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Meet Julia Greene

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Julia Greene. Julia was introduced to us by the brilliant and talented Renard Ragsdale.

Hi Julia, we’re so thrilled to have you sharing your story with us today. Maybe we can kick things off by having you introduce yourself to our readers? We’d love to have you go into your story and how you got to where you are today.
Growing up, I always knew I wanted to do something in the creative field. I always gravitated toward art, storytelling, photography, and subjects that required perspective and an understanding deeper than yes/no or right/wrong. I craved the whole picture and the exciting, dynamic conversations that come with that. Knowing that this truth lies at the foundation of my very being always makes me look back and laugh that I started my journey in High School as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) student. It’s important to know what you love to do, but I’d argue it’s even more important to know what you don’t like!

This creative interest, paired with an early entry of 8 years old into the world of club volleyball, taught me many skillsets I still use daily. Starting anything young is incredible for jumpstarting the learning curve; however, it sometimes comes with the burden of bullying from older kids and the veil of constantly being underestimated. This seemingly ordinary aspect of my childhood from the outside isn’t even a blip on the radar for most, but for me has been a long-term reminder to always champion the underdog and not be afraid to jump into the deep end of something new – an attitude I embrace as Senior Design Lead at Ragsdale Design Group.

For college, I was lucky enough to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) from 2014 to 2018, where I studied Advertising and Graphic Design. SCAD prepares you the best it can for jumping head first into the deep end of whatever industry you’re passionate about, but nothing catches you up to speed quite like real-world experience. After an internship here and there around Atlanta, I found myself at RDG, a boutique creative agency that has never felt more like Home.

Let’s talk about your work and career – what else should we know?
As Senior Design Lead at RDG, I get the unique opportunity to work directly with Founders, CEOs, and heavy-hitting decision-makers in many industries and spaces. No day is alike; some days, I’m knee-deep in UX wireframes creating better user experiences for social justice warriors, and other days I’m dressed head-to-toe in PPE, being shut inside a man cage diving 300 feet into the earth to capture fresh photography of a clients construction joint-venture. I believe this flexibility is what sets me apart from other designers. I draw inspiration from each new experience with RDG’s clients and bring ideas to the table that cross-pollinate industries. These experiences have also led to being a creative mentor for younger team members at RDG, just getting their footing in the industry. My “roll with the punches” attitude has allowed me to confidently lead my team when the going gets tough and always remember to celebrate the wins, big or small.

Renard Ragsdale and Ragsdale Design Group have been great to us and I know you’ve got a great relationship with them as well. Maybe you can tell our audience a bit about Renard Ragsdale and Ragsdale Design Group and your experience with them.
I first discovered Ragsdale Design Group, better known as RDG, when searching for full-time positions in the Atlanta area. RDG is a creative gem hidden among the trees in Virginia Highlands, churning out award-winning work for clients of all sizes. Their client roster is intermixed with Atlanta natives and goliath brands, confirming my previous statement never to underestimate an underdog – especially when their motto is “Get Shit Done.”

I started at RDG as a Junior Digital Designer and, over the last 4.5 years, have climbed the proverbial ladder to where I am now as Senior Design Lead. Renard, the Founder & CDO, has always lent himself as more than a boss, but a creative mentor and friend. This sentiment extends to our client base, one of the many reasons the company has a successful track record for maintaining clients, business relationships, and a consistent influx of referrals. Our clients double as friends, making the work rewarding and enjoyable.

It isn’t easy to pick just one project or memory as a favorite. Still, getting out in the field with our client Technique Concrete Construction has provided some of the most memorable days shadowing their teams to capture video and photo content of their projects. Not many creative shoot days start with a safety briefing and end with being in a 5-mile-long tunnel 300 feet below the earth’s surface. My other favorite days are not as extravagant but are equally as rewarding. They consist of our team huddled up in war room sessions drinking too much coffee, talking, laughing, and brainstorming fresh ideas on the whiteboard for our clients.

Even after 4.5 years with RDG, I learn something new almost daily. I am grateful to work for a company that prioritizes education and values the hunger to try new things. If there is one thing I have learned about myself since joining the team, it’s that tenacity and drive can get you almost anywhere. Teamwork is a founding principle at the company, allowing our team to create lifelong friendships and an excessive amount of inside jokes that keep our company culture light and playful. I am so grateful to work with an incredible team of leaders and downright good people.




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