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Midtown’s Hidden Gems

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some of Midtown’s gems below.

Robyn Rivers

I have been making gemstone bracelets for about one year and currently sell to boutiques across the United States. What originally started out as just a fun hobby took on a whole new purpose for me. My husband and I welcomed our miracle baby on November 1, 2019. He was born only weighing 2 pounds and 3 ounces at just 27 weeks. I decided to start making bracelets to cope with my PTSD and PPD. The name Eleven One was named after the date my son was born. Since the birth of my son, my business has exploded. I have used 11 One to connect with other mothers and to provide women empowerment. Along with owning a jewelry company, I am a Realtor here in Atlanta, Georgia. I decided to expand my impact and help families create generational wealth through real estate. Being a mom, wife, and entrepreneur with multiple streams of income definitely keeps me busy and keeps my heart happy!. Read more>>

Brooke Dant

My professional career began as an in-house designer, where I got to design a wide variety of collateral such as print publications (magazines, annual reports, etc.) advertisements, billboards, event invitations, posters, social graphics, and more. While working my 9-5, I began taking on freelance clients after-hours. It started as favors for friends or family but quickly grew until I felt like I was working two full-time jobs. I had always wanted to own my own studio, but I was nervous about the lack of stability and the unknown. As my workload continued to grow, I knew it was time to make a decision – stay in my comfort zone or take a leap and just go for it. In 2020 I officially quit my full-time job and launched Dant Design Co., a boutique brand and web design studio helping small businesses showcase their unique talents and offerings throughs strategic visual design. Since launching, I have been blessed to work with some incredible clients in a wide range of industries. From Charleston Interior Designers and Atlanta Artists to New York Real Estate Agents, Executive Search Firms, Fitness Studios and more. Read more>>

DeSean Lewis

I started my brand, SEAN ANTONIE, back in March of 2017. I was in the student center at Albany State University selling t-shirts out of a box that I created on literally two weeks before. I always had an eye for fashion and creating but I was just trying to make some quick cash to pay for my classes. However, I sold out of all 30 t-shirts in one day and I thought to myself, I could really go somewhere with this. So, that fall, I left ASU and I was on a mission to spend less money on buying clothes and more money making them. I explained my vision to my sister and she bought me my first sewing machine for Christmas. From that day on, I worked hard to create outrageous and inspiring designs that put me where I am today. Yet, I’m still trying to one-up my last creation. Read more>>

Jasmine Fenderson

Throughout my entire life, I’ve always struggled with my weight and body image. I always felt like I had to fit the mold similar to the bodies of those around me. About two and a half years ago, I felt those same feelings again after having my daughter. I felt like I didn’t look good enough to keep up with the women I saw on a daily basis. I convinced myself I had to step up my game like it was a competition. I compared myself to females younger than me, with no children, and more free time, telling myself my body was unacceptable. Until one day, I realized my fitness journey was my own and no one else’s. I realized that my fitness goals were not going to be my best friend’s fitness goals, and that is okay. I also realized that a six-pack doesn’t always mean you are fit, that there is more to life than physical fitness, but also mental and emotions fitness, relationship fitness, and spiritual fitness. Thus FIT was born, standing for Fitness, Inspiration, and Triumph. With the purpose of inspiring everyone to be triumphant in whatever fitness and good health may look like for them, and not what everyone around them is doing. Read more>>

Bri’an Miller

I always had a passion for design and I got started with commercial spaces. I designed my first space in 2016 for a well known charter school, then a State Farm office and from there I kept getting referrals. I was a full-time Corporate Recruiter at the time and did the design on the side. I took maternity leave for two years and finally opened back up for business in September of 2020. Since I’ve started back, I’ve been blessed with some phenomenal career-changing projects. Read more>>

JT Garner

Man the brand was never supposed to be a brand lol I came up with the name for a group of friends and myself back in high school. We just did things in the community and hosted parties, but we had no name for ourselves. So I was like LOGICS. Why because everything about us was logical. It all made sense. My daughter passed away so I made a tribute jacket for her with the name LOGICS on it. Now spelled LOGICZ. Everyone wanted the jacket so I decided to make t-shirts to make enough money to make jackets but it never went that way. I sold out of my t-shirts on CAU’s campus (Clark atlanta University). I didn’t make any profit. I broke even. This frustrated me to the fullest, so I left it alone for years and started it back up after I graduated. After college, I did not follow my close family and friend’s vision. Everyone wanted me to be a doctor and I realize I didn’t want to anymore. Being surrounded by so many opinions inspired me to make another slogan for the brand. The first one being “use your logicz”, and the second one is “LOGICZ OVER GENERAL OPINIONS!” So when you see LOGO that’s what it stands for. Read more>>

Leah Birdsong

I started painting my sophomore year of college. It become a healthy outlet to turn to to help deal with the stress, anxiety, and depression I was fighting. I began to paint my feelings, and my best friend/roommate Nia pushed me to more. Even when I wasn’t ready to see it. Nia made my Instagram page in college and after that, the rest was history. After a great amount of support from my friends and family, one of my dearest friends Noelle, made my logo, which also was a drive in taking my business seriously. I have made an Etsy site and seeking to make own website very soon. Today I do commission pieces, both acrylic and oil. Read more>>

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