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Downtown’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown’s rising stars below.


I am a rising rapper/singer from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I’m taking a break from college at Coastal Carolina, where I was studying business, to pursue my passion, which is my music. I started making music at the young age of 14. I also love high fashion and create clothing too. In October of 2019, I signed to the record label StoneWood in Atlanta, GA, partnering with hiphop moguls Mali Hunter + Groove Chambers at the age of 18. Recently, I dropped my newest single, “No L’s,” in November 2020. “No L’s” means “No Losses” it’s about not taking any more losses and that it’s only up from now on, so don’t sleep on your dreams, but stay woke. Future music plans for me include my debut EP due to drop at the beginning of 2021. As the musical artist Franco, I am confident in the musical direction I’m headed in and it’s only a matter of time I achieve my dreams of becoming a successful artist. You can find me on social media @fr5nco on Instagram + SoundCloud, @ilyfr5nco on Twitter. Read more>>

Reginal Griffin

I’m 26 years old Artist, born and raised on the westside of Atlanta. When I was four years old, some of my earliest memories are me with pencil and paper trying to draw shapes from tv programs on PBS. I would sit quietly for long periods of time doodling to the point my family would get scared if I spoke because they would forget I’m there lol. My passion for art was always there and I spent my life so far developing skills to express myself creatively. In high school, I was faced with the challenge of what will I do after I graduated. With little guidance, due to the fact I was preparing to be a 1st gen college student in the family, I was at a standstill about going to school for Art. After telling my family, I can’t see myself doing anything that didn’t involve art, they told me to do what would make me happiest in life and I did. I attended The Fort Valley State University and earned a degree in Visual Arts. Now I’m back home in Atlanta creating and developing skills as an Artist. Read more>>

Rashida Inez

My story of survival begins in the small town of Phenix City, Al. It was the home of the drug dealers and murders. I remember as a little girl playing in my front yard with the bullet shells the previous night’s drive-by shooting. I am a domestic abuse survivor, a victim of rape and molestation. However, my story of success began when I lost my home, my vehicles and filed for Ch. 13 bankruptcy that eventually would be dismissed by the courts. From there, my two sons and I became homeless but was able to live in a local hotel. I remember sitting on the edge of the hotel bed, holding my youngest son while my oldest was asleep. I noticed a roach crawling up the wall our hotel room just above my son’s pacifier and I began to cry uncontrollably. It was during that moment that I made a vow to never become broke again. The next morning, I began designing my own t-shirt line, which quickly turned into a successful online boutique ( and I began to use my social media platform (Facebook) to encourage others by way of prayer and prophecy. Read more>>

Solo Swayy

At the age of 11, Solo swayy started to produce beats off a software called fruity loops, which is known to be used by many bIG producers. Solo swayy is an artist/producer/engineer from Atlanta Georgia, considered a “jack of all trades” trying to reach every genre the music industry has to offer, being raised by his mother with no father involved who also has four other kids, the young artist has taken many different routes throughout his life to become where/who he is today, living with family members such as grandparents and other family members, for the time being, making it through foster care was a struggle for this guy. As we all know, life has more in store for the young artist Solo, attending to Ronald E Mcnair Middle & Highschool from the grades 6-11th playing basketball and football the young star was a known guy to be cool and chill but could be a guy to not be bothered neither… living in dangerous neighborhoods such as (Thomasville apartments, the colony of Stone Mountain apartments. Read more>>

Shayla Perry Tiffany Handford

We (Shayla & Tiffany) are from Orlando, FL. We met in the 9th grade. Currently, Shayla resides in Atlanta, GA and Tiffany resides in Lafayette, LA. Ten years ago, while doing our normal task of keeping each other company on instant messenger to push through our miserable workday, we discussed becoming entrepreneurs and opening our own business. We were tired of being overworked and unappreciated in the workplace. We didn’t know what the business venture would be; however, we prayed for ideas and patiently waited for it to come to fruition. Fast forward to 2020, we were still discussing our jobs and ready for a change. We talked about lashes and how bomb magnetic lashes were. A light bulb went off, “Why don’t we start our own lash brand!” Our prayers finally manifested. While developing our brand, we wanted a name that was unique and symbolized best friends and celebrated women of color. The word bezzie immediately came to mind. When the definition for bezzie returned “a person’s best or closest friend”, the Bezzie brand was born! We wanted our logo to represent the distinctive style that women of color have – we’re beautiful. Read more>>

Tiffany Oates

I really started in 2016 but unfortunately, life happens and I had to back away for a while and I would try my best threw out the years from then on to set it back up… But in the ending of 2019 and the starting of 2020, I made it up in my mind that I would go ahead and get my name branded and keep going no matter the situation! So now, since the pandemic, things have slowed down for me and it has hit kind of hard but that’s will never discourage me I’m still going and praying things turn out better and my lingerie line will be huge one day. I came up with doing lingerie, etc because I myself love to look and feel good like every beautiful woman should no matter the color size we are here to make all woman love on themselves and feel good about it and also keep things going with the private life’s. Read more>>

Chanell Lahm

I started my cosmetic brand in 2017, my freshman year of college. I was a makeup artist in high school and into college. I needed a way to make money while in college, so I started selling just mink eyelashes out of my dorm to the students on campus. It started as just a side hustle but once it started to become bigger and people seen the quality of the lashes, I started putting my all into the business with my branding on social media, my website, my photoshoots, sending my products to influencers and started to add other items into my brand. I stayed very consistent with my business and made my lash packaging super different then everyone else selling lashes. I started to change my boxing for different holidays and seasons to create hype and attention to my brand and went viral on social media platforms like Twitter. I am currently still under 1k followers on social media with my business but I have had orders to over ten different states and 20 different cities. I have expanded my business to all cosmetics from lipgloss to wholesale and even makeup brushes, giving make-up artists a discount to bridge the gap. Read more>>

Andrea Marcum

I started drawing in elementary school, Marvin The Martian, to be exact, was the first character I memorized how to draw. My mom always had me in the Saturday morning craft classes at Michael’s when I was a kid too. That’s where I fell in love with making things and drawing. I was always drawing something, my parents even let me paint a mural of a dolphin in my bedroom when I was in middle school. I was super shy during my school years, especially high school, but felt most like myself during art class. I’m an only child so I spent a lot of time alone, and art was my best friend. It wasn’t until about 10-12 years ago that I got serious about painting. Also, around the time, social media was coming up, so I would post my paintings and gradually would start selling more and more and got into custom pieces. Nowadays, I’ve branched out into painting more than just canvas, I like to paint anything from shoes to furniture and custom apparel for my clothing line “Local Hope Dealer.” Read more>>

Shawntay Moore

“Lord, it is my prayer that you’d give me crazy faith, faith that can’t be shaken or tried.” I will never forget sitting at the desk of the Family Life Center of my Home Church back in Kentucky when I prayed that prayer. All I can remember is wanting to have a relationship with God that was so real and so deep, where I’d never doubt him and I’d always trust and believe him. It was maybe a month to the date later when I found myself in the E.R and the Doctor telling me that by the test he’d run that I needed to have a Biopsy of my Lungs done to determine if I had a disease by the name of Sarcoidosis. I was totally taken aback. I wasn’t even able to make it to have the Biopsy done because before my appointment, I had started to lose my vision. The disease had started to tell my brain that my body no longer needed my eyes, as my Ophthalmologist put it. Sarcoidosis is a disease characterized by the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells in any part of the body, most commonly in the lungs and lymph nodes. Read more>>

Latisha Chunn

Plugged Apparel was found July 2020. We started with swimwear & Snack shorts. We was just trying out something new and want to change the business up some from makeup to being styled by us! We wanted the Boutique to be a one-stop-shop! Now our services are Makeup, Waxing, Beauty Bars & oils, Wigs, Apparel, Plugged Fitness (Waist trainers & Plugged Juice Detox), Upcoming Men Apparel & Starting up Businesses! We love helping Entrepreneurs grow and build up their business from scratch to life. It’s a Blessing! Our Boutique is one amazing place to shop, get slayed & turn into a Boss all in one! God keep Blessing us with this beautiful Journey. All I can say is we are not done yet. Shop and grow and become a Plugged Boss today! I would want to thank my husband for being my backbone through it all. Thanks to my family and our Beautiful customers. We Appreciate you. Be Bless. Read more>>

Ashley Hughes

My name is Ashley Hughes; I am the Owner of Sipnics In The City. Sipnics as a Registered Nurse and a new graduate Nurse Practitioner, The COVID-19 outbreak has been influential in my life, from caring for patients in the hospital, constantly seeing it on the news station and social media. It’s easy to get lost in the noise of what’s going on around us. It’s been easy for my anxiety to set in while I am on the frontline and trying self-quarantine. My normal has been shifted, yet; I’m thankful. I started dating my Fiance, Victor Anah, during COVID-19 and became very creative with our dates. Our first date was a picnic in Piedmont Park. After enjoying the planning process and the execution with the look on his face, I felt overjoyed. We often recreate that date night just to feel that feeling again. I always had a niche for planning and creating experiences for others to enjoy. Read more>>

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