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Inspiring Stories from East Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out East Atlanta’s rising stars below.

2242 Capo

2242 Capo, who is known to most as simply “Capo,” began his music career at an early age. Hailing from Atlanta, GA, he has always been a fan, student and proponent of good music. He has a strong musical background, which is deeply rooted in Hip Hop. Capo got his start as a member of his high School Rap Group “Born Threat.” In 2006 at the age of 16, The Group Released an Instant Hit titled. Read more>>

Desiah Barnett

My name is Desiah Barnett. I am a Music Producer. I also songwriter, DJ, and study law. My producer’s name is Destined. I discovered my musical talent at the age of eight years old. I started using FL Studio and making beats when I moved to Decatur, GA. At the age of 14, I went into foster care and I told myself that it was imperative that I live my dreams. Read more>>

Monica Harris

As an artist, I started singing at four years old in the church choir and began writing poetry and music at about age 14. I sang with various choirs and ensembles for years before actually pursuing a career as an artist and writer in 2014. It seems music and fashion go hand in hand for me because singing and drama, opened doors for modeling and design. The two flow organically together, as they are both creative outlets that allow me to earn income while expressing myself. Read more>>

Mar’Kayla Bethea

I have always made gifts for my family and friends for free but decided to put a name to my talent just last year. Nita’s Hands Crafts & More was birthed April 8, 2019, but the business officially launched on September 30, 2019. The name “Nita’s Hands” is in honor of my late grandmother, Juanita Smith, who was known for her creativity through her crafts. Read more>>

Tyler Pepper

For me, all of this started with my family. My grandmother had the biggest heart and she supported any and everything I wanted to do. My grandfather was the man of many talents he put me on to photography and music, Growing up I didn’t really listen to hip-hop, I grew up listening to Motown Classics, House Music, and Disco. But it was this one day when I was like 3 or 4 they played videos of Michael Jackson and Prince performing and it changed my life. Read more>>

Lily Andemariam

I moved from Ethiopia about 20 years ago. When my family moved to the states, it was very important to them that I have the best resources and opportunities to live a happy, successful life. I took that dream very seriously. I went to college in Ohio and started my corporate career just a week after graduating. Four years later, I decided to move to California and get into tech. With a Marketing and International Business undergrad degree. Read more>>

Ashley Washington

My passion for makeup and beauty started at a very young age. My father is a photographer, so he always kept me in front of the camera. My entire childhood was a photoshoot! My mother uses to dress me like a doll even when I was sitting around the house. I started modeling for different magazines in my teen years, which led to music videos, television shows, etc. I was even homeschooled my senior year in high school because I was doing a television show with Vanessa Williams. Read more>>

Trevor Flanders

Twin Criminal is a three-piece rock n roll band from Atlanta. The story starts with the dissolution of my previous band, Cloudeater. The band broke up and I wrote a new rock n roll record as fast as I could. I needed a fresh project with finished songs and recordings so as to find rock-solid musicians that wanted to take on something new. Those songs would become “NONES,” our first Twin Criminal record. Read more>>

Ron Harris

I’ve been writing music for about ten years and producing for about five of those years. I started my home studio in Milledgeville in 2016 and released my first album, Formative Years, in 2017. At that time, I was mostly producing acoustic guitar and layered vocals. As it happens with production, you learn a lot more and experiment a lot more. Subsequently, your sound evolves and so do you. Read more>>

Angela West-Brown

Angela West-Brown is an Individualized Education Program Coach, Consultant, Author, Special needs sibling, wife, mother of four and an Educational Empowerment Speaker. Her passion for America’s intellectually disabled youth is driven by first-hand experience covered in her book, “Lost and Found” of what happens when effective adult transition planning before high school graduation is not set in place. Read more>>

Tyree McClinton

I always had an ear for music growing up in my adolescent years. I was in a drill team as a symbol player as a child and I loved it as I got older though making music wasn’t a constant. Even though the music was always around me since young. My grandfather put me onto anything you can name from Rick James(s) of the world. To the 5 heartbeats and temptations vibes. My entire family is into music. Read more>>

Fallon Jones

I am an ordained minister, as well as an notary public for the State of Georgia. I have a background in human development, business management, psychology, special education and public speaking. With over ten years of experience in event coordination and planning. For me, honestly, it all started with planning my own wedding last year in 2019. When you get married, you don’t want just anyone solidifying your union. Read more>>

Janay Warren

Janay’s closet literally started with Janay’s Closet! I was on maternity leave from work and in the “nesting” stage of pregnancy when I decided to clean out my closet. Something I dreaded for some time but I was in the mood to get it done. I was (and still am to this day) a faithful thrifter and had a closet full of Vintage Finds. My closet was A MESS! Clothes were everywhere! It took hours to clean my closet. Read more>>

Shekita Shinholster and Ashley Banks

Best friends for 20 years, yet Ash and Kita live completely different lives. Ash lives the life of a single mother going through the turmoils of life in her own way but making successful career moves as an accountant. Kita, on the other hand, is a military spouse and mother living in the shadows of her husband’s career in the U.S. Army and desperately trying to figure out her purpose in life. Read more>>

Justice Barron

My name is Charlie Justice Barron. I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia. I am a United States Army veteran, a culinary chef, entrepreneur, and MS advocate. I was diagnosed with MS in 2011, an absolutely life changing moment for me. Before MS I had the distinct opportunity to work in some of Atlanta’s most premier restaurants. I traveled the country as a corporate chef, opening new restaurants and implementing company policies and procedures. Read more>>

LaTe’sia Gathers

I grew up wearing glasses. I did like wearing them. I just didn’t like how my glasses never fit my personalities. So, when I got old enough to dig in my eyes and not be scared, I started wearing contacts, they made me feel more confident. Wearing glasses was cute to me but I did not feel cool with them on. By 2015 I stopped wearing glasses in public. I was twenty fine years young; my confidence level at this time in my life was admirable. Read more>>

Runna Jay

I’ve never seen myself doing what I’m doing now. In my early childhood, I grew up wanting to design video games and later on become a professional wrestler at some point. That all changed around the summer of 2012, where I’ve got heavily inspired, wrote down all my goals and everything from then starting manifesting. I began to take the art of music production seriously around late 2014 to early 2015. Read more>>

Fynn Glover

I was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. After high school, I went to college in Richmond, VA and played soccer. For most of my life, my dream was to be a pro soccer player. After college, I played semi-pro for a while, but by my early 20’s, I started to get interested in entrepreneurship and business. In 2012, I founded, a website for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure travelers. Read more>>

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