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Exploring Life & Business with Terri Ann Heiman of Natural Forces Studio

Today we’d like to introduce you to Terri Ann Heiman.

Terri Ann, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
My work in the Healing Arts began by making jewelry with crystals and stones. My jewelry was sold in high end boutiques in NYC and the Hamptons. My hands were blessed by Shamans for my beading work in making sacred objects.

Without even knowing it, those same blessings led to my first Spiritual teacher after my husband of 13 years announced he was in love with another woman.

In that moment of announcement, the universe stood still as I heard myself ask.. Who was I? Who had I been listening to? Not me. Not my spirit.

Those thoughts changed my life… The path I’d been on came to an abrupt end in the matter of a few minutes.

My partner, my soulmate, the man I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with been having an affair with a woman at his office. I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. Where had I been? Where was I? WHO was I? I found myself lost. Afraid. And in need of major help. I had two small children that needed me. I knew somehow I had to not only survive but also dig deep inside and find my courage to move forward.

I went to several talk therapists. That helped get the issues up front, but I still wasn’t reaching deep enough. I was so stuck in my own fear, I didn’t know how I was going to pull out of this. I was alone, scared and crying every day. But then I met my first spiritual teacher and the guidance came pouring in. I started removing the blocks and let the past go. I learned about my empathic nature and my Intuitive gifts that had also been buried underneath it all.

I went deep within and found that force inside. My spirit wasn’t just there…it was screaming to come alive and find its way back into my life. You see, everything is energy. It’s just that some things are denser than others… like pain, fear, and suffering which are root causes of our suffering. Just a little movement, even a small change, can spark the fire in you to breathe the air and ground your existence with the ebb and flow of the waters of life. Even just moving a little energy begins a ripple effect. This effect, like a pebble in a pond, ripples out and creates movement, taking us to a new place.

My greatest purpose now is to help guide you back to your spirit, no matter how stuck you are and no matter how big the block may be. It’s not your typical talk therapy that I am using. It’s ENERGY. It’s the root of our existence. It’s the force within us that propels us each and every day. It’s the divine universal life force that gets to the very root of the blocks that holds us captive to our past.

From that very first moment of tapping into my spirit back in the 90s, I knew my entire life had shifted. That whole experience (and many more since) have brought me to where I am today, more than able to help others make this same kind of shift. I changed my life, my friends, my calling. I went back to school. I studied Healing Arts and Interfaith Spiritual Counseling. I learned I had many gifts to be of service to others. I created a new life for myself and my children. I not only survived, I thrived.

I raised my children and supported them all the way through college. Now they are both out of school and living their paths, and doing quite well, I might add.

Now, two decades later…I am here to help you find your spirit and dig deep into your soul. I’m here to help you come out from underneath it all and make that transition back to your life… energetically… through change.

I have acquired many tools and I am here to teach you these RITES – Reiki, Intuition, Tarot, EFT and Stones and Crystals for your everyday life so that you, too, can empower your Spirit to move through the transitions that life has offered you.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
It hasn’t exactly been a smooth one but a very empowering one. I raised 2 children on my own in New York. I worked a full time job and started my healing practice on the side. There were lots of ups and downs but I preserved along the way… Once my kids were graduated college, I returned back to my hometown of Birmingham to help my aging parents. I opened my spiritual business in the deep south! That in itself has been a big struggle but using the very tools, the RITES, I have continued to thrive.

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your business?
I work in the Healing Arts as a Spiritual Counseling and Intuitive Coach. I offer Spiritual Upgrades and Energy Healings for modern day women with the mystical teachings of Spirituality. I teach my clients how to create the foundation for a spiritual practice with the RITES, Reiki, Intuition, Tarot, EFT and Stones and Crystals to connect to their inner guidance, and build confidence to trust their inner guidance.

My work speaks to the spiritual but not religious population, one of the fastest growing populations.

From the need of education around Spiritual Development, I host the Empowered Spirit Show podcast. I’ve written a book, Confessions of a Shower Tapper: The Ultimate Goal to Living your Life with EFT. Although this book is my story on how I regained my strength to live my purpose but it is also a universal story offering 21 different issues we all go through. And most recently, have produced the Empowered Spirit Tarot deck and Study book in an attempt to demystify the use of Tarot and bring it forward as a modern day tool for self development.

My purpose is to help others create a daily Spiritual practice for empowerment. Energy Matters for Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Health. Together we will look at the imprints of your life and what keeps you stuck. Working in the Akashic Records, we will uncover the wisdom of your Soul to find the confidence to make new Spiritual Contracts for your life.

We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on luck and what role, if any, you feel it’s played for you?
The wheel is always turning. I seem to always learn the hard way but it is those very lessons that has allowed for growth to come forward.

I like to say that when my luck is good to be grateful for the wheel will turn. And, when my luck is back, be grateful for the wheel will turn once again.


  • $135 Initial Consultation

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