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Inspiring Stories from East Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out East Atlanta’s rising stars below.e

Grant Yi, Mason Wong

Coming out of college, we lost the stability and structure that we knew for four years – we were completely lost on what there was to do for fun. We tried looking through the sites that were already out there and found that it was really hard to find things we actually wanted to check out. Read more>>

Anne Rice

My story doesn’t have the happiest beginning- by the time I graduated high school, I had known four people who had committed suicide and had known many more who had attempted. These were friends who I thought were happy and parents of friends who had incredibly successful careers. Read more>>

Kristina Adler

I’ve worked in storytelling since I was little. I was accepted into the Alabama School of Fine Arts for high school, specializing in theatre. After high school, I went to Elon University and received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, and a Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Design and Production specializing in Scenic Design and Directing. Read more>>

Lisa Lee

My love of esthetics started early, but my path wasn’t direct, it was full of twists and turns. In my teens, I suffered from cystic acne and desperate to find a solution was always in search of new and exciting skincare products. In my early years, I worked as a travel agent, human resources director, accountant and a veterinary nurse; however, I was craving something that focused more on connecting with individuals. Read more>>

Jarrett Stieber

EMSM began as a breakfast and coffee pop up called Desayuno with the guys from Steady Hand Pour House before they closed for good. We turned it into a dinner and coffee pop up called Eat Me to focus on the food, then starting running a once a week speakeasy at my graphic designer’s studio called Eat Me Speak Me. Read more>>

Sarah Morgan

It seems like I’ve always been making something. My father was a musician who also built instruments and my mother was a painter and seamstress so I think I came by it honestly. My first delve into the jewelry world was when I was about 9 years old. Read more>>

Brandon Winfield

My story starts roughly ten years ago as a 14 year old. I was injured a motocross accident and left paralyzed from my mid-chest, down. I did everything I could to maintain the lifestyle that I had before. I started racing go-karts, riding jet-skis and travelling the country with friends attending different sporting events. Read more>>

Ayanna Card

I became an entrepreneur out of necessity. After about 17 years in Corporate America in the apparel industry I took a position where it became impossible to be effective and healthy. I had to leave the job. I was already doing graphic design projects on the side and had always been the go-to person for t-shirts in my family and the organizations I was a part of so. Read more>>

Dale Gray

My Story starts way back when I was a kid shadowing my entrepreneur father. He was a man of many hats and It was only natural for me to follow in his foot steps. His most prevalent business venture was a screen printing company…which I swore I would never get into because I hated it as a kid. Read more>>

Hope Ferguson Loeb

I was always passionate about doing makeup as a kid. I started playing around with it at a very young age. During highschool, I did prom makeup for my friends and worked on the school plays. After graduating high school, I moved to NYC to pursue my dreams. Read more>>

Louie Gold

My dear friend Harold Brown and I were having a regular stupid night at our place in Midtown back in 2016 and decided to try making a sound we had never heard before. Something mopey, groovy, and grungy. We made the track You Know in one night and decided on the name Louie Gold and upload it. Read more>>

Derica Wilson

I have always had a interest in art since I was a little girl. During my high school years I had inspirations of being a Graphic Designer. I taught myself how to use photoshop and other programs. My passion for photography began while I was in college. Read more>>

K4C Music

K4C Music has been together for 10 years but basically grew up together. Originally from South Florida, God put these guys together way before they knew what they would be doing. The biggest hurdles have come in the way of the gatekeepers. K4C Music has a great connection to the people. The fans enjoy their uniqueness and different style. Read more>>

Johnathon “DJ J-SMOOV” Allen

Since day #1 I’ve always been the life of the party, had a love for music, and enjoyed entertaining others. So that’s where it really started. Back in 2010 my cousin asked 2 of my childhood friends and me to DJ and host her husband’s surprise birthday party. Read more>>

Bess Weyandt

Treehouse Milk was several years in the making by the time we actually launched. I had attempted to become a vegan about 7 years ago but failed miserably at it (my weakness is cheese). But the one thing that stuck was drinking almond milk, which I bought from the grocery store. Read more>>

Jessica Vass

My mom is a graphic designer and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in college. So I grew up making arts and crafts and my mom encouraging my creative ideas. I had the opportunity to go to an incredible high school in College Park called Woodward Academy. Read more>>

Jason Belisha

Since losing my job in early 2015, I promised myself that I would never rely on someone else to make a living (i.e. have a “job”). I also promised myself that I would earn my living doing something creative and meaningful to me. That left me with my only option of being a creative entrepreneur. Read more>>

Mic Mccoy

MicVision was birthed from struggle. 3 years ago, I had lost everything. Discouraged, I almost gave up on life and all of my goals. During that time I purchased my first camera and laptop and decided to just document my daily life through photography. Read more>>

Abi Lambert

I sort of stumbled into a graphic design career but I’ve always been a visual person so it was a question of what visual medium I would end up in. I was obsessed with comic books, video games, and horror movies when I was a kid. Read more>>

Deborah (Deb) Long

After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree in sociology and minors in education and women’s studies, I worked for 5 years as a counselor and teacher at an outdoor residential therapy program for girls from 10-17 called Eckerd Youth Alternatives. Read more>>

Caden Harris

The birth of Daddy Did You Know began as I started to research and learn new things on my own. When I learned these new things I would excitedly run to my Dad to ask him if he knew the facts that I had just learn. Each time I always began my sentence with Daddy Did You Know? Read more>>

Luke Jones

With music I got started when I was probaby 9 or 10. I started touring in bands when I was probably 14 and started doing it more full time around the age of 17/18. I’ve been steady doing that since then, no plans of stopping as of right now. Read more>>

Sarah Dodge

I got my first job baking back in 2010 with Holeman and Finch Bread while I was attending graduate school for mental health counseing at GSU. I had a vision of working with underserved populations correlating food, mental health, and cooking. Read more>>

Craig M. Garrett

I’d say I originally started the company (not formally) in college as I was planning events for the student body like comedy shows and parties. Then as an adult, I was always creating events for people – dinner parties, in-home cooking classes, unique travel experiences, you name it. Read more>>

Alison & Amanda

During one of our daily phone chats, my sister, Alison, and I jokingly remarked that our conversations were so entertaining we could probably turn them into a podcast A week later, Sis & Tell was born. Since May 2017, we have produced 61 weekly 30-minute podcasts. Read more>>

Nick Hernandez

I come from a family of healthcare workers (doctors, pharmacists, nurses) but I took a different route. I’m a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a former Marine Corps officer. Afterwards, I obtained my MBA from Wake Forest University and began my healthcare career as an administrator for a private practice oncology group. Read more>>

Shamora Barnard

Shamora B. aims to introduce exclusive hair designs, ingenious styling techniques, and inventive beauty tips. Shamora B, the woman behind the brand, began braiding hair at 12 years old and landed her first professional job as a stylist in a salon at 14. Read more>>

Angelina Bellebuono

In 1994, when my husband and I moved from our city home in Decatur to a new life just outside the rural Northeast Georgia town of Rutledge. I could never have imagined that I would someday be leading healing and heart-opening experiences on a farm with a herd of rescued goats. Read more>>

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