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Inspiring Stories from Marietta & Surrounding Areas

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city.c In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out the rising stars from in and around Marietta and Cobb below.

Ashley Brown

Ashley’s Famous Cookies started off as a joke between my mom and I. After my son was born at the end of 2016, I would crave chocolate chip cookies consistently. This led to frequent trips to McDonald’s for a cookie tote (13 cookies in a box) that I would take home and share with my family. With a love for baking, I figured I might as well try and make cookies from scratch if I am going to be eating them all the time. Read more>>

Kreneshia Whiteside

I’ve always been surrounded by it in some way, shape, or form. It began with music (because of my family) and later grew to involve the visual arts (because of my school). I attended an art school 6-12th grade with a concentration in music, but the environment of creativity is what fueled my passion to stay in the arts. I love showcasing the talents of others and sharing the corresponding narrative/information. Read more>>

Sheldon Kyles

Well, it all started my senior year of high school once I left I didn’t know what to do or where I wanted to take my life so one day, I decided to go over a friend’s house of mine and found out they where making beats and producing records and one of their close friends where recording a song and it sounded nice and I ask him “yo bro, is it hard to make music? How do you constantly come up with ideas. Read more>>

Dominique Stringer

I grew up in Marietta, GA. I attended Campbell Middle School and later Campbell High School. I was very popular but I stayed in trouble trying to be the class clown. My mother insisted I play sports to keep me focused. I later transferred to Osborne High School. My basketball career was rocky at first because I was a late bloomer. I always had to work 10x harder than everyone else. I was simply the underdog. Read more>>

Benjamin Kenneth Tomlinson

I got accepted to Southern Polytechnic State University (now known as Kennesaw State University) as a Software Engineering student. I just moved away from home with nothing, but my bike, my car and several boxes that needed to be moved up four flights of stairs. I was 17 and was quite timid. After a devastating financial crisis at home, there was no money to pay for school, so the funds had to be borrowed. Read more>>

Myke Stallone

I started making beats when I was 15. Told my mom that I wanted to make music, she enrolled me into a performing arts school, bought a PC and a keyboard and the rest is history. My first artist that I produced for exclusively was a big homie named Big Stacks. My journey with him was my introduction to the rap industry. But my record I did for Childish Gambino’s mixtape “Royalty,” is what kicked it up a notch more notches when I moved to Atlanta. Read more>>

Brandon Clifton

I’m going to skip the whole “I picked up my first camera when I was seven years old” thing and start from when I began college. I already had a passion for photography at that point but didn’t feel confident in pursuing that as a full-time career. I went the “safe” route and got a degree in education where I later became a 2nd-grade teacher. However, here’s where the narrative changed a little. Read more>>

Seyvian Scott

I started when I was 13 years old. I used to record myself over Yung lean beats and I would mix them on an app and I would later DM the videos to my friends, just to be funny. My friend Yung Caprisun gave me the name Yung $lave, ever since then, I would make a video every week, to send to my friends. When I started high school, I started to hear my friends music and it started to motivate me to take my music more seriously. Read more>>

Natasia Smith

I’m not sure where to even start but here it goes. Ok so, I’m the closest ones to me call me “Tash.” I usually tell people I’m from Tucson, Arizona because I lived there the longest but I was born in Guam, my parents were both in the Air Force so we got to move around a bit. Always a hustler, I started working under the table at 15 years old at a local Race Car track then on to working in Restaurants. Read more>>

Montez Jones

My journey began many years ago; unbeknownst to me. As a child – between the ages of 4 and 8 – drawing stick figure families, painting, and creating things with building blocks and Legos was an early passion. It wasn’t until middle school that I really thought “Hey, I’m actually getting good at this. I think I wanna do this for a living. Read more>>

Javonn (JV) Moore

When I was a little child, I was told that I was quiet, but when music came on I would come alive. My mom had me singing in the choir at church when I was as young as I can remember. She used to tell me that the members of the church didn’t know I could talk, but my mouth would be wide open when it came time to sing the song that Sunday morning. Even though I was always singing in some type of choir or chorus. Read more>>

Pamela Holley

Art has always been a part of my life and I grew up in an environment where my family encouraged and supported me to be myself. As strange as I have been through the years finding myself as a creative. I grew up with not a lot but my mom always made sure it was more than enough, she taught me about hard work and how to strive for more and better unapologetically. Read more>>

Caleb Butler

My journey as a storyteller and entrepreneur began back when I was a child. I grew up in Detroit Michigan, the fourth child of out of five siblings. As a young boy, I was always a bit artistic. I enjoyed reading, writing and creating short stories. I also had a tendency to be a bit stubborn; as I was trying to figure out “better” or more “simplistic” ways of doing whatever my parents or teachers would ask of me. Read more>>

Debbie Williams

I started as a hairstylist in New York over 25 years ago. It’s strange because doing hair was never my dream job or my passion. I picked up the skill from watching my older sister do hair, and she was amazing at it! Back then, I was determined to be a lawyer, but before I could get serious about the law, I got married, and a few years later, I had my first child. Read more>>

Edith Moreno

Dreaming… I always knew I want something better in life because since I was a little girl, I have loved to work for want I want. I have learned to manage my time with my family and how to work in order to rich my dreams. It all started when I took an auto makeup class it was then when I discover my passion to become a makeup artist is such a pleasure to see a smile and my clients face after the results, I just love to interact with people. Read more>>

Jonathan Drake

Most of our team consists of contractors that we work with on a per-project basis, but we also have some interns from the University of West GA that are getting hands-on experience working with us throughout the week. Our tag line for our company is “A Creative Collaboration” and that really sums up what our company is all about. We can do more and higher quality projects when we work together. Read more>>

Deron Pablo

I am a certified personal trainer, specialized in weight loss, athletic training and muscle development. I am known for my 8-week program Geaux60 which is a program that pushes you to your limit with different options of meal plans and different variations of workouts you can do at home or at the gym. Read more>>

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