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James Empire Successfully Executes Six-Figure Shop Sale Deal

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Marsell James, one of our Content Partners.  Partners support Voyage by collaborating on content, sponsoring our mission, spreading the word about our publication and more. We caught up with Marsell about the empire he is building.

Hi Marsell, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself to our audience.
My name is Marsell James, I’m 26 and I currently reside in the Atlanta area. I’ve dedicated my life to breaking the cycle of poverty in my family because growing up and not having much gives you a different type of hunger and perspective of life. Our dream has always been to break the cycle of poverty for our family so we developed James Empire. Honestly we live in a day and age where you can literally find all the tools and answers on the internet just takes a little time and determination.

Alright, so you recently closed a very successful deal. What can you tell us about the deal. How did you come across the investment opportunity and what made it attractive to you. How did you exit the deal and how did you ensure that your exit would be profitable
Actually, we came a cross this business deal because my older brother/business partner Sadiki James found this salon we talked about it the next day and purchased it 3 days later. It was more so attractive to Sadiki because he wanted to branch out and try something new so we rolled the dice. Sadiki is more so the thinker & processor, I’m the risk taker so we balance each other out. Once we had possession of the business we realized There’s so much more you can add and employees you can bring in to take it to the next level. We never planned to sell it and we was contacted because the old Sale ad never was taken down and they came in viewed and instantly fell in love and the negotiations begun.  After 2 weeks, we finalized the deal and manage to happily walk away with six figures and tripling our initial investment. 

What’s next? Are you starting an investment fund so you can continue making these deals, but at a much larger scale?
We’ll continue researching different avenues and ways of creating more streams of income. With this deal being so profitable flipping businesses is now on our table. Yes, my team developed a fund called Vantage Sport Fund & opened it up to the public for investors to invest in our many avenues.

For people who want to do business with you – whether it be selling their businesses to you, investing with you, providing you with services or buying businesses you are exiting – how can they get in touch with you? How can they go about building a relationship with you?
Twice a year we hold Entrepreneurship classes for free and build relationship with up and coming or already established entrepreneurs looking to network and create. I can also be contacted through My email or my Instagram @KingMarsell

Any closing thoughts? Any advice, insight, or lessons you can share with our readers?
The best advice I can give to any one is to believe in Yourself and your abilities. If you want change get up and go get it! 

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