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Inspiring Stories from Norcross

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out rising stars from in and around Norcross below.

Shani Taylor

I haven’t always wanted to be an author. Well, the thought crossed my mind years ago. I was good at it, very good at it, but never imagined it could be possible. So I brushed the idea off. I’ve always enjoyed the Arts. I studied English Liberal Arts in college, tutored college freshmen in English, most of my early adult life consisted of reading and writing as an assignment, so there wasn’t much thought of it outside of that. Especially since historically, authors careers can be a hit or miss. Read more>>

Tony Crisp

My name is Tony Crisp but I’m mostly known as Ghost, The Entertainer. I’m from College Park, GA. I am 31 years old, married to a beautiful red-headed gorgeous, God fearing women, Lindsay Crisp. We have a handsome 11 year old boy. I knew rhythm since before I could walk. Been dancing ALL my life but didn’t start taking dancing seriously til middle school. Dancing is my passion and my dance resume speaks that. Read more>>

Lizbeth Ramirez

My story I would say is one of courage, perseverance, and most of all finding the light at the end of every tunnel. It’s a journey of healing & self discovery that has lead to what I believe is truly my life purpose. Ever since I was a little girl I would love to make little crafts to gift to others. I’ve always been very creative and would make drawings, bracelets, and pretty much anything that came to my mind with the soul purpose of making their day a little brighter. Read more>>

Kaiya Harris

I’ve always had the passion of being an entrepreneur since I was in middle school. I always wanted to create or start something new to sell or give away. I had an interest in photography from a young age and took many electives for it in middle school growing up. When I was in my sophomore year of high school, I realized that I wanted to use photography as my way to create & tell stories. I soon after realized I wanted to make a career of it as well. Read more>>

Jamie Chai

I’ve always been an avid lover of food (I mean who isn’t) but, my decision to post about my love of food all started during Covid. With so much time at home to be active on social media, I was inspired to feed my camera first and more often. What better way to connect with other people? The perks about social media is that it’s on your terms, for the most part. My struggles were of not being able to dine out during quarantine at first, but once it was lifted- it was all biscuits and gravy. Read more>>

Mitch Willis

I started to DJ in 2015 after buying Serato and a KORG KAOSS DJ controller. I was inspired to pick it up as a hobby by my friends Andy Bruh and Robbie Dude, who I had been supporting as artists for a couple of years at the time. I would go to every show they played for a long time, and still do when I can, I love those guys. Probably would have never started my journey as an artist if it wasn’t for them. The first set I ever played was at an event called Tecropolis. Read more>>

Laura Templin

I’ve spent my entire life in a swimsuit – from swimming competitively in college to training for Olympic trials to coaching my local Masters program. After my youngest turned 5, I could not believe how hard it was to find a stylish, well-made swimsuit. I was a swim design professional who couldn’t find a great suit for herself. With my background in swimming, a bachelor’s degree in design, and my connections within the industry, I was able to make a few phone calls to get connected with the right people to help make the idea of a perfect suit come to life. Read more>>

Joseph Benjamin

My Name is Joseph Chibuzor Benjamin. I am an Actor, Singer, Song-writer, Public Speaker, Master Of Ceremonies. I was born and raised in Nigeria and immigrated to the United States in 2016. I worked in Nigeria in the Film and Television Industry for over 20 years where I was the Host of the Biggest Music Reality Show in West Africa (Project Fame West Africa). I was at the height of my acting career when I moved to the United States. I came to a point where there was a tugging in my heart to reach for more. Read more>>

Nia Archuleta

Becoming a nail technician wasn’t always on my agenda growing up, but when has anything ever gone according to plan? The neck pain, the long hours and the strain on our eyes are only some of the few side effects from being a nail technician. If you asked me two years ago when I first started, you would see me crying at my desk struggling to cut a cuticle the correct way or polish white on someones big toe! Most of you guys know me as Nia or (Nailedby.yas) but would you look at me now? Read more>>

Emily Gonzalez-Salgado

It’s not about being motivated but about being disciplined and determined. Motivation only lasts for so long but being disciplined is even when you are not at your fullest inspiration, you still show up for yourself. All my life I’ve been interested in every aspect of beauty, mostly makeup because you can create art. Ever since I had my quinceañera at age 15 I would practice on myself or just about anyone I can get my hands on. I later saved up & started taking courses to better expand my techniques. Read more>>

Sarah Ott Deyton

As a Christian woman that grew up in a godly home with a pastor’s heart in my father, I had a deep understanding and love of Christ from a young age. As life has a way of deepening our need for God there came many crossroads where my head information about God had to be transformed into heart revelation of God as more than just my Savior and my Lord but effectually as my very Life Source. Through the tools of pain, loss, and suffering of different varieties Jesus deepened my identity in a similar way that storm winds and rains plus dry arid temperatures strengthen that of a trees root system sending it far beneath the soil for stability and sustenance. Read more>>

Sean Mathis

I inherited my grandpa’s (Pop) 1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville and wanted to share it with everyone. I created the concept of a co-op-style automotive museum that would provide a place for people like me to display their cars, many of which would be family heirlooms. My intention was to create a museum like this decades from now when I had more money, more than one car, and more time, but the opportunity presented itself to see if I could create a museum with only one car. Read more>>

Latrina Walden

Latrina was born and raised in northern California, until her family moved out to overtly green and history ridden Atlanta, Georgia where she attended high school. Upon graduation, she couldn’t stay away from the California sunshine and attended college at the prestigious University of Southern California. After obtaining her Master’s in Health Administration in 2006, she moved back to Georgia to catapult her colorful career of shooting for the stars and surprise, surprise – she hasn’t landed yet! Read more>>

Kiana Stevenson

I took journalism classes all throughout high school. At first, it was just an elective. I chose it because I enjoyed creative writing in middle school and figured it couldn’t be that hard. Creativity came natural to me, and writing was similarly second nature. Then I met Mr. Joseph Jordan, the one who looked right through my slick attitude and saw something in me I never cared to glance at. “You have a talent,” he told me in 10th grade after reading one of the countless articles I wrote about issues at Paxon. Read more>>

Dr. Jamye Curry Savage

I have always had the dream to write a children’s book – dating back to when I was a young college student in undergrad. Although I’ve always wanted to write a book, I didn’t exactly know what I wanted the topic, message, or concept of the book to be, and I had the slighted idea of how to get started. I did not know the details behind writing a book, and needless to say, I had no idea how to get a book published. By day, I am a Mathematics and Statistics professor at Georgia Gwinnett College, which is where most of focus lies. Read more>>

Jeramy Purley

I’m 37,a Jack of Multiple trades in 2013. I got into the industry because I grew up loving Fashion thanks to My Mother,Father,Grandma & Grandfather.They closest’s was always full of clothing.So I fell in love at an early age & from then to now all my closet’s have been the same way especially now because I create of the clothing that I wear Exclusive Custom Made.I’m proud of how talented I became & its earning me a lot of a lot of paid opportunities. Read more>>

 Adela Iturregui

I grew up in Puerto Rico and moved to Massachusetts my second year in college. I stayed in Massachusetts to finish college and attended Boston College Law School. After graduating in 2002, I came to GA to work for the Honorable John S. Dalis in the Southern District of Georgia. After that, I ended up in California, where my then fiance lived, and worked at a law firm handling complex bankruptcy cases and represented multiple Fortune 500 companies in business and employment matters. Read more>>

Fostering Hope Clothes Closet

When a child is placed into foster care, they normally leave their home with nothing. They arrive to a foster home and the foster parents have to scramble to get the items that child needs. We decided to let the foster parent spend more time helping the child cope to their new life by letting us get clothing, shoes and other items for them. The case worker or foster parent can message us and we get the child a new wardrobe. We have been very blessed.  Read more>>

Ceasar Mckoy

Hi, I am Ceasar! The founder of KING CEASIE (Custom Majestic Couture). This Amazing journey began long ago with an idea and a hand sketched logo I drew on a sticky note. Instantly there was a fun feeling attached to the simple face emoji. However it still made a bold statement. The straight face “meant business” and also conveyed a special connection Everyone shares universally; CLOTHING! Then the LOYALTY to the mission was born and a true vision was seen. Read more>>

Dr. Brian Martinez

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, since I was a child I have loved healthy lifestyles, sports, human physiology, justice and always contemplating and impacting physically and emotionally healthy communities. My interest in always finding a space of how to improve emotionally and physically led me to fall in love with human sciences in both mind and body as one of the ways to heal. In the course of my life I was part of the track and field team in the events of 1500mts, 5,000mts and 10k for the University of Puerto Rico in Ponce where I studied a Bachelor in Biomedical Sciences. Read more>>

Nas Anderson

My journey has been nothing short of amazing. I started my business, Peymac Consulting half a decade ago with my husband. The goal of the business is to help small businesses start, and operate their business effectively using strategic operations and grow using digital marketing. I received my Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership and obtained a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder but God had other plans. Read more>>

Adam Young

Husband and Wife duo, Dr. Adam Young and Dr. Christina Phan, joined their experiences and dreams together to start a new venture. In late December 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, First Class Eye Care opened its doors to the community as a minority-owned private eye care practice, with a mission to provide first class service to the community. Dr. Young is a native of Stone Mountain, GA. He graduated from Stone Mountain High School in 2001, and then earned his Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Georgia in 2005. Read more>>

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