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Inspiring Stories from East Atlanta

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out East Atlanta’s rising stars below.

Brian Chandler

Music has always been something I’ve been passionate about. I used to make instrumental music just to share with family and close friends, which eventually turned into mixtapes on SoundCloud to then to next step, streaming services. When I was starting out, I thought I wanted to be a producer or DJ. I didn’t want to sing, but it was difficult to find people to sing on my music. I started to get bored of instrumental music and figured, well I might as well try to sing in one song. Read more>>

Tiffany Alicia

Geesh, coming out the gate with this question has taken me back on the journey. First and foremost, my heart has always been to serve others and help people and businesses become the best version of themselves. Often, this would require me to be the behind-the-scenes person coordinating logistics, organizing teams, editing, designing, coaching, developing, and simply the person to make sure things were executed effectively and efficiently. Read more>>

Chris and Cherrelle Simmons

Whenever we hosted events at our home we would have to rent table and chairs and pick them up, which we dreaded. So one night we are thinking about what we could do to make some extra cash and that’s when we decided we would take a leap a faith and start a party business. Party Pack rental started out as something to make a little extra cash but it became more than that. We have established so many relationships with different clients and even made lifelong friends. Most of our business comeS from referrals of current clients or event those who just heard about us. It feels great to be booked and busy. Read more>>

Dawn Brunson

After 20 years in the corporate space I decided it was time to follow my calling to be of service to others. I have a undergraduate degree in sociology and a Masters Degree in Human Services Counseling. My company consist of two branches of service (retail & hospitality). Both the retail store and retreat center are located in Marietta, GA We provide metaphysical tools and services for indi.viduals, couples, families, groups, or employees to assist with problem-solving and prevention, pain management, stress releif, or strategic coaching and is based on the needs of our clients. Read more>>

Mazy “Nikki” Roland

After a season ending injury during a highschool sport, I decided to pick up a camera to pass the time. I ended up falling in love with the art of capturing a photo/video and holding it still in time. Over the years I’ve made connections and friendships that I never would have gotten without being apart of the creative community. As time goes on, I continue to get better & grow as a independent artist. Read more>>

Ari Meier

My earlier years were spent in Augusta, GA. My parents were both educators. I did well in school, was an excellent test-taker, and pondered mathematics and science while expressing myself creatively. I’ve always been fascinated with the future and the avant-garde. My first creative expression was as an artist. I started drawing like most kids around 2 or 3, first drawing Santa Claus, cars, and my grandparents’ church. At about age 9, I started playing around on my mom’s piano. Read more>>


Open is a band that was founded in the small town of Loganville Georgia in 2016 by Loganville High School friends Nate Sirmans and Garrison Heinfeldt. Open went through a series of lineup changes until early 2021 when they reconnected with a former high school acquaintance and drummer, Zac Sparks. The now solidified trio consists of Nate Sirmans on “Lead Bass” and Vocals, Garrison Heinfeldt on “Bass Bass”, keys, and backing vocals, and Zac Sparks on drums. Read more>>

Kim Wages

Kim Pierre Wages Born in Jamaica Queens, NY; to father Kim Forbes and mother Tasha Wages. As the streets were molding his Young reality, in the late 90’s his father was lost to the Prison system for 26yrs. Immediately after, mother Tasha relocated the family to Gwinnett County Georgia in 99′. While in Georgia, Kim adopted the responsibility of making sure upon release that his father wouldn’t have to work for or subject his remaining years to someone else’s dream. Read more>>

Brandon Carroll

I use to be a artist when I was younger and when my time was up i always wanted to create a website to help other artist for cheap. In the music world everything is over priced and I know how hard it is to break into this industry with no money and I wanted to be different. It’s been a long process first you have to gain the trust of the artist a lot of artist have been scammed along the way and don’t trust small companies if they have not heard you on the radio. Read more>>

Cartel Red Diamond

I started singing first when I was 10. In chorus and in church. I started doing rapping about 15yrs old when I actually got in the booth and made a song and I haven’t stopped since. Now actually putting it up on streaming services and trying to make money off of it for about 2yrs now. I’m 28yrs old and still have a lot to learn about the game but ima be one of the greatest when it’s all said and done because I love this art and will always use my voice as an instrument to influence others to keep going as well. Read more>>

Arin Plummer

For as long as I can remember I have always loved animals. I remember one day going to SeaWorld as a child and not being able to touch one of the whales; from that day on I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I wasn’t going to let anyone stop me. I started my career with exotic animals in high school, in the city where I’m from Memphis, Tn. I started off as a volunteer and I worked with giraffes and stingrays. It was the most amazing thing to me but I knew I wanted more. Read more>>

Acire Kane

I’ve been an artist for years but I started investing in myself In 2019. I’ve released a few singles and videos that have done pretty well. In addition, I’ve also cofounded a comedy show that serves as a platform for artists and comedians all over called Roast & Flow. No it hasn’t been a smooth road given I’m a independent artist I’ve been responsible for everything pertaining to my image, budget , content, schedule and networking. I’m at a place now where I see the importance of having a team. There is only so much I can physically do myself, Read more>>

James Bouler

It all started with the love of golf, at the early age of 12. As a young black boy, In order to help my family, I use to caddy at an all white golf club, called Carolina Country Club. This is we’re I asked the man I was caddying for, if I could try and hit a ball? He replied “the only thing a N*****R can do out here is caddy”! Years passed by and times had changed a little, and my golf game became a way for me to make money, and I began to play/gamble against some of the best!  Read more>>

Adriane McDuffie

I’ve always had a interest in baking. Growing up I use to watch my great grandma bake all the time. I remember wanting to bake homemade cookies for the first time. I had to be at least 7 years old at the time. I can recall nagging my older sister to take me to the store to get what I “thought” were the ingredients needed to make them. Saying to myself I’ll just need some Hershey bars because my grandma had everything else.  Read more>>

Kianna N. Lawson

I have always liked being apart of organizations which worked in the community. My first encounter with being apart of an organization, happened when I became a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I enjoyed the community activities the organization participated in as well as the sisterly bond I felt when I was surrounded by like minded women. Although being in a sorority exposed me to current issues facing the community, they were not primarily an advocacy organization. Read more>>

Nikita Fields and Katrina Prophet

In the summer of 2020, we launched a free tutoring program with a local church to provide academic support to students who missed out on months of instruction in the classroom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal was to find the gaps in students’ understanding of grade level content and target specific standards to close these gaps. After the summer session, we realized the impact we could further make in the lives of students by continuing the process of providing tutoring services. From there, Innovative Scholars was created providing both virtual and face to face tutoring sessions for students in elementary school. Read more>>

Mikayla Johnson

I’m a 24 year old mother, born and raised in Georgia. I have 2 siblings, a wonderful husband, an amazing son, and 2 wonderful parents that all keep me going, even when I want to quit. I’ve gone through things but I would’ve never thought I’d be where I am today and I’m so grateful for my journey and it’s nowhere near over. I currently own a home-based bakery business that is in the process of expansion in the Atlanta area. I began my business in 2020 under the suggestion of my husband. Read More>>

Jocelyn Alter

DeKalb Brilliance Academy is a tuition-free, public Kindergarten-8th grade South DeKalb charter school enrolling grades K-2 in 2022 (adding a grade each year). When we started, we went around areas in Atlanta and we asked, “do you want a new school option?” We heard interest in a few places, but in South DeKalb we heard a resounding yes, because there are no charter schools located south of I-20 in DeKalb County. That was exciting because South DeKalb is brilliant – a rich, incredible place with growing economies and fields. Read more>>

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