at our 1st annual Reinvent Pop Up Shop this year, & we plan on becoming bigger and better catering to women of all ages to feel confident and comfortable in our clothing. Read more>>

Jamie K.

I grew up in East Nashville, TN and graduated high school from Hunters Lane High. I went on to attend Western Kentucky University to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies with emphasis in Leadership Studies. I did many things on college included building the strong network I have + becoming a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. College was a major milestone that set the tone for the rest or my life. I am currently a creative brand + marketing consultant, event curator, & Creator of Bomb Beyond Mom— a community brand for mothers that highlights their magic beyond motherhood! I am a mother of two, my daughter Mercy and son Kree. They are my world and my why. I live by three words: “Live. love. Create!” I am ofte. Reminded of how ambitious, goal oriented, I am. A true leader and genuine woman. I am thankful for all my many accomplishments and people I have met and worked with along the way. So many things are in store for me and I can’t wait to share with the world!. Read more>>

Alysia Jackson

I first became interested in photography after the birth of my first child and transitioning to a stay at home mom. I wanted to document her growth and important developmental milestones. I bought my first camera but easily learned that photography was not as easy as it looked. Originally, I just wanted to take pictures of my daughter, but I ended up developing a love for it. I purchased multiple photography courses, studied the material from multiple reputable photographers, and practiced on my family and friends. My husband, who is one of my biggest supporters, criticized and helped me perfect my work. He gave me the encouraging words to motivate me to start my business. I wanted to be different from other photographers and decided to keep my prices affordable, not put a restriction on the number of images I provide to my clients, offer random giveaways, provide a client loyalty and referral program. These were things I have not seen many photographers offer and I wanted to do things to set me apart from others while still providing quality images and great customer service. Read more>>

Jeromy Brand Jr.

I first started taking steps towards my business in my dad’s one-bedroom apartment in the summer of 2019. We were both working at an automotive plant building car seats for Mercedez Benz in Vance, AL. I had just completed my freshman year of college and was taking online summer classes at Troy University while working. I used to work from 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., went home, and repeated it for the entire summer. I would save my checks to invest in my future business. The first thing I did with my checks was got my clothing brand ” Rich Vibes Apparel ” trademarked. This was expensive but very necessary; a lot of small brands tend to skip this part. I wanted to be legit and official before I did anything. I had the worst fear of someone stealing my brand identity. After that, I started my website and purchased my LLC’s. I took the harder route but it all worked out. A month later, I returned to college for my sophomore year. I ended up dropping my official first design on hoodies around thanksgiving. Read more>>

Marquez Williams

I was currently playing professional football in the XFL when I saw that a bunch of teammates owned something of theirs outside of football. This is when I realized that I wanted to start my own business. Each day after practice I researched and studied what I wanted to do. Socks have always been a passion for mines so it was a no brainer. The name Pop’s come from my playing days at The University of Miami. My former coach, Mark Richt called me Pop’s and the name stuck from there. Now we have Pop’s Socks where you can buy all of you cool, crazy wacky socks. Read more>>

Treniesha Strong

I have always wanted to help people in whatever they needed help in. In April 2020, I lost my job due to helping someone in need and I don’t regret it. I believe God gives you what you asked for, I was working in the federal government for almost ten years, I was very content there and wasn’t really focus on any of my businesses like I needed to be. Prior to that from February-March, I was on paid leave so at that point I was like what am I going to do then the Pandemic happened so BOOM no more working my part-time teaching job. I had signed up for bartending classes and then it got canceled because of covid19. A lot so far right LOL I know so while is this all going on, I came across an ad about creating my own course. I was like I am able to do that. Let me see what it’s all about. So, I signed up, started working and Strong Enterprises was created. Not only was I building a course, I thought maybe this can be my empire I said I always wanted to build. Strong Enterprises has many and different aspects to help people, which include mental wellness, health, & fitness, finances, etc. My course was about balancing life with mental health. Read more>>

Pia Davis

A Young, vibrant, beautiful black girl who decided to turn some of her own lessons into blessings! Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Pia resided in Atlanta, GA, to attend Clark Atlanta University to obtain a degree in Business Management. After her first semester, The boss-minded, ambitious, witty, go-getter that she is, Pia decided to enter the adult entertainment life where she began working at the World Famous Magic City in 2013. As she began navigating her way through Atlanta’s fast Life/Fast Lane, she realized her potential at an early age to becoming her own self-made boss. Within the eight years of her exotic dancing, Pia encountered many hurdles and obstacles on her journey. Read more>>

Alexander Glustrom

I grew up in Atlanta but moved to New Orleans after high school and have just recently returned to my hometown after being gone for more than a dozen years. It feels like a gravitational return to come back to the city that raised me and where I have roots. My great-grandfather immigrated to the US when he was 18 and made his way to downtown Atlanta. My grandfather grew up near Castleberry Hill and he and my father both attended Grady High School. I am a fourth-generation ITP Atlanta kid who feels a lot of pride in being from the city. As a child, we lived just a block from the High Museum in Midtown, and I spent countless hours of my childhood wandering its halls enthralled by the buildings’ architecture and the latest exhibits. Across the street from the High is a Fulton County library where my brothers and I also spent many an afternoon and were close with the librarian there. Read more>>

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