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Meet Ivory Chana | Fashion Stylist

We are thrilled to be connecting with Ivory Chana again. Ivory Chana is a Fashion Stylist and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Ivory Chana below.

Ivory, it’s been too long since we last connected. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts with our community again. Some readers might have missed our prior conversations, so maybe you can kick things off for us with a quick intro?
My name is Ivory Chana and I am a fashion stylist. I am also the founder of “Chana Chic”, a fashion influenced brand that showcases my work as a stylist and as your everyday fashionista. Creating looks helps me express the vibe of my client. As a stylist, I always seek to bring my vision for each and every look to life. Chana Chic provides a stylish, creative, edgy, and chic experience! I strive to fulfill all fashion needs, leaving clients feeling and looking like their best selves.

There is inspiration in everything we do, so who or what truly inspires you to be the creative person that you are?
Inspiration is in everything we do and see. The creative I am is simply influenced by black culture and all that we bring to the table. We set the trends and black people have always been the persona to replicate. Our music, bold fashion, beauty, and our authenticity breaks all the barriers in all aspects of everyday life. Beyonce, Rihanna, Jhene Aiko, and Erykah Badu influence me the most! I connect with each of their images and their influence on black women.The stylist and designers behind these women have given me nothing but inspiration when shaping the style of my brand. Music also keeps me inspired. When you hear a song by your favorite artist, you want to portray their look and sound, capturing the same feeling you felt when listening to their song or seeing their video through your outfit. We have always shaped the culture when it comes to street and runway fashion. As a stylist the creativity comes when finding originality from your inspiration. Having a vision and making it your own or adding more to the idea makes you stand out on your own terms. I am big on inspiration and not imitation. As we continue to spread inspiration, we bring out the true creative in one another.

As an upcoming fashion stylist, how do you work on growing within your brand and push to expand your business?
Being a young entrepreneur can be very challenging. You find yourself trying to grow in two different places in your life: your personal life and your business life. In between both is your passion. Passion and purpose have been the two things that are my constant motivation. They go hand in hand but I approach them differently to fulfill both. When it comes to my passion, I jump out of my shell and force my talent to do the talking. Fashion has always defined me and has influenced the woman I am today. Bringing looks to life make me feel better about myself and confident about where it’ll take me. I give myself time to get better and allow room for growth. Chana Chic is something I created for myself that I am shaping into a whole brand. I solely do it for me and for the people who trust my talent. I take care of myself first through meditation and self-care everyday before doing anything business related. That’s where purpose comes into play. I think it is important to live out your purpose in this life. If you have a life to live, you have a purpose. Taking care of yourself is key to living out the life that God designed just for you. I’ve learned to always put yourself first. In this process of understanding my purpose and living out my passion, I’m always looking forward to what’s next for me. What’s my next look? My next accomplishment? How am I mentally and physically? So I trust the flow and evolution of my own life path and how to work with it instead of fight against its obstacles.

Are there any projects or collections that you are working on? What do you see yourself working on in the future of your business? Can you go into the details and talk to us about how you plan to bring the vision to life?
Chana Chic plans on producing merchandise carrying the brands name onto various styles of clothing for everyday wear. I like to take things piece by piece before it reaches its full potential. In the future I see myself working more hands on with photoshoots and building clientele for Chana Chic. I see so much growth in my future and can’t wait to see what it takes to have a successful business. Expanding the business into interior design, shoe and accessory design, and opening a styling studio are all a part of my vision when I think of the future projects. Everything will be presented with style, grace, and originality.

What are your dreams and aspirations as a stylist and in your personal life?
I think my biggest aspiration in my personal life and as a stylist is to find peace is what I do. I want Chana Chic to reflect my worth and my ability to do anything that I put my mind to. I want my brand to expand into my own fashion experience and make a difference in how people see me as a stylist and as a person. As I build my brand, I am molding the woman I want to be! I dream of multiple stores with my name on it, a strong clientele, and a voice that is heard through my fashion. Happiness is the ultimate goal, remembering to always put myself first. I want to have a life and career that I am proud of and that shows God how thankful I am for the gift he has given me!

What stylists have influenced you the most in this new era of fashion?
My absolute favorite stylist right now is Byron Javar! I really love him as a stylist and his creativity is out of this world. Seeing him style Saweetie and collaborating with more and more of todays hottest celebes gives me inspiration because I see a bit of myself as stylist in his work. I have to recognize Zerina Akers, the stylist of the one and only Beyonce! She creates bold, timeless looks and who doesn’t always love what Beyonce is wearing! Finding Zerina really helped me understand that are no limits and whatever captivate in your mind can come to life. Kollin Carter, Demi Dorsey, and Kelsey Ashley are also stylist whose work I continue to admire. What matters the most is that they are all young, black, and talented as they take on the style of our biggest influencers. I can’t wait to see my work elevate the way they have for themselves, bringing my own twist with Chana Chic.

What are your different style aesthetics and how do they reflect on your work as a stylist?
Edgy urban, classy chic, and bohemian free-spirited looks define my true style aesthetics.I think it represents every style that we use to express ourselves. Edgy urban represents the trend setters. Influenced by the culture, music industry, and streetwear. I feel that the hottest looks have an edge that reveals skin or just raw content that expresses how someone feels about themselves. My favorite is the classy chic vibe. Simplicity at it’s best for someone with a classy taste and touch of chic. It makes people feel like luxurious and above the normal standards in fashion. The style I connect with the most is the free-spirited look. Free fashion truly reflects a vibe that someone has and carries through their outfits. It gives off a blissful persona that allows you to let go and release your feelings. I think the variance in these styles can be combined into one or individually cater someone else’s style aesthetic. As a stylist, you have to be versatile and present what matches the style of your client.

It was so great to reconnect. One last question – how can our readers connect with you, learn more or support you?
The best way to connect with me is through my Instagram account, @chanachic.

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Photos taken by Kenneriah Jenkins. Modeling by Kawanza Smith.

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