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Midtown’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Midtowns’s rising stars below.

Terence Rushin

Music, cameras and video games have always been a big part of my life. I was always fascinated with my parents’ cameras when they would capture family memories of me and my sister growing up. As a big video game fan, on my birthday one year, I got a Nintendo Gameboy Camera attachment for my Gameboy. Read more>>

Josh The Artist

At the age of four, I found my passion for the creative arts. I was inspired through my dad’s hobby of drawing, as I would always be fascinated by people he’d amazingly sketched. I knew my fascination would only grow, as I’d draw everyday in school and would usually get in trouble for it. Read more>>

Sequoyah Wildwyn-Dechter

Going through all these different types of photography I ended up enjoying taking portraits of people the most. I love capturing people as they are and portraying their beautiful, best self without altering or retouching the photo. This led to me starting Sequoyah Images, which is my portrait and lifestyle photography business! Read more>>

Najah K.

At the age of 12, she picked up her first digital camera and knew this would be one object she could never live without. Constantly challenging herself, she begins to take photography more seriously by networking with friends and family, creating her own visual projects, and showcasing many pieces at art shows in Downtown Atlanta. Read more>>

Howard Fickling

was searching for something else to do and I’ve always been into T-Shirts. The way I came up with Zonin’ was from a Mixtape I released in 2011 Called Zonin’ the 80s Way, Zonin’ stuck with me over time. Fast forward to now the definition of ZONIN’ is being in your Own ZONE consisting of ENERGY that is always POSITIVE, COOL, CALM and COLLECTED. Zonin’ State of Mind! Read more>>

Giles Williams

I never desired to be a photographer but for as long as I can remember I’ve been Creative and had a passion for storytelling. A camera was literally placed in my hand when I joined my fraternity and was elected historian for the chapter. After a few weeks of playfully taking pictures, I found a love for it and that summer I bought my first camera. Read more>>

Mario Jordan

I wanted my career to blow up. I moved to Atlanta in 2016. The reason why I moved is simply because the fitness industry in Atlanta is booming. Before I permanently moved here, I drove back and forth between Nashville and Atlanta from April 1st-June 30th every single week. Read more>>

Christen Weimer

My life has been enriched by the direction and guidance of fierce women. To these women, I owe immense gratitude and love. Each in her own way, they embodied grace, strength, humility, kindness, love and fearlessness, and served as bright lights, illuminating my path. Read more>>

Noemi Pavon

I will never forget the day when the erroneous assumptions made by my high school guidance counselor pierced my heart, yet fueled my journey as a lifelong learner and educator. Like me, there are many students whose life trajectories are pre-determined because of race, socioeconomic status, and zip code. Read more>>

Morgan Rossi

It took a long time to begin to gain REAL confidence in my art. I still have a hard time claiming successes or acknowledging my progress. I was being held back by insecurities that someone else had planted within me. Uprooting them has been a process, and not a unique one. Read more>>

SA Brown

I’ve had to buckle up because it has indeed been a bumpy ride. I have started and stopped and started and stopped and started and stopped again. Life happens. It appears when I have the finances I don’t have the work to produce and when I have the work, I don’t have to finances to produce it. Read more>>

Luna Searles

I kinda feel like I wouldn’t deserve to be where I am now without some kind of struggle. How do you truly appreciate a frictionless life without knowing/remembering what friction feels/felt like? I’ve been through some shit. Can I say that? I’ve been through some stuff. Letting it come through in whatever I create seems to help me maintain some approximation of sanity. Read more>>

Rosemary Salem

I got frustrated and an “F…IT Moment”! I decided that it’s now or never and you have the power to change your life! I found a business coach and signed up for free call, and she gave me the assignment to find 15 people who come to me for advice and see why they come to me and for what? Read more>>

Katherine Boykin

I always loved creating things. My favorite moments of childhood are the times where my imagination could run freely. That still holds true today, as I spend a lot of time crafting, learning new creative skills, and formulating ideas. Read more>>


It really all started back when I was beginning to get into skateboarding. I would watch skating videos daily on youtube (usually the vhs/fish-eye styled ones). It not only got me into buying my own board, but I also picked up my first camera to try and mess around with. Read more>>

Jenny Sadre-Orafai

Being a poet and writer hasn’t been the smoothest road either. When I first began sending my work out to literary journals and presses, I received many, many rejections and still do. I’ve learned that rejections make the acceptances even sweeter. Read more>>

Ashley Nunneker

Being a woman made it easy to get entry-level positions early in my career. After 2000, everyone seemed eager to “diversify their portfolios.” Before I graduated from law school, I could never relate to the glass ceiling struggle because I always got what I wanted through hard work. Read more>>

Corey Arvinger

There are so many things that have happened in my life that I feel like helped me get to where I am today. I would say at an early age my mom instilled a hustler mentality in me when we used to sell $.25 icees out of our house during the summer. Read more>>

Carina Raye Moravek

My story starts in Mexico when I visited Frida Kahlo’s house converted museum when I decided I wanted to be an artist. I started art school in Atlanta in 2011 after a year of commuter school while my father and I nursed my mom back to health after some years of battling breast cancer. Read more>>

Idriss “Drissy” Diomande

Today, I am a young entrepreneur and businessman with many more projects to achieve and I’m proud of myself. I see myself a millionaire before the age of 30. DrissCo. Management deal with event coordination and planning. Read more>>

Jordan Calhoun

Within my personal work, I still create work that relates to my emotions but I now make work that reflects these hard to process emotions through digital manipulation of my self-portraits that reflects certain parts in music. In doing so I am able to release my feeling through my photography as well as get my message across to the audience that I want them to understand. Read more>>

Jasmine Allen

The angel told me to not give up and finish what I started. “Don’t let him win and you will if you don’t continue to finish school.” After the angel told me that I felt so much better and my heart began to beat even faster. I’ve always had the passion for writing; whether it was poems or short stories. I always had a story to tell. Read more>>

Emily Henegar

I’ve been baking for my whole life, but have been selling cookies officially for the past eight years. I started Cookie in the Kitchen in 5th grade when I was 11 (not for much else than I just wanted to have sweets in my house 24/7). My older sister at the time had her own clay figurine business and being the younger sister that I am, I thought it would be fun to do something similar. Read more>>

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