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Meet Suburbs Designer and Animator: Whitney Lam

Today we’d like to introduce you to Whitney Lam.

Whitney, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I grew up with an overexposure to art. I was fortunate enough to study fine art at a very young age, and my roots in fine arts have paved the way for my career in design and animation. It taught me how to appreciate color, shape, and aesthetic, which carries the work I do now. With all this in mind, I didn’t initially intend to pursue a career in art. It was a last-minute decision (that I’m grateful for). I love what I do now.

Has it been a smooth road?
Thankfully not. I have struggled and still struggle with many things. If it had been a smooth road, I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I have. I appreciate it all.

In the past, lack of confidence was my biggest hurdle. It held me back from great opportunities in my career and personal life. It’s so important to value yourself and understand that your true capabilities. Once I overcame that, my work and outlook improved substantially. I find that a lot of my problems or struggles come from a personal place and that it is up to me to adjust to the circumstances.

How would you describe the type of kid you were growing up?
I was like most kids, pimply and insecure. When I was much younger, I was so full of energy and enthusiasm, but that changed quickly when I got older. The environment around me, my peers, issues within my family, and lack of a role model, caused me to become reclusive. It was a difficult age, but it’s something that we all easily grow out of. I look back on it now with humor. I was a dramatic child.

What is your favorite childhood memory?
My favorite memory was when I went peach picking with my family. It’s one of my earliest memories, but I remember it fondly. A field of green, a bright blue sky, and a basket of peaches.

So, what’s next? Any big plans?
Career-wise, I don’t have any definite plans. I plan to be happy, doing something that gives me purpose and keeps me busy. There are many exciting opportunities in my line of work, and ideally, I’d like to take time to explore that after I graduate. I’m looking forward to meeting incredible people. I’d like to become a mentor for young creatives. I intend to create work that provokes change. The future looks promising!

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