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Meet Kalyn & Brian Slagle of Slagle Wood Designs

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kalyn & Brian Slagle.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
The saying “Every story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite” is one that suits us best.

Being high school sweethearts, we have had a long time to dream about all of the things we wanted to do in our future together. One of those dreams was to design and build furniture one day. I remember 17 years back, when we lived in our very first apartment, discussing all of the ideas and the possibilities we would have if we learned how to build furniture. Then, life happened. We got married, had babies, and Brian became a slave to the corporate world in order to support his growing family. He did that dance for ten years straight, and toward the end, he became extremely tired, worn down, and very unhappy.

One day just about three years ago he came to me and wanted to build an outdoor lounge chair set for our home and had a building plan for it. We set out immediately, purchased all of the supplies, and took the plunge into this project. The end result was stunning, and the excitement of learning this new skill was invigorating! We then decided to build ourselves a farmhouse table for our dining room, and it turned out incredibly gorgeous as well. We both thought that there was something to this and in the meantime Brian was still working 12 hour days, getting more and more discouraged with his career.

We both decided to list the farmhouse table for sale on one of our local yard-sale sites, and it was snatched up within a day! Brian and I were both astonished! Actually, we give a lot of love and thanks to its buyers because they loved the table so much that they asked us if we could build them a coordinating bench and an entry table (and many more pieces over the last two years). Of course, we took these orders graciously, and from then on we happily added building furniture to our schedules. It took seven short months, taking great photos of each and every new piece we built, lots of advertising, and learning the ropes of this brand new business, and my tired and stressed out husband was able to quit his full-time job!

November 2018 will be two years that he has been home with me in the garage every day building furniture full time and we both could not be happier. We love what we do, and our only regret is not taking this plunge sooner.

Has it been a smooth road?
I have a “go big or go home” type of personality so growing our business has always been one of my main priorities… aside from being meticulous and making sure that each piece we build is built to the best of our abilities, of course.

This has been a cause of anxiety for me because I don’t like saying no to an order, even if it is a huge undertaking, something we have never built before, and something we do not have a plan for. I have definitely had a lot of faith in us as a building team at times, but we both have, each and every time, walked away from these said projects in total awe at what we just accomplished together.

Also, being the one who does not like turning down an order, and having clients from all over the country reach out to us in regards to the custom building for them, have had to learn a new aspect of our business. Shipping! Shipping large, heavy, and custom built pieces of furniture and figuring out how all of that works out has been a learning experience… but one that has expanded our business successfully.

We now have furniture living in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Seattle, NYC, California, North Carolina, and Wyoming and we are taking new orders nationwide consistently!

We’d love to hear more about your business.
We are a local to Atlanta, husband and wife team that builds all kinds of beautiful furniture. We custom build each and every piece of furniture to the liking of our clients. We specialize in farmhouse furniture but we will absolutely expand out past that realm and can build pretty much anything that our clients would want.

Each piece can be a particular size, shape, color, and style and our clients really love that about ordering from us. They get to choose what will fit and coordinate with their space and match their style! We keep up with all of the decorating trends and have mastered many different finishing styles so that if a client asks for a particular finish, we can create the masterpiece they are envisioning.

I think I can speak for Brian and I together when I say that we are most proud of the portfolio that we have built over the last few years. It is astonishing to look at! Just knowing that only a few short years ago, I had never used a power tool in my entire life, and Brian rarely ever used them, and now we are designing and building amazing pieces of furniture that we never dreamed we could build!

What makes this adventure even better is seeing our client’s happy faces! When our clients are happy, we are delighted!

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
We definitely live in a place where custom furniture is in high demand and were being original sets apart! A business like ours allows our clients to do just that! Even though farmhouse furniture is the “thing” these days, nothing we ever build is exactly the same as the last.

Each client receives their one-of-a-kind piece that all of their friends can ooh and awe over, and they love that! If someone was just starting out in this business and they asked us if Atlanta was a great place to start, I would say absolutely, yes!

Atlanta has truly blessed us with the best clients, tons of business, and always new possibilities for growth!

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