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Inspiring Stories from Southern Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Southern Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Xavier “éks” Hayes

Xavier “éks” Hayes is an Audio Engineer, Producer, and Creative Director. Born in Newport News, Virginia, I grew up being a young church musician (drums) as well as playing Saxophone in the band thought grade school. After graduating from Denbigh High School in Virginia, I went to Full Sail University where I got a B.S in Recording Arts. Read more>>

Cato Mac and Christopher McClendon

While in the army reserves and moving from job to job, I just couldn’t take it knowing that I was destined for something greater. One thing about me if the feeling is right, I go for it. I was introduced to my now mentor Chris Kelly of KB Media. The day I met him, I didn’t even own a camera yet I was borrowing cameras from friends. Read more>>

Jasmyne Burns

I am the creator of The Perfect Mommy Mix, an online fitness program created for Mommies but with ALL women in mind. The Perfect Mommy Mix is an online 21-day fitness program that’s perfect for the mommies who are looking to shed their baby weight or any woman who is looking to jump-start their healthier lifestyle journey. Read more>>


I have previous experience working with international students in higher education, and I found that their needs were not adequately met through a highly structured delivery process. I began to think outside of the box and deviated from the structure to provide additional services that were required. Read more>>

Brian and ChiChi Ezeike

As a filmmaker, my work takes me around the world, capturing images and telling stories. I grew up in Nigeria but left for my birth country, Canada, after high school. Fast forward a few decades, now residing in the Atlanta area, I became somewhat of a culture warrior, working toward telling cultural stories as a way of preserving it and transferring it to the next generation. Read more>>

Melanie Kenner

I began to become interested in relationships, how to build them, and what was needed to keep them satisfying. In spite of my own family relationships, I still believed a long, happy marriage was possible along with a strong family bond. Ironically, I went through my own divorce and remarriage in the middle of my studies. Read more>>

Rashawn Capers

What made me really get into photography was I hired this guy to take pictures at my son 2nd birthday party and he wanted to charge me $250 for like an hour coverage. I immediately turned his offer down. I went to eBay and started researching cameras and ended up purchasing a t3i. Now, at this point, I’m just diving into photography. Read more>>

Alaysha White

My acting career has been amazing! But some roads had its bumps here and there, I was feeling the toughest part about the industry, walking in with confidence to an audition and being denied. Being told “No” right in your face was hard and put my confidence on a pedestal. Read more>>

Yancy Wilson

I became a student of IIN to get a broader understanding of exactly what that meant. TPFP has now blossomed in OmQuest Wellness and Holistic Healing. OmQuest holistically helps people become aware and harness the power of self in order to achieve major/minor goals and manifest dreams and aspirations. The official title would be “A transformation coach.” Read more>>

Che’Naomi Durant-Lyons

From there, I started creating and selling personalized wedding decor; card boxes, custom wooden letter, canvas guest books, etc. After my wedding, I decided to switch directions and get back into drawing and I taught myself how to paint and put my art and quotes on t-shirts. Read more>>

Qiyamah Saleem

As I got older, I became more interested in making products that actually worked. In 5th grade, my teacher gave us a project that sparked my interest in skincare. We all had to invent something would solve a problem. She told us to showcase our prototype to the class. My invention was a “cure for eczema.” Read more>>

Chanel Hudson

Luckily I have been able to channel the depression and consistent suicidal thoughts into my career to where I am not focused on the negative. It’s soo easy to get wrapped up in the negative energy that surrounds your existence, and my career has truly been a blessing to me in more ways than one! Read more>>

Kimberly J. Stevens

My drive comes from being a mother of a young queen & king & taking back everything that has ever disrupted me from my career. One of my biggest aspirations in life is to completely live my destined & divine life while I am here and to build a foundation for my children’s future that no man can buy, steal or tear down. Period. Read more>>

TaJuana Blakley

I wanted to make an impact on the world. So, I decided the world needed more peace, and Yoga demonstrates peace, so that would be my tool. And because children are natural agents for change, I resolved that I would teach children yoga. I got certified in June 2015 and have been spreading peace worldwide ever since. Read more>>

Cheryl “Cee Cee” Canty-Asbury

I believe we should strive for PREVENTION versus cure. Know your own health to be in partnership with your health care provider and utilize the motivation and education of a health coach to get you to your goal. Run around in your own healthy circle! Read  more>>

Vitor Lopes

Film and photo production has always been in my life. 12 years ago, I started a photography company. Soon thereafter, I started to get more into video. As I was young at the time, all I really cared about was money. My parents came from Brazil when I was three years old with just one suitcase in one hand and me in the other. Read more>>

Adrea Thomas

I moved to the Atlanta area at the turn of 2007. I’m originally from Seattle, WA. When I got here, I was doing Sports Massage in a medi-spa and instructing Massage Therapy in a student clinic at a local community college. With all the weekend hours and a five-year-old son that got old quick. Read more>>

Breontaé Williams

Art is just something that I’ve always done. I’ve been drawing since I was a child. But it took me a long time to decide to pursue art. I was obsessed with making sure I picked the “right” career when I was younger, so I kept switching majors in college. However, I always found myself coming back to art. It’s something I’ve always lived and breathed. Read more>>

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