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Midtown’s Hidden Gems

Every day we have a choice. We can support an up and coming podcaster, try a new family-run restaurant, join a boutique gym started by a local fitness champ or we could keep giving away our money to the handful of giants who already control so much of our commerce. Our daily decisions impact the kind world we live in; if we want a world where small businesses are growing and artists and creatives are thriving then we should support them with our time, money and attention. We’re proud to highlight inspiring creatives and entrepreneurs each week in Hidden Gems series.  Check out some of Midtown’s gems below.

Ramon Benning

I’m Ramon Benning. I was born it Atlanta and lived in all parts of the city growing up. Growing up I always found an interest in music and in the arts. As a kid I would find myself picking apart songs I heard on the radio, adding what I thought would be improvements to the tunes, lyrics and melodies. As much as I was inspired by my mom’s love for R&B and my dad’s appreciation for rap, I found myself truly amazed by Michael Jackson after my grandparents introduced me to him. Read more>>

Kamryn Harris

Growing up, an only child forced a level of creativity and stretched my imagination at an early age. I would draw, write poems, stories and songs and share them with my friends and family. Throughout middle school and high school, I gravitated towards graphic design and computer science. The two always felt very connected to me, despite the siloed way they were taught. When it came time to decide on which university and major, I would pursue. Read more>>

Hannah Hutto

I was just a bizarre kid. Being diagnosed with ADHD at seven, it was hard for me to make friends and participate in activities without doing something to make me stick out like a sore thumb. I was just a walking tornado that couldn’t sit still and would probably knock over the cup of coffee on your desk. My home life was also just a hot mess, and I always struggled to find a passion that I could dive into to cope with the nonsense. Read more>>

Donavan Perkins

I started NoD Percussion LLC in 2019. It was created to shine light on drummers of different backgrounds and lifestyles to be noticed more for their skills and performance. I have been a part of the music performance industry for some time now, as I have performed in many different arenas, venues, ballrooms, stadiums, etc. My idea of creating this company started in 2012, as I was finishing my senior year in college, while participating in a marching band. Read more>>

DeEtta Jones

My interest in the real estate industry began in Kansas City, MO (Home of the 2020 Super Bowl Champs-Go Chiefs!). I began my career in residential property management. After working, learning, and receiving multiple promotions with various companies, I secured the position of Community Director for a 250-unit property. At this point, one thing I had learned is real estate will always be around and needed. So, I decided to become a licensed real estate agent. Read more>>

Uncle Shaun

I use to live in Leighton, AL a country town right outside of Muscle Shoals, for the earliest part of my life; when I started school we moved into the city. To say the least, I’m a country boy at the core. I came up riding bikes and four-wheelers in the big fields and playing sports basically my whole life. I was pretty much able to get along with any and every one, but not everyone could understand me. Read more>>

Crissy Mac

I was diagnosed with Lupus five years ago. At the time I was diagnosed I was selling cars for Toyota. I had graduated from college and my life was amazing. I built my dream home in SW Florida on the water with one child at the time. Things were looking up until my doctor told me I had lupus and the sun was killing me and I need to stop selling cars. I had no clue what my next steps was going to be. Read more>>

Stacie Abdallah

I initially started Stacie’s Spaces as an Instagram account and an outlet for me to share my home decor projects with family and friends. My husband and I had recently purchased our first home and I were excited to start making it our own. At that point in time, I am not really sure that I knew it could or that it would fully grow into a business. The more I shared, the more my family and friends started telling me that I could do something more with it. Read more>>


Throughout my childhood, I sang in massive choirs. I found choral singing really rewarding. When you’re in a chorus of 250 people it’s not about you. You have to put your ego down and do the best job you can to support the group. This idea transferred to my overall mindset. I didn’t like being in the spotlight, I used to dread my solos, so it’s ironic for me that I ended up pursuing being an artist and performer, but those lessons have stayed with me. Read more>>

Lorna Davis

Lorna Davis is a business owner, educator, mentor, and author. She has dedicated her life’s work to assisting real people to identify and build wealth. Growing up in south Brooklyn, she came from a rough area and learned how to be savvy with resources early on. Lorna has coupled her street smarts and advanced degrees to gain the knowledge needed to assist others in being successful and now conduct workshops for businesses, organizations, and work one on one with individuals to find their purpose. Read more>>

Aaron Thomas

Aaron Thomas AKA DJ Aroc has more than 20 years of professional DJ experience. Self – promoted house parties quickly led to the branding and creation of A-Roc Limited, which has generated an impressive following over the past two decades. At Ohio University, he quickly turned the bars where he DJ’d into the most happening spots on campus. Now an Ohio University Alum, he continues to work closely with University events and opened for many high profile artists including. Read more>>

Gabrielle Williams

While my mom was preparing to retire from the military, one of the decisions she made was enrolling me into a school that was closer to our home. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an easy transition for me. One day, at lunch, I was saying grace and a student asked “what was I doing” and stated “we don’t do that here.” Immediately after, I started being bullied by my classmates. Eventually, it took a toll on my confidence and self-esteem. Read more>>

India Iman Hernandez-Hervey

My name is India Iman and I am the current reigning Miss World America Georgia. My platform is called The Making of The Beauty Sector which details the origination and progress of my non-profit organization, The Beauty Sector. Alongside my pageantry ambitions, I am currently a full time actress and model based in New York City. My entrance into the fashion industry initially began at the early age of two years old due to my mother’s own personal experience with Modeling and Broadcast Journalism. Read more>>

Jasmine White

I started drawing when I was in grade school. Not anything to serious little doodles on my math work. Later in middle school I joined an art club and fell in love. We’d use tons of different mediums suck as printmaking, sculpting, abstract painting, and assemblage. Following in to high school I took tons of art classes starting with drawing 101 ending in sculpture and ceramics. Unlike a lot of my classmates I was always asking the teacher for an alternate assignment. Read more>>

Akeya Garrett

When I was young, I always had a camera or video camera. I used to shoot stop motion videos and nature shots. I never thought of myself as a photographer though, I just enjoyed taking pictures. A couple years later, I had the opportunity to be the photographer at my aunt’s wedding, which was nerve wrecking, but super fun. At that same time, I was developing a love for fashion. I styled and recorded all my outfit looks on YouTube. Read more>>

Blake Weeks

I began working on the creation of my first fully-formed collection, Indefinite Articles, three years ago. The pieces are sculpture enclosed in glass cases. Each piece is unique and made up of found objects, beads, bones, teeth, fur, feathers whatever feels right. Read more>>

David Campbell

I have been a realtor now going on three years. Prior to being a realtor, I was working as a telecommunications manager in a typical corporate space. I had wanted to pursue real estate since I graduated high school in 2006. At that time the market was beginning to take a dive and it just wasn’t a great time to be stepping into the real estate world. I got my first corporate job in banking and after that I got stuck in my day to day existence not really following through on my passion. Read more>>

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