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Inspiring Conversations with Christina Faith of Muzikii Digital Music Publishing Company

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christina Faith.

Hi Christina, we’re thrilled to have a chance to learn your story today. So, before we get into specifics, maybe you can briefly walk us through how you got to where you are today?
Music has consistently been my pulse. I began in my adolescence playing drums and piano, but particularly drums/percussion. In the 3rd grade, Marion High School’s Marching Band Director heard me play the snare drum and was wowed. He walked over to me and requested that I join the high school marching band. Simply picture a little small girl who was a major tomboy carrying and playing this huge snare drum.

I learned all of the drum cadence and ensured that the guys would respect me as a drummer. In those days, I was a little aggressive and hotheaded, heck I still am a little. It’s now called passion. I played snare drum on the Marion High School Marching Band from 3rd grade up until grade eleven. I additionally played the drum set for church for many years until going off to college.

Claflin University is where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Management. After graduating, I could not find a job within sports management to save my life. There was a job posting at a bank in Charlotte, so I applied and was hired. I sort of tumbled into banking. I worked my way up from being a Personal Banker (Retail Banking) to working within the Wealth Management division of one of the biggest global investment banks, Morgan Stanley. The misery I experienced while working my nine to five- not because I didn’t like banking, but because my heart was attached to music. I can recall sitting at my work desk area simply telling myself, “this isn’t it”. Music consistently has a way of pulling me back to it, even when I attempted to escape it.

From that point, Muzikii Digital Music Publishing Company was born – 2020. I formed Muzikii in May 2020, but because I was unable to procure the funding I was seeking plus covid, I decided to put it away. After almost a year had passed and something in me said, “Muzikii, just go with it” and so I did. Within the first three months of reopening Muzikii, I had thirty plus clients globally, which was not my plan. Nearly ten months later, Muzikii Digital presently represents over one-hundred artists, producers, film, record, and publishing companies from around the globe. We have clients and members in Guatemala, South Africa, Nigeria, USA, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, East Africa, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Colombia, and India.

Up until now, our greatest achievement has been Muzikii and its clients collaborating with two films distributed by BET Network.

What exactly is Muzikii you might ask?

Muzikii Digital Music Publishing Company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina is a digital music publishing and licensing company with additional facets such as Hollywood and Nollywood music supervision and catalog management. We issue non-exclusive publishing and licensing deals and do not collect copyrights and royalties from our clients. Those things belong to them. We sign film companies, record labels, gaming companies, artists, and producers under Muzikii.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
It has not generally been a smooth road, yet that’s the beauty of building a business as well as anything throughout everyday life. “A victory without a battle cannot be obtained”.

A struggle that most combat is psychological. The battle between having an idea and actually executing it. The greatest battle of all time is Mind vs. Spirit. One thing that keeps me pushing and facing challenges is my name, “Christina FAITH”.

I’m Faith, Faith is me! In the event that I didn’t have Faith, I’d literally be a walking contradiction. So because I am Faith, I take some of the most craziest risks ever in life. I choose to live on the edge because there’s such beauty in doing so. Unfortunately, most aren’t able to experience that beauty because they decided not to face the challenge, “Mind vs. Spirit”.

What I truly appreciate about my battles is that when difficulties arise that I overcome (I always overcome), I look back and say, “I’m unstoppable and even stronger”.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about Muzikii Digital Music Publishing Company?
Muzikii Digital Music Publishing Company headquartered in Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina was founded on the principle of being a conduit of service for musicians by providing them with non-exclusive representation without collecting their copyrights and royalties as traditional publishing companies would.

We currently represent over one hundred plus artists, producers, film, record, and publishing companies from around the globe. We have members in Guatemala, South Africa, Nigeria, USA, Brazil, China, United Kingdom, East Africa, Jamaica, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Colombia, India, and more.

Muzikii has an additional arm to the film division which is music supervising Hollywood, Nollywood, and Indie Films. Our company’s Film Division consists of our award-winning in-house professional music production team that composes and license music to fit film companies budgets.

Diversity is important to the company, as we have a wide variety of genre diverse catalogs, meaning there’s no limit to the music we accept. We target the independent sector of music because that’s who we used to be, however all are accepted. We understand how troublesome it is discovering resources, the right contacts, and deals to move your music career forward without the help of major labels.

Giving our clients peace of mind in ensuring them that the services we provide are made with great intent, fairness, honesty, and proper compensation is always our goal.

We don’t believe in industry standards or rules here at Muzikii, we create our own. We’re some disruptive rebels.

What were you like growing up?
I was a complete tomboy growing up. Mostly keeping busy by playing sports, music, and riding horses. I hung with the boys from riding four-wheelers, riding and camping with horses, and fighting the boys too when they made me mad because of my short fuse. I was incredibly strong-minded as a kid and very independent. Befriending girls wasn’t really an interest of mine because they were too sensitive, had too much drama, and were messy (to me). The boys were the opposite, we would fight and then the next minute we’re friends again.

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