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Inspiring Stories from Southern Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Southern Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Albert Goodwin

My career started off when I was in the marching band at the age of 13. When I knew that I had a passion for music. However, I never thought that I would be making beats, I always thought that I would be in college playing the drums. Read more>>

Isis Nishae

Photography has always been a passion of mine. Naturally, I have always had a gift of seeing what one may not grasp with the naked eye. As a student in high school, I started off with Film photography; quickly learning how to manually operate a camera, develop film and understand the complexity of an image. Spending hours in the dark room deepened my love and passion for creative direction and photography. Read more>>

Simmone Shingler

I’ve always been creative since I was young. I believe my mother’s creative spark projected onto my sister and me at a very early age. However, 2011 is when I truly started to notice how much I enjoyed photography and became obsessed with taking photos. To give my pictures character, I started to use Instagram and took full advantage of their filter/editing feature. Read more>>

Doneilea Williams

I am infatuated with the ability to create. I see everything through a palette and a paint brush. Film has become one of my greatest challenges as an artist as well as my greatest passion. A few years back on a set from a film called “Ant-Man,” I initially witnessed how everything worked in the film industry. Ever since that experience, I knew my life would evolve. With no knowledge at all, I had to figure out how I could get my foot in the door somehow. Read more>>

Khalid Shabazz

My parents owned and operated it and became known for the famous “Mean Bean Pie.” One of my first toys was a pie press machine, I got a kick out of pulling the lever and pressing the pie dough into the pan. In addition to the pies, my dad mastered a delicious honey wheat bread which was also the base for amazing fish sandwiches. Growing up in the bakery was not always fun. But I learned so many skills from my dad. Read more>>

Chanel Thorpe

All I knew was being overweight from overeating and overindulging in a surplus of food. I grew up in the south so it was essentially an everyday norm to come home from school and eat things like fried chicken, pork chops, biscuits, dressing, pound cake, macaroni and name it, I ate it. I honestly didn’t know anything about clean eating. Read more>>

Nate Myers

When Nate picks up his saxophone, he finds his voice and becomes a master communicator, expressing his deepest emotions and passionately connecting with audiences everywhere from his adopted hometown of Atlanta to various cities throughout the U.S. and around the globe. After years of sharing the stage with, touring and opening for some of the biggest R&B and gospel artists in the world. Read more>>

Kea Nevaeh

I became an author in 2015 and learned the ropes of becoming a publisher. After my first book Fatherless Child was released, the following year I learned all I could and was able to publish my second book about my life titled Diamond in the Dirt. Since then my 12 year old autistic son has written his own books. He has 2 books now available on amazon as well. Read more>>

Aquarius Harris

I started just in my own hood in my Patna kitchen. I took it legit and went to school for culinary arts that had me to eat two certificates my survsafe and levy restaurant diploma. Then I just started cooking for the AtL and trying to get global. Read more>>

Jamel Harvey

In the beginning, I was just cleaning and repairing my sneakers because my mother always told me that the first thing that a woman looks at besides your face is your shoes. She said that women believe if you don’t take care of your shoes, you don’t take care of yourself. After that, cleaning and repairing sneakers for my friends was just a hobby of mine. It wasn’t until 2015 that I decided to make a business out of it. Read more>>

Armundis Lawson

I started off playing the drum set in church when I was in elementary school. From then on I knew that I was into music, so when I was in high school I stared playing the trumpet. Later on I transferred to forest Park high school, and my cousin Larry taught me how to play the snare drum. Then one day when I was at the barbershop, my barber asked me if I could play the drums. I told him yes I know how to play. Read more>>

Kristal Henderson

I started doing hair when I was 16. My grandmother & mother did hair and that’s what inspired me. After graduation, I went into the Army and had other jobs after that. I was very unhappy & I felt like I wasn’t living in my purpose. 3 years ago, I quit my job and went to cosmetology school. Around that time, my mother passed away and I was lost. I put schooling on the back burner but in the back of my head. Read more>>

Aaron Turpeau

Aaron Turpeau, Ph.D. is an ESSENCE magazine best-selling author and nationally recognized marriage and relationship expert. He has been featured on internet, television, radio and print media around the country. Dr. Turpeau has been working with individuals, couples and companies nationwide for 25+ years. Read more>>

Larry Goodwin Jr

I first started with music by playing the snare drum from my 8th-grade year in the marching to my senior year. I started making beats the summer after my freshman year in college. I didn’t have anything going for my life at the moment but playing video games and I was trying to find a way back to enjoying music. I was introduced to beats from my cousin Armundis. Read more>>

Alayah Barbee

I found my passion at an early age from going to Tri-Cities High School, a performing arts school. I’ve done makeup for multiple musicals with cast members up to 40 people. After graduating high school, I went to The Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy to become a certified and professional makeup artist. After doing that, I went to esthetic’s school at the Elaine sterling institute to get my esthetician’s license. Read more>>

Lavette Minn

The response they received was overwhelming as it received more than 3 million views. Soon after, Lavette launched The Family Brand Movement, alongside her son, Che Homme. Together, the two are focused on encouraging other families to do the same and build unique and productive family brands. These bonds created among the families can not only make them successful but can also bring financial freedom in their lives. Read more>>

Tony Byrd

Paperboy Sports is a sports broadcasting company. The company film’s games from start to finish and broadcast those games on different platforms. The production includes announcers, multiple cameras, graphics, etc. The production includes a pregame show, halftime show, and a post-game show. The purpose of the broadcasts is to highlight student-athletes. The service is free of charge. Read more>>

Ashley Montaque

As a content creator, I decided to solely focus on hair—both on my channel and Instagram—for the next few months. Thankfully, my flexible college schedule sophmore year allowed me ample time to really experiment with various hair vendors and hairstyles I attempted on myself. In October of 2018, I was recognized by a classmate for a wig of mine I was wearing that day. Read more>>

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