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Inspiring Stories from Marietta & Surrounding Areas

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out the rising stars from in and around Marietta and Cobb below.

Jocelyn Jones

Photography just happened. But know that there are levels to this! And I didn’t get here overnight. Level 1 I started taking pictures at church just for fun. I enjoyed it so much that my pastor loaned me his Canon DSLR to use. At this point it was just a hobby and I really wasn’t interested in doing more. Then I had a not so great experience with a photographer which still lives rent free in my head to this day.  Read more>>

Deneysha Singletary

My path to passion truly began in college at the University of Kentucky. In my first student apartment is where I truly became obsessed with all things beauty! I was mimicking and creating some dope, crazy, loud and outspoken makeup and hair concepts on myself and it most definitely caught peoples eye! I slowly started being asked to do the same on my friend’s and family! That built my confidence up to then start doing freelance makeup and hair on campus for friend’s and people in the local Lexington/ Louisville area. Read more>>

Bria Wheeler

I initially started my journey as a social media influencer, it was something that fell into my lap & as a mother it was perfect because I never wanted to put my children into daycare. However as time went on I started to want for more & everyone constantly told me I should be a photographer. For years I used my cell phone to take pictures of my children but never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to afford all the gear that it takes to be a photographer.  Read more>>

Vickie Blakely

I am originally from Memphis, TN, and moved to Georgia in 2011 with less than $300 in my pocket.​ ​I started this journey with a passion for discussing single life, relationships, and dating due to hearing the constant complaints of not being able to find single people in Atlanta. In speaking with one particular young lady on her struggle, I decided to take matters into my own hands and host an event at my apartment in 2014. At the time, only 3 people came out. Read more>>

Drew + Stacey Turner

Drew and I grew up going to antique stores with our mothers. The appreciation for old things has been ingrained in us since we were little. We are 80’s baby’s and value nostalgia. Over the years we’ve collected items that have been passed down to us via family or have found on our own. Needless to say our collecting got a little out of hand and at one point were bursting at the seams with furniture, knick knacks, art, all the things. To add to that we both enjoy creating and DIY-ing our own projects and home improvements. Read more>>

Alycia Cullen

My passion for birth work started much the same as many others’; I approached my first pregnancy and birth experience naively thinking that our maternity system was the best in the world, and that it would act in a way best for its patients. Through that experience, I was struck by the immense gap of support and knowledge that left families like mine fearful, confused, lonely, or, at worst, traumatized by their births. Read more>>

Anecia Williams

In 2018 I was asked if I knew how to do a balloon arch. Before I said no, I decided to go to Youtube University for a few minutes and realized that it wasn’t that difficult of a process. I practiced, I failed, I actually enjoyed it, so I practiced some more and the rest is history. I was a single mother working full time and I could definitely use the extra cash.  My main job funded my little side hustle. Over the span of 2 years I continued to bootstrap this venture. Read more>>

Bia Hunt

I started this clothing brand as a hobby back in 2015 as I was all into my natural hair and trying to encourage other women of my race to love their natural hair! I came up with the name crown full of curls. A lot of African American ppl feel like we can’t grow hair & that’s just not the case. I don’t think we ever been properly taught how to take care of our hair due to the fact this world has only been taught to cater to only one kind of race.  Read more>>

Marcella Alexandra

My name is Marcella, I’m the owner of Marcella Alexandra Boutique based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I was born in Washington D.C. and later relocated to Marietta, Georgia. I’ve always had a creative mind as a child styling my dolls and cutting up old clothes. Fast forward, as I got older I became more in tune with my sense of style and decided to attend college where I majored in Textile and Merchandising Management at Virginia State University. Read more>>

C.J. Riggs

My passion for acting started when I was a kid. My childhood consisted of me imitating my favorite cartoon or sitcom characters on TV. The jokes I would tell would include references from television shows that impacted my generation like Martin, Fresh Prince, Billy & Mandy, Mulan, the list goes on. My mom always encouraged me to at least try acting because of my personality. I was too in love with basketball at the time to even go another route.  Read more>>

Davia Montgomery

Sheesh! Where do I even begin 🙂 Well, to make a long story short, I started in the tax industry about 8 years ago and I started off just doing it part-time while working a full-time job. Last year, I decided to take a leap of faith and bet on myself. My company made 6 figures in 90 days all while working a full- time job and with a newborn baby! Now my goal is to bring other individuals like myself to the top. I only hope to inspire and make an impact. Each one, teach one. Read more>>

Austin Wilson

I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, FL with my identical twin brother Andrew. Growing up my life revolved around sports which created a hardworking individual that wanted to strive for greatness. My parents instilled the importance of education as they were college graduates with one obtaining a doctorate and the other completing law school, in addition to my two older sisters who are college graduates as well. I knew I had big shoes to fill but I was determined to fill them. Read more>>

Erica Zendell

A recent transplant to the Atlanta Metro Area, I’m a proud but conflicted Jersey Girl and “Masshole” at heart. I was born and raised in New Jersey, and lived in the Garden State until I graduated from college. For most of my childhood, all I wanted to do was run away from the place [cue a Bruce Springsteen song like “Born to Run” or “Thunder Road”]. I couldn’t seem to get out” until I turned 21, and “Shipp[ed] Up to Boston,” where I landed until I was almost 31. I started getting “itchy” to leave Boston after my first few years there, but lacked the courage, conviction, or what I thought was a good enough reason (read: a job or degree program) to pack up and venture somewhere outside of the Northeast. Read more>>

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