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Meet Trailblazer Sigrira Perret-Gentil Savitski

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sigrira Perret-Gentil Savitski.

Sigrira, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
I grew up as an only child on a small Dutch island in the Caribbean named Curacao. I was very fortunate to be surrounded by animals and didn’t perceive a species hierarchy. They were my constant companions and I was the kid at a birthday party who preferred sitting under a table playing with the dogs. After receiving my BA in Psychology from Emory University in 1996, I lived in Tucson, AZ for 3 years where I did social work. Tucson is where I adopted my first cat sons, Juneau and Jarvis in 1998 with my husband. They made me a mother and directly led me to become an animal intuitive and energy healer exclusively for animals. I remember the first few days when these two fuzzy black kittens followed me around like ducklings and my heart began opening beyond what I thought was possible. Ten years later, I was again living in Atlanta and teaching photography at Oglethorpe University after having completed my photo MFA at GSU in 2003. Jarvis had begun suffering from digestive issues and after one of my friends gave him Reiki during a visit it was clear to me how much he enjoyed it, so I decided to take Reiki level I for him. This not only helped Jarvis but it also assisted me in fully shedding long-term allergies – something that not even receiving regular allergy shots had accomplished. Reiki felt natural to me – gentle yet powerful. I loved being able to help animals this way and continued with level II and the mastership level. The connection during Reiki sessions led to my beginning to communicate with animals when I was sending/giving them energy healing. Twenty years after adopting Juneau and Jarvis and ten years since I began practicing Reiki, I am now able to full time communicate with and send energy healing to animals locally and internationally and to help interspecies families deepen their connections.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
In 2012 and 2013, I went through the most painful time of my life when first Jarvis then Juneau fell ill and eventually crossed over from cancer. The passing of an animal companion can be at least as devastating as the loss of a human. What got me through it was being able to still communicate with them after they were in spirit. Both were strongly encouraging me to assist others grieving the loss of their companions, now that I knew how it felt. I began to view death in a completely new way, rather than this complete separation I had assumed would occur, I realized that our animals in the light still want to connect with us. The relationship is just different, and it’s like learning a new heart-based language to communicate with them. I began to receive messages even more clearly from animals alive and in spirit and was surprised it actually “sounds” the same to me whether they are here in the physical or in spirit. In November 2013, we adopted our current cat son and daughter Merlin and Gracie Belle. They are amazing beings who communicate from their hearts with me and fully understand the energy work and love being around it and laying on the crystals I use for meditations and sessions. Being their mom fills me with gratitude and I treasure each moment together.

A hard part, in the beginning, was fully trusting that it was all real. When I teach animal communication, which I believe everyone can learn at least to some degree, I try to help my students to trust themselves first. It can be challenging to believe something which many people still don’t think is possible. It’s ok. My advice for young people is to feel into this with their hearts first. When I first began to do this professionally, it was a bit intimidating for me to share what I do because I’m aware that it can sound like fantasy. I used to sort of emotionally brace myself first, but I was pleasantly surprised at how positive most reactions have been. What has really helped me is my complete confidence that I am here to help animals and the people who love them. When you do something with love and authenticity others can feel this.

We’d love to hear more about Sigrira Animal Intuitive.
I communicate with animals alive and in spirit and I do Reiki energy healing for animals.

I am proud that I can help humans understand their animal companions better by translating messages directly from the animals for them. Most of my sessions are done remotely – initially just me in meditation connecting with the animal – then a follow-up phone call (or Skype call if international) to share all the information with the human companion. I ask for a photo and list of questions to start with and animals can always add anything else they wish to share. Animal companions are able to convey what is most needed for their people that they love unconditionally. I am able to feel emotions the animals share. I can also “feel” if animals have pain or discomfort and this information can help their veterinarians. (I am never a replacement for professional medical treatment but I can complement it.)

Sometimes, people are interested in exploring past lives or soul connections with their companions and that information may offer clarity into their current relationship. My sessions go in-depth and the animals’ and people’s spirit guides assist with the process. Our animals are amazing teachers for us and are often trying to help us even when certain behaviors may seem challenging. Understanding the reasons behind these behaviors can make all the difference.

Reiki can help animals with physical and emotional issues and I have found most animals enjoy it.

My full understanding that there is no species hierarchy sets me apart because I see animals as completely equal and believe that from a spiritual perspective they are operating from a more energetically advanced place, here to help and teach us through love.

Finding a mentor and building a network are often cited in studies as a major factor impacting one’s success. Do you have any advice or lessons to share regarding finding a mentor or networking in general?
Taking classes and attending events connected to what you are interested in is a great way to meet like-minded people. I believe it’s important to surround ourselves with a community that is supportive. I was fortunate to meet Jamie Butler in 2007 when I booked a session with her because my uncle that I was very close to had passed. I learned Reiki from Jamie and she also formally taught me mediumship. Jamie’s kindness and humility despite her considerable abilities are profoundly inspiring and she believed in me and in my abilities and always encouraged me even before I was fully confident in myself.

In any field the main thing is for a teacher or mentor to recognize each person as a completely unique individual, Jamie excels at this. From my own 12+ years of teaching college-level art (photography), it became clear two me that no two students were the same ever. I aimed to guide them toward unique self-expression rather than some personal expectation I may have had for what the process looked like. I was beautifully surprised and continually inspired by my students.


  • Animal Intuitive Session $95 (for one animal companion)
  • Reiki Energy Healing Session for Animal Companion $115 for two thirty minute sessions
  • Reiki Energy Healing Session for Animal Companion $60 for one thirty minute session

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