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Inspiring Stories from Norcross

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out rising stars from in and around Norcross below.

Diana Andrade

Hello, I am from Ecuador – South America and I moved to the USA three years ago, my family in Ecuador has cacao lands and chocolate factory; therefore, we came with the idea of importing this special chocolate made of organic “cacao fino de aroma,” know as the highest quality cacao seed in the world for flavor and aroma. We decided to bring three lines of chocolate: Classic dark chocolate, Unrefined raw sugar cane chocolate and also decided to make a healthy sugar free formulas sweetened with stevia. I studied business administration but I am also a fitness chef. I got a certificate as a personal trainer and currently finishing studies in nutrition. That’s why was very important to me to include a healthy formula. Read more>>

Myles Coley Faulkner

I began my business, Can’t Get Enough Co., in 2019 for motivational purposes for young individuals like myself. I’ve always been a motivated person and outgoing. That’s were the inspiration for my clothing brand started. At first, I didn’t see it becoming a clothing brand until I got my first five hoodies created. The amazing feedback I was receiving from my product pushed me to continue and dive deeper into the clothing business. As my business is growing daily, I see a bright future for it and have many ideas planned for Can’t Get Enough Co. Read more>>

Claudia Trillo

My story starts from when I was growing up in Peachtree Corners, also known as Norcross. I am the third of four children to my parents. My mother, Ingrid, was born and raised in Cali, Colombia, before she moved to Canada for ten years and then to Atlanta, Georgia. My father, Jose, was born in New York City but grew up in NYC, Miami, and Colombia before moving to Atlanta with my mother. I had a happy, wonderful childhood filled with soccer games on the weekend, a violin rehearsal during the week and a lot of running around with my three siblings. We were Latinos living in a very Caucasian area, but it wasn’t until I was at the end of high school and college when I actually felt like a Latina. In Peachtree Corners, there was not much diversity or celebration of multiculturalism, and so I regrettably say that I was completely out of touch of who I was and the importance of knowing my roots. Read more>>

Jennifer Watts

My love for baking started at an early age as soon as I could drag a chair over to “help” my mom in the kitchen… measuring and pouring, piping, and eventually learning to make buttercream roses. However, it wasn’t until my children were born that I started creating edible art. What began as just birthday cakes for my boys quickly became cakes for friends, and soon their friends. And before long, I was a hobby baker wanting to go pro. That was the birth of “Sweet Dreams Cakery”. Though cute and sweet, the name didn’t quite feel right. Read more>>

Astasia Roosevelt

I have always been interested in arts and crafts throughout life. I’ve won a few drawing contests so I think I am pretty much legit. Beginning my nail technician journey in August of 2017, I was looking for something to capture my full attention. My older sister was the one to push me to go to school for nails and take it seriously. Honestly, at the time, I had nothing else so, why not. I attended Elaine Sterling Institute, located in Sandy Springs and graduated in January of 2018. Once I finished school, I began working in a salon lobby and grew from there. Many full sets later, and I am currently working in a salon suite located in Buford, Georgia. Read more>>

Talia Leslie

My love for thrifting started as simply that… a love. I enjoyed shopping with my mother, who had a special gift for finding great deals at great prices and often that skill led her to the thrift store. We would spend hours finding my “first day of school” outfits, my homecoming dresses and whatever else was needed to ensure that my siblings and I were not only clothed but that we were stylish! As I became an adult and realized that I worked harder than my paycheck reflected, I decided that I was truly my mother’s child and I turned my love into a business. While I enjoy thrifting for myself, it brings me great joy to style others and show them how far their budget can stretch. These tips and more can be found when I serve as a personal shopper or in my upcoming book, Stylish Minds, Frugal Finds. Read more>>

Courtnie McCarthy

When I was a little girl, me and my mom used to live with my grandmother in South Carolina. My grandmother had this mirror that was located on the head of the bed, and my mom will tell me that I was always looking myself in it. I guess that’s what started the spark to model. I didn’t really take it seriously until I was a teenager. I remember I would spend countless hours watching old videos of the icon Naomi Campbell, trying to perfect my walk, and study poses from Tyra Banks and Alek Wek. But I go so discouraged because being an African American woman and being a dark-skinned black woman you do not often see women that look like you in magazines. The modeling/entertainment industry can be so discouraging and that led me to feel insecure within myself and the passion died down. Read more>>

Anisa Mahdi

I am a plant-based diet advocate and avid juicer. My love for a healthy lifestyle actually started years ago while I was in high school. I was already interested in a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle because my mother was a vegetarian. I started reading about the benefits of a vegetarian diet and decided to give it a try. I was unaware, however, that a vegetarian diet can still be extremely unhealthy if it includes too many processed foods. Over time I learned that a whole foods plant-based diet is best. This is when I started cooking more and learned about the benefits of juices and smoothies. I know many times we think about the external benefits of healthy eating, such as more energy, clearer skin, or weight loss but I’ve found that it’s taught me believe that my body deserves better. I treat myself better overall. Read more>>

Royce Morgan

I started out winning a local contest in my hometown Memphis, TN, with radio station K97FM which started me with local opportunities with modeling/print/commercial work. During this time, Social Media was also picking up and allowing more visibility. The more that picked up and I started being more myself than just a face on a picture or trying to be “known” or “famous,” it attracted an organic following through my “round the way” inspiration and humor (as I refer to it). In 2016 I relocated to Atlanta when I tell you things started getting REAL when I moved here. I battled depression and anxiety from so many things in life hitting me all at once between 2017-2019, backs turned on me, being misunderstood, not able to pursue my craft like I wanted and really had nowhere to turn, so I turned to Social Media as I fought for my life LITERALLY). Read more>>

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