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Meet Gabriel Harper

Today we’d like to introduce you to Gabriel Harper.

Gabriel, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
In 2007 I moved to Atlanta, GA on faith and hope. I didn’t have a job lined up but I knew there was something great awaiting me in ATL. I moved in with a family member until I got my own place a few months later and I worked over five jobs trying to make ends meet and truly experienced what hard work is all about. But while I was still finding myself in my career, I joined Elizabeth Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA and I volunteered in their Single’s Ministry for five-plus years. One of the areas the ministry served twice a month was the homeless population in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. We made sandwich bags with chips and passed out water.

We added clothing and 50 or more singles went out to six or more different areas to pray, disciple and feed the people. Well, it was one particular outing where I witnessed a man name Mr. James living in the woods and he was the leader of a community that had huts in the woods. If you know where Donald Lee Hollowell PKWY is you will get a feel of what I am referring to. That day changed my life and I committed to always serve the least, the lost and looked over. To see people grateful to have a small tiny house in the woods but yet be thankful and humble for all that we did, warmed my heart and I was determined to try to make a difference in this world while I’m alive. So a few years later, after transitioning from that ministry and after going through a divorce, I found myself in a very hurt and low place from decisions I made. I had lost my drive and determination.

I was 28 years young and for over eight years, I was still trying to find myself but the pain from church hurt, divorce, financial difficulty, broken relationships and my own generational toxic behaviors that I was struggling to overcome seemingly kept me stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s like I could see my destiny while dreaming but was experiencing a mediocre and somewhat of a mundane life that was going in cycles. I was running in fear and not truly trusting the process. I was hard on myself and fighting depression. I was afraid to face my fears and trust again because the hurt of my past was so great, I just left whoever, whenever, before they could hurt me, and I left a trail of broken promises and broken people. For almost ten years, I was in a valley, wondering how to make it to the top of my mountain, where I can see again, have freedom and joy again, and where I could truly make a difference. In the midst of those ten years, I was still preaching, speaking, counseling, serving the homeless community, working on staff and giving my best for everyone else.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
But one day, something sparked in my soul and began to burn the flame of my passion again. I realized that life is to short to keep walking in the same direction and experiencing the same setbacks. I realized I was missing opportunities and connections because I was afraid to face the real me and deal with all of me. But I made a decision to fight on, to push towards the huge dreams I had inside. I decided that if I had to walk alone until I made it to my mountain, I was willing to go and not quit. So when I decided to trust the process, forgive myself, believe in myself and be the leader, speaker, preacher, friend, and community advocate that I was born to be, things began to change. I started my own non-profit known as G. Harper Ministries, where we impact the community through food, clothing, words of inspiration and discipleship. G. Harper Ministries has helped thousands of people in Atlanta, with no yearly budget, no corporate sponsors, and no federal assistance. We survived through the generous giving and faithful volunteers. 

There are so many more great things that are in store for G. Harper Ministries. My ultimate goal, my dream is to build a big beautiful community known as The Gates of Grace, where there will be buildings for the homeless to come and shower, eat, and get clean clothes. There will be safe and secure buildings for battered women and children. My ministry will provide therapy, temporary housing and all immediate needs until the family is emotionally, mentally, and financially stable. I see a day where we will build assistant living facilities for the elderly and have a community of seniors. The Gates of Gates will house a media studio to record services, a library, a game room, a therapy center, a resource center, and so much more! You see, if I had stopped believing in myself in the valley, I would have never been able to envision greater and bigger blessings that I want to see come true in order to help serve the least of them. Today I am living a blessed life because I didn’t quit. I trusted the process.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
G. Harper Ministries is the umbrella and we are known for serving the community and providing needs. Under the G. Harper Ministries umbrella, you have the new brand that I’m about to start marketing known as G. Harp. (Short for Gabriel Harper). G. Harp is a National Platform Speaker that can speak to any group of people to inspire, encourage, and build mental momentum. G. Harp is an inspirational life coach that inspires to help people see beyond their valley life experiences. G. Harp also has a new apparel line. Known as “G. Harp Apparel”. G. Harp is writing his first book that will be out in the first quarter of 2021. Book title “Resilience”. G. Harp is preparing to embark on the podcast journey to bring Real, Righteous, and Relevant content to the listeners. Then you have Min. Who is a licensed and ordained minister that preaches and teaches the Gospel. Min. Harper counsels and guides relationships and teaches principals on how to Win in Love. Min. Harper is equipped to marry people and help young people navigate their path in ministry.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
A memory I look back on and that I am most fond about is when I hosted a peaceful protest back in 2017. I had ministers and leaders that I know rally together by the MLK center and we marched across the street to  Ebenezer Baptist Church to pray about the police shootings and killings of African American people. We prayed for unity and healing. I preached a word of Hope and the news recorded some wonderful glimpses of that occasion. I felt proud of myself, that I was able to lead a march of hope and people trusted me to lead them.


  • Consultations for pre-martial counseling is $35. (The course can range from $500-$1000 depending on the amount of weeks.
  • Consultations for inspirational life coaching is $35
  • Wedding fees can range from – $300-500
  • Apparel prices range from $25-$55

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