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Meet Dawn Camacho of Whole Life Solutions in Buckhead

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dawn Camacho.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
Eight years ago, my husband and I were transferred to Atlanta for his work. At the time that we arrived, I was transitioning careers, had never been to the South and didn’t know anyone here. I got very lucky. I launched a business in the wedding industry, marrying couples and doing premarital counseling, and built up a presence quickly.I realized very early on that I was, for the first time in my life, waking up every day loving what I do, doing meaningful work, and that I was good at it. I had never had this alignment before.

At the same time, I was hearing a familiar theme from my clients while I was with them primarily to talk about relationships, I would often learn that they felt frustrated with their careers. They often felt like they had fallen into something but didn’t know if it was what they were really “meant” to do. But there was also a sense of guilt, they should be grateful just to have something and maybe people aren’t supposed to enjoy their jobs. I thought, “no, it is possible for many of us to truly find what feels like our purpose and to make a living at it. And I set out to create Whole Life Solutions.

We’ve been in operation for about four years now, and in that time have grown from offering occasional private sessions to offering a full schedule of one-on-one coaching, Group coaching, and motivational speaking engagements on the almost universal themes that come up for overwhelmed professionals: topics like
– feeling that they are not good enough, equipped enough, knowledgeable enough, to shift what’s not working for them and move into something new
– knowing they need to spend more time for themselves and their families but not knowing how to flip their paradigm and still to be productive and successful and
– wondering if there’s any way to jump into living a life that is truly balanced, fulfilling, and abundant without feeling like a fraud.

I continue to wake up every day incredibly grateful to do the work I love.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I have a long history of jumping from project to project and place to place. I think because of all the mistakes and dropped enterprises of the past, this one has been mostly a clear trajectory, While it is cliche, I have truly felt called to do this work. The biggest challenge has been on honing in on the ideal client so I can best serve someone who will get the most out of this approach, and practicing what I preach. A lot of what is suggested to clients with regards to pushing their boundaries in very concrete ways, asking for more money for their services, or being willing to connect with people and opportunities that sometimes feel scary is easier said than done!

Please tell us about Whole Life Solutions.
Whole Life Solutions exists to assist professionals in a holistic way with conquering overwhelm and gaining clarity and calm, for more efficient, clear, and purposeful lives. While most career coaching focuses on exploring individual’s background, skills, and educations and then finding a relevant fit, our focus is on finding what brings fulfillment and purpose and then finding a way to ensure a life (and career) rooted in that.

Dawn Camacho is the founder of Whole Life Solutions. She is a motivational and inspirational speaker and career coach who works with clients on mastering chaos, making the “right” choice, and living in true balance. Her specialty is in offering very simple, scientifically proven tips and tools for making major changes through small daily shifts. She assists clients in decision-making, developing goals, achieving clarity on their greater purpose and developing time management, motivation, and accountability. Her talks are on the subjects of epic intentional living, radical balance, and the supreme benefits of imperfectionism. Dawn is also a trilingual (English/French/Spanish) interfaith minister and counselor. who has officiated over 500 ceremonies, and has spoken at conferences, panels, churches, and events on both coasts. She wakes up every day grateful to do what she loves.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I would have honed in even more closely on my ideal client as soon as possible, and have begun offering talks sooner. I think so many people feel isolated in their fears and insecurities, and in addition to having some simple shifts to ease this, it can be very helpful just to have the solidarity of knowing so many of us are in the same boat.


  • Hourly private sessions are $145
  • Speaking engagements begin at $350
  • Initial consultations (15 min) are complimentary

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