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Inspiration from Sandy Springs

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out rising stars from in and around Sandy Springs below.

Nathaniel Armstrong

I’ve always been passionate about food since I was a young kid spending time with my grandmother in the kitchen baking cakes. I took every food and culinary arts class in high school. I am a graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a degree in Culinary Arts. I have now been in the restaurant business for over 20 years working for three large corporate restaurants groups. I spent 9 1/2 years with the last group and finally decided to get outside of the four walls of a restaurant and see what life had to offer. I started working for a foodservice distributor as a marketing associate. My job was to teach small business owners pretty much what I have learned over the years having the corporate experience. I was having so much fun helping my customers grow and develop that I started to think that I could own my very own restaurant. A few months later I did just that. After creating the name “Big Oak Tavern” I spent six weeks writing the menu and testing each menu item to make sure it all flowed. We had our grand opening February 5th of 2020. Read more>>

Hunter Munroe

Top Dawg Moving started in March of 2019 with one truck parked in a recycle center parking lot. As a way to supplement my income, I joined the company as a mover that May, balancing one or two move days a week with my full-time job as a technician at an addiction treatment facility. Joe Lewis, the founder and managing partner, worked hands-on as a driver for every move that spring & summer, giving us new hires hands-on training and he often talked about his vision of what he believed Top Dawg Moving could evolve into. By October, a second truck had been added to the fleet and the company had begun to gain traction in the competitive Atlanta market. At this crucial point, Joe needed two weeks to get married and enjoy his honeymoon, leaving him no time to continue the momentum Top Dawg was gaining. Since my first move, I had always advocated for myself, sharing that I believed that I could provide administrative assistance whenever the time was right. Read more>>

Alex Beano

My journey in music production started in my hometown of Indianapolis, In. I had got a laptop around Christmas at the end of my first semester of junior year in high school. Ever since then I have been making beats. I then took my talents after high school to college in Orlando. Where I lived for about 7 years trying to get my name out and polish my skills to be the best producer I could be. Also in those 7 years, I picked up writing music and became an artist. This all started by moving in to a house with some of my closest friends which all did something creative at the time from art, music, to designing clothes. About 3 years after that I was wanting more for my career. I had felt like I did everything I could to grow my name in the city at the time from winning beat competition, touring with my friends and serval shows. In 2020 i decided to move to Atlanta to hopefully grow my network of artists and be closer to the action of what’s happening in the industry. This is were my new journey begins. Read more>>

Jessica Waters

I have lived in Alpharetta most of my life, and I am married to my college sweetheart Flynt and we have an adorable 3 year old Penelope. I have always loved to decorate and change a room every 3 months, and buy hundreds of throw pillows and now I finally get to do that for other people. I have been in marketing for 13 years and still love my job selling advertising, but 2 years ago I was laying in bed and just said I want to do something fun on the side with my interior decorating skills and I am going to start tomorrow.. ha! I came up with a name that night J, Miles Design and the next morning started a facebook page and instagram page for my business. I literally had no idea how to work the social media world, but I was determined to figure it out. I wanted to start a business to where anyone could use an interior designer, and it be affordable and also all virtual so people could shop on their own time, and when their budget worked for them. Read more>>

Bebe Couri

I began my career in Cincinnati Ohio. Starting off doing Androgynous modeling in 2010. From my very first photo shoot I knew I was on to something different and wanted more. My city Births a lot of greatness, just not in my field and market. After a few years of slaying in the model category, I wanted to add more to my resume. So I began to style, or what I believe was style. Lol. After a few photoshoots, I wanted to raise the bar, so I began to study privately on the industry and what it took, to make my style and photos like the ones I seen in Harper or glamour. Fast forward, mission accomplished. But still not satisfied after almost 40 fashion shows (modeling, styling and directing) I wanted to expand. So I made the big leap. I moved to LA in 2018 and had no clue where to start. Having a very outgoing personality and networking spirit I connected with a few photographers and models that help me to push my career forward. Read more>>

Katie Peacocke

I fell in love with custom cookies a few years ago after ordering some for my son’s first birthday party. They were so beautiful and I just had to figure out how to create them on my own! I played around with decorated cookies on and off for a few years and then when the pandemic hit I decided it was time to really focus on mastering this craft. As I started to share my cookie creations through social media I was amazed by the number of people asking if I was selling and how they could get their hands on my cookies which led me to create my business. I am completely self-taught and have learned through a lot of trial and error. There were definitely some super ugly cookies early on! Baking and creating custom cookies has really become a creative outlet for me. I have a pretty demanding corporate career where I have to operate within very rigid and strict guidelines. Cookies are the complete opposite and allow me to take a theme, color palette or random idea and create edible custom pieces of art that are not only delicious but look beautiful! It is incredibly rewarding to know something I created has a place in my customer’s most important celebrations like baby showers, first birthday parties and weddings. Read more>>

Lita Lvoe (Love)

My journey officially started in 2016. I started to transition into a vegan lifestyle. Mainly my eating habits to ensure more healthier eating habits. Later on, I decided the time had come to relocate. I packed up my car and moved to Atlanta. In the beginning, I started to work out more but felt there was something more I needed to be doing. I did some research and attended a few Goddess Gatherings. During that period, I noticed my true self. I am a healer. I had already practiced being somewhat of a healer while doing the services of a licensed cosmetologist. But it was time to go deeper. So I invested in many programs such as reiki level 1 and 2 and massage therapy. I also picked up a deck of tarot cards and would do brief readings on my close friends.. Without hesitation, I just flowed and the feedback of the sessions were always positive.. Now that life has truly turned around for me as a mother, I am fully committing myself to showing up and assisting others on their healing journey. In my eyes, every step I took made way for such a sense of a peaceful life. Read more>>

Joy Etsemiju

My journey to my business is pretty simple and intriguing. Let me start by introducing myself and what I do; my name is Joy Etsemiju am a mom to two amazing kids, a lovely and supportive husband, am the owner of Omatarhe store. I quit being a makeup artist to own an online business. I give women their desire body with undergarment (shapewear) for them to have a nice shape. I call the shape “hourglass shape or body” that is, small waist and big hips\bullocks with the help of my products like waist trainer or cincher, padded hips/buttocks, shape wears e.t.c My main goal is to eradicate body shaming for women to give them awareness that tummy tuck and buttocks augmentation (cosmetic surgery) is not always the option. I started this business with the experience I have; finding it difficult to wear my desired cloth at the same time want to have flat tummy and big hips/buttocks (figure 8 body or hourglass shape) because I have an embarrassing big tummy that looks like six months pregnancy. Read more>>

Danza Huey

I am a born and raised guy from the intersection of cajun and creole cultures in Louisiana – Baton Rouge. I graduated from Baton Rouge Magnet High School with honors and matriculated into Louisiana State University as a first-generation college student. While at LSU, I was involved in everything from the Office of Multicultural Affairs to Homecoming Committee. The economy collapsed in 2008 and I walked across the stage in December 2008 with a BA in Communication Studies in hand but nowhere to go. After making it to the final interviews for Teach for America and not getting in, I was referred to a new one-of-a-kind program with the Office of the Mayor NYC and AmeriCorps VISTA called NYC Civic Corps. I was selected in the first ever class of NYC Civic Corps! The Civic Corps program was a new program in the newly developed NYC Service office to focus on increasing volunteering and community engagement across New York City. Read more>>

Ebony Lockwood

I was performing at the annual All-State conference. Students from all over Georgia audition to be a part of this chorus and I had the opportunity to join them. Our choir director was so much fun and for our group, he had us hold hands and close our eyes as we sang this one song, and I’ll never forget: everyone was so in sync. I think I opened my eyes right at the climax of the piece and I knew that music was where I needed to be. The power it had in that one moment showed me that I wanted to create those experiences for others, so, that’s what I set out to do. After I graduated high school, I went a little all over the place, but settled at The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media where I studied Music and Technology. I created awesome relationships and really built a family with the people there (definitely check it out if you want to go down this music path!). I graduated in 2020 and started working as a substitute teacher for Gwinnett County. During the week I was a teacher and on the weekends I was a corporate band performer. It. Was. Awesome.  Read more>>

Eric Turner

I moved to Atlanta, GA in 2017 at 19 years old. I attended Georgia State University but during my sophomore year, I had my son in February 2019! I dropped out of school to work two jobs (Nike Lenox, Topgolf Midtown) got fired from both jobs and used my connections to keep making income by doing various small jobs. I worked for uber, door dash, all while working 12 hr factory shifts. The entire time I kept meeting people who were in better financial situations than me. Then uncontrollably I could not stop studying the common characteristics of rich people for example, the wealthiest 10% of Americans own 89% of all US Stock. I became fixated on what rich people did, from starting business ventures to fixing my personal credit and starting business credit, not to mention learning the stock market. I recently started a guide to teach people how to pursue financial success by means of creating a passive income and I now have 23.3k members and counting. Since then ive just been trying to tell as many people to do what I did and just pick who you want to be and become it. Read more>>

Carmella Matthews

My story begins in Baltimore Maryland where I took sewing as my trade-in high school at Carver Vo-Tech School. I graduated top of my class and started making clothing for my family and prom dresses for friends. Along the way, I took my experience and gain more knowledge while working for businesses like Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus tailoring departments. I’ve also worked for other designers such as Lee Anderson and Curvy Couture. I’ve also tried out for project runway and making the cut and I will keep trying in hopes to one day be able to make it on the shows to premiere my talent and designs! During COVID I decided to quit my job and pursue my goal as full-time fashion designer/entrepreneur. I also relocated from Maryland to Georgia so I could become more involved in a demographic where fashion is in high demand. While I’ve been in Georgia I have been in three fashion shows and also got casted for a reality show called Picture This. Read more>>


Lacy Perkz

Lando “Lacy Perkz” Peterkin an independent artist originally from Kingston Jamaica but resides in Brooklyn New York. He started his rap career in 2017 since then he has put out 2 Ep’s his introduction “Lacy Perkz” and his latest “How To Vibe” and a plethora of singles with the videos to match. He is influenced by hard-core dancehall artist Vybz Kartel and his uncles love for R&B music coming from a community of musicians. Through him migrating to the USA his love for hip-hop grew listening to artist such as Rick Ross, future, and Lil Wayne. His sound was developed with versatility, catchy melodic sounds, and Witty storytelling, he describes it as an out-of-body experience. He is currently managed by AP records that has him slated as a top-tier artist Bridging the gap between hip-hop and R&B, that’s about to take over the world Hope you’re ready. Read more>>

Traci Roseman

“a.t.ella” is a brand that was created in college. I attended AIU for fashion design and marketing. “a.t.ella” is a noun and defined as a modern female who expresses a high-quality lifestyle through passion and purpose! A woman who possesses the characteristics of a trendsetter, leading lady, and boss! With that being said, a.t.ella salon boutique today is a brick and mortar, one-stop-shop where beauty and fashion collide. Upon college graduation, I worked for several retail companies as a visual stylist. Positions were created for me that did not even exist. I would style and merchandise clothing with no direction. I would organize retail space and create appealing displays day in and day out. After a few years and finally landing visual styling management positions, it just did not produce enough income at the time. Read more>>

Megan Ritchie

I have always loved makeup and brows were my obsession. My husband told me for years that permanent makeup was my calling, but with a family of four to provide for and a comfortable corporate job I was scared to make a change. When COVID hit I lost my job, so I took a leap of faith and signed up for a microblading course. I absolutely loved it and felt that I was on the right journey so I decided to take a chance on starting a business. I shortly opened my studio, Brow Baby, in Forsyth County. With lots of hard work, practice & patience I am now booking three months in advance. I’m currently looking to expand my brand and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me.  Read more>>

Michael Perryman

The funny thing is, Coffee and Trap was never my original plan. From a very early age, I always had a passion for cameras and storytelling, this passion eventually led me to start a business shooting Photography and Music Videos for local artist. During this time, I also had a full-time job so I had to book these shoots during random times. Sometimes I had to be to work at Noon so I would get up and shoot early in the AM, sometimes I’d get out in the evening and rush home grab a coffee for energy, and head right back out there to continue building my brand. This constant hustle led me to the realization that my life had become a never-ending cycle of Coffee and Trap (Finding energy to continue the hustle). That is how the name originally came about.  Once I had the name, I tested it out simply by asking 100 different people what they thought of it. After accumulating the info, it was easy to see that the name was catchy and would resonate with my target audience. Next, I needed a product, so of course, my passion for storytelling took the lead and I began a docuseries called Coffee and Trap. Read more>>

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