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Conversations with the Inspiring Megan Fowler

Today we’d like to introduce you to Megan Fowler.

Megan, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
As can be said for countless people from different experiences, support is the reason I have accomplished what I have, and probably anything at all. I have always been driven, but the support I received from my grandparents and parents has been a major motivation in my life. The road to garnering even some success in art can be long and uncertain. I was not lead down the path of art by a family member, friend or role model. It is just what has always called to me. I used to think, “how could they possibly understand, they must think I am crazy” but they never stopped encouraging me. It meant a lot that my parents, who had no specific connection to art, could be so supportive and understanding. My love for anything art related was further fostered by an attentive, enthusiastic faculty member at my high school. Later, I attended the Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, where I met another group of wonderful mentors, who aided me in making a career out of what I love. I also had the opportunity to study abroad in Cortona, Italy, where I was surrounded by works of all of the powerful artists I had studied in school. Recognizing a need for structure I also decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Terry College of Business. Since graduating in May 2017, I have been building my art business full time.

Has it been a smooth road?
I am very much at the start of my journey and continue to encounter countless struggles and obstacles. I will not presume to know it all, or much for that matter, but in my short experience, I have learned how important it is to learn from those around us. Everyone wants to seem fair and understanding, but the truth is we all fall short every day. It takes constant reflection to learn to see. And the minute we think we “get it” is the minute we start from day one all over again. Pursuing what you love also takes a lot of patience and belief in yourself. Learning to understand and accept failure, which can take time and can also take a lot out of you, has probably been the biggest hurdle for me so far.

To young women, I would say; Confidence isn’t always something that the world helps provide to women. Be your own source of confidence. Try to be that source for other women. Find pleasure in raising those up around you instead of bringing them down. Don’t hate others for their success, figure out how to love yourself instead. That would change a lot.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into Megan Fowler Art story. Tell us more about the business.
I specialize in oil painting, often with special emphasis on light and color. My imagery is expansive, including figure portrait work, animal portraits, and landscapes. Throughout my studies and early career, I have strived to maintain diversity in my work. I believe it is important to have focus, but it is equally imperative to constantly seek out new understandings and unfamiliar imagery.

I pursue series that are meaningful to me and my life, which revolve primarily around environmental issues and depictions of women. But I also allow myself to be inspired by my surroundings. The streets around my neighborhood are especially interesting to me since moving to Atlanta.

I also do a lot of commissions. Commission work allows me a beautiful and often personal glimpse into someone’s life. I appreciate that connection and these experiences help form my own personal work as well. Some might see a disconnect or randomness in my work – but I see the connectivity of it all. The experiences and relationships I form with clients from my commission work help form the concepts behind my personal work. I like to think of my artwork as an extension of my life & beliefs. I would not choose one important thing in my life and abandon all others, so how could I ask myself to do this to my artwork? The truth is, there are many important issues that deserve our attention and understanding. I want to explore and understand them all!

Who do you look up to? How have they inspired you?
Growing up I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by confident women like my mother, grandmother, older sister, and best friend. However, my twin sister is especially inspiring to me. That is not to say that we have always gotten along. We are very different people, so we have often argued throughout our lives; actually, my younger brother was my closest sibling when I was young. However, as early back as I can remember, simply having her with me through life showed me just how different women really are. My experience with her contradicted the only images I would see depicting “women” in the media, on TV, and from people around me (i.e., stop being a girl). I am happy that this sounds weird now, but even while we were growing up, every inspiring leading role not connected to beauty, popularity or the like, seemed to be held by a boy. But just having her with me through every part of life showed me what the world around me was neglecting. I was a bit of a tomboy, outspoken, artistic, and seemed to float through life. She was reserved, sensitive, thoughtful, incredibly smart, and is now a lawyer. When you are an adolescent, seeing how society portrays you forms so much of your understanding about yourself, your place, and your worth in the world. Thankfully, she was my first understanding of women, not the movies I watched. This gave me the understanding that we could have our own way and make this life anything we wanted it to be. It is hard to say if I would even be the person I am without my opposite companion. Today we still have our difference, but she keeps me in check, and I like to believe I push her to be bolder and more direct when necessary. Somewhere in between, we both find the balance. I think of her as the yin to my yang.

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