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Downtown’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown’s rising stars below.

Anasiah Clark

Last year of April 2021 my 7 year old daughter (Autumn) and I decided to start something that we keep us occupied and something fun. We decided to start making and selling lip gloss from home. When we first started this we had some many local customers from our town that shopped with us, we continued for a few months. This was always something that we were doing to raise more money so that I could take Autumn to Disney World for her birthday within the next upcoming months (which we made happen). Read more>>

Gareth Hunter

I was considered by many to be a child prodigy. I started on hand percussion at age 3 (three) and competed with adults at age 4 (four) in my first talent competition- BTW, I placed 3rd in that competition- Denver, Co. By age 9 (nine) I had performed nationally with various bands as a drummer with my apex moment being a featured performer with the Florida State University Jazz Band. Years later (in college on a full music scholarship) I left school to accept a composing contract with a branch of A&M Music that launched in Birmingham, AL.  Read more>>

Nancy Korsah

My name is Nancy Korsah, I was born and raised in Italy to Ghanian parents. I moved to America as a teen and quickly had to adapt to our new environment. My family and I came to America with nothing, but business saved my life. I wanted to connect with other business owners so i could learn how to not just survive in my new country, but thrive. English was my seventh and hardest languages I’ve ever had to learn and every day was a challenge. I started a small community of community members, business owners and entrepreneurs that grew into a community of 1.8 million members which turned into Black Business Enterprises. Read more>>

Fakhriddeen Merrit

I started doing hair when I was 17 yrs old . I came from Fashion design actually . With receiving a associates in Fashion design and merchandising I still felt like I should’ve been. Doing something else . Hence me getting into hair , it was making me so much money in just a time frame of 5-6 months of me still In college. After I’m which I just stuck with the hair journey , I started out with doing affordable low budget hairstyles, just to get my name out there. Once I did one person hair it was like everyone needed and wanted their hair done by me.  Read more>>

BriAnna Collier

My business began just from simply loving to cook! Bri Baby Eats and Treats just began this year, after last year completing my certification in culinary along with my serv safe certification. I love the reactions when people taste my food and then ask for more or even the recipe. As a single mom I’m always looking for ways to bring in more income so i figured, why not do something I love to do. After completing the culinary program at REOC (Rochester educational opportunity center) I began preparing to begin my business from my menu, name, logo, etc. Read more>>

Kanita Braxton

Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, I can say that I did not have an easy journey. As a child, I moved around a lot and had to deal with most challenges of a child in an urban environment. After graduating from high school, I knew I needed a fresh start and moved to Delaware to complete my undergraduate degree, As life does it, it created an extra hurdle as I became pregnant with my first daughter during my junior year. Read more>>

Andrea Hopkins

I love sharing my story! It all started with a statement in 2002, to some friends in my dorm room at Tougaloo College. The statement was, ” I want to be a wedding planner”. To this day, I have no idea where or why that statement was made however, it was the statement of destiny. In August of 2008, one of my sorority sisters called me to share that she was engaged and asked me to be her wedding planner. Read more>>

Eternity Mitchell

Love by Keyshia Cole was the first song I remember singing around the time it came out in 2005. I was 3 year old then. Around 2006-2007 I began to write illegibly, before I learned the alphabet, and told stories about the “words” that I had written. Around this time, my father had passed away and I began to act out a bit with my grandparents because I just did not understand what had happened. Music began to be the only consistent friend I had and never lost.  Read more>>

Marie Douglas

My musical life began when I was a kid growing up in Atlanta. My parents, uncles and aunties curated my musical taste to include classical, to the blues, jazz, rock and roll, r&b, hip – hop, gospel and more. My uncle was a church musician and often performed with artists as a percussionist/keyboardist. I once asked him who made Michael Jackson’s music, and he told me about Quincy Jones. He most certainly had an influence on my wanting to be a musician. Read more>>

katherine Geren

Adopted at birth by a loving, beautiful family, Katherine is a second generation Peruvian American who grew up in the Silicon Valley region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her parents are lovers of the arts, enriching Katherine into the love of theatre at a very young age. Her subsequent love of storytelling lead her down to Los Angeles where she enjoyed a successful career as a commercial actress and print model working as the face of a multitude of Fortune 500 company’ s national and international ad campaigns. Read more>>

Chris Thomas

CT Entertainment originally started off as an idea of me being a solo musician (guitarist). Playing at weddings and different social events. My first event occurred years before I came up with the name but I do I recall playing at my first wedding in high school and from there on I knew I wanted to use my gift to bring joy into other people’s lives. I came up with the name in 2016/2017 and I finally decided to make it official in 2019 once I had my vision together.  Read more>>

Miriam Robinson

I grew up making stuff, learned crochet from my grandma, and attended creative summer “camps” at my neighbor’s house, who taught my sister and I painting, wheel throwing, cooking, etc. I was in dance, chorus and music theatre in middle/ high school, and went to college thinking I’d pursue performing arts, but I developed a social and performance anxiety around that time that eventually made that too uncomfortable to continue. I painted some in college, but in private. I loved the process of painting, but hated everything I made most of the time. Read more>>

Elizabeth Sears

A decade ago, after studying and teaching classical Pilates since the late 1990’s, I began training in the GYROTONIC® method and became a licensed instructor. As a single mom of two young children, I taught Pilates and GYROTONIC® at a large studio in Atlanta for the better part of 10 years. I worked as much as I could during the school days and on weekends and evenings. I took more GYROTONIC® courses to further my education and teaching level.  Read more>>

Amari Green

Born in Flint, MI, upon graduating high school I moved to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University, and study Fashion Merchandising. Studying fashion and attending a HBCU has opened my eyes up to how much opportunity is out in the world, and opened many doors for me. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with some amazing people, as well as gain valuable knowledge to boost my career in the fashion industry. Read more>>


I was raised in north Philly , the projects . Diamond street to be exact . At 14 , my parents moved me and my siblings to a nicer part of Philly because around this time my mom and dad was starting to leveling up . My mom was working on her masters degree and my dad started a construction small business in the Philly area. I always had a passion for all things beauty , hair , make up etc . So I always kept a job to fund my own beauty life bc my parents didn’t see it at one point . They always said “just focus on school , don’t worry about that right now” Read more>>

Niyah Lindsey

I have a disease called Sickle Cell Anemia which is what made me who I am today.. The hospital was my second home.. I’ve always went through life being told what I can’t do so in life I bring with me faith, determination and perseverance, definitely not an easy road for me, i always tried things i knew i couldn’t do but i always tried to keep faith hoping i would somehow get lucky for example i barely was in school due to my disease (elementary- 12th) but I wanted to try to go to college but unfortunately I later had to withdraw due to my chronic illness, because it caused me to miss classes. Read more>>

Ashley Aranmolate

I got to where I am today by relentlessly operating with integrity and the love of a good metaphor – which are still my driving forces for strategically taking risks each day. In essence, my story is an unpredictable one of chaos and marvel. I had a rather ordinary Southern childhood, following the rules, and assimilating in spaces where I was taught to…but only when necessitated. I was a social late-bloomer though, and many years were spent just trying to fit in – with people who lived on the fringe of society to those most likely to control society. Read more>>

Shayne Bowen

Ive always wanted a clothing line i tried starting one with a family member and friend and neither situation worked out it was around 2012 when i got into fashion, street ware and shoes. it wasn’t until after 2 failed attempts in 2013 and 2015 and two sons later that I finally was able to create a brand on my own and create generational wealth for my children. After having my two kids and also wanted to provide a better lifestyle for them that i came up with “7evin Sainnts couture” which are the two names of my sons Sevin and Sainnt. not only did i name it after them but i also made them owners of the business as well. Read more>>

Zeus Da Comedian

My name is Zeus Da Comedian, I guess the story can start about me getting into the entertainment industry. I am the CEO of Street Ambitionz Entertainment which was started in 2006. At that time I was behind the scenes managing two groups New Bred Soldiers and All or Nothing (my teenage group). I’m 2006 both groups received local success with All or Nothings hit single and dance Spongebobbin and New Bred Solders “Smile”.  Read more>>

Bernita Allen

My name is Bernita Allen. I was born and raised in a small town called Butler, Ga, located in the Middle Georgia area. I am a 34-year-old wife, mother, business owner, educator, and more. I wear many hats. I have been married to my amazing and supportive husband, Wesley Allen Sr. for 10 years now. We have two amazing kids, Jayla and Wesley Jr. I have been a special education teacher for 12 years now. I am also a successful business owner of several businesses. Read more>>

Mary Rachel Henderson

At the age of 25, I found myself living in a remote town in southern Thailand teaching English as a second language and struggling to figure out “what I wanted to be when I grew up.” At that point, I’d had an enriching undergraduate experience as a philosophy major at Emory, worked at a law firm, and moved to Pennsylvania and worked at a financial services company – and, crucially for a born and bred Georgian, learned to drive in the snow. Read more>>

Director RipperBrown

As kid from the east coast r&b was always being played in the house at family gatherings or on the radio and so was rock music! I just knew at an early age I was in love with music and didn’t think I could sing but wanted to do something in the entertainment field! At the age of 12 me and my older brother heard our first rap record and said “hey we can do that” and with his lead we started listening with the intent on teaching ourselves how to make music.. Read more>>

Antione Taylor

Hello my name is Antione Taylor Mogul, Actor, Creator who started Mogul’s in the Making four years ago on my college campus as a student at Michigan State University to connect young entrepreneurs, creators, artists, and other student together to find out better ways that we can assist each other and to uplift our individual brands. MITM is not just a brunch, but a lifestyle and community. A community full of some of the top young artist, entrepreneurs, curators and many others who truly exemplify what it means to be a Mogul in the Making! Read more>>

Christiana Renee

My story started out in Detroit, MI. I was born to Paul and Shelly Singleton who were very spiritual, cultural and creative people. As the only daughter in a family of eight, I was very quiet. When my brothers were not around and my closest cousins weren’t coming over my house, I often had to be my own playmate. However, I always loved to put on a show, so whenever my parents asked me to perform for them, this meant putting on a theatrical or dance show. My dad was so impressed that one day after acting out a character from a book I was reading, he and my mom took me to an acting class at the local YMCA. Read more>>

Fredrick Temple

I’ve been rapping since I was 12 years old. Going through trials and tribulations made me want to express myself through music. Being on the run nobody understood what I was facing and I never had anybody to turn to nor understand what I was going through so music was my only escape it was my journal when I couldn’t vent to anybody so I started to vent in my music it’s my way of expressing my voice, it’s my safe haven, my escape from the real world when I need to breathe, it’s the fuel that’s burning deep down on the inside of me that keeps me in a place of peace. Read more>>

Max Lazarus

I really started making music with my family, they were all musicians and so it just became something I grew up with, something I knew I would always have with me. My mom and my dad both play the guitar and the piano, and I have two older brothers who play drums and guitar and bass, so by the time I was born we already had a band set up for us. There were always tons of instruments laying around the house, keyboards from our neighbors and family friends, mini guitars our parents bought us for our pre-school graduation, and then a drum set when my brother started playing drums. Read more>>

Angela Thompson

My name is Angela Thompson and I am a seasoned travel medical social worker who has worked in various healthcare settings throughout the United States, including Northern and Southern California, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Florida, Alabama, Arizona and Texas. In 2015, I was exhausted from being overworked and underpaid. I was tired! I thought to myself; there have to be more social work opportunities available with better pay and less stress. Read more>>

Shatavia Givan

I first learned how to braid at 6 years old. Me and my sister were playing with our dolls. I look over and she was plaiting her doll’s hair. I asked if she could show me how to do what she was doing and she showed me how to take three strands and plait. It was on and popping then. 6 year old me went around the house braiding anything that could make three strands whether it be yarn , the strings hanging off the throw pillows, curtains,etc. literally anything I could get a hold of.  Read more>>

Eli Montanna

My name is Elijah Davis, also known as ELI MONTANNA. Born on July 7, 1998 in the city of Beaumont, Texas. From a young age I developed a love for music since joining the local youth church choir. I draw my inspiration from Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake, Andre 3000, and many others. Fast forward to when I turned 17 I moved out to Atlanta and began an internship at Reach Records. I didn’t have nowhere to sleep so I would shack up in studios and couches of people I barely knew just to make it work. Read more>>

Tye Cooper

Yes, I started my journey towards breaking into the music industry as an Hip Hop artist when I was 19 years old. I’ve been writing music since the 3rd grade but can honestly say my craft wasn’t perfected until I graduated high school at 17. I was under the impression that I was having a child with a girl who I was with since the 9th grade, who later on lied about me being her child’s biological father, after fathering him 2 years into his life. He was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis and was very sick but his entry point to the world was a blessing in disguise. Read more>>

Theo Alexander

Appreciate the interview, Voyage! I want to start by introducing The Social Club. The Social Club is a community, designed with the purpose of celebrating & connecting emerging men and women in Atlanta, who are looking to have fun beyond the night club. If you enjoy dancing or conversing with others while simultaneously growing your social and professional networks- The Social Club is for you. Read more>>

Cariyah Roper

I am a upcoming mua, and freelance model born and raised in Cincinnati Ohio. I’ve been modeling since before I could remember I watched ANTM everyday when I was 10 to gain more confidence and become more professional as a kid. I had to start over due to lack of support and also because I had so many careers at once & didn’t know what my best interest was at the time but I didn’t let that stop me I used lack of support as a guard to come back harder then ever & not look at the past just focus on what’s ahead. I started from the beginning as a self taught model I started off by practicing at home, taking classes, using social media & booking my own gigs. Read more>>

Lindsey Arnold

Well, I am a mother of five and have been an entrepreneur since 2018, and am currently working in the financial industry as a resource to help educate people on money matters. It was always important to me to teach my children and my family financial literacy due to the fact that I didn’t really get the education and empowerment until after I stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. Talking to my kids about basic and advanced financial concepts but breaking them down in a way that would be easy for them to understand was pretty much something I had done from that moment on. Read more>>

Tristan Davis

I’d like to introduce myself! My name is Tristan Davis. I was born and raised in Boynton Beach, Florida then moved to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Georgia state university. From a young age, I was a shy and quiet girl. I would always clam up when I was asked simple questions. That was until cheerleading was introduced into my life. It may sound so clique, but this sport has made me who I am today. Throughout the self-discipline, selflessness, courage, teamwork, open-mindedness, and I could go on. Cheerleading has been one way that I opened my social presence to allow me to carry myself with such poise. Read more>>

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