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Meet Brittany Wilkerson of Wildflower Yoga ATL and Brittany Wilkerson Yoga in Candler Park, Grant Park and West Atlanta

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brittany Wilkerson.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I grew up here in the South with a love for the arts, which still remains a passion of mine to this day! I found yoga as a young actor in New York City. I remember leaving the studio after my first yoga class and seeing the city with a fresh perspective and a feeling of presence I had never experienced before. I was astounded by the steadiness and calm yoga brought to my anxious mind and enjoyed moving my body in a new, healing way. The effects of my practice flooded everything in my life with joy, presence, clarity and calm from my relationships to my creative work. When I relocated to Los Angeles in 2006, I immersed myself in the west coast yoga community. Now, ten years later, I am certified at the 500 hour level through Liberation Yoga and Annie’s Carpenter’s SmartFlow mentorship, with over seven years of teaching experience. Last year, I moved to Atlanta to continue to pursue acting and yoga, and, mostly, to be closer to my family after spending almost a decade across the country. It was time to come home and what better place than Atlanta, now a flourishing entertainment hub? For me, yoga has really helped not just on a personal level, but also as an actor. I have been able to translate calmness of mind and connected movement in a way that helps me with my performance, whether it’s the audition process, or being on stage or on set. Most importantly, it has aided me in being able to handle the stress of the industry. It feels good to be able to share these tools with fellow creatives because I know that what results is a feeling of freedom, an increase in energy, and a steadiness of mind. Yoga is full of very practical tools, backed by scientific research, and the practice itself creates a relaxed awareness and flexibility of body and mind. I’m able to share these tools with creative people to enhance their particular craft in an unconventional way. (A big thank you to my teachers and mentors: Christine Burke, Steven Espinosa, Jeanne Korn, and Annie Carpenter).

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
As anyone who chooses a life in the arts (and yes, I do consider Yoga as an art) can tell you, it’s not always a smooth road. It’s easy to compare yourself to others, to fall victim to nerves or perfectionism and struggle to make ends meet. There is no one path to success, but teaching yoga has been a way for me to continue to connect and be of service to my fellow artists. I took a risk in pursuing the two things I love. It’s scary, not always secure, but it’s mine. I get to combine two things I truly enjoy doing within a community that inspires me!

We’d love to hear more about your business.
I founded Wildflower Yoga ATL on the belief that bringing ease, playfulness, and mindfulness to our environment, specifically the entertainment and creative industries, can create lasting positive change on the individual and collective levels. A wildflower blooms exactly as nature intended it to be and that’s what yoga is…exactly what it’s intended to be for each person on that mat. It meets us where we are.

I love working with creatives; you have to be a little bit of a wildflower to pursue a life in the creative arts! I understand and relate to the long hours, the specific stresses, and even the quirkiness and specific qualities of the minds of creative people (often moving a million miles an hour in a million directions)! I get to share tools like meditation, breathing techniques, and physical postures which build strength, focus, and a sense of calm. So, whether you are an actor with audition nerves or an entertainment executive dealing with a high pressured job, yoga can profoundly shift how you show up in your job and show up in your life.

During my time in Los Angeles, I worked one-on-one with VPs from network television, colorists, editors, CFOs, producers, and actors and I am thrilled to bring that experience to Atlanta. I’m most proud that I get to share this with other actors. I designed and created a specially focused series, Yoga For Actors, coming up in January 2017 (four weeks, $125 for the series). I also enjoy working one-on-one with students since sometimes the crazy hours don’t give people in the industry the chance to attend a traditional public class.

I’m always looking for ways to enhance the power of yoga, so I’m also incredibly excited to have partnered with sound healer Jennifer Proctor to offer Restorative Yoga Soundbaths in Atlanta. Jennifer plays the healing sounds of singing bowls, gongs, and chimes while I lead the class through a restorative yoga practice. Our Restorative Soundbaths happen three times a month at Candler Park Yoga, Nirvana Yoga in Grant Park, and Sacred Chill West. Combining music, gentle movement, and rest, we focus on calming the nervous system and a providing a great way for people to recharge completely.

What were you like growing up?
I think that I was destined for a life in the creative arts. My first role was “bunny” in Snow White (no lines, but very loud hopping) and I was so excited about my costume that I actually fell out of my chair at the fabric store and had to get stitches above my left eye. I still have the scar haha. I wasn’t a big math fan, but I loved stories, reading, playing make-believe with friends, dancing, and singing. My old neighbors from 5th grade are still threatening to blackmail me with an embarrassing VHS version of Beauty and Beast that we created. I’ve always been curious about people’s stories and had a variety of friends. Life is definitely more interesting when your friends have different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives than you do. I still feel excited about collaborating with others and grateful to work in the entertainment industry as both an actor and a yoga teacher.


  • Yoga for Actors Series, January 2017 $125 for four weeks
  • New Years Eve Celebration: Yoga & Sound at Nirvana Yoga 10pm-12am with refreshments $50 (limited space)
  • Restorative Yoga Soundbaths $25 pre-register, $35 at the door

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