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Inspiring Stories from Norcross

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out rising stars from in and around Norcross below.

Niyah White

To simply put it, my life has been one crazy, unconventional journey. First off, I’m the only one in my family born and raised in Georgia. Growing up, I was always a silly, outdoorsy, musical, creative kid who was always giving and caring for others. You could always find me at a desk drawing for hours teaching myself the art of patience or outside barefoot in the grass running around and riding my bike or finding a way to doing something for others. Although my life seemed pretty great to those around me, my reality was the complete opposite. Secretly, I was suffering and putting on a façade, so that the people around me who didn’t really know what was going on in my life or how I was feeling wouldn’t worry about me. During my elementary and middle school years, I had developed a problem with my relationship with food. I constantly ate until I felt sick. This poor habit of binge eating ended up with me being overweight. Unfortunately, due to realizing I was overweight and being told I need to lose weight by my doctor, caused me to develop other eating disorders. Read more>>

Kenjahte’ Harrison

Last year, as we all began to feel the impact of the pandemic, I wanted to help businesses find ways to save money and modify their processes in order to prepare for change. Having worked for both small private businesses and Fortune 500 companies I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the inefficient from all sides. With my experience, I knew that I had a lot of valuable knowledge to share. I took to Instagram, became The Process Queen, and began posting daily about the importance of processes and ideas on how to operate efficiently. When my full-time job was terminated due to COVID-19, I spent a few weeks disconnecting from work and reconnecting with family, friends, and myself. Having friends with small businesses, I found a new way to support their dreams by helping them simplify their processes and create an ideal workflow. Together we defined goals and strategies, set priorities and deadlines, and celebrated small victories along the way. It was so rewarding to see how quickly their businesses reached new levels of success by simply focusing on strategy and structure. Read more>>

Innocent Wamey

I consider myself a serial entrepreneur, innovator and branding expert. Most of all a family man. I have always had a great admiration for simple solutions that meet customers at the pain points. For 17 years, after graduating college, I worked in the tech industry building systems and products for multinational companies; holding key engineering and leadership positions at Cisco Systems, AT&T, ADVA Networks and Hitachi Telecom. I have a wealth of experience building new technology and startups as founder of the CarbonBlack App, Eventurnup and now VIPsocio. My educational background includes a B.SC. in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from Georgia State University. I am extremely passionate about Afro culture; The entertainment, the music, the dance, the fashion and the food. VIPsocio for me is an expression of that love for the culture and an opportunity to fill a void in the industry in terms of equity, ownership and empowerment. Read more>>

Patrice Lindo

I have been a “corporate warrior” for years in the medical, educational, and consulting industries. The journey has been rewarding but now I am called to create a path for others that teaches professionals how to accelerate their personal and professional goals by tapping into their souls’ mission. I’ve concentrated over a decade of experience to empower busy professionals with coaching and tools to reach their career goals- especially for women of color. I have been through many challenges and broken through several barriers in my own career, I’m paying my success forward by guiding the next generation of aspiring women of color towards influential management and leadership roles. Read more>>

Nikki Latty

My story is a trek! Put your hiking boots on! I have always been a creative in some form. Early on, I lived to draw and paint. After attempting to pursue a traditional career and attending Boston University for Mass Communications, I was drawn to Cosmetology and dropped out of college after my sophomore year. I gave birth to my oldest son at age 20, and shortly after enrolled in the cosmetology school on the edge of the Boston University campus. My artistic expression since has focused on my ability to transform people’s aesthetic, mood and conditions using hair, makeup and beauty. I owned two full service salons in Massachusetts in the 1990’s in my early 20’s. My love for and interest in people and their life stories and desire to serve and transform difficult situations, led me to finish my undergrad studies in Social Work in NYC with dual minors in Sociology and African American Studies. The week following undergrad graduation (graduating Magna Cum laude), I delved into a highly selective accelerated graduate studies program at Hunter College and continued my master’s degree in Social Work. Read more>>

Peace Pressley

The name Gifted Touch Music, or GTM for short, actually came about because my husband (at the time, boyfriend) and I was doing a lot of music for weddings and dating night type of events. I sing and he plays piano. We needed a name, and this is what we came up with for our business cards! When I started teaching music, I was about 22, and I was working for a church school as an Aftercare Teacher. I planned their afternoon, which included circle time! I’d bring my guitar and we sing and dance. From there, I got my first student! And I taught her privately for about three years; In 2012, I was hired to work at a music studio in Atlanta where I taught voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele for all ages, as well as a group music class for small kids 4-6 years old. I worked here until I had my son in 2015. I loved every minute of being in a studio as a teacher! I love teaching in general. Read more>>

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