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Inspiring Stories from Norcross

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out rising stars from in and around Norcross below.

Shanisha Watkins

I recognized my gifts and talents at the early age of seven. I’d write songs creating my own melodies and have my sister sing background for me while I took the lead, LOL; I still have those songs in great memory! To be a famous singer and songwriter was my ultimate goal in life, and besides, when you grow up in a family of singers and on the church choir Sunday through Saturday, I knew I was destined to be just that! At the age of 12, I featured on my cousin Big Tank’s debut album ‘The Wicked Eyed Wildcat,’ which was released in store, and received my first credits as a singer and songwriter. That was definitely a moment for me, but I never knew how big that was until I became fully knowledgeable and experienced in the music industry. Where I’m from, Winnsboro, SC, opportunities were slim to none, so education was top priority! If I really wanted to make my dreams come true with music, I needed a full ride to college. Read more>>

London B

Ms. Ashley Williams (aka “LondonB”) was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi and moved to the Atlanta area in 2014. In 2015, she enrolled in the Empire Beauty School, graduated at the top of her class, and was voted Class President. Upon graduation in 2015, she worked at hair salons to provide hair services and sell hair products. LondonB’s career goal has been to establish her own business through her burning entrepreneurial spirit and passion to make people look and feel their best. In 2016, she founded LondonBridges Hair LLC and began to apply her knowledge for her one-stop-shop approach to hairstyling and makeup. Over time, LondonB’s business vision evolved to develop her own hair and skincare products. Her inspiration was the need for effective and affordable products that worked for herself and daughters. After trial and error testing, the Eureka All Natural Hair and Skin Care product line was created. The many hours of research & development produced all-natural organic products that promotes hair growth, conditioning, strengthening, and color correcting. Skincare products provide moisturizing and promote rapid repair for all skin types. Read more>>

Chloe Townsend

I graduated college in 2012 with a degree in graphic design from a fairly small Christian college in Arkansas. I’ve always been pretty creative-minded but never wanted to start my own business or anything like that. I ended up in the greater Atlanta area for an internship at a church in Norcross and that’s where I met my now husband. Once I realized it was the real deal, I decided to make Atlanta my home. I found a job doing graphic design and it taught me a lot about what I was capable of creatively as well as forcing me to execute my projects well. But it was a pretty intense and stressful environment so I decided to start looking for another workplace after a year and a half. It was in my next workplace that led me to start dreaming for something more for myself. After working for people and helping them accomplish their dreams, I really hit a point where I wanted to start working towards my own dreams, whatever they were. I was so tired and worn down from the typical 8-5 Monday through Friday corporate job. I really started learning that it wasn’t the right style of work for my creative spirit even if the projects were somewhat creative. Read more>>

Sherlynn Davis

I was born, raised, educated, and met and married my husband Titus in Columbus, GA. I received a bachelor’s in special education and master’s in Middle Grades Education and began an 18-year career educating students, first in my hometown then in the metro Atlanta area. I enjoyed a rewarding career in education which included two “Teacher of the Year,” one “Professional of the Year,” and other local and national awards. During this 18-year journey, I gave birth to two amazing children, Judah, my son, who has Autism, and Tyrah, my daughter. Being a part of the special needs community, hearing the many concerns of parents relating to our children’s care as we age, I decided to embark on a new journey to address those concerns. I wanted to start a business where I could empower families in vulnerable communities such as mine on how to achieve financial freedom and wealth that would secure superior care for our children when we could no longer do so. I completed a master’s degree in Business Analytics from Mercer University in May 2021 and started my business in August 2021. Read more>>

Westely Banks

Cakes By West B was established June 2017. I started baking from scratch about 8.5 years ago, it was just a hobby I did in my spare time for my family. My family loved them and began requesting pound cake all the time and to me, that meant it was amazing. Over the years, I would bake and take a couple of slices to work, everyone always said it was delicious. But a pivotal moment came in 2017 when a coworker tasted a slice of my pound cake and looked me in my eyes and said, “Westely this cake is too good to be giving away.” I was stun, but then she took it one step further and helped me sale my first 2 pound cakes to other ladies in the office. I had always made the traditional flavored pound cakes, but then new flavor combinations would just come to me. I could be at work or driving and I would get these ideas. I would write them down, try the recipe and execute it perfectly on the first attempt. I then realized I was a self-proclaimed “Pound Cake Specialist” and my company slogan was born, “You think it, I bake it”. Read more>>

Abraham Coeur

I’m Massive aka “Massive Élite”. So I moved to GA as an aspiring Dj and entrepreneur. I had just got out of a relationship, packed one suitcase, got on a bus (one way) with aspirations to accomplish some of my goals here in the A. I quickly adapted to the southern culture and made a name for myself, and branded “the HaitianPrince” as my brand grew, my fan base grew as well. With the hustle and bustle and a New York State of mind, I took atl by storm and become one the top Haitian🇭🇹 djs in atl with an outstanding brand to follow. I couldn’t do it firstly w/o my lord and savior Jesus Yep God is MASSIVE. Secondly, with the support and help from my beautiful wife and partner. I kept my circle ⭕️ very tight and continued to meet goals as God placed some amazing people along my path to aid w/my growing success. My wife and I currently own a multi-media company which helped me gain a more visual brand. Stay tuned y’all, atl is definitely has been good to me. Read more>>

The Yada Experience

The Yada Experience is a ministry that focuses on bringing the word of God to this next generation. Our vision is to inspire, encourage and motivate this generation to walk in purpose, truth, healing and deliverance. The ministry consists of two individuals who became one in spirit and than in the natural. Dareeus Wilson was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, and Jaciris M. Arzola was born and raised in upstate New York. Although we are different, the two of us met and instantly hit it off. The passion for God and the drive and determination to do things God’s way is what brought us together. God spoke a word over our lives declaring they would be husband and wife. And we have been walking in his promise ever since. Although we are in a long-distance relationship, we have leaned on the word our Abba father. Prior to dating God had given me the name of Project Yada, I did not know what it meant at the time. But after seeking, I Found that YADA in Hebrew meant to know God. When Dareeus came in the picture, it was almost as though God completed the puzzle. He had suggested we do bible studies on social media and that is when it clicked. The Yada Experience was two ministries becoming one. Our bible studies focus on the word but also life application. Read more>>

Shamia Davis

Writing has always been a form of therapy for me. It didn’t matter if I was journaling or penning an elaborate fictional story; it was as natural as breathing. My love for writing followed me into college, grad school, and several careers. I can’t say that I’m surprised I became a copywriter, but I am shocked at how it all came to fruition. The truth is, I was uncertain about the longevity of my 9-5, so I started hatching an “escape plan” in November 2019. Day after day, I would spend hours reviewing job posts and applying like a madwoman. I interviewed here and there, but nothing worked out. I can say that it got old real quick! It wasn’t until I was on holiday break at the end of December that I had an epiphany. I thought, “Why can’t I leverage my degrees and experience to create a career using my writing skills?” That simple question catapulted me into a month’s long brainstorming session. On January 31st, I walked away from my role in sales in marketing with high hopes. There was nothing left to do but trust my gut. Kopy Fresh materialized in February 2020 and has been going strong ever since!. Read more>>

Michael Thomas

I am the owner of Modom Solutions – a virtual financial coaching and public speaking service. I am also a lecturer in the financial planning department at the University of Georgia. My work is a blend of financial literacy and capability, neuroscience, and financial therapy. To get a better feel for my philosophy on personal finance, check out my Ted Talk – Financial Empathy: Understanding the Story Beneath the Numbers ( I started Modom Solutions in 2015. The mission of Modom is to help Black households understand that money without wisdom is a liability – Modom is the combination of the words Money and Wisdom – through a process that leads with empathy, prioritizing connection, valuing wisdom, and optimizing money. And in that order. Money is not the main thing. It is the conduit to the main thing. We want nothing more than for the people we serve to experience money and wholeness simultaneously. Otherwise, people spend their entire life chasing the illusion that money can make them whole. It can’t. Read more>>

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