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Midtown’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageATL is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Atlanta’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Midtowns’s rising stars below.


I went to school for International Affairs and returned to my passion after I graduated, by getting into metalsmithing and painting. At one of my first group shows an established fine artist encouraged me to focus on painting and to give it all of my energy. To my great surprise, after five years of living by their advice, my work/passion has connected with people – allowing me to continue developing and growing as an artist and person. Read more>>

Christan (Chris) Duncan

I have always had a passion to help people connect the dots and break down the path to whatever goal they wish to reach. After college, I started working with a large company in Birmingham, AL and I hated it! I couldn’t understand how people really enjoyed doing something the did not like day in and day out. So…I planned my exit strategy. Read more>>

Amario Andre

To be able to create your own stories and characters, and pull them straight from your imagination? I just thought that was really awesome, appealing and just..different! So that started my interest for art. However, my love for art really soared through sibling rivalry. You see, I have two other sisters who are also artists (Aziza Andre & Akila Andre) and growing up I always found myself comparing my work to theirs. Read more>>

Britney and Caitlin

Our love for beer evolved after going to breweries frequently. Visiting quickly transformed into working at them. No matter what city, state or country we were in we were often the only black people, especially black women, on either side of the bar. That was the beginning of our own beer journey. It started with us inviting our friends to local beer bars and breweries. Read more>>

Iesha Baker

Living in today’s society women are always placed against one another. Social media plays a huge part in this separation. Whether it’s color, size, looks, etc., we always seem to find a way to tear each other down. One day after logging on to Facebook, I’m not sure if it was a full moon but all I saw on my TL were women disrespecting one another. It immediately hit me that I wanted to do something about this madness. Read more>>

Caroline Smith

One day, I saw a classmate editing a sample manuscript. I asked what she was doing and she told me that she was minoring in publishing and printing arts and that this was an assignment for one of her classes. I talked to the department chair that day and immediately changed my minor. I was hooked. I was a grammar nerd and working in the writing center at my university, anyway, and I knew I wanted to continue to work with words and writers. Read more>>

Kenara Hamm

I always had very dry, sensitive skin, and I hated store brand products. I started to make my own sugar scrubs and oils and would occasionally post them on my social media. My friends would ask me to make them some, then other people would too, so I took a lot of time to fully study and understand skin and hair care. I woke up one day and just spent my entire check on what I needed to start my business. Read more>>

Johnny Pulls

I got started as a child. Every family trip we would take, I was always behind the camera because I just loved looking at myself on videos. Once I reached high school, I took graphic design and video production class and fell in love with photography, videography and doing graphic design. When I released my first Vlog at the University of West Georgia, it blew and people told me to keep going from there. Read more>>

Tawni Fears

As a child, writing was something I strongly connected with and enjoyed. My parents, particularly my mom, would submit my poetry. As a stay at home mother, she would take me to the library and let me read for hours on end. That connected me with words and the power they hold. College was a joyous time. I attended Clark Atlanta University with hopes of working as a writer for television. Read more>>

Tailiah Breon

PHOTOGRAPHY – In 2016, Tailiah made her move to Atlanta, GA where she started as an intern under the Derek Blanks Production. She revamped her business and applied the “schooling” taught during her internship to her brand. In just two years time, she has mastered the retouch technique under the direction of her mentor, Derek Blanks. Her work competed with others in her field. Read  more>>

Ebony Sanders

I moved to Atlanta in August of 2011 to pursue a cosmetology career. I enrolled in Georgia Career Institute and completed my program early February 2013. While I was in school, I worked as an assistant and intern to some of Atlanta top stylist today. Through my work as an understudy, I developed a passion for natural hair. I did a big chop on my hair and decided I would no longer relax any more of my clients. Read more>>

Ben Bowlin

I’m incredibly fortunate! Podcasting as a whole is changing — hopefully, as always, for the better. On the development end, the current and subsequent chapters of my story focused on bringing new formats to the air — but, most importantly, bringing forward new voices and perspectives all too often ignored in other forms of media. And, as always, there are exciting, new projects on the horizon. Read more>>

Meredith Richardson

My first real stunt job was a day on the television show “Treme” and my first big movie opportunity was being a stunt performer on “Oblivion”, with Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman. My first huge on-location job was when I was flown to Boston to be Kate McKinnon’s stunt double in “Ghostbusters.” After those four months, I knew it was time to make a career move and relocate to either Los Angeles or Atlanta. Read more>>

Mallorye Crowell

I am the CEO & Founder of Higher Foundation, Inc. I founded Higher in February 2017 to keep my vow to God that once He helped me graduate, I would glorify Him and help other students get through college just like He helped me. To say that my six-year long college experience was challenging and sometimes defeating would be an understatement. Read more>>

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