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Inspiring Stories from Marietta & Surrounding Areas

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city.c In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out the rising stars from in and around Marietta and Cobb below.

Tyrone Webb, Jr.

During my tenure at the company, I created a global executive social media program where I developed senior level executives on branding. This opportunity grew into me sharing my best practices with external stakeholders. I ended up becoming an expert in the branding and marketing space to those around me. It felt natural to share my knowledge and develop my business around it. Read more>>

Jordan Marshall

I found my love for photography my freshman year of college at Mercer University. My football coach signed me up for a pinhole photography class and I end up falling in love with it. After that class, I decided to make photography my minor at school and in 2015 my parents bought me my first DSLR camera! I started off just doing random shoots with my friends and posting on social media, then I got asked to do my first paid shoot. Read more>>

Hope and Matt Hughes

Ethereal Visions Publishing was born from a love of books. I have cherished books my entire life; books have always been an escape, a confidant, and a comfort. When I was a child, reading wasn’t encouraged and was, in a way, forbidden outside of school. I would hide library books under my mattress and read in secret. It was my escape from an unhappy childhood — Read more>>

Elgin Nation

I became a creative the day I was born in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. I was eight years old when my mother moved my sister and I to the Metro Atlanta area, and it would be around that time when I really took an interest in the stage. My first experiences performing in front of live audiences would stem from imitating Michael Jackson in talent competitions. Read more>>

Yoana Vasileva

I might not be as popular as many people, nor my story is that inspirational but the reason I had to tell it is that it will allow you to conclude some concepts about success! My mission has always been to positively impact the life of every person I meet! God put vision and dream in front of me and it was up to me to take the leap of faith. Read more>>

Hunter Flanagan

Well, I’ve always loved to sing. From the age of 16 months old, I knew all the songs and dances to the wizard of Oz. I sang just for fun but in 2011 my brother Josh was riding his fourwheeler down the road and got in a wreck. He was in a coma for 29 days, had 17 injuries to his brain, was given a less than 1% chance of survival and had to have part of his frontal lobe removed but he survived. Read more>>

Toni Fagiola

Before I introduced self-care into my life I was nowhere near the mental space I am at now. I discovered that life is to short to be anything less than enjoyed. What this lifestyle did for me was something I wanted to share with women everywhere. Considering that I can be helped, I knew anyone & everyone can be helped. I continued to follow my heart & passion. Read more>>

Matthew Head

I moved home and began working with local artists in the Atlanta area in a small studio in Smyrna, Georgia. Through that studio, I was introduced to a local film production company that needed music for their film. I had no idea how to score a film but took a shot at it and the film and music received rave reviews. With that success, I started to educate myself on film composition and I haven’t looked back since. Read more>>

PJ McDonnell

After my senior year at Radford University, I decided I was going to move to Atlanta and pursue my dreams of being a full time touring musician. Through lots of grace, practice, rehearsal, and networking I landed a gig with a touring cover band that I played with for a year. The agent that booked that band then asked if I would be interested in moving to Nashville to be part of a group he was putting together. Read more>>

Charessa Sawyer

Her story and our journey are what led to the development of Charge Up Campaign. Our mission is to focus on the mental health of the conqueror and to speak to the person and not the cancer. My goal is to simply help put smiles on the faces of conquerors and caregivers through programs and events. Read more>>

Rachael “RoRo” Johnson

I got my start by taking a leap of faith. When my dad passed in the Summer of 2013 unexpectedly, I saw that life was to short to not pursue all of my dreams. I always found myself pleasing and doing what others wanted me to do. I wanted to make sure that I live my life to its fullest. Read more>>

Tk Burtin

I moved to Orlando FL to attend college at the University of Central Florida College of Hospitality and then went on to complete my MBA at Webster University. In Orlando, I worked in Nightlife as a VIP Specialist for seven Years and that’s where I developed the passion for understanding how spirits are created. About a year ago my brother and I developed the idea of creating a whiskey brand. And here we are today ready to build the brand! Read more>>

Renata Brown

My love for the arts was the catalyst for founding and producing an award show primarily focused on celebrating excellence in the arts of poetry and neo-soul music. The platform was founded in 2014 under the name GANSPA (Gifted Artist Neo Soul & Poetry Awards) We are now re-branded under A-Spire Magazine. Read more>>

Kelly Davidson

I began following Christ after embracing His promise of rescue my junior year in university. I taught elementary school, served ten years overseas, then led millennial ministries in the Atlanta area for more than a decade after a health crisis required my return stateside. The restoration and deep healing of that challenging reentry season led me to a masters in biblical counseling, and a passion to partner with cross-cultural workers more effectively. Read more>>

Christina Robbins and Erin Pridgen

Our biggest goal is maintaining grace within all situations with our team, our clients, and with daily business interactions. We believe our purpose is much bigger than our personal goals and doing pretty hair in the process is a bonus. We recently opened our second location in Gwinnett and can’t see what’s next for Fifth&Mae! Read more>>

Nicole Hicks

I knew I’d be going to Culinary school. A Le Cordon Bleu rep visited my Nutrition Class and I fell in love with the school, my dream was to go to the Culinary Institute of America but tuition was insane. So, Le Cordon Bleu, it was! I moved to Orlando FL on my 19th bday and started my culinary journey. I loved everything about school but dropped out about year and a half later. Life happened! Read more>>

Treveon Brown and Sean Atewll

Neither of us knew anything about running a brand, so we had to learn everything from scratch. Like any business we ran into roadblocks, however, we overcame every roadblock. We starting gaining popularity very fast thanks to our friends and family. During black history month in 2018, we decided to do a Wily 90s drop and that blew us up and took us to another level. Read more>>

Benjamin Meyers

I decided that if I wanted to make it as a creative in this world, then I would have to be creative in my approach. I took as many free gigs as I could get and built an online portfolio in the form of a website and then used that online appearance to start booking paid gigs. The rest is history. I was able to land a full-time salaried job by using my LLC as “experience”. Read more>>

Megan Young Gamble

By helping each woman that I come in contact help to enhance her inner sexiness outward, she is not conforming to what society states as “sexy” because she already possesses it. And “Xperience” stemmed from ensuring that each person has a unique experience when working with me. Read more>>

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