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Meet Mike Vialpando of Kinetic Sports Elite in Sandy Springs

Today we’d like to introduce you to Mike Vialpando.

Mike, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.

My initial goal was to make fitness fun again. As a child, I played a variety of sports and played at very elite levels. I remember all the different types of training and how fun it was. I remember the different games we played as children that got us moving and kept us active. I wanted to bring that fun atmosphere back to fitness and training.

I’ve coached multiple sports teams at the recreation and elite level. I’ve seen young people thrive in various atmospheres. Some do well with the intense challenges, others need a little more TLC. Understanding, listening, and providing the right environment to succeed for young athletes and families has been my motivation.

As an adult, I worked in the healthcare industry at St. Joseph’s Hospital of Atlanta. I saw a variety of adult disease and sickness, to which many were either preventable or could have lowered risk with physical activity. What I was seeing was hindsight healthcare, healthcare after the fact. With my passion for coaching and training combined with the desire to help prevent or lower the risk of adolescent and adult diseases such as cardiac disease, type II diabetes, obesity, depression, and more, I began to create programs that were both fun and active for various athletes.

The challenges to tackle were how do I create a program that challenges the elite athlete yet allows the new athlete to thrive as well? So far we have seen young people with all types of athletic ability, physical challenges, and fitness levels come in our program and succeed. Success for us isn’t determined by how fast or how strong an athlete is, but their willingness to face challenges, persevere and overcome. When young people find out that they actually have more in them physically than they thought, their world starts to change around them. Confidence goes a long way.

Within our programs, we have some really outstanding athletes but there are many more families we want to reach. We have athletes that compete on the world stage, we have athletes that come in to become fitter for their sport of choice, and we have athletes that come to our program to be active. Each one of them work hard, have great attitudes, and inevitably succeed. Our hope is that fitness is fun, that the results show inside and out. We hope that staying active becomes a lifestyle  that they can pass on to others.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?

Initially, I had NO clue how to run a business. I had a passion, a desire to do good and make an impact but no idea where to begin. I started out training young athletes in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. Focusing on speed, agility, and sport-specific skill, we would meet at local parks and put in the work. I knew there was more to offer but needed a central location.

I wasn’t a corporation nor did I have very much money to advertise. Word of mouth was my best marketing tool. There were so many families in the beginning that gave me a chance and saw the value in the type of programming and relationships I would foster. Their trust in me built my confidence and allowed me to grow as a business over time.

There have been many setbacks but each one has created an opportunity to grow personally and as a business. There have been opportunities that I have had to pass up because I was not ready for them, but what I realized is that this idea of fun fitness and active people was not only needed but desired. It’s been slow and steady but progressive nonetheless.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Kinetic Sports Elite – what should we know?

The meaning is in the name: Kinetic Sports Elite

Kinetic- 1) of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith 2). a: active, lively b: dynamic, energizing

Sports- to engage in an activity

Elite- the best of a class

The name defines our goal. To be our best, creating programs that are active and inclusive. We believe that to be successful you give your best with what you have, within the circumstance you live. Everyone is created differently, uniquely, and that’s beautiful. We want young people to know they don’t have to compare themselves to others because each person is talented and good enough the way they are now.

Our specialty is youth fitness. Summed up, we keep things constantly varied so not to be boring or predictable. High-intensity workouts provide cardio development and functional movements are replicated in everyday life such as squats (standing up/sitting down), deadlifts (picking objects off the ground), and overhead movements provide core stability.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?

I believe the thing that separates us from other programs is our knack for connecting with each individual athlete. We listen, we see, we challenge, and we celebrate. Every small success equates to the larger goal. Being able to motivate and inspire an elite athlete vs a non-active child is very different.

Patience, passion, and perseverance are the key to finding what it is that drives an individual. Creating a culture within in the gym that promotes confidence and community to be successful has been extremely successful. Each athlete supports each other regardless of their abilities by teaching our athletes that lifting others can be rewarding for everyone involved. It truly changes the atmosphere and is so inspiring.

We do our best to listen to what families want from a fitness program but also stick to what we know works. We are confident in our program. We provide after-school programs, community events, and community service opportunities. Across the board, the ability to connect, lift up the confidence in people, and engage with others has proven to be very successful.

It also helps to stay humble and realize that not every idea we have is the correct one. We don’t claim to know everything about all things. Networking and partnering with other wellness organizations create an opportunity to be a strong force in the community. There are so many other programs out there that are doing a great job with their business. I often meet other business owners and we share the things that have made each of us successful. Sometimes the information we share helps create new programs or a more efficient way to conduct business.

Being relatable. I have 4 children myself, 15yrs old, 9yrs old, 8yrs old, and a very energetic 15mo old. My wife and I can certainly relate to other families in that we want our kids to be confident, active, and encouragers of others. Being able to share this journey with families in our program transforms Kinetic Sports Elite from a business to a family.


  • Middle School & High School Classes $105 monthly/unlimited
  • Elementary School Classes $85 monthly/unlimited
  • $90 5 class punch card/no expiration
  • Competitors Training Program $175 monthly

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