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Inspiring Stories from Southern Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Southern Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Jasmine Luckey

I’m originally from Brooklyn NY I currently live on the south side of Atlanta. I am the owner and founder of Jazz it Upp Skin and Body Spa as Well as Jazz it Upp Skincare System. I am a wife and a mother to 2 boys and 2 girls. After 15 years in the nursing, I decided to completely change careers, not completely sure what I wanted to do I just knew I needed a change I enrolled in esthetician school. Halfway through the program, I begin to create my own products and that’s where Jazz it Upp sugar scrubs was born. After I created my product line, I started to do trade shows to get the products out to the public doing the shows was a great learning experience I was blessed to do some pretty big shows, including the essence festival and the Ultimate woman’s expo. Doing the shows allowed me to connect with people who were in need of organic skincare products, this prompted me to create Jazz it Upp Skincare System. Read more>>

Lauren Myers

It all started with an idea to step outside the everyday 9-5 and tap into entrepreneurship. In 2015, A group of my friends kept trying to brainstorm different ideas that would land us additional income, solve a problem and make a difference in our communities. This idea stuck. I remember waiting up for my husband who use to commute at the time from Auburn AL to Atlanta every day just to get his opinion… we sat at the table and with my pink inked notes to discuss my idea to create an African American doll… not just any doll though… a doll that sings its ABC and Vowel sounds! A talking doll! all he could say was yea that’s dope let’s do it… He was all in and the ideas kept flowing from there… since we have girls that were my next ah ha moment… to name the company Daddy’s Little Girls. The rest is history. I spent days writing and tweaking my business plan and then I was ready to pursue the end goal which was our dolls! Because I’m a teacher, I asked an art teacher I knew to sketch up my designs for the logo and doll. Read more>>

Ashley Best-Riggins

“A few years back, I realized that I had lost my “Happi”. On my quest to find it again, I discovered the magic of Reiki, Sound Healing, Reflexology, and many other magical modalities. I have always had the natural ability to help people feel better whether it be making them laugh, advice, or sometimes just sitting and being that listening ear. I knew that helping others find their “Happi” too would definitely be a huge part of my purpose in life. Fast forward to 2021 my Holistic Health & Wellness company, Happishit®, was born! I believe that each and every person has beautiful Light and Magic inside of them, I refer to this as your “Happishit”. It’s that extra sparkle in each one of us that can be unlocked to live the life of our dreams. These practices bring me so much joy and I am very passionate about spreading that same joy & happiness throughout the world!” – A.Marie. Read more>>


Janie Charlot

I would say getting to where I am today is mostly about a journey of discovery and the unfolding of the best version of me yet!. Read more>>


Since I was a child, I’ve had a strong interest in music. I started making beats out of Pots & Pans when I was younger. Now I’m currently elevated to working a production team with Bozak Music and Capitol Group Entertainment LLC. Then Grind Hard Music production hit the streets making head nod and bob to Munchies Beats. Read more>>

Evonya Easley

Evonya Easley aka “Love E” the E is for Evonya and Love is for the gift of style that I have and my love of style and all things beautiful and stylish. When you give a gift, you sign it usually with “To whoever” and “from” or “with love” and “your name”. I am giving my clients the gift of shining with confidence and style hence my tagline “From Me to You, Love E”. I became a stylist initially because I love clothes, textures, and fabrics and have a good eye. It was a fun hobby until I turned it into my career. I was asked to do a fashion show and they paid me so it peeked my interest to see how I could do more of this and eventually make it a business which I have been able to do. I love that I get to empower my clients to show up as their most confident selves to accomplish all of their personal and professional goals. Style is a way of speaking without saying a word, I believe in letting your wardrobe do the talking, and when you speak it all matches up. Read more>>

Chasittie Tanner

My business originally started with Stuffed Cheesecake Strawberries and Wicked Candied Grapes. But as we kept going our customers kept adding ideas so now, we make everything from Cupcakes, Cakes, Wicked Lemonades, Cake Popsicles, Brownies, Cookies and so much more. I’m pleased to say we have a tasty menu and our treats never disappoint.  Read more>>

Tami Blackshear

I am Tami Blackshear, owner, and operator of Blackshear’s Berries. My dessert styling business all started when I enjoyed some rich-tasting, silky, milk chocolate-dipped strawberries at my sister’s surprise 40th birthday bash. I fell in love with the presentation of the berries as well as taste of them. Soon after, I tested my own chocolate berry dipping skills on my co-workers for Valentine’s Day and Blackshear’s Berries was birthed. Requests for chocolate-dipped strawberries began and have not ceased since.  Read more>>

John Giorgio

I grew up in a small town called Harlingen, in Texas. I started out as a musician and loved telling stories, in college, I bought a camera from a guy on craigslist and started acting like I was a filmmaker. I wrote my first script and shot my first short when I was in my 20s. It was cool. No dialogue. After that, my friends in Immortal Guardian and Producers Andrew Gonzales and Brett Rivera put me in a couple of music videos as their lead. Started coaching with CK McFarland, got an audition for a bogus series in ATL, got an agent, made the move, and started making movies. The rest is history. Read more>>

Tyrik Wynn

At 14 years old in 2014, I wrote my 1st book, “Green Is The Thing! Money Management For Kids.” The purpose of this book was to teach kids how to make, save and manage their money at a young age because I was taught this at a young age. Nowadays, the school systems are lacking financial literacy, which is a problem. I wanted to be part of the solution. My mom had already written two books herself, so I had tons of help from her. When I published, the books tons of media outlets continued to reach out to bring me on their platforms to do interviews, so that’s when I had my first press tour. When I was getting invited to do all these interviews, that’s how I got the “media bug.” I started watching the news regularly, watching talks shows and more, and that’s when I realized I wanted to be a TV personality. Read more>>

Joseph Ifebi

I landed here in America back in 1996. Prior to coming to America back home, I was heavily influenced by my mother, whom was a fashion designer and my father whom was an international businessman. Fast forward to 2017, I started KJ Attires after realizing there was a market for providing our native African attires to many of my friends and peers whom could not get their hands on African apparel so easily due to not knowing any tailors. After my first 1yr and a half in the business, I started looking at how to scale and grow my business and taking into account many of the challenges I faced, one day while in the gym it hit me that why not mix the african wear and same great quality activewear that is currently in the market to create something unlike any other. So we pivoted and changed direction and never looked back since, and that is how we became what is known today as KJ Attires!. Read more>>

Chantrice Rachelle

Art is my first love. I’ve been an artist my entire life, but throughout life, I really only drew and painted for leisure. I didn’t pursue art as formal education, so I guess you can say I’m “self-taught” (more-so God gifted), and of course, still learning. I, instead, went the route of business and information technology for education and career (which I am currently still in for my 9-5). People, outside of close friends and family, always only knew me to be in technology and also a [former] podcaster, but they didn’t really know I was a visual artist. In 2020, I decided to change that and share my gift with the world and here we are today with me continuing to build my “Chantrice Rachelle Art” brand and business. Read more>>

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