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Inspiring Stories from North Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out North Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Tara Harner

When I was 17 years old, I joined the Marines. Almost everything you hear about Marines are true. Yes, we’re loud. Yes, we’re intense. Yes, we’re tough. We fight. We win. We are a brotherhood. Read More>>

Danteng Li

When I was in kindergarten, my family told me that I love to draw birds and plants. My aunt saw my passion and tried to send me to classes to develop my interest, but I refused. I still kept drawing as a hobby. After high school, my family migrated to America in search for a better future for my siblings and me. My parents were typical Chinese parents who wanted their child to be a doctor, pharmacist or teacher. After contemplating my major for college, I decided to be an artist or designer. I knew I would encounter many obstacles studying in America. Even with the obstacles, I really enjoyed the time I spent at Georgia State University and the accomplishment that I made when I graduated with BFA in Graphics Design. Read More>>

Tyler Noel

I have been singing since the age of five. I grew up in the Church and began singing in the choir like most urban singers. I come from of family of talented singers and musicians and music has always been a big thing growing up for me. My dream has always been to be a successful recording artist and performer. Early in my career, there was a girl group that I was recruited to be the lead singer for and it pretty much started me on my professional path. Read More>>

Christopher DeGrace

I was in between Jobs after a recent layoff. This was my second layoff in 8 years. Initially, I was trying to find ways to help my brother expand his newly started photography company [Degrace Imagery] after brainstorming I came up with an Idea that was so great & beneficial for his company that We decided that I start my own. I decided to partner with my brother & childhood friend who own his own Videography company [Truvizionfilms] to help me along the way. With Embark being a new company, our fist objective was building our brand. Since their companies already been working with models, we decided to start off by branding them. We did our first Shoot April 2015 and been continuing our visual expansion ever since. Read More>>

Santiago Gomez

I was born and raised in Atlanta and grew up with a very artistic father. He always encouraged me to draw and introduced me to my favorite type of illustrations – comic books. I began drawing comics at a young age and dreamt of telling stories through my illustrations. Ultimately, I ended up in graphic design and for the last 12 years, I’ve been able to tell client’s stories through my designs. After freelance graphic designing for many years, my friend and mentor encouraged me to learn a skill that would pair well with my love for graphic design – web development. Read More>>

AnnaKate Auten

I discovered my love for graphic design by accident in high school. After that, I began researching design programs and settled on Georgia State. I was accepted into the program in May of 2013 and began in August. Those two years were some of the best and most difficult times. I met some really incredible friends and learned so much. At the time of my graduation, I was working as an intern at an incredible company. It was my dream job. But, I made the difficult decision to leave and work as a volunteer and missionary for 11 months. After spending time in Africa, Asia, and Europe, I returned as a changed person with new dreams. I am passionate about working with small, local businesses to form beautiful, functional, and lasting brands. Read More>>

Hector Guaymas

In The Industry, People Know Me As Polar Bear. I Recently Started Shooting Photography And Videography In December Of 2015. I Started My Own Little Business “PBSE Photography” Which Stands For “Polar Bear Seize Everything” In Late January Of 2016. I Started Doing Photography And Video For A Hand Full Of Independent Music Artists From My Hometown Gainesville, GA. I Decided To Expand, Take It Further And Shoot With New Artist, People, And Also Sponsoring Couple Independent Music Showcases In Atlanta. People And Artist Been Showing Much Support. I have Been Working Hard And Doing Lots Of Networking To Get “PBSE Photography” Out There In Atlanta. I Know It’s Going To Take Time And Patience To Get Where I Want To Be With My Brand/Company. I’m Just Going To Keep Pushing, Networking, Promoting, Getting Out There Much More To Keep “PBSE” Out In Atlanta And State Wide. Read More>>

Whitney Lam

I grew up with an overexposure to art. I was fortunate enough to study fine art at a very young age, and my roots in fine arts have paved the way for my career in design and animation. It taught me how to appreciate color, shape, and aesthetic, which carries the work I do now. With all this in mind, I didn’t initially intend to pursue a career in art. It was a last-minute decision (that I’m grateful for). I love what I do now. Read More>>

Danielle Korman

Brett Meadow

It all started during the recession of 2007. We were looking for opportunities to capitalize on the housing market when we met our business partner. We purchased a few homes south of Atlanta and our business partner made mention of having connections in India to bring hair over to the states. We were skeptical at first because we had never imagined being in the beauty industry. With the opportunity being presented to us, we decided to look into the business and found that it was a sixty billion dollar industry annually. We then made the decision to move forward and go for it. At the time, I worked for FedEx and had to make the hard decision on leaving the company that I had been with for 14 years. My wife and I talked it over and I went ahead and made the decision to leave FedEx and take on the challenge of taking on this new business venture. Read More>>

Elaine Stephenson

An Atlanta native, Elaine Stephenson is an artist, designer and calligrapher working out of Roswell, GA. An artist since an early age, Elaine holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. From her design background and love of crafting by hand, she found her calling in painting and calligraphy. Her ultimate creative outlet is finding ways to combine these two passions into beautiful works. The main goal of her art is to bring the same inspiration and joy to others that she experiences while creating them. She has held various positions as a graphic designer from in-house teams to small advertising agencies. She is currently a freelance designer, creates custom artwork commissions and sells her art on Etsy. Read More>>

Riana Dawson

I graduated from Georgia Tech in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and a minor in computer science. While I was studying industrial design, I became more and more interested in interactive product design, interdisciplinary learning and research, and the ways that designers can leverage technology and research to tackle everyday problems. Read More>>

Darius Bailey

Six years ago there was a point where I lost everything and I was on my deathbed. I had a brain tumor called an Acoustic Neuroma in college door football season for Troy University. I was in rehab for a year and a half, Which took me a year to walk again & a full two years to get my facial structure back up to par my surgery was 12 1/2 hours. I wasn’t able to set my eyes as well do anything for myself physically. I got back on the grind 2013 the year before I graduated found my craft again got certified through ACE which is American Consol on exercise. Read More>>

Briana Lamb

Originally from Nashville, I decided to make the move a few years ago to the professed geek capitol of the USA – Atlanta (which also happens to be where the majority of Hollywood seems to be moving these days). My day job can vary widely depending on schedule. Some days I’m a film/TV stand-in, other days I’m nose-to-pencil drawing as a storyboard artist and costume illustrator. Other days I can be found perching precariously on tall heels and doing my best Matrix impression to get the shot as a fashion model. Currently, I’m making moves into the acting field. Read More>>

Brandon Lafontant

I started doing graphic design during the summer of 2013. I was in Haiti and we had just got a router to get access to the internet. I met one of my cousin’s cousins from his mom’s side, Xavier, and I remember always seeing him on his Macbook. One day I decided to ask him what he always did on there and he showed me tons and tons of graphic work he had done: wallpapers, logos, phone backgrounds, banners, etc. He would make at least 2-3 graphics a day and upload them to Deviantart. Read More>>

Lindsey Ngo

I’ve always admired many calligraphists on Instagram. Every image I would see, I was that girl who said “wow, I wish I could write like that” or “my handwriting is too ugly, I can never do that”. Read More>>

Andrew Hunter

I started acting in fourth grade and have pursued it ever since. I went to Asbury University for College and graduated with dual majors in musical theatre and film directing. I spent two years acting at Sight and Sound Theatre’s where I played the leading role of Jonah for over 200 performances. After finishing that show my wife and I moved to Atlanta inJanuary of 2016 so that I could further pursue my passion for film acting. My full-time job is photography most of which is advertising for large companies via my Instagram account. Read More>>


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