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Inspiration from Sandy Springs

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out rising stars from in and around Sandy Springs below.

Sharon Gutierrez

As a Latina, as a woman, there are a lot of assumptions that are made. There are a lot of microaggressions, that are just as prevalent in the business world as out of it. To complement that, there are a lot of belief systems that you have to push through when you grow up in poverty, and without someone to mentor you and help you dream bigger. Read more>>

Brittanni Young

I think what is most attractive with working as a sex therapist comes from my own experience. Much of sex therapy work is anxiety management. I have battled anxiety and codependencies much of my life. When I found out how closely the key to great sustainable intimacy relies on the management of both these concepts, I was hooked. I wanted to share this message with the world and I still aim to do just that. Read more>>

Riley Kinnane-Petersen and John Petersen

Riley loved to play dress up, accessorize, and find fashion inspiration at a very young age. During the summer of 2015, when Riley was just five years old she decided to use the vintage jewelry her dad John had collected for her to create her very first necklace. She learned how to use pliers, tweezers, and tie knots as she developed her own line of colorful, whimsical accessories. Read more>>

Katie Belle

What has been fantastic about my journey is the diversity it has brought my way. During my early teens and High School years, I was fortunate to tour with Teen Nation Tour. Teen Nation Tour is no longer, but it was an incredible experience to travel the US to Middle and High Schools sharing with my peers a message to be strong within yourself and stand up to bullies and also to over inspiration and encouragement against Teen suicide. Read more>>

Cap Moe

Not knowing how to start over with my fashion dreams, I switched gears and pursued a career at a small logistics brokerage; this became my new love. I even went a year without being laid-off; for me, that was a sign that I had found my niche. I’d obviously spoke too soon and found myself laid-off again in May 2018. Read more>>

Genevieve Dame

I am a business litigation attorney in Atlanta. Over my fourteen years of practice, I have worked in large and small firms, and now I own my firm in Perimeter: Dame Law. At Dame Law, we handle complex cases – cases that are an absolute mess. Read more>>

Malaika Bezuidenhout

I’m an aspiring model. I started modeling around the age of 14 for my mom’s clothing line. She’s a fashion designer based in Atlanta. She has her own boutique in Phipps Plaza. I’ve done countless of professional photo shoots with her and walked a couple of her fashion shows. I just graduated from high school and am trying to take my modeling career to the next level. Read more>>

Robyn Bartkowski

What I discovered on my inward journey was that I was just a girl (at a low spot in life) who wanted love and encouragement. In my heart, I needed to know I was seen and that all was going to be ok. So, it was from that space I truly came to believe that if I felt like I did, there must be others who did, too. Thus, I started to write for them as much as I and rfbART was born. Read more>>

Tony and Bridget Charles

Taylormade Film Company is a full-service production company that was established in 2017. The company was formed with the goal of providing opportunities and services to individuals and companies regardless of their size or status in the industry. Read more>>

Kamil Marzette

While Obama was extending my unemployment checks I used that to my advantage and enrolled in beauty school fulltime. I also started a mobile hair extension business to help pay for tuition, bills and etc. until I graduated. This also helped me grow my clientele. I ended up graduating from Cutting Edge Cosmetology in 2008. Read more>>

Imani Walker

My film is really unique because it was a student film completely funded by my dad and I but also for the fact that it consisted of an all-female crew. I selected five of my fellow students from Drexel University to help me tell this story. I had many people doubt our ability to tell a story just because we were all females. I’m glad that I was able to prove them wrong. Read more>>

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