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Hidden Gems from Marietta & Surrounding Areas

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some gems from Marietta & the surrounding areas.

Vitor Souza Pinheiro da Silva

I am a photographer and beginner videographer. Photography has always been a part of my life, I would take pictures with friends, family, etc… However, I had never done it seriously until around three years ago. That was around the time when I had first started my photography account on Instagram, I started posting photos that I had taken with my phone, and improved a lot as time went by. As you may know, photography and videography are part of the same family, so I naturally started getting into videography. That was around the time I was very confused about college majors and stuff like that, I had switched majors three times in one year. It was then that I had the idea of going to a film school, which I have recently just started. So, it may not seem like a lot, but just in these three years, I have improved a lot in doing what I love and I have learned many things that will help me in the future as well. Read more>>

Chinita Menefee

I was born in Chicago, IL and moved to Milwaukee, WI when I was 13. Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be in the beauty industry. I would play in my grandmother’s makeup and model up and down the hallways in our home. After HS, I pursued a career in the medical field and did that for over ten years. During that time, I started venturing out doing makeup as a side job. I remember having a talk with my maternal grandma seeing as though we were so close, about taking a leap of faith and moving to Georgia with my daughter at the time. I knew that I would eventually feel comfortable enough to switch careers; it would be in my best interest to move to a state that was huge in the beauty industry. My daughter who was four at the time had also gotten into some modeling, so it was the best decision. Read more>>

Amelia Barnett

I love going out in Atlanta and as I started getting older, I really wanted to branch out of my comfort zone and try new things. This is what sparked my interest to create a page to track all the new places I have discovered around the city to share with my friends. My friends know I like to do different things in the city so they would always ask me about the new hot spots or send me suggestions on places to visit. I now have a page where everyone can reference to when they are looking for things to do. I took this as a challenge and I started looking for even more unique places and activities to do in/around Atlanta. This has definitely inspired me to really see the beautiful places Atlanta has to offer and how diverse the city truly is. Read more>>

Cassandra Bellevue

2019 was an extremely pivotal year for me. You can say I was given a new lease on life a second chance. I knew that God was calling me to write a book about many of the things I had personally walked through. My passion ultimately is to encourage people to not give up on life or their dreams. Also, to not allow the temporary and short terms “wants” sabotage their destiny and long-term goals. At the beginning of 2020, I interviewed with a great company and by the end of February, I had a verbal offer. The company liked me so much that instead of bringing me on a temp-to-perm basis, they decided they wanted to bring me on permanently. The recruiter advised this change would require them to embark on a longer paperwork process with the company’s HR department. While I was waiting on my written offer letter, I was laid off by my current job at the very beginning of April due to the pandemic. Read more>>

Christian Smith

Growing up, I didn’t have the luxury of buying brands that were appealing to me. In my last two years of high school, I started my first job at Chick Fil A for the summer, prior to going into my senior year of high school. This was the first time I started getting money in my pocket. From there, I began to explore different types and brands of clothing appealing to me. While I was shopping at certain retail stores at H&M, F21, Rue21, Thrasher, ETC. After graduating in 2018, I started to think of how I could implement my own ideas and put them on clothing. My first design idea I came up with was successful. I sold out within a couple of months. It had my brand name ” Sackchasin” and a man running with a bag of money in hand. After that, I just kept going! I now have multiple designs that I am able to place on various types of apparel for men, women, kids and infants. Read more>>

Fabiano and Camila Nogueira

We are both originally from Brazil, but we met here. Fabiano started cutting hair when he was 16 years old. His mother insisted that he learned how to cut hair. She said “You can always cut hair because there will always be people with hair to be cut. It is also a profession that you can do anywhere in the world.” It’s as if she knew that at age 27 Fabiano would be moving to the US to start a new life. Here he worked at a few small barbershops and eventually opened his own in 2017 alongside his wife. Read more>>

Sherita Dunbar

My Super Fit origin story started over ten years ago when I first ventured into the world of Cosplay. Yes, you read that correctly Cosplay. My husband (who is not at all shy) came home one day and was like babe, can I ask you something? I’m like sure what’s up. Well, I’ve been going to Dragon con, and I see my friends with their hot wives cosplaying and I got to thinking, well I have a hot wife and was wondering if you would Cosplay with me. (Cue puppy dog eyes and foot twisting) I couldn’t help but say yes to that! So off to Dragon con we went! I will admit, I started off very excited to go but the closer we got to the actual day, the more nervous I became. And that was honestly because I was going to be cosplaying two characters that were not black characters. After stepping out at con dressed as Rogue (X-men) and then Chun Li (Street Fighter), it was a wrap, I had fallen in love with Cosplay. Read more>>

Brittany Hobbs

I’m originally from Little Rock, AR. I moved to the Atlanta area around 11 years ago for grad school at Kennesaw State University to pursue a degree in Construction Project Management. My previous background was in Architecture. I attended Tuskegee University for my undergrad. I’ve always had a passion for design and wanted to somehow make a difference in my community in the process. I was a project manager for a while but got the opportunity to get back into design by teaching students computer aided drafting at a local college. From there, I transitioned back from construction to architectural design. I worked with a few firms and began the thought of how I could give back but also use my skills I had acquired over the years. So I began my design and development business two years ago. YSD Design & Development stands for Young Successful Dreamers, and though I may not be young forever the thought is to always and continuously inspire young minds to keep dreaming and being successful in their journey through life. Read more>>

Rae Broyles

I grew up near Chicago. I come from a long line of painters. My father was an illustrator and watercolorist in the 1950’s and at least two generations before him were professional painters as well. He was a musician and his mom taught piano and his dad sang opera besides the painting career. So fortunately art was encouraged in my childhood. My mom is from Norway and lived there during WWII during the occupation. Although there was so much art around me, I was steered towards “commercial” art. So I studied illustration at The American Academy of Art in Chicago and then at Rhode Island School of Design. After college, I went on to become a graphic designer and eventually creative director. After living all around the US for various positions, I settled in Atlanta with my husband and started my professional painting career about 20 years ago. Since then, I have been fortunate enough to have shown my work nationally and internationally. I studied and taught at Fine Arts Workshop in Atlanta. And now I also run my own studio called Fountainhead Art Space. Read more>>

Sierra Bell

When I was in middle school, I learned how to hand sew my name into a felt fabric flag in my home economics class. I remember being so excited and eager to learn more. My mom bought me a sewing kit that came with hand needles and thread for me to practice my newfound interest. I started cutting up my old dresses into shirts, my old pants into shorts, and cutting designs into t-shirts. When I was in 8th grade, I started to sketch out designs and I would tape them to my wall for inspiration and motivation to get my career started. I told my mom that I want to be a fashion designer as my career and was ready to get started. Since my mom is a business owner herself, she was very excited that I wanted to be a business owner also. We sat down and made a business plan and she helped me come up with the name “Pink Parlor”. Read more>>

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