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Downtown’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown’s rising stars below.

Shundra Kelton

I’ve been doing photography for eight years. At a young age, I’ve always had a passion for photography. My first camera was a M& M’s film camera. From there I had a point and shoot camera and in high school, I got my first DSLR camera. Read more>>

Geoffrey Lewis

As a graduate of the Central State University College of Business and Industry, my passion for entrepreneurship was developed. I relocated to Atlanta, GA from Dayton, OH in 2006 to begin my professional career. I have worked for two fortune 500 companies in addition to the first billion-dollar bedding retailer. Read more>>

Ameera Nettles

I’m in love with fashion! In my opinion, clothing defines you & it allows you to express yourself. I graduated from South Gwinnett high school, may of 2016. In school, I was always that one plus size young lady whom would create outfits & put things together that expressed me & turned heads. Read more>>

Maya Pratt

I’ve always been doing some kind of art since I was a child. I was always drawing, doing talent shows and I was even in a show choir in middle school. When I started college, all of that stopped. I actually went to school and finished with a degree in Kinesiology, so this wasn’t planned until about two years ago. Read more>>

Darien Brielle

My creative juices weren’t flowing anymore to make many beats, I had writer’s block, artists stopped coming to record, I wasn’t performing as much and I was already battling with depression. My motivation had altered. There were many times when I felt like giving music up for good and just pursuing a medical plan. Read more>>

Kimberly Coulton

I’ve had a strong affinity for fashion from a very young age and began styling from the age of five. I was heavily influenced by my parents who were fashion enthusiast and cultivated my style from the different looks I‘d see them wearing. Read more>>

Barbara Cardinali MacFerrin

I started looking at photography again, and this time I thought what if I photograph people? I stumbled upon a photography mentor online who teaches photographers how to run a sustainable photography business. I started learning a little bit about how to start a business and started photographing friends to start with. Read more>>

Marcellus Mc Lean

I moved to Atlanta from Oakland ca in 2012 working at Southwest Airlines. 2013 I graduated omnitech institute and landed an intern position at a studio. From there I’ve kept networking, gaining clientele, and building my name. My first big placement is Trouble “buy yo traphouse.” Read more>>

Akkissia Slay

I started my channel back in 2011 when I was 18 years old. I posted a video of my sister sneezing with her eyes open and the video went viral only a year ago reaching millions of views on all social media platforms. I rebranded my channel and dropped my first personal video Jan.1, 2019. Read more>>

Yakiri Thomas

I found myself at a crossroads with my career. The mortgage industry had just collapsed and I had no idea what to do. I started to pray and I asked GOD to direct my path. A few weeks later I began writing and before I realized it, I had created my first novel, “Black Socialite” and my second novel “T00 Far To Turn Back; Tales of A Preacher’s Kid” shortly after. Read more>>

Summer Yokely

I claimed, “I’m going to do this.” I reached out to my close friend, who is now my partner and we began our journey. We are both PMP certified project managers, we used our attention to detail and organizational skills to build the foundation for Pop! Atlanta. Read more>>

Peter Mungai

Before I started fashion styling, I thought all I had to do was put clothes on people but I found that’s only like 20% of the job. There is so much more that goes into it. Accounting, budgeting, mood boards, scheduling, inventory, emails, meetings, building connections, and a lot of organization. Read more>>

Michael Majesty

Today I run a full service in house media and production company that takes care of our client’s needs from conception to reality. We also produce educational workshops, panels, and networking events. If anyone is in search of speaking engagements, our platforms Secure the Job, Marketing Masters – or Beauty and the Boss may be a perfect fit. Read more>>

Lamar (DJ B4EY) Mason

There are a few reasons for me becoming a DJ. The first reason is that I love music, the second reason is to push Christian Hip Hop to the world, especially our youth. Our young people are constantly fed music that is pleasing to our flesh, but there are some exceptions though. Read more>>

Kristen ‘K.C’ Colemon

While attending college and boot camp, I created my own business. The business was officially formed as a result of a class project. Our instructor challenged us to create a salon, showing the ins-and-out of the business. Mock business plan, floor plans, even business cards. I exceeded that! Read more>>

Teron Foster

I’ve always had a passion for providing professional development and career tips to my friends and family since college. It mainly started my freshman year of college at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University – I would be approached by peers to help them with rewriting their resume or helping prepare them for interviews with employers for internships. Read more>>

Daria Fennell

I am a completely self-taught CEO, Director of PR & Brand Strategy, and Celebrity Entertainment Journalist of The Daria Fennell Media Group. I have over 20 years of PR, Branding, Publicity, Writing, and Celebrity Entertainment Journalism expertise. Read more>>

The Primary Movement

We started off as an idea to bring artists of all walks of life together. Our founder, Diamond Bradley, always had a passion for art (She has dreams of becoming a curator) and hosting events, so she put both together and started the Primary Movement. Our official launch happened on February 24th, 2018. Read more>>

Akissi Stokes

WUNDERgrubs Sweets & Treats was established in 2016, my life [and silent] partner and I watched an old episode of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Haiti highlighting citizens left displaced and with a limited food supply in the wake of the catastrophic 2010 Haiti earthquake. Read more>>

Manu Muraro

I have an extensive background in creative, strategy and marketing, having worked most of my career at Cartoon Network and a couple of years at King of Pops. At King of Pops, I was responsible for all marketing, including social media and this is how I started to learn everything about Instagram marketing. Read more>>

Ashley Keyes

It was a passion of mines to be a chef! When I was 16, I was diagnosed with a Type 2 diabetes and hypertension, after fighting for two years I had gastric bypass surgery and it saved my life! I went to Culinary School several years later after trying other careers. Read more>>

Melaki King

I saw someone shooting Models at the Baltimore Downtown inner harbor and I just set there and just watch to get inspiration form the shoot. I waited to the shoot was over to ask the photographer questions and he gave me tips about working with lighting and camera settings and posing the models. Read more>>

Jasmine Clark, Regine Joyce and Michael Lewis

In the year that we have been a “throuple”, we have reached over 100 listeners a day, outsold merchandise, accomplished a live show, curated an anniversary brunch, and are now in the process of planning our second live show. Read more>>

Kendra McIntosh

Kendra McIntosh releases follow up single All For You to her forthcoming EP. Her first single You Are led listeners into the presence of the Almighty to worship. All For You picks up as the call to worshippers to clap and dance in praise for the mighty works done. Read more>> 

Julia Campbell

My life has revolved around Music. Whether that have been spending entire school breaks illegally downloading music off Limewire and Frostwire for a mix CD or Music Supervising for upcoming web series, it’s always been pretty clear that my purpose would have something to do with Music. Read more>>

Linda LaBeaud

After becoming what I believed to have been a good poet, I decided that I’d merge my poetry with my vocal ability. I started gaining confidence in my craft & actually taking it more seriously than I did before. I dropped a remix to “Jhené Aiko – My Mine” Read more>>

Ohavia Phillips

I always had a dream of being a talk show host. I chased after it with reckless abandonment as soon as I was able to conceptualize and accept that it was the calling on my life. I come from a single parent household. I am the oldest of five children. I have slept in a shelter, I have struggled. I know what it’s like to go without, but it all fueled me toward where I am today. Read more>>

ReGina Nicole

Performing is just in a Southern Baptist church’s dna, 🙂 From church plays to school plays, the performing bug has always been in my blood. I remember my best friend and I driving to Dallas to audition to be on Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare”. We made it to the second to last round and before elimination. That experience was cool. Read more>>

Tyshawn ‘Creed’ Smith

Once I developed a little skill, I started off using my brand and influence from social events I’d thrown to connect with local artist around the city. After curating a show that featured them, I would pitch myself to them to extend my audience in hopes of getting people interested in shooting with me. Read more>>

Brittany Bowens

I’ve always had a passion for the event industry! In every event, every personal incident I found myself teaching others more and more about the event industry, how it works, and I always wanted everyone to take the event industry serious – like they do any other industry. I had the desire to show people that being an event planner is far beyond a hobby! Read more>>

Shea Zeigler

My career goals were always to be a business owner I also had dreams of being on television and radio so I perused that as well. I graduated with a mass comm degree in television and radio, and a degree in professional writing. I would dabble in that profession a little but my focus was always business. Read more>>

N.K. Condua

Creating the Adinkra African Dance Theatre was a direct result of me connecting my knowledge and my artistry. I’ve learned so much in dance spaces and in academic spaces and starting my own dance company really allowed me to combine the two. Read more>>

Spencer Sanders II

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a Catholic high school and that’s what created the foundation of ARRIVAL, a bridge between two worlds. I later used all of my past experiences and created ARRIVAL with the meaning that whatever it is in life you want to do you can arrive to it with hardworking and prayer. Read more>>

Tyrany Nunn

I realized that I began to really tap into fashion when I noticed that it made me feel just a little bit better than I was before. I began to express myself through clothing and so many others recognized that & loved my sense of fashion, so they began to ask me for fashion tips or to even style them. I took on the title of a “fashion influencer” in 2016. Read more>>

Charmaine Simmons

I’ve filled an array of job capacities in the educational system. From classroom educator to a program specialist. Having the opportunity to have different viewpoints in the education sector really pushed me to bring all of my experiences together to start Rock Positivity. Read more>>

Kayra Clouden, Malique Daniels and Paulette Marte

As we go through our day to day tasks, we all think about just how much more responsible you have to be the older you get. This realization led Kayra to the thought: ‘How come nobody teaches you how to do this stuff?’. In thinking that, she discovered that you cannot teach the unteachable – Read more>>

Stacye Jones

I am continuously challenging the norm through my love for creativity! I have always had an advantage in Graphic Design because of my exceptional drawing skills. I’ve aligned my passion for art and mixed it with my purpose for giving and helping others through my business. Read more>>

Ty Johnson

There’s a quote I love, which is “It’s not me, It’s God” Wigginit found me eight years ago. After I had my first daughter, my hair started thinning, due to postpartum hair loss. Being a lover of everything hair, it was devastating for me. My hair was my crown. My then stylist suggested I should lay off sew-ins and keep my hair untouched by wearing a wig for a while. Read more>>

Dr. Lawrence Ervin

Traveling the world sparked an ambitious, self-confident shift in my life that made me wonder, “How successful would I be If I was exposed to these perspectives at a younger age?” Years after my first international trip and 80 countries later, that thought drove me to launch All Abroad Inc. We expose Atlanta metro high school students to fulfilling global travel experiences—for free. Read more>>

Briana Jazmin

I’ve always had a passion for art and all things creative since I was in grade school, and I quickly became self-taught in the areas of graphic design and web design. It was later that I sharpened my skills with formal instruction by obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design at Georgia State University. Read more>>

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