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Local Stories

Local Stories

    • New Kids on the Block

      Every month we check out as many of Atlanta’s new and exciting food, drink and dessert spots as we can –...

      Food & EntertainmentLocal StoriesDecember 11, 2016
    • 11 Pizza Joints that will change your life

      When we work late, there is one thing almost everyone on the editorial team agrees on: it’s time to order pizza. ...

      Food & EntertainmentLocal StoriesOctober 22, 2016
    • The Barre Scene Story

      Katherine Akra, former Miami Heat Dancer and founder of The Barre Scene, shares her inspirational Atlanta-based entrepreneurial story. This whole journey...

      FeaturedLocal StoriesOctober 17, 2016
    • 52 Motivational Quotes that Will Change Your Life

      A collection of our Quotes of the Week from the past year 1. “Work until you no longer have to introduce...

      QuotesLocal StoriesJuly 18, 2016
    • The Atlanta Nightlife Guide Everyone’s Talking About

      How many times have you found yourself wondering what you should do tonight? Atlanta is an incredibly city, full of world-class...

      FeaturedLocal StoriesJune 29, 2016
    • 13 Best Places to Meet for Coffee in Atlanta

      Meeting for coffee is something we do with friends, family, coworkers, business associates, clients and more.  Unfortunately, many of us end...

      TrendingLocal StoriesJune 24, 2016
    • Atlanta’s Top Fashion Bloggers

      Atlanta’s fashion game is on point – due in large part to the army of world-class fashion bloggers based here. Below...

      FashionLocal StoriesJune 16, 2016
    • 22 Positively Brilliant Mini Recipe Videos

      Impress your friends, your significant other or your mom by learning how to cook in just 2 minutes or less 1....

      FeaturedLocal StoriesJune 16, 2016
    • Editor’s Choice: Best Videos on the Internet

      Happy Friday y’all – enjoy the following videos from around the web 1. 8th Grader Impersonates Donald Trump , Cruz ,...

      FeaturedLocal StoriesJune 10, 2016
    • Life is Uncertain. Have Dessert Every Day

      The Top Desserts in Atlanta – handpicked by our editors – one for each day of the week, with a couple...

      Food & EntertainmentLocal StoriesJune 3, 2016