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Inspiring Stories from Southern Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Southern Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Tamarra Johnson

We are a family owned and operated childcare center with 2 locations which started by the visionary Ms Pam (my mother) in the basement of our home back on 2013. We know own and operate 2 locations (owning the conyers building) commercial facilities . When my mom first asked me to open a daycare I told her I needed to read the laws because I didn’t want to go to jail….. and the rest is history. We started in our home with no children showing up at the open house and then the first child showing up opening day!!! We had grown to over 19 children on roster within 11 months and expanded to our first commercial property. Read more>>

Emma Shaw

I grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with my parents and older sister. Looking back, I can see how art has always been a part of my life. My grandfather was a furniture designer, but he also illustrated stories, experimented with photography, and sculpted. My uncle was a jazz and blues singer-songwriter from New Orleans. Today, my sister is working as a professional dancer and choreographer. Early on, I understood that creativity and artistic expression had many faces. Read more>>

Iyanna Eady

KasinoGFX was created to help entrepreneurs brand their businesses and also understand the importance of branding . Branding is crucial to the growth of your business , it is the way customers & clients see your business amongst millions of other brands . Believing in myself and my vision got me to where I am now . No matter what situation I was going through or how much money I had , I never quit . I always kept going , growing , and investing in myself and my brand . It amazes me to see how far I’ve come , a lot of things I thought were impossible . Now in 2022 , I’ve helped over 150+ brands get branded effectively ! It’s only up from here ! Read more>>

Holly Smith

My passion started when my son was born in January 2020- that’s when I realized this is my calling, to document precious, fleeting moments of people. My goal is to create images that evoked happiness, and joy by having an stress-free atmosphere. April 2021 is when I officially became a small business owner. Running a business has its ups and downs. We learn how to overcome these ‘bumps’ in the road. I’m very blessed to have my photography business. I really don’t see things as struggles- It’s more of a learning curve. Read more>>

Brittany Parker

I’m originally from a small town in South Oklahoma called Ardmore And as long as I can remember being in the beauty industry it’s something I always wanted to do. Once I graduate high school in 2005 I went off to college for one year After the first year I realized college wasn’t for me so I moved to Atlanta in 2007 turned around a year Later had to move back home because I became pregnant with my daughter so I need my family support. Read more>>

Varonica Mitchell

Varonica, made her first steps into the dancing and entertainment world in 2014 at age 3. Since the start of her dance career, she has appeared as a lead dancer and Jr. Captain in a dance academy group called “iDance Praise Academy”. They have danced for concerts, major event, video shoots, and celebrity gospel artists. She began to venture out into the acting and modeling field in 2019. She saw that her current fans and supporters of her dancing, quickly took notice of her natural acting ability. Read more>>

Tandrea Sears

It all started as a young girl in my mother’s kitchen. It almost seems as if I was born with the gift and having a family full of females made it even easier. I was ALWAYS in someone’s head. By middle school, I was making money..just enough to make it to the skating rink lol. Of course, with practice comes perfect so by high school I had even more clientele. But what really did it was working out of my dorm while attending Albany State University!  Read more>>

Oso Muka

I was born here in Atlanta, but my family is split between being from Detroit or here in Atlanta. I started my interest in music watching my cousin, Torrey, go out on and rap at basketball courts with the adults. That’s when I started liking rap, but I started with music in church when I was in choir. Being part of the choir, I wanted to do something different, I didn’t want to be just another face on there. I was 13 and I started to sing gospel rap, then once I got in high school, I started getting into battle rap. Read more>>

Quinton Clay

I would have never thought that I’d grown to love the art of photography until the day I was first approached by one of my best friends and she asked me “Can you take my picture?” From that moment on, I knew that this is the direction I needed to head into. By my senior year of high school in Augusta, I’ve developed and learned several skills and hobbies; writing, music production, film and a tad bit of fashion. Read more>>

Rachel Haralson

Rachel Haralson – I started at Line Creek Brewing Co. almost four years ago to the day. I was hired as a Beertender in June 2018 while I was in my sophomore year of college at SCAD Atlanta. Within about 6 months, they had an open position for their Social Media and Marketing Coordinator position, and after applying, I started in November 2018. I then finished my degree in Illustration in Winter 2020, and have been full time in this role ever since.  Read more>>

Ross Taxin

Monday, June 6, 2022 Ross Turner Career Notes Released first mixtape 2017 age 18 Released first studio project 2018 age 19
Graduated college June 2019 age 20 3 weeks later. Incarcerated Came home from an 18 month sentence in 2021 Published for Leafly October 2021 (age 22) Teamed up with digital marketing agency SLIGHTWRKS Released first single since 2018 with popular hip-hop DJ Trap-A-Holics First music blog post June 5 Worldstar publication June 7 Several interviews & podcast on Youtube Over a 250k streams on all streaming platforms Worked with acts & music artist: Jose Guapo, Nefew, Big Rube (Dungeon Family), Yung Ralph, Ola Runt, Jason Jabbbar (BMF) Read more>>

Samantha LaCroix

I moved to Atlanta at the height of COVID in Nov of 2020 with my kids, pets and a virtual music teaching job, knowing no one but our realtor in Atlanta. Am now living the dream of being a full time actor. Have leading and supporting roles in many non union short films, feature films, proofs of concept, pilots and web series, many of which are still in production . I’ve also shot 15 commercials, two music videos and a South Korean infomercial. Also work as background, featured background and stand in on many of the major series and films that are shooting in Atlanta. Read more>>

Robert Anthony

I have been singing all my life. It has always been a dream to be a recording artist and share my talents with the world. I moved to Atlanta in March 2016 to pursue a singing and acting career because Atlanta was and is the place to be just for that. I was going to give myself one year to get acclimated to the city, however, 11 months after I arrived, my mother suddenly passed away on my 30th birthday. The sudden loss of my mom really took a toll on me and all the desire I had to become a singer and actor was no longer there. Read more>>

Rhonda ‘Rho’ Shelton

Rho (mother) 1/2 of Dynamic Duo Fitness I’ve always loved to dance but with no formal dance training, the likelihood of a dance career was out. I didn’t realize I had the gift of gab until much later in life but still had no idea how to use it. Then during a pivotal time in my life, just after my 40th birthday, I realized I couldn’t settle for my life the way it was, unfulfilling. My spiritual mentor had me do an exercise; I was to write down everything that made me happy when I did them. All I could think of (that was legal…lol) is dancing and talking. Then she had me write down all the careers I could have dancing and talking and I was perplexed. ‘I’m not a dancer, I just love to dance!’ Read more>>

Diamond Freeman

My story started with dance music and film right at home on the Southside of Atl. My family was filled with dancers, singers, skaters, musicians…just all around entertainers with big imaginations. But id really say I can attribute a-lot of who I am to Skatetowne on Old nat lol. Thats where I spent majority of my time though-out child hood. I had a cousin who worked there so I used to hang out for multiple shifts lol. I attended Joann’s school of dance in Forest park where I studied pointe, jazz, tap and ballet, But SKATETOWNE is where I got all my edge lol. Read more>>

D’Anthony Harris

My name is D’Anthony Harris I was born and raised in Warner Robins, Georgia. I was grew up the projects with a single. She raised 3 kids practically on her own. I had an estranged relationship with biological father as kid. Needless to say, this created several issues for me as sought to navigate the challenges of boyhood and young adulthood. As a kid, I struggled with low self-esteem and poor self-concept. A lot my personal challenges were due to being poor and constantly comparing myself to others. Read more>>

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