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Inspiring Stories from Southern Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Southern Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Valerie Burgos

Growing up, I always looked for ways to get involved in acting, singing and dancing. I participated in school musicals and plays. However, as a stable career choice, I chose Digital Broadcast and Journalism because I loved everything regarding television. I attended the University of Georgia because their journalism program was ranked #2 in the country, and I quickly fell in love with the campus. My best and most difficult memories were made at UGA. Read more>>

Paris Gregoire

Born and raised in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Paris Gregiore, has always had an eye for fashion. The son of Ronnette Martin-Little and Andrew Gregiore, Paris was blessed to have supportive parents growing up. His parents have stood by him and his endeavors, both leisure and professional. It is this said support, that has inspired him to pursue his passion for all things fashion. This free soul stands as an inspiration for fashion in the lives of those he surrounds. Read more>>

Amilcar Valencia

I was born in La Libertad, El Salvador. Growing up in a poor rural community called Las Delicias was not guaranteed access to a college education or given all the tools necessary to succeed. Also, I was born in a country in the middle of the civil war. However, my family taught him to work hard to accomplish his dreams, and his community taught him always to give back. Las Delicias was not a combat area, but like all Salvadorans, I experienced the secondary effects of a country in civil conflict. Read more>>

Travis A. Thompson

I’ve been drawing since a very young age, and Art has remained a large part of my life. After graduating high school I decided that I would use my love for it and become an Art teacher. I was an art teacher in the public school system for about 13 years before deciding to venture off on my own. I was able to do this because in 2017 I wrote and illustrated my first children’s book titled “The Color Wheel Kids”. After it was released I made a YouTube video detailing how I went about writing, illustrating and self-publishing the book. Read more>>

Dantrell Harris

I started doing music at a young age because of the exposure in the community. I had a few friends that had a booth and it pushed the interest in music further. After a few years of doing music, I started to learn more about the industry which brought me to realize the problems present in my community. I’ve always been dedicated to being on the winning team and I realized that my race as a whole was losing so I wanted to do something about it. Read more>>

Brittney Laster

Born and Raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Had an okay childhood. Suffered alot of trauma from the loss of my biological mother at age 3, being denied by my father who signed his rights over when I was born, dealt with molestation, domestic violence and rejection, God called me to ministry to be able to help other women walk in their true calling Unapologetically and Authentically while finding their identity in him and him alone. It was then Women Of The Word Ministries was born. Read more>>

Jennifer Ates

I honestly started my business on a whim. Just making chocolate suckers on sticks and putting them in baskets as gifts for friends and family. Each time, someone else would see it, inquire about what I can do and challenge me to add to my menu of treats. I became more & more excited about this “hobby” and social media became my best friend! Word of mouth is what allowed me to start gaining customers. I expanded what I offered and eventually started setting up treat displays for events. Read more>>

Lori Smith

I have been canning and preserving the harvest all my life. Learning from my mother at a young age. My husband. Larry, grows wonderful produce. We started selling off of our farm when people would drive up and ask! It grew from there. Nothing seems to come on a smooth road!! Weather plays a big part! We have grown slowly and surely since 2014. We are known for our jams and jellies. All of our products are are handmade, low in sugar and have no preservatives. Read more>>

Jayla Young

I started Rhyann’s World after my decease sister it is her middle name Aamori Rhyann Young. I’ve had my business since 2018 really didn’t get started until the pandemic. My sister passed away at the age 3 years old in 2012 from a disease called Myasthenia Gravis and the daycare she was attending didn’t clean her chest tube and it got infected. I thought it would be a great idea to start a clothing line business after her Not really a hard struggle besides getting people to support you Both of my business is because I love the kids and giving back to them. Read more>>

Brandi Crawley Sargent

I have been baking my whole life and have always been passionate about it. My great-grandmother and grandmother started teaching me when I was old enough to stand on a chair next to them. My great-grandmother always told me that the ugliest cakes tasted the best. I couldn’t decorate cakes at all other than to use a snipped gallon bag to put a squiggly type design onto my bundt cakes. In 2020 a friend of mine requested a homemade carrot cake for her birthday. Read more>>

Tre Bartley

Baseball has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started playing when I was 7 years old and initially it was just a childhood hobby. Then my coach, Barry Sims, took a deeper interest in me and began mentoring me both on and off the field. He saw my potential and helped me develop into a great athlete which led to playing varsity baseball at Lithia Springs, recreation ball with Wallace Park, and travel ball for the West GA Jackets. Read more>>

Chishala Chibuye

I started the Asante Wine & Spirit Festival to highlight black owned wines and spirits. I wanted to educate consumers in a fun and relaxing environment! I quickly learned that this growing community was rich in stories of triumph but lacked spaces in which they could be celebrated! Then I had my A-HA moment and got the ball rolling, now we are going into year three and have became one of the largest festivals in Georgia There are always challenges pick the right date, Read more>>

Ariel Jones

Being an Atlanta native raised in the SWATs or Zone 4, however you might know this area as Southwest Atlanta, has always been a major point of pride for me. Many people don’t know that Trap music was born on between Zone 1 (Bankhead) and the Southside of the city, not Zone 6. The SWATs has always been the area where black doctors, lawyers, and business people thrived. I grew up seeing Bentley’s, Rolls Royces’, Range Rovers, and the most exclusive Benz trucks drive down Campbellton as my mom was taking me to school. Read more>>

Eldrick Steele

I Started Off By Leaving My Hometown Of MARION, AL. After Getting Little To No Support. Comparing Me To Other People In The City. That Was Doing The Same Thing As Me. Basically Sharing The Same Talent. You Know How That Small Town Mentality Go. Your Sexuality Plays A Big Part. I Ended Up Doing Tiktoks And Started Going Viral , And It Was Only Up From There. I Can Say My Leap Of Faith Was Worth It. When I First Started Making Tiktoks People Thought I Was Just A Joke. Read more>>

Amanda Fields

Hi, I’m Amanda! Lover of Jesus, coffee, and all things Fall! I have 4 BEAUTIFUL children and a stud of a husband who are my inspiration for life. I am a Registered Nurse by trade where I get to live out my passion for helping people and being a light in the darkness. Then my second love- Photography. It all started when we had our oldest daughter. I wanted to capture everything- freeze time, if you will. It is one of my greatest joys in life to be able to do this for my clients as well. Read more>>

Natasha Poythress

We started Our business during Covid during the year 2020. At the time I found the love of my life and we wanted to become as one and to become homeowners but needed the extra income to make it happen so we decided to start a cleaning business by disinfectant in barbershops ,church’s & residential homes. Business picked up and we started residential and commercial cleanings. Advertising was our biggest motivator it brought us a lot of business including air bnbs etc. Read more>>

Monnie Mondo

I was inspired by music at the age of 3 but by the age of 5 I started rapping. One day in high school me and couple of old friends decided to go to the studio and I recorded my first song called “Gotta Have It” to see how It would sound. After I finished recording everybody was hype and the engineer told me “Keep going you gone be big one day” this is what made me believe I had potential. In 2017 close to graduation I decided to take rapping more serious. Read more>>

Wakiekie Reid

Growing up on the Upper East Side of Detroit, I was exposed to many things, some great some not so great, but I learned at an early age how to create the life you want to live and live through it all. I began journaling and volunteering at my mother’s workplace in the health care field at age 5. I always knew I had a passion to write, care for others and create. No, it has not. building relationships and knowing who to trust in the Entrepreneural industry is the biggest struggle I have encountered. Read more>>

Wontanara INC

Wontanara Inc. is a Georgia-based 501(c)(3) with an emphasis on strengthening the knowledge, wisdom and practical understanding of traditional African culture through the arts. Founded by Safiyatou Camara and her husband Awotunde (Frank) Malloy, this organization has become a strong pillar in the Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding metroplex communities! During the past few years, when the world was going through a global pandemic, Wontanara Inc. kept a steady flow of programming and offered quarterly workshops that provided an opportunity for families to be able to relax, relate, learn and release on the dance floor. Read more>>

Kyndra Frazier

I graduated from North Carolina A&T State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Since high school, for some reason, I always wanted to live and work in Atlanta. I am a native of Charlotte, North Carolina and any visit to Atlanta during my adolescence and throughout college drew me into the city’s magic. I will always cherish Atlanta as a second home. In 2005, I moved to Atlanta to work for Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. in a Sales Management position. Read more>>

Karhma Novak

In early 2011 God was simultaneously moving in the hearts of many in the Senoia area of believers. Through a tapestry of loose connections we were drawn together in mid 2011 from multiple churches and walks of life to celebrate and pray over our needed response to Isaiah 58. Out of that time we felt God call us to unite efforts and seek 501(c)(3) status for Sow Good Center, Inc. Since 2011, God has used what little we had and strategic partnerships with Publix, The Midwest Food Bank, Senoia area churches and individual donors to weekly aid up to 40 families with food and practical household needs. Read more>>

Nkenge Major

I was inspired by old school breaking crews like Rock steady crew and dynamic Rockers. In 2008 I started taking dance more seriously and mingle with the best dancers in Albany ga at the time In 2010 I started my own Crew called Flava-N-Motion Krew With started that crew I mentor the youth and created a brotherhood with talented and inspirational people Now 2023 I teach,Mentor ,and Travel I love what I do it’s inspiring and the bonds I made and the network I’m still on ahhh It’s has been a very rocky road…Read more>>

Earl Link

I was born in Atlanta Ga @ Grady Memorial Hospital on June 17th. I’m the oldest of 3 siblings. I have a younger sister and brother. I have 3 kids, 2 sons and a daughter. I grew up in Summer Hill off of Grant St. I attended Momma Bakers daycare, Slayton Elementary, Holyfield Boys & Girl Club, P.A.L.S & Camp Best Friend. By the time I got to middle school we moved to College Park and I went to Ronald E McNair Middle School. I attended Creekside high school in the 9th grade. Read more>>

Caleb Knight

I’ve started on a health journey due to the rise and reoccurring situations of people in my family and community suffering from illness & disease. I wanted a good replacement for the unhealthy foods & drinks in our communities and decided to create my own source. A lot of the struggles I’ve faced was spreading the word and getting support but you can’t ever let setbacks and others stop your dream. Scarredofficial LLC. Is a brand & business built off of overcoming diversity and pain. Read more>>

Ashley Mcdowell

I was an awkward girl with low self esteem and a face full of freckles. So I did not like taking pictures. I was a photo specialist at Walgreens and instantly fell in love. It started off as my hobby. I gave up so many times because I felt like I needed the space or equipment. God came to me in a dream and made Me write the number 7 in dirt on the wall. That was my sign to start from scratch and business has been doing good ever since! No. My photography studio is my car at the moment.  Read more>>

Jaelen Miller

My journey with clothing started all the way back to when I was a kid. Back then. I use to download images from the internet on a computer in the library and stack them in a word document to put the fit together. And that was my way of styling since I didn’t have access to the actual clothing m. Growing up my mom was real simple when it came to dressing me. The typical button up shirt, some jeans, and some all black shoes. So that’s what I was stepping for a long time. Read more>>

Amelia Butler

Kia Ora! My name is Amelia Butler and I am an indigenous Māori woman from Aotearoa, New Zealand. I started my business, Learn Māori Abroad, in 2018 when I was living in Los Angeles. At the time I wanted to start my own business but I didn’t know what to start it on! I was thinking about things I’m good at and my ability to speak te reo Māori, the Māori language, came to mind. After many years teaching dance, I knew I had the ability to teach the Māori language. Read more>>

Selena Boyd

While in college pursuing a degree in Healthcare Administration, I worked as a caregiver for a local home health agency. Upon graduation, I was promoted to a lead administrative position in that same company. During my tenure in the home health arena, I coordinated caregiving services for many patients, but we were not able to transport patients to their appointments. I witnessed the toll it took on the main caregiver. Unfortunately, I had to make a career change and became an administrator at a local university.  Read more>>

Jaidah B

All I can remember is being a little girl in a dentist office, school library, etc admiring the posters on the wall and wondering how did they get the “picture” into these colorful designs. My favorite thing was admiring menu designs when we went to restaurants, like how did they put the photos of what they offer to eat on this piece of paper for us to flip through. I learned as I got older it was “graphic design”. I begged my dad to get me a computer to teach myself. Read more>>

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