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Inspiring Stories from East Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out East Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Nicole Mason

In college, I always knew I someday wanted to own my own business but doing what I truly had no idea. I dabbled in accounting and while I was good at it and truly enjoyed it, I missed the human aspect of the job. After graduating, the wedding industry sort of just found me. I attended my cousin’s wedding the summer after graduation and found myself watching her planner thinking I could do it better. After that, I pursued a job in wedding planning and when the owner of the small company, I worked for was moving I had the opportunity to buy her business that had 5 weddings booked. While trying to build my business I was introduced and fell in love with the bridal industry working at David’s Bridal part-time. Fast forward a few years and Ivory & Beau was opened – a bridal shop one-stop-shop that also offered couples wedding planning services and floral design. Read more>>

Kim Deakins

I spent much of my youth hanging out at one of the local tattoo studios in my hometown of Johnson City, TN. I was underaged and deeply immersed in what we considered the underground punk and skateboarding scene but styled myself as a whimsical goth rocker: head to toe black with an occasional sprinkling of glitter for good measure. My shyness, insecurity, and angst pushed me towards artistic expression though I would have never had the self-awareness to articulate that as a teenager. From an early age creating art had always been my greatest strength and my family supported and nurtured this inclination. My natural gravitation towards other artists and emotionally deficient people sparked an interest in tattooing. That was 20 years ago. The tattoo industry has wildly evolved for the better, mostly, and there are plenty of perfectly lovely tattoo artists currently roaming the planet.  My parents were disinterested in my ideas of becoming a tattoo artist so I enrolled in art school at the local university in my hometown. I had grown up around teachers so my plan was to become a professor of the arts which was a more palatable choice for my family. Read more>>

Candace Barclay

I proudly go by the name Chef Candace. I am a self-taught chef and content creator residing on the East Side of Atlanta, GA. However, I was born on the Southside of Chicago, IL— a city that will forever be somewhere I’m proud to be from. At the age of 5 years old, I was always fascinated with the Food Network. My first idol was Rachel Ray, and soon to follow were Ina Garten, Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine, and Alton Brown. I watched the Food Network religiously my entire life with aspirations to one day be on a cooking show like Chopped or Food Network Star, leaving the studio as a champion. In 2018, I began selling plates after high school, and it wasn’t until after having two unsuccessful attempts at college, six jobs, and a pandemic later to finally move to Atlanta, GA, and amass a network of 120,000+ followers across all of my platforms, and an incredible support system of chefs, content creators, and entrepreneurs. I’m eternally grateful. Read more>>

Keyatta Miller

I am the founder of Dwelling22. Dwelling22 is a home studio created to help people feel good in the spaces they call home whether they are a renter or homeowner. I show clients that elevating their spaces can be simplified and streamlined. My company offers products and online design services.  Originally from Charlotte, NC I entered the world of interior decorating years ago after doing it for some time as a hobby. Initially, I studied advertising design in college because I loved home décor and fashion magazines, art, design, photography, and composition. I always wanted to be the one who created the looks for the magazines. After college I found myself working in banking and then supply chain as a buyer. My home was always my haven. I would always redecorate, change things out, and so on… It was honestly a stress reliever for me because I was a single mom working in the demanding field of supply chain and I just always loved to come home, relax and feel good. Read more>>

Jennifer Eichelberger

I will try to narrow this down. I am blessed enough to wear a couple of different hats. I am a licensed and ordained minister, a television producer, and author of three books: 1. Answering the Call, Discovering Your Purpose  2. SpiritualGrowth for The Next Level 3. Self Care: The Vital art of Nurturing You  My story seems complex but it is actually quite simple. The role of minister, author, and television producer are all part of mass communications–the imparting or exchanging of information on a large scale to a wide range of people.  I have known for many years that I was called to preach the word of God, write books, create and produce television shows.  My story on this path started over 25 years in public relations that morphed into radio and television production. I enjoyed television production and its creative challenges, hence becoming a television producer allows me to exercise that creativity. Ministry allows me to preach/teach the gospel and being an author allows me to reach more on a greater scale. Read more>>

indsay Morisseau and Diane Gordon

A mother (Diane) and daughter (Lindsay) team, they have always loved designing spaces together and making homes beautiful. Growing up, the family moved often, and Diane would always work tirelessly to create colorful, cozy places for them to enjoy. When Lindsay went off to college, she and Diane not only designed her dorm room, but several of her friends’ rooms, as well, and this continued into post-college apartments, houses, etc. After school, design was always a passion project that the two of them would collaborate on when they had the chance. Enter the pandemic. After being asked for help by several friends and neighbors, who had been spending more time than ever before at home and realizing they wanted to make changes, Lindsay and Diane noticed there was a unique demand, so they both decided to transition into working in design full-time – and thus, The Happy Home ATL began. Read more>>

Jasmine Perry

I started doing make a little once I graduated high school; during school, I’ll only wear lipstick or eyeshadow but once I graduated, I started YouTubing how to do my eyebrows (which was horrible) then eventually I started gradually practicing on how to do my face. I used to do my whole face with just concealer, not knowing what to do at all lol but then over the years, I just kept at it and STAYED on YouTube (YouTube is your best friend), just practicing different techniques on how to properly do my face. Between the years, family and friends would always compliment my makeup or eyebrows on how good they look and would always ask for me to do theirs or telling me I should do their face and I’ll be like no because I never thought that I was that good at doing makeup. I didn’t even know how to put on false lashes until 2019 lol so yeah. I’m a perfectionist so I don’t like doing anything until I get it down pack and perfect it, also I had to to stop doubt myself and my potential but I’m also a realist as well because I knew I wasn’t that good yet but you gotta start somewhere right?. Read more>>

Dr. Shanique Worthey

I’ve always wanted to help others! As a little girl, I realized I had gifts and that I wanted to be a doctor to help and heal people. My mom and my village of supporters always encouraged and inspired me to achieve my goal. While attending Tri-Cities High School, my teachers recommended that I attend several summer science programs at Howard University and Spelman College to assist me on my path to become a medical doctor. I was excited and felt like I found my purpose! However, during my freshman year at Spelman College, I made a C in my Calculus class, which is a junior/senior-level course. It discouraged me because math is my favorite subject and a C felt like I failed! At the end of that semester, I changed my major from Math/Pre-Med to Education. Many people questioned the change and there were times I did too. Throughout my matriculation, I found success and fulfillment in education! In hindsight, the change prepared me for the opportunities and experiences to educate, help, and heal people. I eventually became a teacher and throughout my 16-year career, I actually earned Teacher of the Year twice, as well as received my master’s, specialists, and doctorate degree in education!. Read more>>

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