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Inspiring Stories from East Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out East Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Travis Moore

My great-grand daddy was a builder and also purchased income-producing properties. He would build everything in sections similar to what we know as modular buildings today. Behind his house was a shop where all sections were completed and just beyond that is a hill that drops about six foot down. All the sections were brought to the top of the hill and lowered onto trucks. I’ve always loved this story because nobody else locally at that time was using this type of building method. When he passed, he divided all of his properties among his daughters. My dad would follow in his footsteps years later. Read more>>

FL Beaty

My love of writing started at an early age, from writing short stories, poetry, even creating a comic book to where I served as the writer and colorist for my brother’s pencils. As my love for writing grew, my passion and inspiration to pursue it came from an unlikely source: Comic book writers. I was heavily influenced by writers such the great Stan Lee, Grant Morrison, Neil Gaiman, and Frank Miller. I was in awe of how they could take comic book heroes and somehow humanize them and make them relatable to us. That is the inspiration for my writing style. I call it a conversationalist style, as I prefer to use dialogue as opposed to using descriptive words to bring out emotion. For me, this creates much more relatable characters, and the reader can be more emotionally invested. Read more>>

Calvin Thompson

I was working with a fellow friend (Deshi “Dex” Baker and he put me on to everything about starting a brand. I was first working under him with his brand until he encourages me to start my brand. I met him in school walking and he asked was I into fashion and that he lived close to the school and I did too. The rest was really history. Read more>>

Shaun Mathis

I moved to Atlanta in 2010 specifically to get into the film industry, but being a single father was difficult and it took a little while. However, I got my start in 2013 with Sharon Tomilson at Studio 11 Films. A year later, I started my own production company, Outspoken Films, and released two web series, Rich Brothers & Threesome. But my big break came in 2015 when I was hired to co-write and co-produce the short film Take Over Your Trap for 2 Chaniz & Street Execs. The success of that film led me to produce several music videos for Street Execs and co-direct the feature film Soul’d Out with producer 2-17. Shortly after, I partnered with Justin Toulon and we started Laconic Productions. Read more>>

Alicia Young

I had been blogging since 2006. In 2017 I entered into the “plus-size” fashion arena of blogging. This meant that there were events to attend and even brand partnerships that required photographs to be taken of me. At that time, I had no real experience with makeup so I felt like a fish out of water! I began YouTube University so to speak and started to learn about makeup! Throughout the process, I truly began to enjoy cosmetics in a way I didn’t think that I would. However, one of the things I noticed is that some of the most sought after products were super expensive. That’s how the idea popped into my head to create a cosmetic line that was not only quality but affordable. Thus AP Young Beauty Collection was born. It became official in 2019! Read more>>

Jerrell Brown

Music has always been my passion! Early on, my older brother and cousins started a record label where I was able to work with local talent. Over time I was able to land positions at record labels such as Grand Hustle and Street Execs in Atlanta. After gaining experience working with numerous artists and labels, I decided to go freelance! I started my company, Trak Atiks Music, in 2006 and I’ve never looked back! I currently work closely with several labels as an engineer/producer while providing my published music catalog to companies through sync deals. Read more>>

Courtney LaShea

Rich Love Essentials started in March of 2019. I actually got the idea to sell my products from my daughter. My children and I suffer from eczema. First, we tried creams the doctor prescribed and they would only work for a certain time. I got tired of going to the doctor getting new chemicals to put on our skin so I decided to do my own research. I had used shea butter in the past and I decided to go back to it. I started to add oils to it and the rest is history. Read more>>

Porter Shields

I’m an artist and entrepreneur from East Atlanta, born in Memphis. I’ve performed, recorded and/or toured with Joe Budden, Kanye West, Rita Ora, Pyer Moss, The Roots, Harry Styles, Hailee Steinfeld, and others. I also lived in London and New York City for a few years before recently relocating back to Atlanta. I’ve performed on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Voice, X-Factor, Brit Awards, Later with Jools Holland, and Wireless Fest. Read more>>

Mickalya Spivey

First, and foremost I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer, but not any regular ole’ designer. I’ve always pictured myself as a fashion designer. This started in 2019 I started off as painting pants and/or clothing shoes etc. My brand “2TUFF” came from me calling myself “The Tough One” I was always the toughest but in the most humblest way. I also have a brand named “you<rare” which means I’ll rather be rare then like you, everyone has always told me I’m a very person or personality. You can never find another period. Read more>>

Krystle Pierce

I am comedian from Decatur, GA and at the start of my journey. I was working in retail. I was hanging out with one of my co-workers. She is one of those people who likes to try anything she can. In a passing conversation, she said wanted to try comedy. She asked me to accompany her to a comedy club. I had never really considered comedy as a profession before or even as something I wanted to do. I always felt like I was funny though, so I agreed to go. Read more>>

Chynna Johnson

The only reason I am where I am today is because of God. During my younger years, I was very disobedient. I didn’t listen; I always did what I wanted to do. So because of the bad choices I made in life, I had to do a 10-year bid. During that time, I focused on Chynna. What Chynna really wanted out of life. What I wanted to do what I wanted to focus on. When I was released, I stuck to the plan. I was a little worried I didn’t want to fail, so I go hard everyday. It’s never enough! Read more>>

Talena Davis

A former student-athlete at both Westlake High School and Georgia State University Talena is an absolute true native to Atlanta. After eight years of life-altering hard work in the healthcare industry, Talena courageously transferred her desire to care for the health of others and making an impact in one’s life, to another milestone for many – purchasing a home. Licensed since October 2018, Talena’s charisma, skilled natural talent, and friendliness played vital roles in the selling of 25 family homes, with over four million dollars sold all in her first year in the realty business. For several months she maintained the Top Buyers Agent for Mark Spain. Read more>>

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